Proper nutrition: recipes for weight loss

Let's continue the topic of proper nutrition. There are effective and simple recipes for proper nutrition to reduce the weight of .You can freely choose products for yourself and choose( make up) an individual menu for every day at home.

Doctors, fitness instructors and other experts in the field of dietetics on questions about safe weight loss options for the body recommend to adhere to certain principles of proper nutrition for weight loss. The same diet they recommend for a set of muscle mass, the preservation of the figure, from which it becomes clear that a healthy diet is universal.


Proper nutrition for weight loss: it means

A healthy diet gives the weight loss without compromising health. Some people are deterred by the need to calculate the volume of portions, weighing products. After several weeks on a diet, people can already determine by eye what can be eaten and how much. And what not. This power system does not imply a strict adherence to grams, minimal errors do not cause stagnation of weight.

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates: the correct ratio of

Any nutritional product consists of nutrients, the basis is the three most important components: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. BJU is a shortened abbreviation. The adequate ratio of these elements in the daily diet is important not less than the total amount of food per day. According to nutritionists, the issue of the balance of BJU is at the forefront, because if you violate the principles of burning fat - you will not get weight loss.

To reduce weight, proper nutrition requires an individual calculation of the amount of each nutrient and the basic principles associated with this:

  1. Carbohydrates are the key nutrient, it delivers energy, it should take half the daily dish or a little more. In an individual calculation, the amount of proteins per day is 4 grams per kilogram of your weight.
  2. Fat is a useful element, it is mainly a source of vitamins and acids needed for the nervous system and heart. For normal operation of the human body, it is required to consume 1.1 g of fat per kilogram of weight.
  3. Proteins are the "blocks" of muscles. Some open sources advise you to focus on them when losing weight, but the principles of proper nutrition for weight loss without harm to the body refute this recommendation. More than 1 g( per 1 kg of clean mass) a person who does not have sports training, you do not need to eat.

Caloric content of a daily diet

The amount of food a person must eat per day is determined by the basal metabolic rate. Calculate this indicator individually, depending on:

  1. sex;
  2. weight;
  3. growth;
  4. age.

At the same time, the number obtained is not absolute, when you decided to reduce or weight gain. Do not take into account and small physical exertion - a walk from home to work, that is, the number of calories needed for life to a lying person.

According to the principles of proper nutrition, it is necessary to multiply this indicator by the activity level of the organism, and if weight reduction is planned, then reduce the available number by 10-20%.

Recipes and principles of proper nutrition for weight loss

In addition to the above caloric norms and BJU, the basis for a healthy diet is still the rules that you need to know and observe:

  1. Do not allow fasting.
  2. Do not skip basic meals.
  3. Breakfast and lunch are more hearty than dinner.
  4. Give preference to fresh vegetables, not thermally processed.
  5. Try not to use salt when cooking.

Weight loss products

Buckwheat with a salad leaf is a friend, and sweet is an enemy! Perhaps, so women represent the daily diet of a person on the principles of healthy eating. But a healthy menu is actually more diverse, recipes for healthy dishes can look no worse than "harmful."The number of products allowed is higher than the list of prohibited products. After changing the eating habits in three weeks, you will cease to feel deprived.

What you can eat to lose weight

The list of products that do not prevent the reduction of fat stores is extensive, so you can form the right menu for a month, almost without repeating. Mostly the ideas of dishes are limited to what you can buy at the grocery store and the ability to cook.

Absolutely dietary products:

  1. Legumes - light vegetable protein. Chickpeas, lentils, beans are ideal for weight loss, but on peas it is better not to lean.
  2. Sour-milk products - with caution, towards evening, yogurts will only be natural.
  3. Cereals are sources of slow carbohydrates and B vitamins. Especially recommended: oats, buckwheat, millet, pearl barley.
  4. Vegetable oil - preferably olive, up to 30 ml per day.
  5. Honey , nuts.
  6. milk is minimally to prevent calcium deficiency, is lactose-free.
  7. Vegetables - it contains fiber, fiber. Even potatoes are allowed, but the volume of its use is reduced.
  8. The cheese is predominantly hard.
  9. Curd - preferably low-fat, but it is not necessary to look for fat-free.
  10. Fruits and dried fruits are an excellent substitute for factory sweets.
  11. Eggs - up to 2 a day, if with yolk, and up to 4, if only protein.

When losing weight from which to refuse

The main enemies of the figure, preventing the weight loss - saturated fats and fast carbohydrates. For the time of losing weight, it is ideal to completely abandon them. It is not forbidden sometimes to eat ice cream( simple carbohydrate), chocolate( similarly), fried potatoes( saturated fats).But at the same time it is necessary: ​​

  1. to fit into the norm of daily caloric content;
  2. is entered into the menu seldom and not before going to bed.

Proper nutrition for weight loss implies an emphasis on healthy food, so it is very necessary to remove the diet from the diet:

  1. sausages and their "relatives" - sausages, shpikachki;
  2. sugar( pay attention to the composition of the products);
  3. mayonnaise;
  4. is sweet;
  5. baking.

Scheme of diet for weight loss

In addition to allowed and forbidden products, there are moments that should also be thought about when making a daily diet:

  1. type of heat treatment;
  2. serving volume;
  3. frequency of food intake;
  4. drinking regime.

How to prepare the right food

The number of recipes for healthy dishes is slightly smaller than the standard ones. All methods of heat treatment are available, including frying, but without oil, on a special non-stick frying pan.

You can:

  1. cooking;
  2. to bake;
  3. cook in the steamer;
  4. to extinguish;
  5. cook on the grill.

How many times a day does

Having a constant certain feeling of hunger is not the main thing in proper nutrition for weight loss, or when you need to lose weight urgently. If you follow the above principles of balance BZHU do not need to starve, because carbohydrates will give the necessary degree of saturation. But in parallel with this it is important to strictly adhere to the regimes of food intake, which will help get rid of the constant desire to chew something. The correct diet is 5-6 times a day.

After eating portions of meat, saturation can last up to four hours, digested product will also be long.

When you have a bite with vegetables, after 2 hours the body needs to give a new "dose" of food.

According to the rules of healthy eating, do not make large( longer than four hours) breaks in the menu, so as not to provoke a decrease in sugar, which leads to insulin jumps and a slowing of metabolic rate.

Serving size with proper diet for weight loss

How to be: to eat enough or feel hungry after eating? The amount of food in the plate should be such that in 30 minutes you do not feel the emptiness in the stomach, but also did not suffer from overeating.

Follow these recommendations:

  1. The amount of chicken or fish meat per serving is 100-150 g, visually should not exceed the size of your palm.
  2. Volume of cereals, pasta - a handful collected in your palm, i.е.50 g or slightly more.
  3. Vegetables need to be eaten a lot, so their portion is the palms folded by the boat( the products are sliced).
  4. The correct portion size is desirable to be coordinated with the daily calorie content: do not exceed 400 kcal for the main meal and 200 kcal for a snack.

Compliance with the drinking regimen of

Some men and women underestimate the importance of water in the diet, especially with weight loss. Keep in mind that the drinking regime is pure, still water, which does not provide active fat burning, but it is necessary to lose weight. Failure to properly drink leads to stagnation of lymph, thickening of blood, dehydration, swelling, poor skin tone and deterioration of well-being.

Key advice on what and how to drink for proper weight loss:

  1. A glass of water before eating is a must-have item in your menu.
  2. Each cup of coffee needs to be compensated with 0.6 liters of clean water, becausethis drink provokes dehydration.
  3. Juices, compotes and other drinks are food, they are not counted towards the regime.
  4. Forget about the rule of 2 liters: the optimum amount of water is calculated individually. The norm for humans is 30 mg / kg.

The right balanced diet for weight loss - the

menu In order to make an understanding of the method of compiling a daily diet, a menu for reducing weight that does not cause hunger is offered below. This scheme can be expanded by adding 1-2 snacks with vegetables / fruits, cheese, nuts. Approximate program of proper nutrition for the day:

  1. Breakfast. Oatmeal or other porridge on the water. Handful of almonds, a spoonful of honey.
  2. Snack. Whole-grain bread, hard cheese( up to 40 grams), a bunch of greens.
  3. Lunch. Broth chicken with vegetables, a piece of boiled chicken meat.
  4. Snack. Salad of canned red beans, bell peppers and cucumbers.
  5. Dinner. Baked flounder with asparagus and orange.

Video: rules of healthy diet for weight loss

Expensive products are not needed, exotic is not required. Simple principles, which, as science has proved, prolong life and add health. The authors of the program "Living Alive and the Dead" traveled half the world, recorded dozens of interviews and made brief conclusions about how to eat right.

  1. 1 .Less calories than .This is already considered a one hundred percent scientific truth. It is estimated that a decrease in calorie content by 20-30 percent reduces the likelihood of diabetes by 50, and cancer by 70 percent. The explanation is this: now, as a rule, we eat much more than our body needs, which was evolved in the conditions of an abundance of physical exertion and chronic shortage of food.
  2. A lot of meat - bad .The main long-livers of the world - the inhabitants of the Italian mountains, the Japanese island of Okinawa - eat meat rarely, at most once a week. The basis of their diet consists of plants: vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, algae. This can be considered proven - this diet prolongs life. Cancer, diabetes, heart attack and other diseases will not come.

Video: rules for proper nutrition

On the video channel "TGym - A Bright Way to Perfection".


Vera, 29 years old

I switched to the right food by accident, because of problems with the digestive tract. I got used to the new tastes for a month, I stopped trying to get to bad tastes, the body began to work better. Has thrown out 7 kg for 2 months. I support the figure with proper nutrition for 4 years. If necessary, to lose weight once a month I do a day of relief on the basis of green apples, carrots and kefir.

Galina, 24 years old

Only proper nutrition for weight reduction works without kickbacks - there are no fears that you will start to get fat again, because you get used to this system. I can give myself indulgences: I like pastries, but I take whole wheat flour, I eat chocolate. However, I keep within the framework, therefore the figure does not suffer.

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