Therapeutic properties and contraindications of birch buds: photos and folk recipes

Birch is a tree that is considered a symbol of Russia.

Since ancient times, it was appreciated not only for its unique beauty, but also its healing properties, which help prevent development and eliminate various diseases and pathologies of the body.

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  • chemical composition
  • What useful
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  • Use
    • cosmetics for aging and dry skin
    • To improve and strengthen the hair
    • From
    • wrinkle anti-acne mask
  • Contraindications and side effects

Birch buds - one of themost common in the treatment of parts of the tree.

Kidneys are used in the pharmaceutical industry and folk medicine for the preparation of medicinal products for health and well-being.

Rules for harvesting

Tree buds can be purchased at the pharmacy all year round, but the maximum effect from the component-based funds can be obtained using self-collected and harvested kidneys.

It is recommended to harvest birch buds in the early spring when they swell, but young leaves are not yet formed.

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The best weather for the collection of medicinal components is dry and sunny.

It is recommended to cut birch buds from young shoots of a tree.

Trees from which birch buds will be collected should be located away from roads, dumps and industrial plants.

After collection, the kidneys should be dried at room temperature and ground to ensure that components retain the maximum number of beneficial properties.

In case of prolonged storage, the unique effect is reduced, therefore it is recommended to store birch buds for no more than 1 year in glass containers, paper or cloth bags.

Chemical Composition

The birch buds contain the following components:

  • fatty acids;
  • tanning agents;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • carotene;
  • resinous substances;
  • flavonoids;
  • alkaloids;
  • essential oil;
  • vitamin C;
  • Vitamin PP.

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What is useful

Birch buds have the following unique action for the human body:

  1. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect due to the constituent phytoncides and flavonoids that destroy harmful microorganisms.
  2. Wound healing effect of .
    With a small area of ​​injury, the wounds are tightened after applying the crushed birch buds to them fresh.
    If the wounds are extensive, effectively apply ointment or a decoction based on the curative component.
  3. Diuretic and diaphoretic property , thanks to saponin in the composition, removing urine and bile from the body.
  4. The undulating action of .Due to the specific bitterness of the kidney, as well as the fennel seeds( see photo), remove parasites from the human intestine.
  5. Expectorant effect of , which allows efficient use of birch buds in bronchitis.
  6. The component contains, almost all, a list of known vitamins and nutrients, which allows you to cope with avitaminosis, manifested in drowsiness, malaise and apathy, in the off-season.
  7. Broths on birch buds are effective for periodontitis and stomatitis .

Ways of using

Due to the unique composition and many healing properties, birch buds are used for the following problems:

    1. Acute respiratory infections and colds .
      To facilitate the condition, take an infusion prepared by adding 1 teaspoon of ground birch buds to 1 cup of boiled water.
      The product is pre-infused for several minutes and is used instead of tea or for throat rinses with sore throat.
    2. With flu and cold , the birch kidney product has a sweatshop effect.
      Use healing infusion recommended at night.
      In the morning there will be a noticeable improvement.
    3. With laryngitis ( symptoms and treatment in children) , bronchitis and tuberculosis in closed form use birch kidney infusion on alcohol.
      In a glass container mix a handful of birch buds with 100 ml of 70% medical alcohol, close the dishes tightly and insist the remedy for 3 weeks.
      Take an alcohol tincture before eating 20 drops to 3 times a day.
      For the treatment of gastric ulcers and other intestinal and gastric pathologies, the infusion is recommended to be diluted with water.
      To get rid of the pain with bruises and joints, it is necessary to rub the remedy 2 times a day into the area of ​​the lesion.

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  1. For the treatment of articular rheumatism is applied ointment, prepared on the basis of birch buds.
    In enameled pots or a pot of clay, 700-800 grams of butter and birch kidneys should be placed in the same layers, 1 finger thick.
    The container is tightly closed and wrapped with foil, then placed in a preheated oven for 1 day.
    The beneficial effect will be enhanced by adding 5 grams of camphor to the ointment.
    The product is rubbed into the affected joints regularly, in the evening.
  2. Ointment from the kidneys has beneficial effect on the skin with eczema .
    The kidneys are poured with boiled water, carefully filtered and mixed with lanolin, pre-melted.
    After solidification of the mass, a liquid is formed on the surface, which must be removed.
  3. To eliminate pruritus with dermatitis and eczema it is useful to take fitovanny prepared by adding 2 cups of decoction to water.
    It is effective to be soared in a bath with a birch broom.

Use in cosmetology

There are effective and common recipes based on birch buds to improve the condition of the skin and hair.

For withering and dry skin

For the manufacture of oil infusion it is necessary to mix 3 tablespoons of chopped birch buds with 2/3 cups of olive oil.

The product should be infused for 3 weeks, then it is filtered and smeared with facial skin regularly before bedtime.

To improve the condition and strengthen the hair

1 tablespoon birch buds mixed with a spoonful of chamomile, nettle, 1/2 tablespoon lanolin and 1/3 cup olive oil.

The resulting mass is recommended to boil on low heat for 30 minutes, cool to a warm temperature and add lemon juice and 1 egg yolk.

The product is rubbed into the scalp, applied to the ends of the strands, the hair is wrapped in a towel for 1 hour and then washed off with shampoo.

It is useful to rinse hair after washing with a decoction of birch buds, boiled in 1 cup of boiled water.

From wrinkles

To get rid of small wrinkles around the eyes, it is necessary to apply compresses from the cooled decoction of birch buds and wash it in the morning regularly. Pro masks from deep wrinkles on the forehead are written here.

Excellent effect is obtained from the application of ice cubes from frozen decoction.

Anti-acne mask

Calendula flowers( useful properties and contraindications), chamomile and finely chopped birch buds are poured with boiled water.

The resulting mass is laid out on gauze, the remaining liquid is gently wrung out and the compress is applied to the skin of the face. The improvement is noticeable already the next day.

To get rid of boils, a compress of a smaller size is suitable.

Contraindications and side effects of

As with any curative natural remedy, birch buds have contraindications for use.

It is undesirable to use funds on the basis of a component in the following cases:

  1. Waiting period for the baby and feeding the baby with breast milk.
  2. Renal failure.
  3. In the presence of diseases of the urinary system.
  4. Individual intolerance.

It is recommended that you consult a specialist before using birch buds.

Remember that birch buds can only be used as an auxiliary treatment for diseases to enhance the effect and benefit.

Birch buds are unique components used for various pathologies and for the prevention of many diseases.

If you know the recipes of traditional medicine and the rules for preparing cosmetics on their basis, you can significantly improve health and well-being, skin and hair condition, prevent the development of various diseases and cure many pathologies.

You will learn ten more folk recipes from birch buds by watching a video.