I want to quit smoking quickly, how to do it

Often a person says to himself: "I want to quit smoking, but I can not do it".Quit smoking is not helped even by elementary knowledge that smoking is bad for health and can be hit hard on your pocket. Prices for cigarettes soar almost weekly, the financial situation suffers.

Annually, about five and a half million smokers die before they reach the age of 50.Medicine can not force a person to stop smoking, and even more so quickly. This must be deeply understood by the smoking person. After all, with constant tobacco smoking, life is reduced by a quarter. And that's a lot!

Tobacco smoke adversely affects the brain, lungs, heart and blood vessels. People die not only from pulmonary and other oncology, but also from cardiovascular diseases and seizures. Therefore, the desire to quit smoking quickly should not only be welcomed, but also supported by the will and determination of a person in an attempt to end this harmful habit and tobacco dependence.


The source of the problem solution is our consciousness

We have not once heard of someone who wants to quit, but has not given up. Why? The answer is - in fact, he did not want to give up for real. Man could not program himself to perform this task.

Within three months, both useful and harmful stereotypes of behavior are developed and consolidated. Here everything is both simple and difficult. When you start to quit smoking, the desire to re-inhale the smoke of tobacco with each hour is gaining strength, the brain, the mind begins to come up with a thousand excuses to get the desired nicotine again.

You will not believe it! Nicotine, alcohol or drug addiction in a strong form can also suffer very strong-willed, determined people. The activities of which are more often associated with creativity. And them, believe me, just like you( if you smoke, of course) is very difficult to quit smoking.

Why do people smoke?

Beginning of smoking during adolescence is usually due to the need to look like your favorite hero, actor, singer, etc. Demonstratively lighting a cigarette, a teenager feels confident, adulthood. Smoking can be even a kind of protest, against the restriction in the freedom of action of an adult person. Then a habit and nicotine addiction is formed.

Adult smokers smoke on autopilot, explaining their behavior by many things: workload, nervous work, stress relief, nothing to do, company, etc.
By the way, after smoking people become more calm. In rebufing and holotropic psychotherapy it is believed that smoking suppresses anger and other aggressive emotions. Smoking suppresses irritability and aggressiveness. So, for a successful fight with tobacco smoking, you need to psychologically work out the emotions of anger and aggression, become a balanced and calm person.

How to quit smoking: general recommendations

All the time thinking about what tomorrow I definitely quit smoking, inefficient. A psychological attitude is necessary. It is useless to set a time frame: I will quit smoking after my birthday;during the vacation, etc. Tune in to the goal, the image. After all, this is the most important thing. With a clear intention, the test can be passed. It's good, when relatives support and control you from the side, if the hands themselves will reach for the cigarette. If you do not have enough will of your own, a conversation with a person who can inspire you and give you strength can help very much.

To quit smoking, you need to clearly understand why you are doing this. Motivation should mobilize you, gather in a single whole, as five fingers in a fist combine. You need to imagine how your health will improve after cleaning your body of nicotine and tar, how your budget will be replenished, because now you no longer need to buy cigarettes! Of course, tobacco smoking, to some extent reduces the proportion of neuropsychic stress, but you can always find alternative ways to calm yourself: a favorite activity, free breathing, a delicious herbal tea.

How much do we spend on cigarettes a day, a week, a month, a year? Sometimes, only this amount can cause disgust from nicotine, and not terrible stickers on packets of cigarettes and videos about the dangers of smoking and alcohol.

You need to really want to quit, quit and watch the movements of your thoughts. Minds of the mind are diverse. There will be thoughts: "the last to smoke," "you must throw gradually," etc. They can not be trusted, since it is the voice of nicotine addiction. It is better to quit smoking immediately, even without a gradual decrease in the number of cigarettes smoked. It is necessary not to wait for the "favorable moment" in order to quit smoking, but to create it here and now! You can quit smoking even in the most stressful moments of life. But you will have to control yourself for 100 days, or three months. Then the new habit of living without cigarettes will be able to form and gain a foothold in the subconscious.

The game is worth the candle! Take care of your reputation and create your NEW IMAGE!Be an example for other people. Become a single person and self-sufficient!

If you can not quit smoking quickly, then you really do not want it. There are hundreds of methods and techniques, but they are developed by the same people in the process of independent disposal of bad habits. Maybe you'll have to invent your own method of quick quitting. The main thing in this business is to want! Of course, bad habits, as a rule, are associated with states of dependence on nicotine, alcohol and other things. But nevertheless, cases of independent cure without special medical means and the help of psychologists are frequent.

How to quit smoking in five( 5) days on your own?

If you are determined to part with cigarettes, then such an instruction may come in handy. Do not forget that it's not an easy thing, but if you really want to, then everything will turn out.

1 Day. Remember that with the onset of a new day, you are already a non-smoking person. This new day is quite common, like everyone else. From the early morning of a new day, forget about the rituals of smoking: in the toilet, on the way to work, before the start of the working day, during the first half of the working day, at lunch and after dinner and so on. You already smoked your last cigarette last night. It really was the last.

2 Day. Today it will be more difficult, especially by the middle of the day. Remember, you have already given up smoking. You may be called by colleagues for a smoke break, but hold on. The desire to smoke will be very strong, even before the cracking of your lips, dry mouth or profuse salivation. It's like a need for food on a physiological level.

Day 3.Heavy 2 days already behind. Distract yourself from thinking about wanting to smoke. Make the brain something useful and challenging.

4 Day. It became much easier to breathe. Craving for smoking is no longer there. You can enjoy clean and fresh air entering the lungs and washing the nasopharynx. Inside everything is so calm and quiet.

5 Day. You are perfectly healthy and your body will daily cleanse itself of nicotine and other harmful tobacco products. You can do sports. Yes, anything! Useful and joyful!

Every day, for several months you will feel better and better. Fatigue, nervousness, shortness of breath, sleep disturbances, teeth will be cleared. Especially the first 2 weeks after giving up smoking you can not drink alcohol. Otherwise, you can fail.

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