The best remedy for ARVI

Antiviral drugs for ARVI. Comparison of drugs and reviews

A person is constantly surrounded by microorganisms. They can provoke ARVI. Viruses penetrate the body through the respiratory tract. To quickly stop unpleasant symptoms, you have to take antiviral drugs in ARVI. However, not every time when you come into contact with microorganisms, a person develops a disease. The immune system can perfectly resist them. But if the body's own defense does not cope, then the ailment can develop in all its might and even provoke serious lesions of the lungs, bronchi, and exacerbation of chronic pathologies.

antiviral drugs for orvi

Tactics of treatment

Most of the population, with the slightest cough and sneezing, takes out different medications from the medicine cabinet and begins to struggle intensively with the disease. In this case, the choice of many people with ARVI stops on antibiotics. For the first days of treatment, this tactic is wrong.

Antibacterial drugs have an effect on bacteria. The source of ARVI is a virus. Bacterial flora can only join on the 5th-7th day of the common cold. In this case, the appointment of an antibiotic is advisable. And for the prevention of such drugs are completely meaningless.

It is antiviral drugs in ARVI that are the means of choice. If the disease is mild, with high immune protection, then you can cope with the common cold even without medication. But if the disease "rewarded" the patient with all the unpleasant symptoms - a strong cough, a sudden runny nose, high fever, then it is just necessary to treat ARVI. Antiviral means will quickly stop the painful signs of a cold.

However, it is necessary to know that such medications are effective only at the initial stages of the disease. On the 3-5th day, such therapy will not bring the desired effect. If there is a multiplication and active distribution of a pathogenic agent through the body, then antiviral agents are not able to overcome the common cold.

Classification of drugs

In medical practice, there is a certain separation of all drugs according to the mechanism of exposure and origin. According to him, antiviral agents are classified as follows:

  1. Interferons. Such preparations contain certain substances of protein nature. Their main task is to prevent the spread of microorganisms. Interferon is an excellent protection against a viral infection provoked by ARVI. Treatment with these drugs helps to speed up recovery, greatly facilitates the therapeutic task. Initially, interferon medicine scientists received from the blood of a donor. Later, effective drugs were developed by artificial means - genetic engineering. The most effective medicines are "Interferon human leukocyte", "Viferon", "Grippferon". However, it should be remembered that any of these medicines should be prescribed by a doctor.
  2. Interferon inductors. This group of drugs works somewhat differently. The medicine, acting on the human body, actively stimulates the production of its own interferons. Thanks to this tactic, the drugs are widely used for cold pathologies, including ARVI. Treatment of colds with interferon inducers is very effective. Such funds allow you to stop the symptoms of influenza. The most common drugs are: Amiksin, Levomax, Arpefly, Arbidol, Immustat, Arbivir.
  3. Cyclic amines. The mechanism of action of this group is directed towards the suppression of the virus. Drugs, getting into the human body, contribute to the violation of the formation of the shell of the microorganism. Due to this effect, a high therapeutic effect of these medicines is achieved. The most effective representatives of the group are funds Remantadin, Remavir.
  4. Inhibitors of neuraminidase. Such antiviral agents affect only the influenza virus. Their action is based on inhibition of the neuraminidase enzyme. Thus, the virus is released from the infected cells. This allows to stop influenza in the initial stages and does not allow the viruses to escape from the respiratory tract. Medications excellently reduce the severity of symptoms and the patient quickly recovers. The most effective medicines are Zanamivir and Oseltamivir.
  5. Medicines of vegetable origin. Such group of antiviral medicines is united by one. They contain components of plant origin. The most famous drugs are "Proteflazid", "Flavazid", "Altabor", "Immunoflazid."
  6. Other antiviral drugs. Such a group includes medicines used for etiotropic treatment of influenza, ARVI, which are not included in any of the categories described above. These include Amizon, Engistol, Novirin, Groprinosin, Inosin.
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How to choose a drug?

No one is immune from a cold. Therefore, with the first symptoms, everyone is trying to find a good antiviral drug. What do doctors advise? Doctors recommend using the following tools:

  1. Medicines that affect the viruses. Such drugs contribute to the disruption of the process of reproduction of microorganisms. As a result, the patient quickly recovers. These antiviral drugs in acute respiratory infections are highly effective and have a rapid effect on the body. But they have a drawback. Most of them affect certain types of microorganisms. With other viruses, they can be useless. Such drugs of direct action are "Arbidol", "Tamiflu", "Remantadin", "Ingavirin".
  2. Interferon preparations. Under the protection of such substances, cells of the body become insensitive to viruses. Drugs are quite effective in ARVI, influenza. The effect of these drugs is aimed at increasing the artificial level of interferon. Such means are "Kipferon" and its analogs.
  3. Medications that enhance the synthesis of interferon. These are highly effective antiviral medicines, the impact on the body of which is the most physiological. Such drugs are "Tsikloferon", "Kagocel".

It is important not only to choose the right antiviral drug, but also to start it in time. Be sure to follow the instructions. Each of the medicines must be taken as many days as it is written in the annotation, even if the symptomatology of ARVI has already passed. Only then can we expect that the medicine will fully relieve the disease.

Research of medical scientists

Comparative characteristics of medicines were of interest to many doctors. Doctors have set a goal to determine a good antiviral drug. To do this, they conducted a controlled study of several drugs on their effectiveness for preventive purposes. In this experience, more than 70 thousand people took part. The results of the study are presented in the table.

Name of the medicine

Efficiency index













The study found:

  1. Admission of antiviral drugs for preventive purposes reliably protects the patient from ARVI.
  2. People who still had ARVI, flu, transferred them in mild form. In such patients, mild symptoms and a brief increase in temperature were observed.
  3. Complications after the disease did not occur.
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Let us consider which antiviral drugs in ARVI are most in demand among the population.

Tamiflu Medicine

This drug refers to the medicines of the latest generation. Doctors consider the drug Tamiflu to be effective enough in the fight against acute respiratory infections. The price, unfortunately, is high for this product, and many patients can not afford it.

The drug can not be used for prevention, since it has a pronounced toxicity. In addition, doctors do not recommend long-term use of the drug "Tamiflu." Since, according to the latest research by Japanese doctors, the remedy can lead to:

  • to the disturbance of the psyche;
  • depressive state;
  • propensity to suicide;
  • psychosis.

The preparation is available in the form of powder for the preparation of suspension and in the form of capsules. The main impact of this tool is the successful suppression of virus growth and replication.

The drug has the following contraindications:

  • allergy to the components of the product;
  • renal failure, occurring in acute form.

It is strictly prohibited to use the drug for children under 12 years old. Before using Tamiflu, pregnant and lactating mothers, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The drug has many side effects:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • insomnia, headache;
  • cough;
  • stomach ache;
  • acute sinusitis, otitis media, pneumonia (such complications can be observed in children).

Be sure to consult a doctor if you have decided to use Tamiflu to fight ARVI.

The price of this medication, as noted above, is quite high, and varies between 1000-1400 rubles.

The effectiveness of the drug and its safety have been carefully studied to this day. It should be emphasized that the drug is indeed recognized as toxic. However, doctors who practice the treatment of viral infections with the drug Tamiflu, speak about it very positively. Many clinics have proven the effectiveness of this drug in fighting some strains of influenza. But at the same time one can not rule out the high probability of side effects.

The drug "Amiksin"

The medicine is an excellent immunomodulatory, antiviral agent. This medication refers to artificially created interferon inducers. The highest concentration of the necessary substance in the blood, intestines and liver is observed 4-24 hours after the drug "Amiksin." The price of the drug is quite acceptable. Therefore, such a tool is often used to prevent and treat ARVI.

kagocel price

The medication is available in the form of coated tablets.

The main contraindications for taking medication are:

  • sensitivity to components;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • children under 7 years.

The drug "Amiksin" is perfectly combined with antibiotics, which can be prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of infection.

The medicine can provoke the following side effects:

  • dyspepsia;
  • an allergic reaction;
  • short-term chill.

In general, the drug "Amiksin" is quite safe. The price of the medicine is about 500 rubles.

Means of "Kagotsel"

This medicine belongs to the inducers of interferon. It is effective in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza. In order to get a favorable result from the treatment, it is necessary to apply the drug Kagocel in the first day after the onset of the illness. The price for this drug is low enough that it allows the use of the drug to almost any patient.

Contraindications to the use of the medicine are:

  • individual sensitivity;
  • intolerance to galactose;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • age up to 6 years;
  • lactose insufficiency.

The drug is well tolerated by patients and very rarely causes side effects. In isolated cases, an allergic reaction to the Kagocel drug may develop. The price of the drug is about 200 rubles.

The medicine "Ingavirin"

The drug is highly effective against many viruses. It is widely used not only for the treatment of colds, but also for preventive purposes. This drug should not be combined with drugs that have antiviral activity.

The effect of this drug on the human body is due to its ability to inhibit the reproduction of viruses. Thus, the drug suppresses the development of the common cold at the initial stage. It reduces febrile, intoxication periods, significantly reduces the risk of various complications.

The drug is available only in the form of capsules.

The medicine practically does not cause side effects and most people are well tolerated. Very rarely there may be allergic reactions.

Orvi treatment

Contraindications to the use of the drug are:

  • pregnancy;
  • age to 18 years;
  • individual sensitivity to the ingredients of the drug.

Doctors confirm that if you were prescribed Ingavirin for ARVI, the application (the price of the medicine is 412.50 rubles) will be very effective.

The drug "Arbidol"

The drug is very popular. After all, this medicine is an effective antiviral agent of a wide spectrum of action. It can suppress a wide variety of viruses. Its effectiveness is explained by the ability to reduce the painful period and reduce the severity of cold symptoms.

The drug is low toxicity. During the treatment, he practically does not cause any serious complications. The medicine is in the form of capsules.

Contraindicated this remedy:

  • children under three years;
  • pregnant women;
  • Persons suffering from hypersensitivity to the active substance.

Despite the fact that there are practically no negative reviews about the drug, the instruction gives the following side effects that may arise during the use of these capsules:

  • stomach pain;
  • angioedema;
  • dermatitis of different types.

The price of the medicine is 140-600 rubles (depending on the dosage and packaging).

Remantidine remedy

Medication has been used for many years to treat and prevent viral infections. It effectively slows the reproduction of the virus after penetration into the cell. Remantadine is used for colds since the 1970s. Since then, he has passed many tests and various studies, as a result of which his excellent antiviral properties were fully confirmed.

antiviral agents

Contraindicated drug under the following factors:

  • kidney pathologies (acute, chronic);
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • acute liver diseases;
  • individual sensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • children under 7 years.

The medication is well tolerated by patients. But sometimes it can provoke the development of side effects:

  • various rashes;
  • diarrhea, indigestion;
  • hoarseness of voice;
  • decreased attention, drowsiness;
  • depression;
  • hyperkinesis;
  • violation of gait;
  • noise in ears.

It is extremely undesirable to combine the use of Remantadine with alcohol-containing beverages. This combination can provoke unwanted phenomena from the nervous system. The effect of the drug on the body reduces the funds "Paracetamol", "Aspirin".

Despite its high effectiveness, Remantadine is an inexpensive antiviral agent. Its cost varies from 50-170 rubles.

Drops "Derinat"

The drug is a new medicine that allows you to quickly and effectively treat ARVI. The medicine is available only in the form of nasal drops. The drug "Derinat" is an effective immunostimulant. This drug, entering the body, very quickly begins to fight with microorganisms. It provides excellent and timely synthesis of interferon.

Antiviral drops "Derinat" do not have age-related contraindications. They can be used even for the treatment of babies. In this case, the therapeutic task is greatly simplified. Since it is much easier for the babies to use the medicine in the form of drops.

The facility will cost the buyer 230-300 rubles.

Patient Reviews

Concerning the effectiveness of the drug Amiksin, the opinions of consumers are divided. Some argue that the drug quickly enough to put on your feet, if you start treatment in time. Other consumers advise not to throw money away.

Most people agree that the drug "Kagotsel" is quite effective. This tool allows you to quickly and easily recover from viral infections. In addition, patients especially note the minimum number of side effects. This indicates the safety of the drug.

good antiviral drug

The drug "Ingavirin" refers to a fairly effective means. Thus patients emphasize, that 3-4 days after the beginning of the use of the given medicine the symptoms of the disease completely disappears. But if the initial stage of the common cold is missed, the drug, like other antiviral medicines, is completely ineffective.

Despite the fact that the price is not available for everyone on Arbidol, the reviews about this drug are mostly positive. Many patients who use the drug for several years, show that the medicine really helps to quickly and easily eliminate the initial stage of the disease. However, there are always opponents. Some people argue that the drug is ineffective and almost does not help with viral infections. In most cases, these are patients who have already developed the disease in full force.

Popular among the population is the remedial medicine Remantadin. Its high efficiency is verified by time and various studies.

Widespread popularity deserved drops "Derinat". Customer feedback confirms the effective use of this medication. It is allowed to apply to pregnant women, infants. With timely-begun therapy, ARVI completely recedes.

No matter how great the antiviral medicine does not seem, do not forget that the drug should be used as directed by the doctor and strictly follow the instructions.

Antiviral drugs for colds

Antiviral drugs for colds - the main tool in the fight against this category of ailments.

As is known, during the period of activation of catarrhal diseases it is better to be engaged in their prevention, and not to bring them to conditions when treatment is already needed. Activating immunity in the cold season is the most effective measure to protect yourself against colds. Then the disease will not develop or, at least, the situation will not take on a serious form.

If the disease has a viral nature - acute respiratory viral disease (ARVI) - then there can not be no treatment without treatment. And it is best in this case to cope with the problem of antiviral drugs. The essence of their action is in the impact on the virus itself, which is an etiological factor.

Antiviral drugs are used to treat ARVI and influenza. These drugs affect the replication of the virus in such a way as to stop its reproduction. Antiviral drugs are synthetic or natural. They are used both in the fight against the disease, and for its prevention. Different stages of the common cold can be exposed to antiviral drugs. To date, modern science knows about five hundred pathogens of different kinds of colds. Antiviral drugs to fight them quite a bit.

In general, viral diseases are treated with three types of drugs:

  • drugs for a wide spectrum of influenza;
  • drugs for the treatment of herpes infections.
  • means for controlling cytomegalovirus.

In the case of severe disease, antiviral drugs are taken, with the use of interferons is easy. Within a day and a half after the appearance of the first symptoms, it is urgent to begin taking an antiviral drug. If we allow the multiplication of the virus to such a scale that it will occupy the entire body, then it can be brought to the conclusion that taking medications will not have any effect.

Effects of antiviral drugs for colds

With the help of antiviral drugs, the causes of the onset and development of acute respiratory disease are eliminated. The results of this action are:

  • reduction of risks of exacerbations of chronic diseases (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc.);
  • shortening the course of the cold for several days, alleviating its symptoms;
  • a reduction in the risk that severe complications will appear after acute respiratory illness.

Antiviral drugs for colds are also used as an emergency prophylaxis in the event that one of the family members becomes ill and needs to reduce the risk of infection of healthy people.

Antiviral tablets for colds

In a class where there are synthetic antiviral drugs that cope well with the influenza virus, there are two groups of effective remedies. The essence of the action of M-channel blockers in the blocking of the virus so that it can not penetrate into cells and multiply. One of the tested preparations against viruses of this category is Amantadine (Midantan), and also Rimantadine (Remantadin). For the desired effect, they should be taken as soon as the disease begins to manifest itself. Another of their drawbacks is that it is not always possible to understand what kind of virus a person has become. And these antiviral drugs are shown in the epidemic from the influenza A virus. In addition, avian and swine flu are resistant to them. It is important to remember that taking an antiviral drug for a cold should be done not only by the sick person himself, but by all members of his family.

Effective antiviral agent for colds

But neuraminidase inhibitors act on influenza A and B viruses. The essence of their action in suppressing the enzyme, which is responsible for the multiplication of the virus. Representatives of this group of drugs are "Oseltamivir" ("Tamiflu") and "Zanamivir" (Relenza). You can start taking them within two days from the initial manifestations of the disease.

List of antiviral drugs for colds

  • Tamiflu;
  • "Relenza";
  • "Grippferon";
  • Anaferon;
  • "Amiksin";
  • Kagocel;
  • Remantadin;
  • "Viferon";
  • Arbidol;
  • "Ribavirin";
  • "Amizon";
  • "Cycloferon."

Antiviral drug for cold "Zanamivir"

"Zanamivir" is prescribed for influenza in adults and children over 5 years of age for 5 mg of inhalation twice a day for 5 days. The total daily dose reaches 10 mg. The drug is not combined with other inhalation medications (including bronchodilators), because, that possible exacerbations in patients with bronchial asthma and other nonspecific lung diseases. In a number of people without pulmonary pathology, there may be signs of nasopharyngeal irritation, reaching in rare cases before the appearance of bronchospasm.

Antiviral drug for cold "Oseltamivir"

For influenza for adults and children over 12 years, the recommended dose of "Oseltamivir" is 75 mg 2 times a day for at least 5 days. "Oseltamivir" is prescribed for children older than 1 year - with a body weight of less than 15 kg of 30 mg, 15 to 23 kg of 45 mg, 23 to 40 kg of 60 mg, more than 40 kg - 75 mg twice daily for five days.

The drug is administered with caution in renal failure, it can cause nausea and vomiting during admission.

Antiviral drugs for a cold of a wider spectrum of action - "Ribavirin" ("Ribarin") and "Inosin Pranobeks" ("Grosprinozin").

Antiviral drug for cold "Ribavirin"

"Ribavirin" acts on influenza A and B-viruses, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial virus, coronaviruses, rhinoviruses. The specificity of the drug is its high toxicity, therefore it is used only if a respiratory syncytial infection is confirmed that often leads to bronchiolitis in children.

"Ribavirin" is used to treat influenza in adults over 18 years (200 mg 3-4 times daily during meal for 5-7 days) in the absence of pregnancy, kidney failure and hemolytic anemia.

Antiviral drug for cold "Inosin pranobeks"

"Inosin pranobeks" fights against viruses of influenza, parainfluenza, rhinoviruses, adenoviruses. This antiviral drug for cold stimulates the defenses of the human body. To treat influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections it is recommended to take: adults 2 tablets 3-4 times a day at regular intervals throughout 5-7 days; children a daily dose of 50 mg per kilogram of body weight.

The daily dose should be taken at 3-4 times at regular intervals. The duration of treatment is 5-7 days.

Interferons and interferon inducers

Another large group of antiviral drugs for colds are interferons and interferon inducers. Interferons are protein substances that synthesize the body as a response to infection, due to them the body is more resistant to viruses. They have a wide spectrum of action, which favorably differ from many other synthetic drugs. But some experts say that they are not very effective in ARVI. In the case of colds, they are prescribed as drops in the nose and rectal suppositories. The native leukocyte interferon is digested four or six times a day, Reaferon (interferon alfa-2a) two drops twice-four times a day. Viferon (alpha-2b interferon) usually goes like a candle, adults usually use Viferon 3 and 4.

Antiviral drugs for colds

There are also inducers of interferon. These are drugs that stimulate the body to produce its own interferons. Catarrhal diseases are treated with "Tyloron" ("Amiksin"), "Meglumina acridonacetate" ("Cycloferon") and a number of other antiviral drugs for colds.

Antiviral drug for cold "Amiksin"

For treatment of influenza and acute respiratory disease, "Amiksin" is prescribed inside after eating two tablets of 0.125 g for adults and 0.06 g for children over 7 years on the first day of illness and then 1 tablet every other day.

The course of treatment - up to 6 tablets. Contraindicated in pregnant women and children younger than 7 years.

Antiviral drug for cold "Cycloferon"

"Cycloferon" is used to treat influenza and ARI in the form of intramuscular injections at a dose of 250 mg (12.5% ​​per 2 ml) for two consecutive days, then every other day or 1 tablet 0.15 g every other day for 20 days.

Antiviral drug for cold "Kagocel"

"Kagocel" is an inducer of interferon with direct antiviral and immunomodulating action.

Usually it is prescribed for influenza and ARI adults 2 tablets 3 times a day for the first two days (daily dose is 72 mg), then 1 tablet 3 times a day (daily dose of 36 mg). A total of 18 tablets per 4-day course.

Antiviral drug for cold "Arbidol"

Effective in treating the common cold is an antiviral drug, like Arbidol. It acts against viruses A, B, it also treats parainfluenza, syncytial infections, adenoviruses. The essence of the drug in stimulating the production of endogenous interferon, it has an antioxidant effect, strengthens the immune system.

Arbidol for colds without complications appoint: children from 3 to 6 years - 50 mg, from 6 to 12 years - 100 mg, over 12 years and adults - 200 mg 4 times a day (every 6 hours) for 5 days. With the development of complications (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.) children from 3 to 6 years take Arbidol 50 mg, from 6 to 12 years - 100 mg, older 12 years, adults - 200 mg 4 times a day (every 6 hours) for 5 days, then a single dose once a week for a month.

Antiviral drug for cold "Amizon"

Antiviral drug for cold "Amizon" is an inducer of endogenous interferon, has antiviral, immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory action.

Adults take "Amizon" 2-4 times a day after a meal with an average flu and acute respiratory infections of 0.25 g, with a heavy - for 0.5 g for 5-7 days; the course dose of treatment is 3-6.5 g. Children aged 6-12 years drink 0.125 grams 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days.

Antiviral drug for cold "Anaferon"

"Anaferon" refers to homeopathic remedies with antiviral and immunomodulating effect. It is also used to treat colds and flu. Usage for adults: 1 tablet, sublingually from three times a day to six, depending on the severity of the disease.

Treatment begins with the first respiratory symptoms. After improving the condition, it is recommended to switch to taking the drug once a day, for 8-10 days. Children from six months to three years, one tablet dissolved in 15 ml of water and give a drink. For prevention, Anaferon is prescribed one tablet once a day, for one to three months.

Antiviral drug for colds "Grippferon"

"Grippferon" is an immunomodulatory, antiviral and anti-inflammatory drug for intranasal use. The duration of the course of application and dose of the drug "Grippferon" is usually determined by the doctor in charge.

The recommended dose for children younger than 1 year is 500 IU (1 drop of the drug) 5 times a day; for children from 1 to 3 years of age is 1000 IU (2 drops of "Grippferon") 3-4 times a day; from 3 to 14 years is 1000 IU (2 drops of the drug "Grippferon") 4-5 times a day. The recommended adult dose is 1500 IU (3 drops) 5-6 times a day. The course duration is 5 days.

Herbal antiviral drugs for colds

Some herbs also have an antiviral effect. The effect of many herbal medicines is directed against viruses belonging to the herpes family. Catarrhal diseases are often accompanied by herpes rash, in addition, the course of cytomegalovirus infection also often occurs with the same symptoms as ARVI. This category of drugs includes "Alpizarin". The active substance in it is an extract of such plants as an alpine penny, a yellow penny, mango leaves. The antiviral preparation "Flacoside" has in its composition an active substance, which is obtained from velvet Amur and velvet Laval. For external use, the ointments "Megozin" (cottonseed oil), "Helepin" (ground part of the cheesecake), "Gossipol" (are obtained when processing the cotton seeds or the roots of cotton).

Antiviral drugs that are used for colds also include Altabor. It is based on an extract of stems of gray and black (sticky) alder.

The pendulous shank and ground reed give life to the drug "Proteflazidu", it is also used in the treatment of colds, influenza and for their prevention. Antiviral and immunomodulating action is possessed by the German preparation "Imupret". It consists of field horsetail, walnut leaves and oak bark.

The price of antiviral drugs for colds

The run-up of prices for antiviral drugs for colds is quite wide - from 20 to 200 hryvnia (of course, it still depends on the packaging and the number of tablets). In any case, it is better to consult with the attending physician who will prescribe the drug, which in the particular case will prove to be the most effective.

If you call the approximate prices for the main antiviral drugs used to treat colds, in pharmacies in Ukraine they are: "Amizon" - from 20 UAH, "Arbidol" - from 50 UAH, "Amiksin" - from 30 UAH, "Anaferon" - from 40 UAH, "Remantadin" - from 11 UAH, "Kagocel" from 70 UAH, "Viferon" - from 70 UAH - from 110 UAH.

Inexpensive antiviral drugs for colds

Inexpensive antiviral drugs for colds, often prescribed by doctors and commonly used - Amizon, Amiksin, Anaferon. For 20-40 hryvnia you can buy 10 tablets. But once again pay attention: before making a decision to purchase an antiviral drug for a cold, it is worth consulting with the treating doctor.

With the help of antiviral drugs, it is not the consequence, but the cause of the catarrhal disease that is eliminated. This is the great advantage of antiviral drugs in the treatment of colds, which also explains their effectiveness. Antiviral drugs shorten the cold for two to three days, ease its course. As a result of taking antiviral drugs for colds, the risk of other chronic diseases worsening (exacerbation of the bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and other diseases), there will also be no various complications, as is often the case with other drugs. In addition, antiviral drugs for colds give excellent effect in the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, including among healthy family members when the patient is at home.

What is the best remedy for Orvi?


Nina Elohina

A plentiful drink, pair your legs in a basin with hot water and mustard powder. And if you put more hands and forearms, and it will be good. Then he put on cotton linen, socks, and on his hands after warming, you can also put on gloves or mittens and in the bed. Here one lady strongly advises everyone to chew the orange peel - maybe this is effective, try. You can cut garlic into slices and suck it. Or propolis. If the house has milk and propolis tincture - in the hot milk, pour 20 drops of propolis and drink. Milk - not less than 1 tablespoon, you can and half a glass. Still it is possible to warm up a glass of milk and there 1 teaspoon without top of soda bread and to drink. From nasal congestion of nose. Suffices for 12 hours, there, in addition to the vasoconstrictor is eucalyptol, camphor oil. There is another advice - the doctor gave you - to cut a slice of garlic and tie it in a gauze, put it in your ear - for the other ear you also do it. Keep until garlic smell appears in the mouth. Thus, the nose and the pharynx are sanitized together with the ears.... "

Unmanned Module ™


Sambalina Cornelius

Boiled milk with honey, butter and soda


Tea with lemon, with raspberry jam

Irene Nietzsche

There is no money from ARVI. There is a temperature and a headache, from a cough, from a cold, etc., for each symptom of its own.

Julia Gomazov

clove oil in aromalamp

Mark Flemeng

Bed rest, warmth, antibiotics, vitamins, immunomodulators, do not bring down the temperature below 38.

Varentsov Anton

Antibiotics for ARVI are CONTRAINDICATED.
You can, of course, take antiviral drugs, but the best means is your own interferon. It begins to be actively developed when the body temperature rises above 38 degrees Celsius. If there is no such own temperature, then it can be artificially lifted in a dry steam room or even a relatively powerful fan heater.


specific treatment has not yet come up. There are antiviral drugs - arbidol, remantadine. But if you started taking them on the third day - then you can not take it, the effect is 0. These drugs they do not help to recover from ARVI, they only ease the course of the disease.
And the general principles of treatment are antipyretic drugs (paracetamol, nurofen) - at a high temperature above 39, abundant drinking, gargling (with its inflammation), etc.

Effective drugs for ARVI and influenza

At the time of worsening epidemiological situation, the question of how to effectively treat ARVI and influenza is very acute; drugs, which offers modern pharmacological industry, help not only to eliminate the symptoms of viral diseases, but also to influence the mechanisms of their development, which makes them the main means of treating viral infections.

Features of treatment of influenza and ARVI

Influenza is a part of the ARVI group, so this type of illness is similar in its symptoms. The difference is the duration of the incubation period, the course of the disease and the complications of advanced forms of the disease. The similarity of the symptoms makes it possible to apply an identical remedy for cold and flu for therapeutic therapy.

Features of viral infections

To select the effective treatment of viral respiratory diseases, the doctor focuses on such symptoms as:

Symptoms of ARVI
  • fever, chills;
  • pain in the muscles;
  • headache;
  • general malaise, weakness;
  • high body temperature;
  • change in the condition of the lymph nodes;
  • inflammatory processes in the airways.

In some cases, there may be swelling of the larynx mucosa, coughing and lacrimation. Influenza begins suddenly and has more severe symptoms than SARS or ARI. With a typical manifestation of these types of viral infection and their course for more than 7 days, the doctor prescribes effective medications for cold and flu. Especially it concerns small children, if begun ORVI is complicated by additional symptoms from other organs. Of great importance in this case is antiviral therapy, which consists of three main areas:

  • influence on the cause of the disease and directly on the virus-causative agent with the help of etiotropic drugs;
  • influence on the mechanisms of the development of the disease;
  • elimination of painful symptoms.
Symptoms of influenzaThe most effective remedies for colds and flu are etiotropic drugs that have an effect on viruses. In the treatment of colds and influenza, they are given special attention when the first symptoms appear, but already for 5-7 days, When the bacterial flora can join the disease, doctors recommend taking antibiotics. Etiotropic drugs are not used as preventive agents. If the disease has an easy form of leakage, antiviral drugs doctors do not recommend using, because the body itself is able to cope with the infection under normal immunity.

When new symptoms appear in the form of a cough, runny nose, fever, only the use of antiviral medicines helps. During this period, active propagation of the virus-agent occurs, therefore, as soon as the patient began to observe these symptoms of a cold, these medications must be taken immediately. After a few days, taking these medicines will be useless.

Classification of antiviral agents

Drugs from influenza and colds are divided into several groups:

  • interferons and their inducers;
  • antiviral antibiotics;
  • antiviral phytopreparations;
  • stimulants of immunity - immunomodulators.
Effective drugs for the treatment of coldsInterferons are a protein group of substances that are produced by virus-infected cells.

Due to their effectiveness, the multiplication of viruses in cells ceases, which allows us to further protect the body from a virus attack.Interferon is a powder that is dissolved in boiled water.

It is taken immediately before contact with the infected person and before leaving for places with a large population of people. Use the drug as follows: dissolved powder is injected into each nasal canal for 5 drops for 2 times a day.

For today it is the best remedy for viral diseases. The earlier his reception is begun, the more effective he will show himself. When the infection begins, the dosage of the drug is changed. The drug is administered 5 drops every 2 hours (5 times a day).

Treatment continues for three days. You can treat the disease with Interferon, using it as a substance for inhalation: in 10 ml of warm water dilute 3 ampoules. The thermal procedure is carried out 2 times a day for 3 days.

Interferon for the treatment of influenzaTo this group of drugs is another means for influenza and viral infections - Grippferon, which is a combined preparation of preventive and curative action. The drug is instilled in the nasal passages every 4 hours for 3 drops. If the patient is sensitive to the components of the drug, its use is discontinued. It is contraindicated for pregnant women, especially in the early stages.

ARI and influenza are treated with Viferon. Recently, doctors recommend it for treatment of young children as the best tool to help stimulate the formation of interferons in the body. They have a depressing effect on different groups of viruses such drugs from influenza and ARVI, as Amiksin, Lavomax, where the active substance is Tyloron.

Arpeflus, Arbidol, Immustat - a group of drugs that help increase the body's resistance to viral infections. The main substance in them is Umifenovir.

Other antiviral agents

Treatment for colds and influenza is also carried out with the help of other drugs that inhibit the process of reproduction of the virus by affecting its shell. These medications include Remavir, Rimantadine.

Rimantadine for treatment of influenzaFor children this type of medicine is prescribed for treatment and prevention. Packaged powders are diluted in water and given in the scheme. As a preventive tool, it is recommended to drink the medicine for two weeks with 1 diluted bag (the dosage varies according to the age of the child).

All these groups of drugs have side effects and contraindications. To avoid severe consequences, it is necessary to carry out a sensitivity test and strictly observe the dosages for the treatment prescribed by the doctor. The most common side effects are nausea, dizziness, stools, hypertension, allergies. Especially cautiously should take these drugs to people with kidney disease.

Other types of drugs that act solely on the influenza virus are neuraminidase inhibitors. These include Zanamivir, Relenza. These drugs are used only as inhalants as a curative and preventive agent. Preparations in which the active substance is Zanamivir, have a high degree of toxicity, which demonstrates a large number of side effects. Very carefully it should be taken to people with kidney diseases and prone to allergic reactions.

Preparations of the natural group

Treatment of influenza and ARVI under the supervision of a doctorInhibiting the activity of influenza virus neuraminidase and helping the body to produce its own interferon are antiviral drugs of plant origin.

Effective among them are Proteflazide, Flavozid, Altabor, Immunoflazid, in which the extract is an active alder. This type of medicines has not only antiviral, but also antibacterial action. For medicinal and prophylactic purposes, the medicine is taken three times a day, dissolving two tablets. The course of treatment is 7 days.

If a patient has increased sensitivity to this group of drugs, the doctor appoints others. Against the background of long-term use of drugs in this group, there may be an allergic reaction. When pregnancy and breast-feeding, they are also not recommended.

To reduce and stop the multiplication of viruses, the administration of Proteflazide, Flavozide, Immunoflazide, which are made on the basis of medicinal herbs of pike and turtle, terrestrial.

The first trimester of pregnancy - a contraindication to taking a number of drugsThis group of medicines is also characteristic of its immunomodulating feature. Doctors appoint them as a curative and preventive agent. Immunoflazid - syrup, which is used for two weeks twice a day for 9 ml. With a preventive purpose, it is consumed within a month.

The drug Flavozid is taken according to the scheme: 5 ml twice a day from the first to the third day of the disease, starting with the fourth - 8 ml. Preparations made on the basis of phytocomponents almost never show side effects. Their reception is contraindicated only to pregnant women in the first trimester, as well as during lactation.

Complex homeopathic antiviral drugs that suppress the active action of viruses are Engistol, Sagrippin, Amizon, which have antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, interferonogenic properties.

Treatment of children

In acute respiratory viral diseases, pediatricians recommend the use of homeopathic medicines - candles, powders, syrups. These types of drugs actively suppress viral attacks and increase the protective properties of the child's body. These include Viburkol and Aflubin, Gripp-Heel, EDAS-903 and others. Significant effectiveness of these drugs with simple forms of viral diseases.

Ribaverin - for treatment of influenza in childrenSome pediatricians are inclined to believe that not all phyto-drugs have an effective antiviral effect, so they advise not to experiment with the health of the child. If the drug does not begin to show therapeutic effect within 24 hours, it should be replaced with a drug of another group.

Treatment of influenza and colds in children is carried out with drugs such as Arbidol, Rimantadine, Ribavirin, Tamiflu. In some cases, it is recommended to take Acyclovir, which acts on many types of viruses. Rimantadine, as a rule, is used only to neutralize the influenza virus, it does not have the proper effect on other types of viruses.

This drug is considered the most in demand during the flu epidemic as a preventive. It is shown in the treatment of children and Ribavirin, which in its spectrum of action is very similar to Rimantadine. In addition, it has a depressing effect on the virus that causes pneumonia in infants. If there is a decrease in the effectiveness of rimantadine, it is advised to replace it with Ribavirin.

The spread of the virus in the child's body delays Arbidol. Despite its popularity in ARVI, it can only have a curative effect on influenza viruses. Of all antiviral drugs for children, Tamiflu is recognized as the most effective.

Its activity is observed not only in the early stages of the disease, but also in the period of exacerbation. Its effect is several times stronger than other drugs. Tamiflu has side effects, so it is prescribed only to children who are 12 years old.

Assign drugs and interferon group with a child's dosage - suppositories Viferon, drops Grippferon, suppositories Kipferon. The drug of the new domestic pharmacy Derinat, despite its recent existence on the pharmacological market, has won many positive reviews.

It is available in the form of drops. This helps start an active fight against the viruses through the nasopharynx, preventing them from penetrating further into the body. The drug helps to strengthen the effect of drugs that treat a child in conjunction with Derinatom. It is allowed to use this medicine for infants from the first days of life.

Sometimes children are prescribed immunostimulating agents - Riboxin, IRS 19, Imudon, Bronhomunal, Metiluracil. There are separate types of these medicines, prescribed by the pediatrician as a preventive medicine, and those that can appoint only physicians immunologists after a special diagnosis of the immune characteristics of the child's body. It must be remembered that immunostimulants do not have a therapeutic effect during the active development of the disease. They are used before the infection begins to multiply in the body.

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