High temperature: how to reduce at home

Increased body temperature is a protective reaction of the human body - the child and the adult. Body temperature can rise in response to both external overheating( being in a stuffy room, in hot sunny weather in the sun), and due to internal biochemical processes in disorders of thermoregulation, infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Today we will talk about how it is possible for children and adults to quickly reduce the heat of the body at home using folk remedies and medications. However, do not self-medicate! Just in case, contact a pediatrician - an adult, to a pediatrician - children.


Elevated body temperature: what to do?

Observant people noticed that when the temperature rises, any animal, as a rule, stops eating and is looking for a secluded place to rest.

A person who has a high temperature, also needs three things:

  1. rest,
  2. fasting,
  3. abundant drink.

Room for rest should be well ventilated, and clothing and a blanket serve only to prevent colds. If you are very hot, you are sweating, drop the blanket and cover with a light sheet. Do not put on excess clothes in bed.

Fasting is one of the ways to preserve the energy of the body. The energy that the body spends on digesting food, when fasting, goes to fight the disease. Usually, if the patient is feverish, the appetite disappears. But it does not always happen. If a patient with a high fever wants to eat, he needs to give easily digestible food( fresh fruit, vegetable soup).It does not take much energy and helps the body to recover.

Drinking a drink is useful for a temperature-sensing organism as well as fasting. At a high temperature sweating and excretion of urine are intensified, so the lost amount of fluid must be restored.

You can drink water, herbal teas, vegetable and fruit juices. Carrot and lemon juices are especially nutritious with the addition of honey and a small amount of water.

A rise in temperature, as well as a cough reflex, is a protective reaction of the body. Therefore, the temperature should be lowered only if it lasts more than 3-5 days or if it reaches a value of 39-40 degrees.

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How to reduce the heat at home

The process of cooling the body should begin with milder measures and gradually move to more potent agents( in the order indicated below).Of course, if you do not have acute infectious and inflammatory diseases.

  1. Drink small sips of cool water;
  2. take foot baths with cold water;
  3. apply cold or cool compresses 4-5 times a day to the forehead or chest area( compresses can be applied to the area of ​​axillary hollows, wrists, groin are areas of copious heat release);
  4. with a damp cloth or sponge wipe the whole body, starting from the forehead;
  5. take a sedentary cool bath( about 37 degrees);
  6. put a cold ice pack on the heart area;
  7. is useful bath with water, which gradually cools( from 37-38 degrees to 30-31);
  8. to reduce the temperature effectively wrap the calves with cold, moist compresses.


  1. not in a hurry to give aspirin and antibiotics to patients who suffer from fever. It is established that when the temperature is very high, antibiotics act worse, and aspirin, even in small doses, can cause the child acute nervous system disorder, from which he may even die( Ray's syndrome);
  2. for viral infections in children should not rush to knock down the temperature, because for viruses, heat is harmful and, by reducing it, we do not help the body to fight, but, conversely, we reduce its protective capabilities.


  1. Salicylamide( 0.25-0.5 g three to four times a day);
  2. also uses Antipyrine, Amidopyrine, Analgin( in ampoules, powders and tablets), Paracetamol, Fenacetinum to lower the temperature;
  3. is the most commonly used mixture of Analgin and Dimedrol( Analgin 50% 1.0, Dimedrol 1% 1.0) and Novocaine.
How to reduce high body temperature at home

Folk remedies

Compresses from vinegar and cucumber to the abdomen or soles( you can use refined garlic cloves or garlic clove ).

Prepare collection 1 :

  1. linden flowers,
  2. chamomile flowers,
  3. thyme.

All take in equal quantities.1 teaspoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, insist 5 minutes. Drink hot.

The most well-reduced products of plant origin are the following:

  1. basil,
  2. yellow root,
  3. ginger,
  4. cayenne pepper,
  5. calendula,
  6. bark of white willow,
  7. bark of silver poplar,
  8. cat and peppermint,
  9. nettle,
  10. liquorice,
  11. dandelion,
  12. rose hips,
  13. chamomile,
  14. tagolga,
  15. yarrow,
  16. flowers and elderberry( especially in combination with yarrow),
  17. elder flowers,
  18. thyme,
  19. red clover tea,
  20. echinacea,
  21. preparations from the root of barberry and others.

To enhance the diaphoretic and antipyretic effect to cooling baths, water for compresses and grindings of , add vegetative remedies such as minty or sage tea, vinegar, lemon juice, yarrow and elderberry blossom, eucalyptus, menthol or lavender oil( a few drops).Especially such additives are useful for small children.

Sweatshops are commonly used as hot tea. Such plant antipyretic drugs as yarrow and elderberry, are especially good when the heat seems to accumulate inside, and the skin surface has a temperature of up to 38 degrees.

If a person already sweats heavily, then do not add diaphoretic herbs to the drinking liquids. Do not add them to medical formulations also in the event that the temperature does not decrease for a long period of time( the body is already dehydrated in the fight against the disease).

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Source: NGNogov. Official and traditional medicine. The most detailed encyclopedia.- Moscow: Izd-vo Eksmo, 2012.

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