Do I need to get a flu shot from a child?

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Do I need to have a baby vaccinated against flu?



yes, but there is a risk

Viktoriya Lazareva

necessary, only in the polyclinic

Anastasia Artamonova

Of course!


I will not do my daughter for the third year. Once did - there was a strong allergy to the inoculation. In general, anti-influenza vaccination has many side effects. We must weigh everything 100 times before deciding to do it.


I did not do a flu shot. And I do not regret it at all. My now 7 years old, I was ill a couple of times in my entire life. You can do with vitamins and hardening

The Princess

And the preparation what nibud accepts can. my nephew 8 years ago, last winter drank arbidol and never hurt, although the child usually for the winter time 5 will have time to recover. but in general it is better to talk with a doctor.



Irina Ulyanova

They say that the chickens are milked. Such rumors are spread by deeply ignorant people. My daughter does all the vaccinations that are necessary for a child of her age. Despite the fact that there are a lot of strains of influenza, this year a certain type is expected, with which the vaccine delivered to children's (and not only) institutions will fight.

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Gold Fish

adults do not tolerate and suffer badly, and what to say about the child


Conversely, if the vaccinated person becomes ill, then the flu is easier to tolerate and without complications. But do you need this? Over the past 10 years, no one in my family has been sick with pandemic flu * 3.
The scum is all for and against. Assess the risks (whether traveling by public transport, whether there are students, schoolchildren and children in the family. gardeners, a big apartment (this is also very important - on 12 square meters all microbes are common).

Marina SPb

Ask your doctor! Doctors themselves do not very often make their ....


You have to be careful after the vaccination. First, you need to do it when you are sure that the baby is healthy. And the second, to protect against possible lesions the first time after vaccination

We were offered a vaccination against influenza in the kindergarten. is it worth it to do? child for a year and a half.


oksana kirpich

the flu virus mutates with incredible speed and there is a huge number of different. Inoculation is done with a specific virus. gde a guarantee what exactly this virus will be. and in general I am against vaccinations. Strengthen immunity. high-quality feed your baby / I have full nutrition with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes / and then you do not have any flu. Checked. Good luck to you

Petya Bukin

Act in the interests of the child. I think it's worth it.

Maxim Motorin

we refused to vaccinate against the flu. because every time when we put it the child fell for 2 weeks to the sick-list. but again you decide


It's only your choice. I do not. Fear of allergies and side effects overcomes the possible benefits of vaccination


judging by their own experience, then no, the reaction is different in children, ours is even more sick and as we were later told at the regional center, these vaccinations are only given to children from 5 years


and at 1.5 years already in the kindergarten? in general it's up to you to decide, but I would not, for example,

Good Beetle

What is included in the flu vaccine? A small dose of the virus of this flu itself, so that its immunity is overcome, and with subsequent infection, the body will quickly develop immunity.

Oksana Pisareva

I myself have done and the child also did in my need to do

anna krasnova

Judge for yourself:
The flu virus is strong enough and often mutates. There are viruses A. AT.... A bunch of eating flu viruses. The vaccine against influenza viruses was developed only recently. In order for the drug to be launched into mass production, it is necessary to carry out clinical tests of not less than , -2 years and tracing of subjects for 5 years, after application of the drug. Only then the medicine is considered fully tested and can be applied in large numbers. And when did we get the vaccine from the flu? And from which one? Will the vaccine be effective for other types of influenza virus?
So you decide - you need to vaccinate your child? Or is it better to strengthen his immune system?


Do you also ask?? At us in asdik and to offer did not become - have made and all here. True, I would still have given my consent - I myself drank this vaccine all my life in the garden, at school and in others. educational institutions.


your child's health is in your hands, but when you do the inoculation, you enter the virus into the body and most often the body fights him, ie, the child is sick. And then the question arises why it is artificial to cause illness... .
I vaccinated a child in 3 years and he immediately fell ill, my son is already 12 years old, and I do not repeat this "mistake" with my daughter 9 or more ...


I'm far from a child, but last year after "Grippol" fell for two weeks. And in the winter I got flu. And when I was not vaccinated, I was not ill for more than 10 years, although my work requires constant communication with a large number of people.


No. We also doubted and asked the teachers, they say that after the vaccinations all the children fell ill, they do not do to their children, they wrote a refusal, they began to observe, indeed, almost all the children after the vaccination in the garden were not, in addition, they were ill with the flu at least other children, so this vaccine was never done.


I would not do it in your place, we at one time did the DPT inoculation, we had an attack, it is not known what injection it is pure or health to your child


If you did not get sick during the vaccination period, then it's better to do it. )... if not sure - consult a pediatrician!

Daria Rashevskaya

It seems to me better not to do it if adults are ill afterwards. And I myself was sick and my head was spinning in the school. I was given ammonia.. !!

Do I need to get a flu shot from a child (3 years)? What are the pros and cons of it?



I will not do my own thing. + that supposedly the disease will pass easier. -, can get sick from the same flu vaccination.

Andrey Tsygankov

influenza mutates from the individual to the individual. VIBRATION IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Olga M.

we do not, we eat vitamins and garlic with onions

Lyudmila P.

There are so many people, so many opinions. I also do not do the child. A familiar doctor told me that vaccination is a foreign protein. I mean from the flu) And why is our children needed?

tiger is just a tiger

it's up to you!!!! but any vaccination can be both good and evil.... who besides you will take responsibility for YOUR child?


neither myself nor the child will not do this inoculation (even doctors do not advise)

Olga Tyrnova

When vaccinated against influenza, a vaccine is introduced that contains the flu. So the child in any case after the vaccination will get sick, because the immunity will work and the body will give a reaction. Of course, it's up to you to decide, but after the vaccination the child can get sick much more than if he just gets sick

Diana Irbit

Here are how many years these influenza walk - my husband and I have never been sick! Why then voluntarily enter the body of the virus? And if it gets sick, what are the chances that the same strain from which it is grafted will fall? Vaccination from the flu is a complete nonsense.


The vaccine is then made from only one type of virus. And these influenza... are much shorter. And then you have to do then every year to have immunity specifically from this type of flu. Better tempered and increased immunity, Because a strong immune-resistant organism is known. in contact even with the influenza patient even with a tubercular infection and will not become infected.

Oks @ n @

Neither myself nor the children do not

irina ivina

late. October month. usually done earlier, in September. August. away from mass Orvi diseases and influenza

Elena Sidorova

It is difficult to foresee what type of influenza virus will be, therefore this vaccination also does not fully protect, although I would do if I often had flu. My mother-in-law does, it does not hurt so much. So this is a plus.

hope kissel

some pluses

To the child t. 2 months Whether it is necessary to do an inoculation against a flu, if yes, what is better, in a polyclinic of GRIPPOL.


Svetlana Begerskaya

I do not vaccinate my children after watching the broadcast on the 1st channel, "The truth about vaccinations,.. Pure water experiments on children! how many complications, with a fatal outcome. And most importantly, we are not really warned about the possible side effects of vaccines. But there is even an instruction for honey. workers on the collection of materials from dead children after vaccination. Solid chemistry, and phenol, and aluminum, and mercury-containing substances. Your child does not have it, right? If not for our immunity, we would have died out like mammoths for a long time! Immenu vaccinations kill him, and then we run around the doctors and try to cure the consequences, and even for the money. And why, after a year of life, do the children begin to get sick, not when they did not think? 9 small diseases in one small organism. The child is constantly in disease. Before you put, think. After all, this is your future, and what will it depend not only on doctors. Prevention should be done, use a gel, Valium,. It restores the natural strength of our defender, and he tells us -Thank you!


the flu is constantly mutating.. and vaccination may not help you, but you will get a lot of problems.. my 5 years but never did and will not allow you to do ...

Julia Borisovna

If the child does not go to the kindergarten and does not communicate much with adults, then it should not be done. I will not be mine.

The girl [email protected] @ [email protected]

Why in the child so many parents try to "shove so many" vaccinations in the mass informing about the consequences! people after them from the flu are dying!!!! They are allowed to do only 100% of healthy people, of whom there are very few and hardly a child belongs to whom immunity in comparison with an adult is negligible!
In Rybinsk, a woman died of influenza
The news was added on: 22.03.2007
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Since March 5, there has been an increase in the incidence of influenza.
"Last week, there were , 00 cases of influenza and ARVI, there are , 60 of them so far. At the same time, 13.5% of cases are influenza. We recorded a 2-fold increase in the number of influenza illnesses compared to normal rates. This change can be called moderate. Last year, thanks to the national project in the field of health, immunization against influenza was legalized. In accordance with it, compulsory vaccination was to be provided to pre-school children and primary school children, medical workers and educators, pensioners. According to statistics, about 78% of teachers passed the vaccination, 49% -51% of children, 35% of pensioners. In total, more than 2, 00 influenza vaccines were provided, of which up to January 1, 2007, only 2, 00 were used, - the REGNUM deputy head for the epidemiology of TOU, Rospotrebnadzor - The main reason for refusal from vaccination was insufficient explanation of the need for this procedure and negative information about the complications that appear after the use of vaccines.



Rozova Elena

Avoid ALL vaccinations! The granddaughter was made from the flu (walks in the garden, 3 years old), and she immediately fell ill and so hard that they hardly cured!


I do not know whether to do it or not, but it definitely can not be done if there is an allergy to chicken protein. doctors for some reason do not consider it necessary to inform patients about it. and the presence of an allergy should be detected not by an experienced method, but by taking tests. but in general, what is the point in this age to get a flu shot?

Gala mendoz

if the child is not included in the group of often ill children, then there is no need to inoculate, and so the best Influjuk


Vaxigrip, the highest quality and the only one with a child dosage of 0.25, but for it you need to plytit. A flu can not be! Good advice on vaccinations at You need to listen to specialists, not ...


Here I read about vaccinations, of course this is everyone's business, but I can say that I'm doing my vaccine all the inoculations. After all, before what epidemics were measles, rubella, and mumps. And now as a result of vaccinations - it's almost gone.. I repeat that this is everyone's business. We before the vaccine against the flu, read the instructions. I signed it under the confirmation (and by the way I read it, it's just written there. that there should not be allergies to protein, not to be sick with AIDS, Syphilis and something else there is terrible). In the kindergarten they put Grippol, and in the polyclinic we have Vaksigripp. By the way, according to the reviews, I can say that I was advised. Children under 3 years of age are vaccinated free of charge in a kindergarten or polyclinic as part of a wellness program. If you do the first time, you need to divide into two vaccinations. You all this pediatrician will tell you, if a normal doctor!

Anna Chekhlataya

I will not do my child for the present until I go to the kindergarten.

basil papkin

look here, and see why this is necessary to no longer ask questions about what you need or not need


If I am not immune to memory, GRIPPOL can be vaccinated from the age of 3. If the child is not in the team, there is no need to add the allergen to the body simply because there is a GRIPPOL in the polyclinic!

Do I need to be vaccinated against the flu every fall?

Do I need to be vaccinated against the flu every fall?

With the onset of cold weather, medical institutions offer people to get a flu shot. Some companies, on their own initiative, purchase vaccines for their employees. Many schools also often provide pupils with the opportunity to undergo such a procedure. This is repeated every fall, and it is not clear to everyone why the vaccine is in effect for such a short period of time.

Why should I get vaccinated?

Perhaps, many people will have a friend or acquaintance of a friend who vaccinated against the flu, but still had the disease. It is reasonable that the question arises: if the disease can still knock anyone off, what is the need for vaccination. About half a million people die each year during the flu epidemic. This is due to various complications, the development of which provokes the disease. It can be a pneumonia of a viral or bacterial nature, muscle inflammation, pericarditis and myocarditis, disorders of the heart and central nervous system. Such conditions pose a great danger to the weakened by the disease of the organism. First of all, the vaccination is designed to prevent the development of complications and death of a person. Grafted people can be sick, however, the disease proceeds more easily than without vaccination. In addition, often the symptoms of influenza are confused with ARVI, from which the vaccine does not help.

It is important to vaccinate against influenza children whose immunity is still weak. Complications for small patients can be very dangerous.

Why the vaccine should be repeated every year

From a number of diseases a person is inoculated once in a lifetime or repeated in ten to twenty years. With the influenza virus, the situation is different. This is due to the fact that in the world there are a huge number of strains of the virus. It is impossible to develop immunity for everything - if you enter with such a quantity of virions, a person will simply have an anaphylactic shock. Therefore, doctors every year recommend to their patients different vaccines designed to create immunity from those strains that will threaten the population this year. However, the vaccine against the flu in any case will give you immunity for 8-10 months, after which it will be lost, and in the fall, all will have to be repeated anew.

Influenza epidemics in the northern and southern hemispheres occur at different times, but the main strains of pathogens are the same. Analyzing the situation in the opposite hemisphere, doctors create effective vaccines.

Who should be vaccinated

Ideally, all people should be vaccinated, but you can identify the groups most at risk of complications. These are children and elderly people, as well as suffering from chronic heart, joint, kidney, lung, diabetes. It is very important for them to avoid the flu or, at least, to make it proceed in an easy form.

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