How to treat ARVI in adults

Basic principles of ARVI treatment

ARVI (acute respiratory viral infections) occur very often, especially in autumn and winter. According to statistical data, almost every person carries the disease, which affects the upper respiratory tract once a year. Unfortunately, many people who do not have medical education are firmly convinced that they know how to treat ARVI.

Therefore, when the first symptoms of the disease appear, they begin to take various medications independently, which often leads only to an aggravation of the condition and the development of complications. While properly selected by the doctor therapy can only put the patient on his feet in a few days.

What to do with increased body temperature?

Increased body temperatureOne of the main symptoms of ARVI is a rise in temperature, which, for example, can be very significant in case of influenza. Thus it is necessary to provide such conditions, that the patient could lose heat, sweating or warming the inhaled air.

For this, the patient needs a rich vitaminized drink, for example, cranberry juice, and also a little cool air in the room (for this, it must be regularly ventilated and cleaned in it).

It is worth noting that when the skin contacts with cold (for example, with ice), there is a spasm of blood vessels skin, so its temperature decreases, but the temperature of the internal organs continues to grow. This state is considered extremely dangerous, so do not use physical methods of cooling (wet sheets, ice bubbles) without the advice of a doctor. Before applying such techniques, the patient is prescribed special drugs that eliminate vasospasm.

Some patients with acute respiratory viral infections do not tolerate high temperature. For example, in people suffering from pathologies of the nervous system, hyperthermia can lead to seizures. Therefore, doctors for treatment at home prescribe antipyretic drugs, which can be taken when the temperature rises above 38.5 degrees. The most popular is paracetamol (Panadol) and acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). Paracetamol is considered one of the safest medicines for fever, but it is effective only for non-serious infections.

What to do with a cold?

As in children, and in adults very often there is a strong cold, which can significantly worsen the state of health. The fact is that the mucosa of the nasal passages secrete a large amount of mucus containing special substances that neutralize the viruses.

The main task in this period is to prevent the drying of mucus and the formation of crusts, otherwise the patient will have to breathe through the mouth. Therefore, the nose should be cleaned regularly, and also to ensure that the air in the room is clean and slightly moist.

Rhinitis in ARVI can not be treated with vasoconstrictive drops (nasol, sanorin, naphthyzine), because they only for a while facilitate the patient's condition, removing the swelling and stuffiness of the nose. If you use such drugs for a long time, the patient will develop chronic rhinitis. Such drugs can be prescribed only for the prevention of sinusitis, but the course should not last more than a week.

To get rid of the cold, antihistamines are sometimes used, for example, suprastin and diazolin. Also, sometimes doctors prescribe homeopathic medicines, which practically do not have side effects, for example, Edas-131.

What to do with sore throat and cough?

For many varieties of ARVI, for example, for influenza, a strong pain in the throat is characteristic. The most effective treatment in this case will be rinsing with various solutions, for example, furatsilinom or infusion of chamomile. Gargle should be rinsed as often as possible, at least every half hour. According to the doctor's prescription, you can use various lollipops, lozenges and sprays, for example, septothete, bioparox or hexoral.

In order to cure a cough, the patient should drink more, and the drinks should be warm. This will allow the phlegm to dilute and remove it from the body as soon as possible. You can also use medicines, for example, Mucaltin, broncholitin, ATSTS.

In order to accelerate recovery, antiviral drugs (interferon, kagocel) are used that reduce the sensitivity of human cells to viruses. Faster cough and other unpleasant symptoms will be helped by multivitamin complexes, which include ascorbic acid, B vitamins and rutin.

Do I need to take antibiotics for ARVI?

Many people do not realize that ARVI has a viral origin, therefore antibacterial drugs against it are not effective. In the treatment of antibiotics, the patient develops a dysbacteriosis, which is manifested by diarrhea, constipation, bloating and thrush.

And also with the uncontrolled admission of these drugs, the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is formed, which is why (for example, in the case of pneumonia), the effective drug will be extremely difficult to select. And the fascination with antibiotics often leads to the development of allergies, especially in children.

Therefore, uncomplicated ARVI antibiotics can be treated only in exceptional cases:

  • in the presence of signs of immunodeficiency (HIV, cancer and autoimmune pathologies, birth defects of the immune system, fungal diseases, etc.);
  • in children, whose age is less than 6 months, if they have unfavorable background pathologies (rickets, severe lack of weight, malformations, etc.);
  • if there is a history of recurrent otitis media.

With the help of antibiotics, ARVI treatment is performed in the following cases:

  • with the development of angina (anaerobic or streptococcal);
  • with the development of acute otitis media;
  • in the presence of various purulent complications (descending laryngotracheitis, paratonsillar abscess, purulent lymphadenitis, purulent sinusitis);
  • with the development of pneumonia;
  • in the presence of sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses).

If the patient's condition is not too severe and ARVI treatment is carried out at home, antibiotics are prescribed for oral administration. Usually only one drug is used, the criterion of effectiveness of which will be a decrease in temperature below 38 degrees in the first 36-48 hours after the initiation of therapy. If this does not happen, the doctor picks up another antibiotic.

Features of pregnancy treatment

Begin the treatment of a woman should only after consulting a doctor, because many drugs and even folk remedies can harm the fetus. From the cold will help instill in the nasal passages of salt water, which you can prepare yourself or buy at a pharmacy. It will also help the inhalation of essential oils of orange, eucalyptus or sage. You can dig in the nose drops, made from natural ingredients (Aqua Maris, Pinosol).

With sore throat, you can rinse it with saline solution, infusion of chamomile and sage. It is recommended to drink warm milk with a small amount of honey, but you can not soar your legs. And coughing will help inhalation with essential oils. When the temperature rises above 38 degrees, you can take a medicine based on paracetamol, prescribed by your doctor. If there is no edema, then you can drink more, for example, green tea with honey.

Features of treatment in the elderly

For elderly people, acute respiratory viral infections are especially dangerous, so it is worth treating them carefully. First of all, you need to ensure that the patient has enough sleep and a balanced diet. If a person has a dysbiosis of intestinal flora, then he is prescribed eubiotics (lactobacterin, bifidobacterin). It is necessary to take microelements and vitamins, because during illness the body needs them especially acutely.

Elderly, drugs for the treatment of acute respiratory infections can be selected only by a doctor, taking into account the severity of their condition and the presence of accompanying pathologies. Most often used drugs of plant origin, which have the least side effects. Older people taking drugs for the treatment of chronic pathologies, usually do not prescribe antibiotics and potent remedies because of the high risk of undesirable side effects.

Treatment and prevention of ARVI includes the use of drugs that stimulate the formation of interferon. For moderate and mild forms of influenza, for example, arbidol is used. Correctly selected therapy can prevent the development of severe complications and lead to an early recovery of the patient.

Features of treatment in children

Children often suffer from ARVI, so pediatricians have certain standards for the treatment of these diseases, which they try to adhere to. Trying to cope independently with the infection is not worth it, because inadequate therapy, most likely, will lead to the development of complications.

In addition to the medicines prescribed by the doctor, proper care is very important. The child needs to be put in bed, to provide him with a balanced diet and fresh clean air. At elevated temperature, you can not only use medicines, but also apply physical methods of cooling. For example, you can wipe the baby's skin with a napkin, which is moistened with a solution prepared from water, vinegar and vodka, which were mixed in equal proportions. In this case, the child should be covered with a warm blanket.

With fever, a warm vitaminized drink, for example cranberry or cranberry juice, will also help. If the temperature does not go down and the drugs are not effective, you should call an ambulance.

Folk methods

Treatment with various folk remedies is only used as an auxiliary method and only after consulting a specialist. The fact is that such drugs are not always effective and often lead to the occurrence of side effects, for example, to allergies.

Many people with ORVI help tea made of lime color. If the disease is accompanied by high fever, it is necessary to include red currant berries or fresh juice made from them in the diet. And with sore throat it is recommended to add a couple of tablespoons of natural honey to a glass of hot milk and drink this solution in small sips during the day.

If the patient is troubled by a runny nose, tom it is possible to drink a decoction prepared from raspberries or wild strawberries. It is recommended to take one glass 3 times a day after meals.

Features of ARVI treatment at home

Respiratory infection refers to the virus, it affects the person, getting on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract (nasopharynx). Scientists have established the role of more than 250 varieties of viruses in the etiology of the disease.

The causative agent of influenza along the ways of spreading does not differ from ARVI, but causes much more serious changes in the body. Treatment of adults and children begins at home.

Features of treatment

Great importance in the treatment and prevention of influenza, acute respiratory viral disease is given to the level of protective forces of the body or immunity. It is the immune cells that come into active struggle with viruses in tissues and blood. A person with well-developed immunity can be treated without medication, but only folk remedies.

For treatment in such cases, it is sufficient for an adult to sit for 2-3 days at home, observing a semi-sleeping regimen, drink plenty of fluids and take ascorbic acid in a higher dosage.

If the immunity is lowered, the disease is caused by any hypothermia (especially the legs) and folk recipes will not help. I'll have to take medicine and lie in bed.

What to do in the first hours of clinical manifestation

When a person felt chills, nasal congestion, perspiration and sore throats when swallowing, it indicates that the viruses began to act. So you need to take steps to help your body "conquer".

Treatment should begin with taking tea with honey or raspberry jam, go to bed. There will be increased perspiration. Drinking of alkaline mineral water helps to eliminate intoxication and the removal of toxins.

The throat is best rinsed with a warm solution of soda (a teaspoon per glass) with a few drops of iodine. The nose can be washed with Aquamaris or regular boiled water. Do not immediately grasp the treatment of vasoconstrictive drops. You can drip Derinat after washing and marking.

Curative properties are:

  • warm milk with honey;
  • compotes and fruit drinks from berries and dried fruits;
  • adding to the diet of juices, vegetables and fruits.

In the absence of appetite, the use of broth is recommended. In such a simple way, you can strengthen the immune system, because these foods contain enough vitamin C, protein.

In a room where there is a patient with ARVI or flu, you need to organize a daily wet cleaning, airing.

In the case of a disease

If on the second - third day the condition in an adult did not improve, and the runny nose became worse, there was a headache, an ache in muscles, fever, increasing weakness, lachrymation, then treatment of an adult patient can not do without medication.

It takes a few days to lie in bed. Continue the increased use of liquid and juices, all previous recommendations. They help to reduce the concentration of the virus in the blood.

At home, you need to apply those funds that will be prescribed by the called doctor. To treat an adult from influenza and SARS, medications of different groups are usually recommended. They act on the pathological mechanism of damage caused by the virus and partly on the virus itself.


For the treatment of influenza and ARVI, the following apply:

  • preparations of antihistamine action - Diphenhydramine causes drowsiness, therefore Suprastin, Loratadine is more recommended, for adults with allergic reactions the best are Zirtek or Zodak;
  • means, enhancing immunity, - large doses of vitamin C (ask for treatment in the pharmacy is "vitamin C", and not ascorbic acid, because in the necessary vitamin contains, in addition to ascorbic acid, even the necessary 5 acids); in drops at home, you can drink the tincture Eleutherococcus, Ginseng, Aloe.

Which antiviral drugs should I take

In occasion of antiviral agents it is necessary to consult with the doctor. The fact is that many advertised drugs with bright packages did not even pass clinical trials. There is no clear evidence of their effectiveness in comparison with the treatment of patients without them.

Therefore for today from antiviral agents it is possible to recommend only Arbidolum and less effective Tamiflu, Rimantadin, Grippferon. Take after meals, wash down with water. The course of treatment is not less than a week. Dosage will prompt the doctor.

It should be borne in mind that antibiotics do not work for viruses. They can not be taken alone. The doctor sometimes prescribes antimicrobials for treatment, when symptoms appear that indicate on the attachment of bacterial infection (runny nose with green secretions, cough with purulent sputum).

The use of antibiotics inappropriately causes further resistance to them and has a harmful effect on the beneficial intestinal microflora.

Symptomatic treatment

For adults, symptomatic help is needed in the treatment of ARVI:

  • at a high temperature, severe pain in muscles, headache shows Aspirin, Nurofen, it is better to buy drugs in soluble tablets or capsules (to protect the stomach mucosa);
  • to strengthen the vascular wall - Ascorutin;
  • with pain in the throat - Geksoral, Sepptole, inhalation;
  • with a strong runny nose - drops and sprays of vasoconstrictive action Naphthysine, Sanorin;
  • when coughing - ACTS, Sinekod.

Popular recommendations

At home, you can prepare decoctions of herbs that have a mild anti-inflammatory effect for rinsing your nose and throat: chamomile, calendula, sage.

Inside, it is recommended to drink tea with lime-colored, raspberry.

For gargling and inhalation, a decoction of eucalyptus leaves, calendula, chamomile is suitable.

To the food must be added garlic and onions. They increase protection and have a bactericidal effect.

For the prevention of the disease it is necessary:

  • timely vaccination against influenza;
  • to monitor food fortification, not to allow "hungry" diets in the period of epidemic rise in morbidity;
  • wash the nasal passages several times a day (simultaneously with washing hands);
  • lubricate the nose with oxolin ointment;
  • wear a protective gauze mask in the room where the patient is.

Help your body!

How can you treat an adult in an adult?

Than to treat an ORVI in an adult? This is a frequently asked question in the doctor's office. By the way, this ailment is the most common infectious disease. As practice shows, 90% of the world's population at least once a year, but is facing ARVI. This prevalence of the disease is due to the fact that it is very quickly transmitted by airborne droplets. More than 200 types of viruses can cause unpleasant symptoms of ARVI.

The problem of ARVI disease

With the development of this disease, the patient, in the first place, complains of general malaise, then there are severe headaches, chills, fever, abundant discharge from the nose and cough. When the first signs of acute respiratory viral infection appear, it is urgent to begin treatment.


First of all, it is necessary to influence the cause of the development of the disease. For these purposes, specific antiviral drugs and agents that contain immune proteins are used. Antiviral drugs can be taken orally, and can be produced as ointments for topical application. They begin to act immediately after their use. However, such drugs have one significant drawback - a fairly narrow spectrum of action. That is, if the cause of the appearance of the disease was not the kind of virus that was supposed to be, then a positive result should not be expected.


A wider spectrum of action can boast of interferon, which is released in any form (injections, drops, tablets).They are more effective than the drugs described above. However, they also have a flaw, which can not be overlooked: after long-term use, sooner or later the body will begin to block their action and produce antibodies. Very popular is Viferon and Grippferon.

For the treatment of unpleasant symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection, combined drugs with anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and vasoconstrictive effects are used. Also, such drugs have a tonic effect. Very effective is Coldrex and Antigrippin. These medicines need to be used not always when symptoms of ARVI appear. So, for example, antipyretic drugs should not be taken while the body temperature is kept at around 38 g. The thing is that the increased body temperature is an indicator that the body tries to fight the pathogens on its own. It is not worthwhile to interfere with him. Take antipyretics should be only if the temperature rose above 38.5 grams.

To treat the above described ailment in adults is necessary non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Diclofenac and Paracetamol are very popular. Such drugs can boast of anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, they are able to quickly cope with the pain syndrome and high fever.

To remove such unpleasant symptoms, like nasal congestion and mucosal edema, antihistamines are used. Antihistamines of the 1st generation (Diphenhydramine) cause severe drowsiness. This side effect is not possessed by antihistamines of the 2nd generation (Zirtek).

The doctor's consultationAs mentioned above, this disease causes a strong pain syndrome in the throat area. Cope with this unpleasant symptom can be with the help of disinfectant solutions, which are used for rinsing. Furacilin pharmacy solution is very effective. Rinse with this drug should be done every 2 hours until the pain disappears completely. Not less popular are special disinfecting sprays (Bioparox).

Cope with strong discharge from the nose can be with the help of vasoconstrictive drops. Such drugs reduce edema in the nasal cavity and contribute to the rapid disposal of its stuffiness. However, these drugs have a very serious side effect: after long-term use, a dependence appears and the risk of developing chronic rhinitis increases. That is why to treat nasal congestion in adults with vasoconstrictive drops should not be more than 5-7 days. During the day, use of such medications should be no more than 2-3 times.

To cure a strong cough, expectorants can be used, which should be prescribed by the doctor in charge. Independently to use them in any case it is impossible, as it can cause serious complications. An excellent expectorant is Broncholitin.

In order to treat the above-described disease, antibiotics should never be used. These drugs are absolutely powerless before viruses. With their help you can cope only with bacteria.

Treatment with plants and herbs

You can treat ARVI not only with medicines, but with recipes of traditional medicine. Home remedies are very popular due to the fact that they are used for cooking only natural ingredients with a huge amount of useful microelements and vitamins. They are not addictive and for the preparation of such funds, the expenditure of a large number of forces and money is not required.

Especially effective in the treatment of this ailment are people's recipes, the main component of which are medicinal herbs and plants.

  1. 1 spoon of mother-and-stepmothers should be poured 1 cup of boiling water and insist at least 2 hours. Ready tincture should be filtered and used inside half a glass three times a day. Such a therapeutic liquid has an antimicrobial effect.
  2. At home, you can cure ARVI and ARD by the following means: 3 spoons of lilac flowers should be poured with 1 liter of boiling water and insist for 30 minutes. The received product should be taken in the form of tea. During the day, it should be consumed half the glass three times a day.
  3. The next remedy is very effective in the presence of the above described disease: 2 tablespoons of sage grass should be mixed with the same amount of ground chicory root. 1 spoon of the mixture should be poured 250 ml of boiling water and put aside for 60 minutes. Ready liquid should be taken thrice a day in half a glass until the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

Treatment of high temperature in ARVI can be carried out with the help of the following means: 1 spoon of crushed leaves of burdock should be filled with 1 glass of boiling water. The resulting consistency is poured into a container with a tightly closed lid and kept in a water bath for at least 15 minutes. Once the liquid reaches room temperature, it should be filtered and take 1 teaspoon of warm infusion four times a day.

Other popular folk remedies

Acute clinical course of the disease can be treated with garlic.

Several cloves of garlic must be cleaned, chopped and poured 1 cup of milk. After this, the resulting mixture should be boiled over low heat for no more than 5 minutes and cool. Ready gruel should be taken orally 1 spoon several times a day.

Very popular with ORVI is tea with honey and ginger. To begin with, grind the root of the ginger, mix it with 1 glass of honey and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes. Half a spoonful of the resulting mixture should be diluted in 1 glass of warm tea.

The above-described respiratory disease can be treated with a mixture of 1 g of Ligulium extract and 9 g of vegetable oil. Both ingredients must be mixed and steamed in the oven for a few minutes. Obtained remedy should be instilled in 2 drops in each nostril with a very strong cold.

To treat ARVI medicinal and folk remedies should only after consulting a doctor. Otherwise, the probability of complications will increase several times.

Prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in adults: drugs

Do you know what should be the treatment of ARVI in adults? Drugs in this disease can be different. However, taking them in certain doses is recommended only after consulting a doctor. If you can not visit the hospital in the near future, you can get rid of colds at home, without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Orvi treatment in adults

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to treat ARVI in adults. Drugs against this ailment will also be presented to your attention. In addition, you will learn how to protect your body and not get sick in the winter or autumn.

general information

The standard of ARVI treatment in adults is known to many. After all, this is the most common disease that an incredible number of people face each year, especially in the autumn-winter period. According to statistics, during an epidemic of acute respiratory infections, approximately 8 people out of 10 can get sick. And it should be noted that not always such a disease passes without a trace. A fairly large number of people develop complications. To avoid this, doctors recommend not to delay treatment, but to fight the disease immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms.

What is ARVI?

Before I tell you about the most effective regimen for treating ARVI in adults, it should be told what kind of disease it is.

Viral respiratory infections are ailments that affect the upper respiratory tract. As a rule, such a deviation is caused by a group of viruses. To date, there are about 250 species. They lead to the development of acute respiratory viral infection in an adult.

standard of care for adults

Causes of the disease

As already mentioned above, the standard of ARVI treatment in adults is known to a large number of people. But it is better to know not how to fight this disease, but how to avoid the very occurrence of the disease. For this purpose it is necessary to reveal the reasons of development of ARVI.

The primary factor in the occurrence of such a deviation is supercooling. If you have been in the cold for a long time or have become very wet under the autumn rain, the consequence will be a general decrease in immunity. In a few hours, and maybe even a few days, you will begin to feel chills, stuffy nose and other cold symptoms. It is at this point and should begin treatment of ARVI in adults. Drugs in this case need not be prescribed by a doctor. After all, you should only increase immunity again, and for this, ordinary vitamins (especially vitamin C) may be appropriate.

What if the virus has penetrated the body?

Rapid treatment of ARVI in adults is the only possible solution, due to which the disease will not continue its development. If the virus still penetrated the body, then immediately take a number of urgent measures. For this it is recommended to dress warmly, and then drink herbal tea with honey and lie under a warm blanket. Also, some doctors advise taking a shock dose of such a drug as "Paracetamol" (2 tablets at once).

As a rule, after the described actions (usually the next morning) all the symptoms in the form of weakness, cough, runny nose, sore throat and aches in the muscles of the body pass very quickly. But that these signs do not return to you again, it is recommended to maintain their immunity by taking vitamin complexes and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.

effective treatment for adults in adults

Further development of the disease

Now you know what should be the effective treatment of ARVI in adults. But the above advice is recommended to apply in practice only if you have an initial stage of the disease. After all, with its further development, they will not help you.

Unfortunately, most people mistakenly believe that all the symptoms of a cold will go away on their own, without using any effort in the form of home or drug treatment. This reckless decision plays a fatal role in the fate of the patient. Symptoms start to increase, and a person's condition worsens. As a result, a patient with a mild cold gets to a hospital bed. That is why with the further development of the disease it is recommended to take all necessary medicines and vitamins without fail.

What drugs to use for treatment?

Effective treatment of ARVI in adults involves the use of such tools as:

  • immunomodulators;
  • antihistamines;
  • antiviral agents;
  • multivitamins.

Before proceeding to the standard treatment of ARI, it is better to consult a therapist. After all, only an experienced doctor will be able to assign you the optimal scheme and quickly get rid of the ailment.

adult regimen

So how to get rid of ARVI? Treatment in adults (drugs from viruses are named below) is reduced to taking an antiviral drug. To such an effective tool can be attributed "Viferon". This is a powerful medicine that contains ready-made antibodies that suppress viruses. Also in the pharmacy you can buy a similar product "Kipferon". This product is sold in the form of rectal suppositories. They must be used in an amount of 1 pc. twice a day.

Another proven means is "Isoprinozin". The medication has a nonspecific antiviral property, decreasing the immunosuppression of viruses. This drug should be taken at 500 mg per day for five days.

Reception of antibiotics

What else can be the treatment of ARVI in adults? The drugs presented above are good at curing colds. But if you need fast treatment, doctors can prescribe antibiotics. Although such funds are usually prescribed only in the event of complications. Otherwise, you can quickly recover from a common cold, but get many other problems associated with dysbiosis, etc.

What vitamins to take?

To increase your immunity and quickly get rid of all the symptoms of SARS, it is recommended to take more vitamins. The first in line should be ascorbic acid in a dose of 1 g per day. You can also purchase a whole complex that will support your immunity.

rapid treatment for adults in adults

If the cold is accompanied by the strongest cold, then you should use vasoconstrictor drugs. And antihistamines include:

  • drug "Dimedrol";
  • medicine "Loratadin";
  • drug "Tavegil" and so on.

Take medication twice a day.

Home treatment

To drug therapy has become more effective, some experts recommend combining it with folk recipes. For this, a generous drink is recommended (up to about two liters of liquid). This therapy will remove all the phenomena of intoxication of the body.

Orvi treatment in adult medicine

So, with ARVI it is very useful to drink:

  • warm crimson, cowberry, and cranberry fruit;
  • milk with honey and lemon;
  • various compotes from dried fruits;
  • citrus juices.

Also, do not forget about wet cleaning in the room and its regular airing. As for the menu, the patient needs to provide protein food, which should include weak meat broths or seafood. In addition, it is required to introduce into your diet fresh fruits and vegetables.

What can be complications?

The most important thing for a cold is bed rest. After all, if you decide to move the disease on your feet, it is unlikely that any treatment will help you. Moreover, if you do not comply with bed rest, ARVI can progress, as a result of which you are at risk get complications that will certainly affect the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys and other organs.

Treatment and prevention of ARVI

Now you know how to cure yourself and your loved ones from ARVI. However, we recommend that you better prevent the disease, rather than taking a large number of different medications later.

So, if you do not want to get sick, then be sure to follow the following recommendations.

treatment and prevention
  1. Eat a meal rich in vitamins.
  2. Be sure to get enough sleep.
  3. Avoid stressful situations.
  4. In public places, wear a one-time mask.
  5. Lubricate the nasal passages with oxolin ointment.

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