Methods of relaxation and stress relieving

Sometimes our life is full of stresses and unpleasant surprises, so there are very effective methods of neuromuscular relaxation developed by the doctor-psychotherapist and for the return of emotional balance, internal and corporal feeling of comfort, normalization of wellness and removal of psychological and emotional voltage a specialist in yoga A. Aleksandrov, author of books on auto-training. He adapted Ota Gregor's techniques from O. Gregor's book "To Live, Not Getting Old" for accessibility to a wide range of readers.


Exercises Relaxation and Relaxation Exercises

Most of us are so used to the mental and muscular strains that we perceive them as our natural state without realizing that it is harmful. Clearly understand that having mastered the relaxation, you will learn the tension to regulate, suspend and relax by your own will, according to your intention. In other words, you will have the ability to communicate with the muscles so that they can relax when it is required.

Preliminary preparation of

It is desirable to perform exercises of relaxation gymnastics in a separate room, without strangers. Prepare yourself a place to practice on the floor: exactly as much as you need for the position of the body, lying on your back.

Place a mat or a woolen blanket on the floor. You can use a litter of solid matter. During the execution of the complex of exercises, it is not recommended to say aloud words or individual sounds.

Starting position

Lying on the back, legs spread apart, the feet are unfolded with their toes outward, hands freely lie along the body( palms up).The head is slightly thrown back( in no case tilted forward).The whole body is relaxed, eyes are closed, breathing through the nose.


First : Lie calm for about two minutes, with your eyes closed. Try to imagine the room in which you are. First try to mentally walk around the entire room( along the walls), and then make a path along the entire perimeter of the body, from head to heels and back.

Second : Watch your breathing carefully, passively aware that you are breathing through your nose. Mentally note that the inhaled air is somewhat colder than the exhaled air. Concentrate on your quiet breathing for 1-2 minutes( as if staring at one point).Try not to think about anything else.

Third : Take a shallow breath and hold your breath for a moment. Simultaneously sharpen all muscles for a few seconds, trying to feel the tension in the whole body. Relax when exhaling. Repeat this exercise 3 times. Then lie down quietly for a few minutes, relaxed and concentrating on the sensation of the heaviness of your body. Enjoy this pleasant sensation.

Fourth : Exercise for leg muscles. Straighten all the muscles at once from the heels to the hips. For a few seconds, "hold" the tension, trying to feel the tension, and then relax the muscles. When relaxing, you feel that the hips, calves, feet become soft, "like rags."Repeat 3 times. Then lie quietly for a few minutes, completely relaxed and feeling the heaviness of your relaxed legs( autosuggestion).

All sounds of the environment register in consciousness, but do not perceive. These sounds are just a background for you, nothing more. You do not want to perceive them, you do not have time for it.

Focus only on the tension and relaxation of the leg muscles. The same applies to the thoughts that arise: you register them, but do not realize. Do not try to overcome them! This struggle is vain and leads, as a rule, to the opposite effect.

Fifth : Exercise for the gluteal muscles. Squeeze the buttocks, trying to feel the tension, and relax them. Repeat 3 times. Then lie down quietly for a few minutes.

Sixth : Exercise for the tension of the abdominals( in no case rise from the rug!).Fix the voltage for a few moments, then quickly relax. Repeat 3 times. Then lie down quietly for a few seconds, enjoying the pleasant sensation of a relaxed stomach.

Seventh : Stretching of the muscles of the chest. Take a deep breath and hold your breath - the pectoral muscles are tense. Feel this tension, and then make a sharp exhalation, relax the thorax. Repeat 3 times. Enjoy a pleasant sensation of relaxed muscles.

Eighth : Exercise for the muscles of the hands. Raise both hands slightly, spreading your fingers as wide as possible, as if playing the piano: try to cover as many keys as possible. Fix this position of the fingers for a few seconds, trying to feel the tension. Then relax, hands freely lower on the mat. Repeat 3 times. Watching that forearms lay on the rug, strain the muscles of both hands, trying again to feel the tension. Then relax.

Feel the heaviness of your relaxed arms. Repeat 3 times. Now lift your shoulders, trying to touch their ears. Fix this position for a few seconds, trying to feel the tension of the shoulders.

Mentally determine for yourself that this feeling you have known for a long time: you have to strain your shoulders quite often during the day, and you do it completely unconsciously. And this is nothing more than waste of energy. .. And now relax. Repeat 3 times. Then lie quietly, enjoying a pleasant sense of relaxation.

Ninth : Exercise for the muscles of the face. Start with the lips. With tension, press your lips, fixing this position for a few moments. Determine for yourself that this feeling is familiar to you. True, with the only difference is that tense lips reflect inner concentration.

Then relax your lips, moisten them with your tongue, making sure that your tongue does not lean against the palate. Repeat 3 times. Now wrinkle your forehead( frown) for about 30 seconds, and then relax the frontal muscles. Repeat 3 times.

The tenth : In conclusion, mentally "run through" all the muscles of the body: was there any tension left anywhere? If so, try to remove it, since relaxation should be complete.

When completing the relaxation exercises, take a deep breath, hold your breath and for a moment stretch the muscles of the whole body;relax with exhalation. After that, for a long, long time, lie on your back - calmly, relaxed, breathing smoothly, without delay. Feel how warming sensation of calmness, pleasant relaxation spreads throughout the body.

Your imaginary "internal battery" is charged with new energy. You have regained your confidence in yourself, are able to overcome the stressful situation - and there is a sense of inner calm. Lie down for a few more minutes. And after doing these exercises, you should feel rested, full of strength and energy.

Now open your eyes, then squeeze a few times, open again and sweetly stretch after a pleasant awakening. Very slowly, smoothly, without jerks, sit down. Then, as slowly, without sudden movements, stand up, trying as long as possible to maintain a pleasant feeling of inner relaxation. "

Source: an introductory fragment of the book by GNNyegov "High Pressure / Nasgov GN": Eksmo;Moscow;2015