How to cure a prolonged runny nose in an adult

How to effectively and quickly cure a protracted runny nose in an adult?

The question of how to cure a protracted runny nose in an adult, in order not to provoke complications, is one of the most popular among those asked by patients at an otolaryngologist. After all, every adult person is familiar with a condition such as a runny nose that appears due to hypothermia or as a result of a viral infection.

The problem of a protracted cold

Traditionally, the common cold lasts one to two weeks, but there are cases when it goes into a protracted process, then it becomes a cause for concern and treatment to the doctor.

Causes of a protracted cold

To understand the true reasons and prescribe a treatment for a long-term runny nose can only specialist.In order to get a complete clinical picture of an existing disease, you need to conduct a thorough laboratory examination, which is prescribed by the doctor.

The main reasons for a long troubling rhinitis may be:

Allergy is the cause of the common cold
  • developing inflammatory process in the body (sinusitis, sinusitis);
  • sensitivity to various kinds of allergens;
  • a mental state in which the runny nose periodically appears and disappears;
  • high dryness of air in the room and drafts.

A prolonged rhinitis (rhinitis) occurs as a result of inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane of the sinuses of the nose. It is characterized by such manifestations as a permanent nasal obstruction, a worsening of breathing, a secretion transparent or purulent mucous fluid from the nose, accompanied by a burning sensation and irritation in the nose. Often, a prolonged illness is supplemented by headaches, sleep disturbance and decreased efficiency.

The nasal cavity performs several important functions. When air gets into the nose, it warms, moisturizes and cleans it. As a result of exposure to some unfavorable factors, inflammation of the nasal mucosa begins. It can be bacteria, dust, cold air, allergic irritants and much more. The neglected condition of this disease, if not treated in time, can provoke a chronic form, which can cause a disorder of respiratory function and changes in the heart and lungs.

Regardless of the reasons for the development of rhinitis, the inflammatory process in the nasal cavity has common characteristics. In view of the fact that there are many blood vessels in the nasal cavity, blood circulation is broken due to the disease and blood stasis is formed, the nasal mucosa swells, making it difficult for the nasal breathing. As a result, there is a runny nose with characteristic secretions.

The main types of rhinitis

Increase in temperature with rhinitisModern medicine classifies several subspecies of rhinitis: acute, chronic, catarrhal, hypertrophic, atrophic, vasomotor and medicamentous.

The most common is acute rhinitis, which in adults begins with several manifestations: lachrymation, itching, headache and fever. The duration of this stage is up to two days. The second stage is accompanied by nasal congestion, a violation of the sense of smell. The danger of this kind of cold in its rapid transition to a chronic form with delayed treatment and complications: bronchitis, otitis, antritis and pneumonia.

With catarrhal rhinitis, the immune status decreases, which is characterized by frequent colds, with a moderate nasal congestion and a slight difficulty in breathing. When using antibacterial ointments and antiseptics for a short time, the disease recedes.

Hypertrophic rhinitis is characterized by increased discharge from the nose, its severe stuffiness, which contributes to the appearance of headaches and inhibition of the sense of smell. All this is due to the narrowing of the nasal passages and the expansion of the nasal concha. As a rule, with this form of illness, surgical treatment is prescribed.

Headaches with rhinitisAtrophic rhinitis is manifested by dryness and the formation of crusts in the nose, the feeling of contraction, the appearance of infrequent bleeding. Prescribed conservative therapy: mainly softening, disinfecting and irritating drops or ointments.

Vasomotor rhinitis develops against a background of diseases accompanied by a violation of the vascular tone. Its main characteristic is the alternate obstruction of the nasal passages. With the help of nasal blockades, ultrasonic disintegration, submucosal vasotomy and a number of other procedures, the disease is cured. Medicamentous rhinitis develops as an adverse event as a result of taking certain drugs, excluding which the patient is recovering.

Treatment of a cold

One of the most effective ways to treat the common cold in adults are inhalations, baths and hot drinks. For some time patients are assigned bed rest. These measures are good only at the initial stage of the common cold, when the disease has not passed into a protracted stage.

If the disease has started to progress and demonstrate new manifestations, such as nasal congestion, discharge, which increase day by day, then the doctor prescribes special groups of drugs: vasoconstrictive to facilitate nasal breathing and a number of other combination medicines.

If a therapeutic effect is not possible, antibiotics are administered in conjunction with inhalations and washes.

Benefits of inhalation in rhinitisIn fact, there are a lot of ways to cure a protracted runny nose:
  1. Warming legs with mustard and trays (under normal body temperature).
  2. Inhalations with essential oils, herbal decoctions.
  3. Burying nasal passages with juices from natural vegetables and fruits.
  4. The use of hot immunostimulating broths and drinks.
  5. Massage of nasal sinuses.

With great care should be taken to some remedies for people with chronic diseases, pregnant women.

Nature against the cold

Extremely popular are medicines on a natural basis (sprays, ointments or drops) in the treatment of a protracted form of the common cold. With a properly prescribed drug, the patient is relieved for the second day: the edema decreases, the amount of secretions decreases. Some homeopathic drugs help to increase immunity, improve the body's resistance to all kinds of infections and viruses. Widespread demand for essential oils, used as components for aromatherapy and inhalation.

To treat the acute rhinitis with medicinal herbs the most effective are decoctions of chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus leaves, which are washed with a nose several times a day. Well proven in this stage is the use of brewed teas with raspberries and lemon as a wonderful vitaminized remedy.

Chronic rhinitis is well treated with lavage of the nasal sinuses with iodine mixed with salt (200 ml of iodine from 1 h. spoon of salt). A good way is to use the brewed leaves of marigold and eucalyptus, spoonful of which is poured 300 ml of boiling water, insist 30 minutes and drink at night.

In allergic rhinitis, it is good to wash the nasal mucosa with a solution of salt or lemon juice mixed with water. Inhaled from a mixture of chamomile, oregano, linden flowers are recognized as an effective, long-proven method. In a liter of water, boil seven tablespoons of a mixture of these herbs, add 3 drops of essential oil of eucalyptus or mint. Excellent sources of protection and prevention against cold of various forms are aloe, calanchoe, garlic, diluted 1: 1 with honey and used as drops in the nose.

The big plus is the fact that, using such phyto-drugs in the form of compresses and ointments, you can do not worry about the side effects, because the drugs are safe and do not harm the body. But despite this, doctors recommend not to engage in self-medication and be guided only by the advice of specialists: avoid hypothermia and colds, do not visit places containing allergens, prevent frost of legs and strengthen the immune system. You should always adhere to the rules of personal hygiene and not use someone else's handkerchiefs, and keep your nose clean, thereby protecting it from penetration of microbes.

Adhering to these simple advice, you can forever forget about such an unpleasant and painful ailment, as a cold.

How to treat a prolonged runny nose in an adult?

A prolonged runny nose in an adult is a frequent occurrence. Only a small percentage of people react to any abnormalities in the body, especially to the abundant discharge of mucus from the nose. Do not be lenient towards this, because such a diagnosis can be dangerous.

Constant rhinitis in an adult

What causes a long rhinitis

A long type of runny nose torments many people. It will easily lead to chronic. Such a disease is manifested for various reasons. In general, this may result in improper treatment or self-medication. When the common cold passes into a chronic form, it can persist for a long time with different relapses. It will stop only when treatment begins.

Consultation of a doctor-otolaryngologistThe above reasons for protracted cold are not the only ones. To it may lead the curvature of the nasal septum and the long-term effect of irritating factors. If for a long time to breathe mineral or metal dust, the mucous membrane gets damaged. But if you breathe flour or chalk, then the ciliated cilia begin to disappear.

All causes contribute to the fact that there is a violation of the outflow of mucus. It lingers in the ducts, resulting in the formation of rhinoliths and a protracted runny nose. In addition, the vascular tone can significantly change if you constantly breathe hot and dry air. The intensive excretion of mucus begins.

As a result, prolonged rhinitis can lead to sinusitis, sinusitis, adenoiditis and tonsillitis. Kidney disease, allergies, nervous and endocrine disorders, alcoholism - all this can cause a protracted gonorrhea. If a long time to use drops for the nose, blood circulation mucous.

Treatment of chronic colds

Nasal washing in the treatment of chronic rhinitisCertain medicine to cure a cold, unfortunately, no. First you need to find out the main cause of this unpleasant disease. Most often, if you eliminate the cause, then the problem itself will disappear. To determine why there is a long version of the common cold, it is worth talking to a doctor-otolaryngologist. If necessary, he will refer the patient to other specialists. With self-medication, you can make a lot of mistakes, which will lead to complications.

This disease has many different forms, it is necessary to identify them from the very beginning and only then to prescribe treatment. After all, if there is a catarrhal form, then prescribe drugs that have vasoconstrictive and astringent properties, for example, a variety of antibacterial ointments, antiseptics. And all because it appears as a result of a cold, prolonged breathing smoke, steam, dust, various chronic diseases of the sinuses of the nose. Sometimes you can use quartz, electrophoresis, nose wash. Washing is considered one of the most popular procedures in recent times, as many different effective oil sprays have appeared.

It happens that conservative treatment does not help, but do not get upset. As the surgical intervention comes to the rescue. It includes:

  • cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen;
  • laser photodestruction;
  • ultrasonic disintegration.

With such procedures, the vessels in the nose are cauterized, which significantly reduces the swelling.

Prolonged runny nose in an adult also appears due to hypertrophy of the mucosa.In this case, only surgical intervention will help. This form is different in that the connective tissue of the lower and middle sinus of the nose grows. It becomes very difficult for a person to breathe. With the help of medicines, and even more self-medication by folk remedies, this form of the disease can not be cured. It is necessary to remove the expanded tissue, then breathing will be restored.

Drops for the treatment of atrophic chronic rhinitisThe next reason is atrophy of the nasal mucosa. In this case, an atrophic chronic runny nose develops. If you look at the mucosa in this disease, you can notice that it becomes very thin, crusted, and dries. There is a constant tightness and almost no smells are felt. For this type, only conservative treatment is used. Apply softening, disinfecting drugs, drops with vitamins A and E, propolis, dog rose, aloe, various inhalations. Excellent help biogenic stimulants.

The most difficult thing is to treat a vasomotor runny nose. It has two forms: allergic and neurovegetative. In the first case, there is no chronic form. It occurs only if there is an allergen. But the second form completely calmly turns into a chronic form, as it appears due to regular stresses, overwork, bad ecology. To treat this form, you do not need drugs: you just need to normalize the work of the nervous system. To do this, you need a good sleep, a healthy diet, moderate exercise, and sometimes apply acupuncture. It is not necessary to lean on sosudosuzhivayuschie drugs, since they help only at the beginning, and then develops addiction.

Traditional treatment and its features

Few people resort to folk treatment for chronic rhinitis. Because they believe that such methods do not help at all. This is not true: this kind of treatment has the right to exist. Moreover, it is effective as an additional agent, if there is no temperature with tripper, that is, there is a catarrhal or atrophic form. If there is hypertrophy, then traditional medicine can not help. Therefore, the first step is to determine the cause of the disease. Only the doctor can help in this and only after examination and diagnosis.

Beetroot juice for treatment of rhinitis
  1. If the catarrhal form of the disease is diagnosed, it should be washed with a tincture of eucalyptus and althaea. This drug helps to get rid of the inflammatory process.
  2. The atrophic form is curable due to the Ayurvedic method, that is, it is necessary to smear it with a melted butter regularly on the nose. Preliminarily we oil on a small fire for an hour. Further it is necessary to strain it and pour into the dishes. Each time, before applying oil, it is slightly heated. In a day, smear your nose three times.
  3. Juice of salad beet helps to get rid of mucus.
  4. Peach oil helps in the treatment of atrophic rhinitis. To do this, moisten in cotton wool sponge, which then should be inserted into the nostrils. The best effect will be achieved if you mix peach oil with eucalyptus.
  5. Rose oil with petroleum jelly will help to soften dry skin in the nose. With the help of Vaseline you can make a lot of various ointments.
  6. Grated horseradish and lemon help remove excess mucus from the nasal cavity. Of these products you need to make a sauce. The maximum distance of mucus will be observed in the first half hour.
  7. Rye cakes can be applied to the bridge of the nose, and they will warm up the nose.

Prevention of rhinitis

To avoid a prolonged runny nose, it is necessary to take preventive measures, which will be aimed at strengthening immunity. This includes a correct and healthy diet, a constant regimen and physical activity, at least in small doses. Of course, you have to give up all bad habits and begin to temper.

If a person has a cold, soon you need to see a doctor.

Only in this case the rhinitis will not pass into a chronic form, which is very difficult to cure.

Even if you feel completely healthy, you still need to visit a doctor regularly. Since it is the examinations that will help to identify the disease earlier. At the first stage with the disease, coping is much easier.

Take care of your health! After all, this is the most important thing that a person has. Be healthy!

Prolonged cold in the child and adults | Than to treat the tightened cold

Recent years are marked by a phenomenon where acute cold symptoms last no more than three days, but rhinitis remains for up to three weeks. A protracted rhinitis is a rhinitis that lasts for more than a week. Such a disease is an occasion to visit a doctor.

Features of treatment of a protracted runny nose in a child and adults

Every person on the planet is familiar with this disease. Most often, it "clings" to us in winter and autumn, preventing us from working, blocking our breath, causing a lot of unpleasant sensations and making communication difficult.

To treat the disease in children is taken with the help of drugs Naphtizin or Otrivin? The answer to the rules for the use of these drugs can be found in the instructions to these drugs. It says that these drugs are designed to prevent the disease, and not to treat it. They significantly reduce the swelling of the nasal mucosa and facilitate breathing. It is important that they are not used more than 2-3 times a day, and only for acute need.

The instillation improves the outflow from the baby's nose of clusters and secretions and will help him calm down, regain appetite and sleep.

In the event that the baby has purulent discharge, a drug against bacterial infection, for example, Protargol drops, should be used for treatment. Before instilling anything, you need to urgently consult a pediatrician. children react differently to this or that drug.

Than to treat from national means the protracted rhinitis at the child?

The long-lasting runny nose can be treated with alternative medicine. All folk remedies are recommended to be used only as a supplement to the main treatment prescribed by a doctor. Here are some recipes of folk medicine that help to alleviate the condition of a sick person and his rapid recovery:

1. Get rid of heavy breathing folk remedies will help inhalation over dissolved in boiling water with dry menthol and over simple cooked potatoes. For the first recipe, you should dissolve the dry menthol in a pot of boiling water, then cover your head with a towel and inhale steam. In the second case, you have to cook potatoes, then drain the water, again cover your head with a towel and breathe the steam. You can also breathe over the diluted in boiling water with an alcohol tincture of propolis.

2. Inhalation of fumes of crushed onions or garlic to treat a protracted runny nose. Three times a day for 8 minutes.

3. Aloe vera juice helps, combined with honey. The aloe leaf is wrapped in black paper and placed in the refrigerator for 14 hours. From it squeeze out the juice, connect it with the third part of a teaspoon of honey. The mixture is buried in the nose three times during the day, taking a full pipette.

4. Decoction of onion husks wash the nose in the morning and at bedtime. The glass is filled up to half with onion husk, and then it is poured over with water, and boiled over low heat for half an hour. Decoction filter, cool, and add to it half a teaspoon of salt (preferably sea). To flush the nose, it is best to use a disposable syringe without a needle. With its help, the fluid is alternately introduced into each nasal passageway. To exclude its entry into the auditory tube, during the procedure you need to continuously pronounce the sound "O".

5. If your rhinitis is at the beginning stage, the most effective way is to warm the nose in the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses. In order to carry out this procedure, you can use boiled eggs, potatoes or pouches with heated salt, buckwheat or sand.

6. In order to stop the development of the common cold by folk remedies, it is best to use inhalation. With inhalations, you should breathe over the infusion of eucalyptus, calendula and other herbs. For this procedure, you can buy a special device or use an ordinary teapot, or at worst a pan.

7. Very effective is the washing of the nose. Indeed, washing the nose with salt solution, you can clean the nasal cavity of mucus and facilitate breathing. A few drops of iodine can also be added to such a rinse aid. Sometimes for this procedure use and broths of various medicinal herbs.

8. Of course, without burying the nose from the cold can not get rid of. In folk medicine, there are a large number of prescriptions for medical drops. The most common are drops of fresh juice of beets, carrots, onions, leaves of plantain, calanchoe and aloe. It is also possible to use decoctions as a liquid for burrowing the nose.

9. In order to runny nose in the early stages of smoothly did not move into a protracted shape, it is best to take hot foot baths. In the early stages of the bb, tea with raspberries and honey, respiratory gymnastics, and also instillation of the diluted juice of garlic into the nasal cavity is also excellent.

10. Another effective tool is menthol oil. This oil should be instilled in the nose for 3-5 drops. It is also necessary to lubricate them with whiskey, nose and forehead. In addition, menthol oil can be mixed with camphor.

11. For treatment, you can take one teaspoon of ground propolis, mix it with three teaspoons of sunflower oil and melted butter. In this mixture, you need to moisten the tampon and put it in your nose before and after sleep.

In case you have chronic sinusitis, remember that you can not consume milk and dairy products. The fact that many doctors believe that it is because of the large amount of sugar and starch contained in pasteurized milk, chronic rhinitis can develop into sinusitis. Thus, if your runny nose is delayed, try to take the necessary measures so that it does not develop into sinusitis.

Than to treat a child of preschool and primary school age with a protracted runny nose?

For young children, rhinitis is a fairly common disease. Naturally, if we observe a protracted runny nose, then we begin to worry and try to find out how to cure it more quickly. The causes of the appearance of the disease may be allergic reactions, weak immunity, latent infection, curvature of the nasal septum or not very correct treatment of the common cold at the beginning stage.

1. Try to strengthen his immunity from an early age. The best option for strengthening immunity is a trip to the sea. It is the sea breeze that gives the child vivacity, strength and saturates his body with vitamins. Also, the sea air promotes rapid cleansing of the airways.

2. If you understand that the cause of a cold is an allergy, then in this case you need to get rid of allergens. Also, you can contact a doctor who prescribes the necessary antihistamines to you, which will greatly facilitate the well-being of your child.

3. Do not use vasoconstrictive drops without the permission of the doctor. The fact that these drugs are very easy to get used to and then you can not anything else to ease the breathing of your child. At best, these drugs negatively affect the duration of treatment of the common cold.

4. If you are faced with such a problem, it is better to look for a way of treatment in natural medicine. Therefore, the best treatment will be rinsing the nose with sea water. This procedure allows you to get rid of the edema and takes out the liquid, which is then easily removed from the nasal cavity.

5. You can also resort to traditional medicine for treatment. However, its use should be discussed with the doctor, as sometimes some remedies can do harm.

6. You can use the tomato tops. From it you should make a decoction and breathe over it. However, this procedure should be carefully monitored so as not to overdry the baby's spout. Do not inhale fumes for more than twenty minutes. The procedure should be done once a day for about six days.

7. To get rid of the baby from the cold, you can also use peach oil. They should lubricate the baby's mucous membranes. In addition, you can bury the baby's nose with honey, diluted with water.

In alternative medicine, there are many more recipes, but before using them, consult a doctor, whether it is worth giving the child these or other products.

How to maintain immunity during prolonged rhinitis therapy

If you clearly represent the reason why you have a runny nose for more than 6 months, except for any intervention in the body, be it medicamentous means or used remedies from traditional medicine - a protracted rhinitis can be treated with the help of a stable strengthening of immunity. Reduced immunity is manifested by the following symptoms: general weakness, rapid fatigue and chronic fatigue, aches in muscles and joints, there is a headache, there may be excessive drowsiness or insomnia. In the presence of such symptoms, it makes sense to do more immunity. You can do this as follows:

1. Monitor to strengthen immunity for nutrition, eat the necessary vitamins and food;

2. Control your behavior. To maintain immunity, you need to get enough sleep, often visit the open air, be physically active;

3. Limit yourself from bad habits. To maintain immunity, you need to reduce the consumption of alcohol, limit and, preferably, exclude altogether, smoking.

Since to date, this ailment is one of the most common among diseases, many people are trying to find the best option for its treatment. Drug therapy is very expensive. We hope, you will be able to choose for yourself the most optimal means for treatment.

Causes and prevention of chronic chronic rhinitis in children and adults

There are many reasons that contribute to the appearance of protracted rhinitis. Prolonged cold in the child and adults may indicate that the disease has become chronic, or point to the allergic nature of its appearance. Coryza also accompanies a number of diseases that are not related to diseases of the respiratory system. In any case, treatment should be conducted under the supervision of an ENT doctor and requires urgent action.

Often, the cause of protracted rhinitis is the allergen present in household dust. In this case, it is necessary to regularly conduct a wet cleaning of the premises, as well as, as often as possible, to ventilate it. Regular ventilation of the room will avoid such a frequent cause of the appearance of rhinitis, which is the dryness of the air. This factor has a particularly strong negative effect during the heating season.

Often the cause of the common cold is a viral infection, the effect of various adverse environmental factors or allergies.

The cause of the disease for more than 6 months may be problems with the cardiovascular system, kidney problems, even hormonal system disorders. Also, a runny nose for more than 6 months may be the result of an allergic reaction to external stimuli in the form of smoke or chemical vapors. It can also be a repetitive acute cold that is difficult to control and somehow contribute to prevention. It is very important to try to maintain immunity so that such ailments do not prevail.

Useful food for immunity and prevention of protracted form of cold

Everyone knows that nutrition always affects our immunity and its condition. To prevent colds and strengthen immunity, it is enough to eat the right foods. Here is the list of the most useful:

1. Green tea in combination with honey, apple juice or lemon juice;

2. Onions and garlic by means of phytoncides "kill" all the microbes;

3. Dairy products;

4. Seafood;

5. Foods saturated with vitamins C;

6. Carrot juices and carrots;

7. Cranberry juices and fruit drinks;

8. Blueberries, currants and raspberries;

9. Meat;

10. as it sounds strange, but the spice strengthens the immunity of the child and adults.

Controlling your diet, excluding all possible bad habits, you can maintain immunity in tone. The better his condition, the less likely that your body will suffer from the disease.

How to cure a protracted rhinitis?



To loru address, can vyzyvatyu a genyantritis! Thing is not good!

Yaropolk Popov

At night, put a lot of finely chopped onions on a pillow, through a bandage let's breathe onions and rub with eucalyptus oil

tanya mosquito

Calcium gluconate give 10 days to 1 tab 3 times a day for both edema and allergy, the ENT RECOMMENDS THE CHILD and FILL INTO NOS Furatsilin, it would be good for them and gargle, 1 tab for half a cup, a child of 6 years old. Do not use vasoconstrictor drops, such as Navtizin.. I remember long ago, when my son could not breathe at night due to the fact that the nose completely laid us, sent the ENT to electrophoresis, two sessions and the edema was withdrawn.. this is just in case.

Happy wife!

Rinse your nose with a solution of salt, soda and a drop of iodine! Has cured even a genyantritis!!! or grated garlic with a slice of butter to warm in a microwave and breathe over it !!

Galina Ivanova

Tanjushka, a month's common cold, it's bad, first put a dry mustard in the toe, and let when the house goes around for days, do not have to treat the nose, and all the diseases go through the legs.... And surely warm socks for a long time, be sure to go to the doctor, the reasons are different, let the doctor specify what a disease... and then you write to me that you have put, that's only then you can start treatment, apparently there was no temperature in the child, if you are still at home. In general, badger oil helps very well, it is good to rub on your back for the night, and every morning to give a small teaspoon for an aftereffect, the oil is very pleasant, it saved many of your time... and still make pepper tincture, on a bottle of vodka and put 5-6 pods of hot pepper and let it for years stand at your fingertips in the fridge, when a cold or flu, spread the baby's heels with baby cream, and then with this tincture make a compress, rasterete well before going to bed, wear woolen socks and sleep and so 5-6 days... good luck to you, oh yeah, I still told you, and now I'm doing it instantly removes garlic, into the nostril, spread the cream with small and fresh garlic inside smear it, it does not hurt, it is not pleasant just a little, garlic removes even pain in the head, when the temple is smeared, the cream is smeared so that there is no burn. do not be ill..

Laura Petrarkina :)

Collargol, Protargol - drops on the basis of colloidal silver, they are prepared in a pharmacy (in state pharmacies).
A solution of sea salt - concentration, choose one that has a slightly salty taste. This is the same as Aquamaris. Salt is sold in pharmacies and supermarkets, but just do not buy flavored.
Pinosol is an oil-based drop, it is well pierced, it can be applied several times a day.
For the night I hang a napkin in a crib, drop a few drops of aromatic oil on it (fir, eucalyptus, tea tree). It turns out "aromalampa", the air around the baby is cleared, it is easier to breathe.
You can hang a gauze pouch in a crib with chopped onion or garlic.
Be sure to do a wet cleaning and ventilate the baby's room.
Sleepy child can be laid in a spout (gently, rasteriev on the inside of the nostrils) Mixture Oxolin-ointment + Pinosol-cream. This helps out in cases where the child is capricious and does not allow to drip a spout, and so - the psyche of the baby does not suffer.
Bioparox is an antibiotic spray (if it's really bad).
Get well!


Hot inhalation with tincture of propolis, essential oil of myrtle.


Forget all tips and jogging to a good otolaryngologist (I advise you on experience). You see, a cold in a month is already a chronic cold. The child may have an allergic rhinitis + adenoiditis. Do not treat yourself, because they do not know the reason. Get well!

Larisa Stetsenko

You need to go to Laura. There is a very effective procedure for washing the nose in the clinic. Helps even with genyantritis. I'm digging a Kalanchoe juice into a child with a cold. He starts to sneeze actively and immediately has something to breathe.

Prolonged runny nose in the child: effective treatment

Colds in young children occur very often, especially with weakened immunity. With timely treatment and proper behavior of parents, it soon becomes possible to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

However, when there is a prolonged runny nose in the child, there is a serious cause for concern, because the disease can cause many complications.

Causes of a prolonged rhinitis in infants

Prolonged runny nose in a child otolaryngologists are treated as chronic rhinitis. This form of the disease is acquired as a result of improper treatment of acute rhinitis. In addition, prolonged rhinitis can be a sign of other inflammatory processes that occur in the child's body. Often, it indicates the development of infectious diseases, influenza, upper respiratory tract diseases.

In most cases, a prolonged runny nose in the baby is a consequence of normal rhinitis. As a rule, unpleasant symptoms - mucous discharge from the nose and nasal congestion, arise in the cold and damp season. There may be several pathogens, usually viruses and microbes, then specialists distinguish between the viral and bacterial origin of rhinitis. Treatment of a prolonged runny nose in a child and is determined by the type of pathogen of the inflammatory process in the nasopharynx. With bacterial rhinitis, the most common pathogens are microbes such as staphylococci, pneumococci and streptococci.

Among other causes of protracted rhinitis, otolaryngologists call such factors:

  • weakened immunity;
  • frequent colds accompanied by colds;
  • absence of any treatment for acute rhinitis;
  • constant hypothermia of the body;
  • the course of other infectious diseases in the body;
  • curvature of the nasal septum - congenital or acquired;
  • an increase in adenoid tissue;
  • allergic reactions of the nasal mucosa;
  • hidden infections.

Signs of a protracted cold in the baby

Finding a protracted runny nose from your baby, you should immediately visit the specialist's office.

To recognize this form of the inflammatory process proceeding in a nasopharynx, it is possible on such signs:

  • discharge from the nose are observed for more than 10 days;
  • nasal breathing is difficult both day and night;
  • total or partial reduction of smell;
  • The nose is not transparent, but a thick yellow-green or brown mucus;
  • itching, dryness and burning in the nose;
  • feeling tired and sleepy;
  • sleep disturbance.

Parents are not able to learn about the presence of all these signs in young children, however, the disturbing behavior of the baby should be a cause for concern. If you see that the activity of your baby has decreased, he wants to sleep constantly, but at the same time, sleep is disturbed, the child sniffs, one should consult a specialist.

What can cause a prolonged runny nose in children

Among all the causes of a prolonged runny nose in a child, the disease most often occurs under the influence of allergens and bacterial infection. To cause an allergic reaction can a large number of allergens - dust, pollen of flowering plants, wool of domestic animals. Recognize lingering rhinitis of allergic origin is not so difficult - discharge from the nose, sneezing and stuffiness nasopharynx are noted immediately during or shortly after exposure to an irritant.

Infectious rhinitis, caused by the penetration of children's body viruses or bacteria, usually accompanied by an increased body temperature and inflammation of the tonsils. A child may be disturbed by a cough and sore throat.

Many people do not give the runny nose special significance, considering it a non-serious disease. According to the otolaryngologists, a prolonged runny nose in a child can cause many complications. It exerts a strain not only on the respiratory system, but also on other parts of the child's body - the heart and lungs.

What and how to treat a protracted rhinitis in a child

It is important to know what to treat a prolonged runny nose in a child, because the duration of the course of the illness depends on this. Therapy may be medicated, or treatment may in some cases be performed without the use of medications.

How to cure a protracted rhinitis without medications is quite an urgent matter, because many mothers want to do without potent drugs. If the child is sick of the cold before the age of 1 year, the treatment is reduced to increasing the protective forces of the child's body and creating favorable conditions for a speedy recovery. To do this, immunomodulatory medications are prescribed, preferably of plant origin.

Babies need to regularly suck off mucus from the nasal passages, since it is important not to let it stagnate. The child's nose also needs constant moistening, it can be watered or dripped with special solutions based on sea water. You can treat a protracted runny nose with such saline solutions as Dolphin, Aquamaris, Aqualor, Humer.

There are several more effective methods, how to cure a prolonged runny nose in a child without the use of medications - this is inhalation. Such procedures are very effective for prolonged runny nose and its frequent complication - coughing. With a dry cough, inhalations will remove the inflammation from the irritated mucous membrane, moisturizing it, and when wet - will help to secrete sputum faster. With a strong cold, the child, against which cough has already started to appear, will help such an inhalation: take a table spoon of St. John's wort, the flowers of marigold and mint, pour a liter of water, let it brew, filter, place in a steam inhaler and let these pairs breathe the baby for 10-15 minutes.

Cold inhalations can also be performed:moisten a handkerchief or cotton wool in essential oil and let the baby breathe.

For the treatment of the common cold, the butter of thyme, anise and fir is well suited. Activation of certain points on the face promotes rapid recovery of the nasal mucosa and accelerates the healing process.

How to cure a prolonged runny nose in a child with the help of acupressure? It is necessary to massage the points located on both sides of the wings of the nose, the procedure should be performed 2-3 times a day. During the massage you can use aromatic oils, rubbing them into the nasal sinus area. This procedure is indicated for children from 3 years.

We treat a viral, protracted runny nose in a child

Also, parents should know how to treat a protracted rhinitis in a child of viral origin. The best means, which allows to increase the protective forces of the child's body in the fight against a viral infection, is considered interferon. It is available in various dosage forms - candles, drops, tablets, ointments.

Rhinitis in children of bacterial origin, when the nose is a viscous mucus yellow-green or brown, should be treated with antibiotics. Before taking an antibacterial agent, you must thoroughly clean the nasal cavity of pathological contents. Most often, children are prescribed antibacterial preparations of local action, such as Isofra and Bioparox.

Treatment of rhinitis in children, regardless of its origin, should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist. If the disease is allowed to drift, it can cause serious complications - sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia.

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