Effective expectorant against cough

List of inexpensive but effective cough medicines

cough dry and wet

Cough is a symptom of catarrhal disease, which causes a lot of trouble. Most people with the onset of colds suffer from coughing, working, resting, sleeping normally and eating becomes harder. Discomfort is not only delivered to the sick person, but to everyone around him. When choosing a remedy for coughing, you do not need to self-medicate, it is worthwhile to see a doctor for help and prescribing the drug. But, if you decide to choose a remedy on your own, remember that the medicine should be bought first depending on the type of cough: dry or wet. Here is a list of not only the most effective tools, but also affordable. Cough medicine is inexpensive and effective.

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From dry

In the absence of phlegm withdrawal cough is called dry. For its treatment, drugs are used:

  1. The Falimint.By properties similar to menthol. Causes a feeling of coolness and freshness in the mouth. Do not dry the mucous membranes, the effect and cessation of reflex cough is seen after the first application. It is available in the form of dragees for resorption, it can be given to a child, suitable for children from 5 years of age, contraindications, except for minor allergic reactions, does not. Price: 150 rubles.Falimint
  2. Libexin.Has a triple action, reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings, relaxing the bronchi and reducing the reaction to irritation. It is used for the treatment of severe dry cough, the effect is observed within four hours after administration. Produced in the form of tablets and syrup, not contraindicated to children, there are side effects (dizziness, allergy, fatigue). Price: 300 rubles.Libexin for coughing
  3. Kodelak.An antitussive agent of plant origin. Produced in various forms: tablets, syrups, elixirs. Has a combined effect, reduces excitability, increases the viscosity of phlegm with a damp cough, does not cause respiratory depression. It is not recommended to use a long term - the drug causes dependence. Children are appointed from 6 years. The price: 140 rubles.Codel Codel
  4. Herbion with plantain. Syrup has antitussive and antibacterial effect. Increases the amount of sputum, reduces its viscosity. Due to vitamin C increases immunity. The drug forms a protective film on the mucous membrane, reduces irritation, reduces inflammation. Suitable for children from 2 years. Has almost no contraindications. Price: 250 rubles.cough medicines are inexpensive and effective
  5. Haliksol.One of the most effective drugs, the effect comes after half an hour after use, dilutes sputum, reduces its viscosity, soothes the mucous membrane. Produced in the form of syrup, has a number of contraindications. It is forbidden in pregnancy and with gastrointestinal diseases. Children are appointed from 5 years. The price of the drug: 100 rubles.Haliksol
  6. Lazolvan.It is prescribed for acute pneumonia, chronic sinusitis, acute bronchitis. The effect is observed after half an hour after administration, the effect lasts up to 10 hours. Cough is eased, sputum is diluted, respiratory tract irritation decreases. Produced in the form of tablets, syrup and solution for inhalation. Suitable for children over 6 years. Price: 150 rubles.Phlegm of dry cough
  7. Ambroghexal.The remedy is used for chronic and acute bronchial diseases, asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis. Used in the treatment of complications after surgery, as well as to stimulate the fetus during pregnancy. It has well-pronounced properties, well-established in the market. The price: 70 rubles.Ambrohexal when dry cough
  8. Omnitus.Produced in the form of tablets and syrup. Reduces the inflammatory process, fights infections, relieves dry cough, positively affects the general condition of the body. Has a number of side effects, including. drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, stool disruption. Contraindicated in pregnant women and children under 6 years. The price of the drug: 90 rubles.Omnitus from dry cough
  9. Stoptussin.It is a combined remedy, has antitussive and mucolytic effect. It is used in the treatment of dry and unproductive cough, is made in the Czech Republic. Produced in the form of tablets, drops and syrup of vegetable origin. Price: 150 rubles.Stoptussin when worried about dry cough
  10. Lorraine.The product is suitable for combating dry cough, it is available in various forms: powder, capsules, tablets, suspension and solution. Eliminates the symptoms of ARI and colds, has antipyretic properties, suitable for children from 6 years. Side effects include increased blood pressure, dizziness, mild irritability. The price: 200 rubles.

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From wet

Cough with sputum is called wet or productive. For its treatment, preparations with an expectorant effect are used:

  1. ATSTS.Liquefies phlegm, promotes the productivity of cough, relief comes in the first days of admission. Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It does not combine with paracetamol and other cough drugs. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. Price: 130 rubles.ATSTS with a damp cavern
  2. Doctor Mom.Means of plant origin fights with diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, relieves of the common cold, colds and bronchitis. Available in the form of lozenges, lozenges, syrups, tablets, ointments, roller pencils. Suitable for children from 2 years. The cost in pharmacies: 140 rubles.Doctor Mom from a wet cough
  3. Broncholitin.It is very popular as a trustworthy tool. Suppresses the center of a cough, does not depress breathing, treats acute respiratory illnesses, displays phlegm, relieves the mucous membrane from swelling. Effective in childhood. Has only a few side effects: allergies, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate. The price: 55 rubles.Broncholitin from a wet cough
  4. Bromhexine.The agent is used for acute and chronic bronchial diseases with sputum of increased viscosity. The drug is well tolerated, prescribed from the age of 6, combined with antibiotics, contributing to their penetration into the bronchial secret. When treating, you need to consume more fluid, exclude driving and performing hazardous work. Price: 30 rubles.Bromhexine from a wet cough
  5. Ambroxol.Bulgarian preparation of expectorant anti-inflammatory effect. It is also used for the prevention of respiratory tract infections, it is available in the form of a syrup with a pleasant smell and raspberry taste. Helps in a short time cure cough, tracheitis, pneumonia, whooping cough and bronchitis. The price: 25 rubles.Ambroxol from a wet cough
  6. Mukaltin.A natural remedy fights with a wet cough, relieves viscous sputum, which prevents normal breathing. The effect of taking tablets is observed a couple of days after the start of the course. Contraindications: gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, diabetes mellitus. It is not addictive, children can be taken from the age of 12. Cost: 15 rubles.Mucaltin from a wet cough
  7. Ambrogen.The chemical preparation expectorant and diluting effect, facilitates the outflow of sputum from the bronchi, neutralizes the damaged molecules. The action is seen after only half an hour after taking, lasts about 10 hours. Produced in the form of capsules, syrups, tablets, solutions for inhalation and injection. Children are appointed from 2 years. The packing price: 105 rubles.Ambrogen from a wet cough
  8. Fluidite.It is used for acute diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract, accompanied by viscous sputum. Poorly combined with other drugs, weakening their effect. Struggles with infections without clarifying their form and localization. Available for adults and children in the form of syrup, as well as in the form of granules for suspension. Price: 250 rubles.Fluditik from a wet cough
  9. Herbion with primrose.The drug is made using plant material. A syrup is prescribed not only with a moist but also senile cough, when the lungs are not adequately supplied with blood. Improves the work of the adrenal glands, is a diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, strengthening agent. It facilitates breathing, removes inflammation of the mucous membrane. Children are appointed from 2 years. The price: 200 rubles.Herbion with primrose when tormented by a wet cough
  10. Gedelix.I have recommended myself as a means to combat productive cough in children. Has spasmolytic properties, removes sputum from the bronchi, relieves inflammation of the respiratory tract. Form release: syrup with mint extract, eucalyptus, menthol. Side effects usually do not appear, does not contain sugars and alcohol. Price: 150 rubles.Gedelix
  11. Pertussin.One of the most inexpensive, but very effective tools in the fight against wet cough. Has an expectorant property, dilutes sputum, promotes its excretion. In the preparation of a substance of chemical and vegetable origin, incl. thyme. Children are appointed from the age of 3, during the reception it is necessary to dilute with water. The price: 15 rubles.Pertussin
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Among the most effective drugs for dry and wet cough in the Russian market you can find inexpensive means. Before using it is necessary to consult with specialists, since cough is just a symptom of other diseases, it is necessary to fight first of all with the cause of coughing. Remember that timely diagnosis can save a person's life.


The best cough remedy. The best remedy for dry cough

What is cough is known to many, because not always this condition is associated with illness. In this way the body clears the respiratory tract from viruses, bacteria, dust or foreign bodies that have got into them. Cough can be caused by different reasons, but in any case it irritates and does not allow to work and rest normally. In most cases, it signals a serious illness and requires immediate treatment. Many people are looking for the best cough remedy, but it's impossible to understand the abundance of drugs without the help of a doctor. After all, if you choose the wrong medicine, you can only aggravate the problem. Therefore, before you start treatment, you need to consult a doctor and determine what cough worries the patient. In addition, in most cases, even the best cough remedy will not help, if its cause is not eliminated. On the contrary, it can only get worse.

Types of cough

Depending on the characteristics of the disease and you need to choose the drugs. After all, different drugs have different effects. And before you determine the best cough remedy, you need to know what it is. Usually, the instructions to the medicine indicate which form it is treating.

  1. Dry cough can occur for various reasons. In general, it causes irritation of the mucous by chemical or physical factors. It also occurs with viral infection and colds.
  2. A wet cough is characterized by the spitting of sputum accumulating in the lungs or bronchi. It can be unproductive when it is viscous and coughs up with difficulty. Or wet, when there is a lot of sputum.

Causes of coughing

  • Catarrhal and infectious diseases - tonsillitis, tracheitis or SARS. They can be viral or bacterial. This is the most common cause of cough.
the best cough remedy for children
  • Inflammatory diseases of the bronchi and lungs - bronchitis, pneumonia, lung abscess or tuberculosis.
  • Allergic reactions, such as bronchial asthma.
  • Irritation of the respiratory tract by chemical substances or dust.
  • Heart failure.
  • Ingestion of foreign body in the respiratory tract.
  • Organic brain damage or neurosis.
  • Smoking.
  • Taking certain medications, for example, drugs that lower blood pressure.

How correctly to cure cough?

Without determining the cause, it caused, to cope with the symptom will be almost impossible. And in some cases, and completely contraindicated taking antitussive or expectorant funds. But most often, when they are looking for the best cough remedy, they try to eliminate the most common cause of it - infectious and inflammatory diseases. In this case, you need to remember that the disease begins most often with a dry cough, which eventually turns into a wet cough. Therefore, treatment should be changed during the course of the illness. It is not recommended to suppress dry cough, it is necessary to try to translate it into a more productive one, so that the bacteria and viruses that caused the disease come out with phlegm. And with an allergic cough, on the contrary, preparations are prescribed that suppress the cough reflex and antihistamines. If the cough has arisen on the nerves or on the background of heart failure, you do not need to take any additional medicines at all. Having cured the underlying disease, a person gets rid of it.

the best cough remedy

Features of the action of cough drugs

When the cause and type of the disease is clear, then you can choose the drug for its treatment. All of them have different effects:

  1. Suppress the cough reflex. Such drugs can be based on narcotic drugs, and they can be purchased only on prescription. They are needed if the cough is painful and dry. He does not allow to communicate, eat, or sleep. But in no case can they drink with a damp cough, so that there is no stagnation of phlegm in the lungs.
  2. Expectorants increase the production of sputum and facilitate its excretion by stimulating the bronchi. Such medicines are used only for the treatment of a damp cough, if it is dry, they will be useless.
  3. If there are a lot of sputum, but she coughs up with difficulty, you need to use mucolytics. These are the means that dilute it and facilitate the excretion.
  4. There are also local cough remedies. They treat it with an anti-inflammatory and aseptic effect. Sometimes they have a local anesthetic effect, and if the cough was caused by irritation of the respiratory tract, it stops.
  5. Recently, there have appeared combined preparations that contain various substances and complex effects on the respiratory tract.

Types of cough drugs

  1. Tablets or capsules. Most often they are used to treat cough in adults. This form of the drug is convenient, if the treatment is long, and the drug should be taken several times. After all, they are easy to take with you and drink at work or on the road.
  2. Effervescent soluble tablets or powders have a more rapid effect, by facilitating absorption and a large amount of water drunk. But they can have a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Syrups, drops and medicines are most often used to treat children, since they have a pleasant taste. They are also easily and quickly absorbed.
  4. Tablets or lozenges for absorption are used mainly in the treatment of cough caused by infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract or allergic reaction.
  5. Means for inhalation, rinsing and compresses are used to relieve cough that has appeared as a result of inflammation.


In many cases, a dry cough is so painful and exhausting to a person that the only way to save it will be to suppress it. Such medicines are divided into two groups:

  1. Means for suppressing dry cough, affecting the cough center in the brain. They are used only in the absence of sputum and come in different bases:
    - with narcotic effect - preparations Codeine, Hydrocodone, Morphine Chloride and others, sold only on the prescription of a doctor;
    - without narcotic effect - means "Tusuprex "Sinekod "Glavent" and others (they can be purchased without a prescription, but it should be used cautiously).
  2. Drugs that affect the nerve centers of the middle parts of the respiratory tract. This means "Libexin" or "Levopron."

The best remedy for dry cough

But recently, most often prescribe drugs of a new generation, which have a combined effect. With infectious and inflammatory diseases, if cough is unproductive and there is no sputum, complications are possible, since the infection is not eliminated from the respiratory tract. Therefore, we need drugs that do not suppress cough symptoms, but help to sputum. But dry cough often so exhausts the patient that it is necessary to slightly reduce its intensity. Modern combination drugs have this property. The most famous of them are the funds Stoptussin, Tussin plus, Butamirat, Lorain, and others.

the best remedy for wet coughAt the moment, the best remedy for dry cough is the drug "Broncholitin". Its peculiarity is that in addition to antitussive substances (glaucin and ephedrine), it contains basil oil. It expands bronchi, has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the viscosity of phlegm. This drug has a mild non-narcotic effect on the cough center and the musculature of the bronchi and is available as a syrup. Therefore, we can say that this is the best cough remedy for children over 3 years old.

How to take medications for dry cough?

Choose a tool you need strictly individually. For example, children are better suited medicine in the form of syrup, and soluble tablets are much faster than usual. But you need to know that, unlike expectorants, even the best cough drug without sputum has many contraindications. You can not take most of these medicines:

  • children under 3 years;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • people with allergic reactions;
  • those with respiratory failure or bronchial asthma.

In addition, it must be remembered that as soon as sputum begins to depart, it is necessary to change the drug. Suppress such a cough can not be in any case, as this can cause serious complications.

How to treat a wet cough?

It is very important that the sputum accumulating in the respiratory tract recedes easily. Many drugs for the treatment of wet cough are designed to enhance and facilitate its isolation. When there are a lot of sputum, you need to help the airway to get rid of it. Therefore, the composition of drugs for the treatment of wet cough includes substances that restore cells of the broncho-pulmonary tissue. In addition, they dilute sputum itself. Most often, these drugs have an anti-inflammatory effect and contain plant components. The best remedy for a wet cough is Bromhexine. It easily helps to cope with the disease and has few side effects. Therefore, it is given even to children.

the best cough remedyThe "ACC" tool dilutes sputum very well, making it easier to leave. In addition to these, the most popular preparations for wet cough, the following medicines are also effective: Sinupret, Gedelix, Glitsira, Ascoril and some others. But they should be used only according to the doctor's prescription.

The best expectorant

From cough, which is accompanied by a small amount of sputum, there are many medicines. Their purpose is to help in its passage by stimulating the bronchi or reducing its viscosity. Of course, according to the individual reaction, they need to be selected. But there are drugs that are not only effective, but also safe. They include plant components, and they can be given even to children.

  • Syrup of licorice root has anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating action and helps to sputum.
  • The drug "Mukaltin" has been known for a long time. This medicine is based on the root of the althaea - the best remedy for a damp cough. In addition to the expectorant action, the "Mucaltin" agent has an anti-inflammatory effect and slightly dilutes sputum.
the best remedy for a wet cough
  • The drug "Thermopsis" is also a fairly well-known herbal remedy with an expectorant effect. It increases sputum secretion and reduces its viscosity.

How to help the child?

Cough exhausts any person, but is especially bad when children suffer. Respiratory ways of babies are very sensitive to any external influences, and the majority of effective preparations to them is contraindicated. In general, children older than 2 years are given plant-based syrups: the preparation "Pertussin "Thermopsis "Doctor Mom licorice root syrup or althea. Many parents are looking for the best cough remedy for children, not only among official drugs, but also in traditional medicine recipes. Long since this ailment cope with the help of broths of herbs, honey solution, inhalations and compresses.

the best remedy for dry cough

Traditional medicine

Despite the abundance of drugs from different types of cough, many are still being treated with home remedies, using old recipes. Conveniently this is because all the ingredients for this are always at hand, and they cause less side effects. What are the most popular recipes?

  1. The best cough remedy is honey. It is used alone or in combination with other products. Those who do not have allergies to it, successfully cure both dry and wet cough. And such drugs are very popular with children. For example, a mixture of ground hazelnuts with honey. It helps a lot if you mix a spoonful of honey with warm milk or lemon juice. Even just dissolved in water this product works wonders. A juice of radish or onions with honey is the best cough remedy. The testimonies of those who tried it testify that it can cure even a persistent chronic illness.the best cough remedy
  2. Often when coughing it is recommended to drink broths of herbs. It is best to help the chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, elecampane, oregano and sage. They can be used separately or in collections. But to drink such teas you need half a glass several times a day. You can also use such decoctions for inhalations.
  3. Onions and garlic are also an effective tool for alleviating the condition of the patient when coughing. And they use them both inside and outside for various compresses.
  4. Many healers recommend using cough to drink the juice of cowberry or viburnum with honey. Some people are helped by fresh carrot juice with milk.

But any means, both official and popular, should be used only after consulting a doctor.


Thinning phlegm and expectorant at home

expectorant at homeSince ancient times people have treated cough with folk remedies prepared from collections of various herbs. Some recipes have survived to this day and provide irreplaceable help in the treatment. Therefore, in this article, we will figure out how to prepare an effective expectorant at home.

During cold or infectious diseases, there is a problem with expectoration and dilution of sputum. Here, and effective sparing phlegm and expectorants come to the rescue. After all, if it is not removed in time, then serious complications caused by pathogenic bacteria that accumulate in the sputum are possible.

How to relieve the condition and contribute to the spitting and dilution of phlegm at home?

It is very important during illness not to exhaust yourself and rest more, because wrong and untimely treatment can lead to even more complex consequences and to a significant decrease in immunity. And this, in turn, will cause frequent occurrence of catarrhal and any other infectious diseases.

Bed rest

vegetable expectorantAt the beginning of the disease, it is necessary, at least for a while, after that you can walk a little in the park or forest. With catarrhal diseases, it is necessary to observe a lactic, herbal-cereal diet, since at the moment the body needs vitamins more than ever.


The next thing to do is to give up smoking. This, perhaps, is the most important thing about what to think about when you catch a cold. Smoking provokes a dry cough and significantly increases the duration of the disease.


First of all, remember that nothing will happen if you do not consume enough fluid. It can be all kinds of compotes, decoctions, teas, juices, etc. Very well proven lime tea, as well as chamomile, mint, raspberry decoctions. To use a liquid is more advisable in a warm form, and even better, that it corresponds to body temperature, so it will be absorbed into the blood more quickly. This is the best therapy for cough.

Humidification of air

thinning phlegm and expectorantsThis also plays an important role in catarrhal diseases, which contributes to the natural moistening of the mucous nasopharynx. This is one of the most important conditions in the fight against colds and coughs. To date, there are various ways to humidify the air in the room. You can, for example, put a bowl of water next to you, hang wet towels on the batteries or buy a household moisturizer.

These are the three components that are simply indispensable in the fight against any cough.


The following procedures to help relieve coughing are steam inhalations. Each doctor for liquefying phlegm will recommend using this method. For this, you can buy an inhaler in a pharmacy or build it yourself. In this case, any deep container, in which hot water or a decoction of herbs is poured, is suitable. The patient should bend over it, cover themselves with a towel and breathe. It should be remembered that the procedure should be done carefully, do not bend too close to the tank with boiling water, so as not to burn yourself with steam.

Expectorants at home for inhalation

  1. Take the leaves of mother-and-stepmother, rosemary, plantain in the amount of 10 gr. each type. Fill with freshly boiled water (250-300 ml) and insist no more hours. Strain. Add 2 teaspoons infusion into the solution for each subsequent inhalation.the best expectorant for cough
  2. Another effective expectorant at home - a mixture of leaves of mother-and-stepmother, mullein scepeter-shaped, elderberry flowers. Take each grass for 15 gr., Place the dry mixture in a thermos, pour boiling water and insist no more hours. Strain. Add 2 teaspoons infusion into the solution for each subsequent inhalation.
  3. St. John's wort, eucalyptus, calendula in the amount of 10 gr. each filled with freshly boiled water in the amount of 250-300 ml and infused for not more than an hour. Apply 2 teaspoons of infusion for each inhalation.
  4. Cook potatoes and breathe for 15 minutes over its steam. After that, go to bed and cover yourself with a warm blanket. Very good, if someone makes a lime tea with honey. This is a fairly effective expectorant in the home, which was treated by our ancestors.

Essential oils in solution for inhalations

Essential oils can also be used as effective expectorants. They can be added to the inhalation solution. A few drops of any oil are enough. Mint, pine, eucalyptus, rose, sage, fir, lemon, lavender, juniper proved to be very good in this case.

What kind of diluting phlegm and expectorants can be prepared at home?

  1. It is necessary to take leaves of mother-and-stepmother in the amount of 8 tsp, pour, l boiled water and insist about 5 hours. Strain. To consume 150-170 ml for one intake (2-3 times a day).effective expectorants
  2. Suffice it to work well enough as the best expectorant for coughing honey. Take -2 tsp. honey and one small onion. Rub it and mix it with honey. Let's mix the patient in half a tablespoon in one session (2-3 times a day).
  3. For children, it is very good to dilute honey in hot milk. This will not only help ease the cough, but will also calm the nervous system.
  4. Cough syrup is very effective at home, it can also be given to babies. Take 300 gr. rubbed onions, 40 gr. honey and 200 g. Sahara. Pour 700 ml of water into a saucepan and put on a plate. When the water boils, add onions and sugar, cook on low heat for about 2 hours. Then place honey there and stir well. Cool and give the patient for 8-9 hours. l. three times a day.
  5. A few days, follow this course. The root of licorice, elecampane, marshmallow, cyanosis (you can use the herbs in turn) are taken half a teaspoon and filled with freshly boiled water (250 ml). Insist no more than 20 minutes. Drink 60-70 ml 3-4 times a day. This remedy will allow the phlegm to retreat after a few days.
  6. The best cough suppressant that helped a large number of people - the juice of black radish. Take a small radish, wash it and peel it. Then chop the root and squeeze the juice through the gauze, mix it in equal quantities with honey. Adults take 4 teaspoons a couple of minutes before meals, children - one dessert spoon. It should be remembered that with the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, use this medication after eating.expectorants thinner
  7. This plant will help both with dry, and with a damp cough. For dry - chew the aloe leaf, for wet - eat it. Children can grind the leaf and mix it with sugar or honey in equal amounts.
  8. In the category of "expectorant strong remedies the fruit of anise proved to be very successful. Infusions are made from it. For this 1 h. l. pour a glass of boiling water (200-250 ml), then insist half an hour, filter. Take should be 5 glasses 3-4 times a day for a couple of minutes before eating. In medicine, anise oil is often used, which is prescribed for bronchitis in combination with expectorants.
  9. The breast elixir is prepared from licorice root (30 parts), anise oil (part), water (90), alcohol (25), ammonia solution (5). All mixed and applied as a strong expectorant for 20-45 drops. Children should be given an elixir with caution and in extreme cases (1 drop - for one year of life of the child).
  10. Another effective herbal expectorant is a decoction of pine, birch buds, mint, licorice, mother-and-stepmother leaves. Take everything in equal proportions and mix. One tablespoon of the resulting dry mixture pour freshly boiled water in an amount of 200 ml. Strain, take 120-140 ml 3 times a day.
  11. Very good expectorant at home based on bananas. To do this, take a few bananas, 2-3 tablespoons. sugar and one cup of water (150 ml). Water should be put in a saucepan on a plate and dissolve sugar in it. Then add the banana, previously spread in a slurry. Take 4 teaspoons before meals.
  12. Take horseradish and honey in the same proportions. Stir and take one dessert spoon before eating.
  13. Take a few walnuts. Wash them under running water. Shred and send all the contents together with the shell to the jar. Then add 1 tbsp. honey and the same number of elderberry flowers, pour two glasses of freshly boiled water. Cover and let it rest until it cools down. Drink half a cup 3 times a day.

That's all effective expectorants.

Vaccine sputum compresses at home

expectorating strong meansThe most famous and quite effective means for a compress is a leaf of white cabbage and honey. To do this, dip a cabbage leaf into boiling water for a few minutes until it becomes soft. On the chest, without touching the heart area, apply honey, then cover the smeared area with a cabbage leaf. Wrap a food film and on top put on a warm dressing gown or lie down under a warm blanket. Hold the compress for about 4 hours (can be overnight). Repeat the procedure for 5-6 days. This is a very effective method that will help to quickly dilute sputum.

For children, a compress-cake helps. To do this, mix vodka, vegetable oil, mustard, honey, corn flour. Knead the dough. Divide it into two equal parts. Place one - on the chest, the second - on the back through a rag. This compress can be put on all night.

A compress made from vegetable oil is also very effective in severe sputum expectoration. All you need is to warm it up a bit, rub it in the chest area, wrap it around a cloth, better woolen, and put a heating pad on top. A few days of using this tool will already feel a great deal of relief.

All of the above mentioned funds have been used for a long time by our ancestors who did not know about the existence of medications, so folk remedies can be trusted, but not fully. Before applying, be sure to get a doctor's advice, especially when it comes to children.


Effective expectorants and folk remedies for dry cough

Coughing periodically torments almost all people. Therefore, it is very important to learn in time and correctly treat it.Expectorants for dry cough are used primarily for liquefaction and withdrawal of sputum.After using such medications, the cough becomes wet, and this is already halfway to recovery.

The onset of cough

There are a lot of such drugs - medical drugs, traditional medicine, ready-made formulations for inhalations. Many effective means are offered to us by nature itself - propolis, honey, onions, milk, herbs and other plants. Of course, from an arid cough to an adult, you need to use one means, and for children - quite different.

Causes of dry cough

Dry cough usually occurs in the first stages of colds, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory infections, influenza, bronchitis caused by hypothermia, bacteria, viruses, allergies. It is worth noting that all these diseases, as a rule, occur against the background of weakened immunity. Rarely is hereditary predisposition, that is, a tendency to catarrhal diseases at the gene level.

Mechanism of coughingCough - a way to protect the body from bacteria by producing sputum. So do not try to get rid of it. But to make the damp dry, so that sputum is removed - this is the task of both doctors and patients suffering from cough.

In addition to infections that penetrate the bronchi, dry cough can also be caused by the following reasons:

  • cough can be caused by an allergy, while the muscles surrounding the bronchi are contracted, under the action of serotonin, histamine or bradykinin, that is, substances produced by the body under the influence of an allergen;
  • ailment can cause stagnant phenomena in the lungs, this happens if the heart can not deliver to the lungs the amount of blood necessary for their work;
  • dry cough can cause and blockage of the bronchi, for example, with a tumor;
  • in some cases, medication can also provoke an ailment, for example, certain drugs to reduce pressure.
Cough smokerBut coughing is not always a sign of a disease. It often occurs suddenly when a foreign body enters the respiratory tract. Even a simple speck of dust, unsuccessfully flown into your mouth, can provoke a cough, because our body tries to get rid of it. Inhalation of smoke, too, usually causes a cough.

Cough in heavy smokers is also not uncommon. The ailment is often caused by obvious everyday causes. After all, cigarette smoke, like other stimuli, stimulates the release of excess sputum in the bronchi, from which the body gets rid of, coughing it out.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Dry cough is different, and its manifestations can be used to judge a particular disease. Cough can be rapid and prolonged, with and without seizures, coughing at night or just during the day, barking cough or calm. Factors accompanying the ailment are also taken into account: fever, weakness. For all these indicators, an experienced doctor will immediately diagnose and prescribe the right treatment. The main thing is not to miss the moment for the treatment to be timely. Only in this case it will bring good effect in a short time. Consider these symptoms in more detail.

Bronchial asthmaA long-lasting cough indicates a chronic illness. If the cough passes quickly, then it is most likely an acute illness.

If a dry cough occurs at night, and in order to soothe it, you have to sit for a long time so that the trunk was in the vertical position, it is a pulmonary cough that occurs due to increased pressure in the vessels lungs. To lower the pressure, a person instinctively gets up or sits down, leading the trunk to a vertical position. The cause in this case is the poor work of the heart - it does not pump blood into the lungs. Overcooling or even emotional stress also occur among the causes of dry cough.

Coughing attacks often occur with a diagnosis such as bronchial asthma. Such a cough is accompanied by a whistle or wheeze. Attacks occur at night. Bronchitis in chronic smokers also has similar symptoms.

If the patient's body temperature rises and he feels weak, then this indicates an infectious disease. The feeling of general weakness in this case often indicates blood diseases or even tuberculosis. With tuberculosis, these symptoms are accompanied by sweating and severe thinness. They are considered characteristic signs of the disease.

Causes of bronchial asthma

To identify the causes of dry cough, additional studies are being carried out - radiography, fluorography, bronchoscopy is prescribed for suspected bronchoconstriction.

When suspected of the allergic nature of the disease, blood tests are performed. A general blood test will be useful in all cases of dry cough.

Suspicion of a cardiac cough is confirmed or refuted by analyzing the results of ECG, ultrasound of the heart and small physical exertion. Almost always, a feces analysis is taken to reveal the presence of helminths. After all, they can be the cause of a dry cough.

Review of expectorants with dry cough

The choice of a medicine for dry cough depends primarily on its nature and the symptoms accompanying it, discussed above. In addition, one must take into account the individual preferences of the patient. The best way to choose a drug is to consult a doctor.

Reception of expectorant syrupsFor the treatment, both medical pharmaceutical preparations with dry cough and folk remedies are used. Dry cough is also called unproductive, and moist productive. The primary task of treating dry cough is to turn it into a productive wet cough for the production of sputum. For this purpose, expectorants and tablets are used for dry cough. In addition to performing its direct function - diluting viscous sputum - such drugs also expand the bronchi, improve breathing.

Expectorant drugs for dry cough are divided into two groups. The first include the so-called secretotomotor drugs that increase the amount of sputum produced. The essence of their action is to stimulate the expectorant reflex. These drugs include: licorice root, benzonate, hydrogen carbonate and sodium iodide, potassium iodide, thermopsis.

The second group includes the directly diluted sputum preparations, the so-called mucoregulators. These drugs are aimed at reducing the viscosity of sputum, which is achieved by breaking intermolecular bonds. Examples of such agents are ambroxol, bromhexine, trypsin.

Some medicines for dry cough

A large amount of mineral water for coughingAt home, you can cope with a dry ailment by drinking a large amount of warm liquid, prepared in various ways. For example, even simple warmed alkaline mineral water makes the symptoms of dry cough easy. Borjomi, narzan, essentuki are suitable here.

Inhalations are the most effective remedy for such a disease. This method allows the use of different formulations for inhalations and achieve sustainable results in a short time. In any case, inhalations even with the use of simple soda bring quick relief.

Of course, to date, many devices for inhalation have been invented, among which nebulajzar, perhaps, the best has proved due to ease of use, safety and efficiency impact.

However, if there was not at hand a special device - an inhaler, you can do inhalations over the pan, covering yourself with a towel or blanket. In this case for the inhalation will be suitable just cooked potatoes, broths of chamomile, sage, inflorescences of linden, plantain, St. John's wort and other medicinal herbs.

This inhalation should be carried out for at least 15 minutes while the steam is still hot. But you need to keep in mind that at elevated blood pressure it is better to refuse inhalations, do not do them at elevated body temperature.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Broth of oats in milk with coughThe wide experience of using folk remedies with dry cough distinguishes the simple recipes presented below from the whole variety. Onions can be used additionally as an antibacterial agent.

For this recipe you need to prepare a decoction of oats in milk. One glass of peeled oats should be added in two glasses of milk and cooked over low heat until the oats completely boil. This broth should be drunk at least six times a day.

Healing with a dry cough will be and the following composition: a teaspoon of honey, butter and soda melt in a glass of warm milk and drink in small sips to the bottom.

Particularly distinguish the recipe from black radish due to its beneficial effect on cough and the ability to excrete phlegm.

The action of radish is recommended to strengthen with the help of honey.

Black radish on honey. The top of a large radish needs to be cut, so that the lid turns out. Take out the core with a teaspoon. Bee honey is poured into the resulting cavity in a radish to about half. Then you need to close the radish cut at the first stage of the lid and lower the root into the water. After a six-hour exposure, the radish extracts the healing juice. The obtained effective agent has expectorant properties.


It is rare to find a recipe from a banana broth that helps with coughing. It is necessary to knead two bananas and dilute in a glass of water, adding one teaspoon of sugar. Heat to boil and remove from heat. The broth is ready.

Recipe based on baking soda. Suitable for adults and children. After dissolving a teaspoon of soda in a glass of warm milk, take a few small sips inside the reception.

Nature comes to the rescue

We reviewed recipes based on such well-known products as black radish and honey, milk, onions. Against dry cough often used and a variety of herbal preparations. The combination of herbs can be selected, based on the individual preferences of the patient and the characteristics of his body. In addition to herbal decoctions, propolis, vegetable oil, goose fat is often used.

A lot of herbs having an expectorant effect are given by nature. The root of licorice, chamomile, birch, plantain, mother-and-stepmother, oregano, marshmallow - all are herbs and plants that can cure us not only from cough, but from many other ailments. However, broths from such herbs should not be drunk with allergies or asthma.


All these medicinal decoctions are suitable for adults and children alike. It is advisable to take them after consulting a doctor. Medicinal broths, cooked from these herbs, are aimed at softening the sputum and are expectorants with a dry cough.

Many people are used to treatment with medications. But there are a lot of those who can benefit from this kind of treatment with the help of means that nature takes care of us.


Means for coughing adults

Effective cough for adults

Means for coughing adultsInfluenza and colds are characterized by pathological conditions of the respiratory tract, accompanied by clusters of sputum in the lungs and bronchi. When looking for cough medicine, one should not forget that the nature of the symptom determines the choice of remedy for eliminating the cough itself. On whether a wet cough or dry, then depends on the presence of allergic reactions to the constituent components of the drug.

An effective cough remedy for people of all ages, from child to adult, is inhalation. If it comes to an infant, it should be kept for a few minutes in a bathroom with steam and high humidity. Older children and adults can be inhaled over a wide saucepan with boiling water. It is necessary to cover the head with a bath towel. You can add a few spoons of soda, fir oil or juniper oil to the water. You can carry out inhalation over the bay leaf or boiled potatoes.

In order to stop coughing for adults, it makes sense to drink warm milk, which contains lemon juice and a small amount of honey. As additives, milk of black radish, tea from lime flowers, mother-and-stepmother, infusions of elderberry or crimson leaves also will suit the milk. If you combine the juice of a bulb with honey it will also be a good result.

Folk remedies for coughing adults

Folk cough remedies are good for their simplicity and availability of application. They eliminate the need to flee to the pharmacy for pills and do not give any contraindications at all. In every kitchen, you can find many products that can help in cough. One such product is honey, which can be called the most effective remedy in this matter. If the cough is not very strong, it can be quenched by means of a glass of water, in which to dissolve a spoonful of honey. The effectiveness of honey is enhanced when adding garlic, lemon and other products to the water.

Garlic is a known folk remedy against colds. Garlic cloves can be kept constantly with you during the riot of epidemics of colds, and also put it in your children's pocket, sending them to school. To quickly and effectively cure a runny nose, you can regularly rub your feet with garlic.

A good cure for coughing in adults is warming up. It can be performed in the following ways:

  • I use a mustard compress that has a local effect of irritation and relieves inflammation of the lung tissue. It is the application of mustard plasters to the chest;
  • Lubricating the breast of an adult with liquid honey, heated in a frying pan to about the body temperature of a person. The compress is closed with permanent paper, then it remains until a sensation of warmth in the chest appears;
  • you can take an ordinary bath towel, moisten it in vegetable oil and wrap around the perimeter of the chest. Within half an hour all symptoms of lung diseases and cough are eliminated;
  • a good compress of mashed potatoes. To cook it, you need to put warm boiled potatoes in a cellophane bag and attach to your chest.

Folk remedies for dry coughing adults

In the event that an adult has a dry cough with almost complete absence mucus, the body experiences difficulties with the elimination of infection, because it is not excreted from the body mucus. The pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms accompanying the spread of infection are not deduced, as a result of which a dry cough begins to disturb the person. It is precisely the method of such a conclusion.

To eliminate dry cough in an adult human medicine, the following methods are suggested:

  1. The use of hot milk with the addition of alkaline water and honey, thus the formation of a significant amount of mucus will occur, resulting in an early cessation of dry cough. Also a good result provides the use of fatty cream. If there are any individual contraindications to the use of dairy products, you can drink strong tea with added butter.
  2. For an adult, a mixture of sugar and onions is recommended for the treatment of dry cough. To the previously prepared onions, sugar is added, the mixture is well mixed and infused over one night to form juice. The medicine should be taken in the morning, first of all the juice, then you must eat the onions. Gradually, the dry cough begins to recede.
  3. An ancient means of eliminating dry cough in adults is the combination of honey with a radish. For its preparation, the head of a black radish is taken, in it a hole is made, into which honey is placed. Insist should be for three hours. Eat in the morning before breakfast, before dinner and in the evening before dinner. You can increase the effect of the application if you add carrot juice.
  4. Effective honey with the addition of lemon. For proper preparation, add glycerin to the lemon. The composition is thoroughly mixed, after which it must be added honey. In the event that the dry cough is not too intense, use should be three times a day. If the cough is dry and very strong at the same time, it is necessary to apply the remedy up to seven times a day. The dosage of the syrup can be reduced if the cough goes down.

Folk remedies for coughing adults expectorant

To date, there is a large number of traditional medicine that can help clear the sputum from the adult person's respiratory tract. They are characterized by minimal costs when using them, and a sensitive effect.

Most often in order to prevent cough, infusions from all sorts of herbs, rubbing, inhalation and other methods that require the use of natural remedies are used. If the cough has passed into an acute form, there is a sense in the application of medical treatments in combination with folk recipes. In this case, before direct application it is necessary to get advice from a doctor to avoid side effects from the joint use of the medications.

In most cases, expectorants contain various herbs in their composition. It can be a root of licorice, oregano, thyme, coltsfoot and others, used in the form of broths. A good folk remedy that causes an expectorant effect is the onion with its broad spectrum of action, including anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

An excellent expectorant has proven to be honey. Its composition has to provide a remarkable bactericidal action, which does not allow the reproduction of bacteria. In diseases of organs and respiratory systems, it makes sense to use honey for internal use and for inhalation.

An excellent expectorant is the syrup of their horseradish with honey, performed in equal proportions. It should be noted that people who are allergic to honey, use this tool is not recommended. In large quantities, you should eat foods that contain vitamin C, such as lemon and viburnum.

Sputum expectoration is facilitated by inhalation with the use of iodine, the addition of soda, eucalyptus and essential oil. You can make rubbing with the use of turpentine and alcohol. It is best to rub yourself immediately before going to bed, in order to take shelter and sweat well.

Pharmacological means for coughing adults

Coughing occasionally bothers a person and people from all ages can suffer from it. The level of development of modern pharmacology makes it possible to apply a wide variety of cough suppressants. A variety of drugs for treating cough act differently, so they should be used skillfully, in order to avoid negative consequences. It can be complications in the respiratory, nervous and other systems of the human body.

An agent for dry cough in adults

To date, there is a wide variety of pharmacological drugs effective in eliminating dry cough in adults. Often this causes additional difficulties associated with the inability to determine the appropriate means for treating dry cough. If the treatment is carried out without conducting a preliminary diagnosis, it should not only help but also not harm the health of the person.

Below is a description of some remedies for dry cough that are very popular.

A remedy for the dry sine "Sinekod". The drug is characterized by an action directed at the center of the cough. Apply it should be in the acute phase of coughing. Contraindicated in pregnancy.

Means of combined action "Gerbion". The basis of the preparation is made up of natural ingredients. In addition to the action aimed at eliminating cough, the drug has antimicrobial properties. With increased susceptibility to the components of the drug is contraindicated for use. People with diabetes should take the drug only after consulting a doctor. There may be side effects from the use of the drug, such as an allergic reaction.

Broncholitin. The agent is characterized by the ability to influence the center of the cough. It has excellent antispasmodic and antimicrobial qualities. Causes the enlargement of the bronchi, promotes the removal of edema mucosa, improves breathing. Contraindicated in persons suffering from cardiovascular disorders. In the treatment of dry cough in adults, this drug can cause various side effects, such as insomnia, tremors, nausea and tachycardia.

Pharmacological means for coughing adults

Means for a strong cough in an adult

Recommendations for the treatment of severe cough in children are enough, but there is practically no way to eliminate a severe cough in an adult. Commonly known cough syrups may not have a proper effect, especially if a cough in an adult person persists for a fairly long period of time.

It should be taken into account the fact that cough does not always indicate the onset of a cold. This fact makes it necessary to visit a physician-therapist in order to make sure that cough is not a symptom of any serious illness. In the case of diagnosis, tracheitis or bronchitis should be prepared to treat these diseases long enough. This requires the implementation of all recommendations that will be issued by the attending physician. Since there is a danger of the transition of the disease to the chronic stage, it is necessary to take the procedures and medications in the physiotherapist's office for a certain period of time.

Expectorant against coughing adults

Expectorants for cough for adults have an effect on the epithelial tissue of internal organs, contribute to improving the motor activity of bronchioles. Sputum is moved from the lower parts of the respiratory tract to the upper ones, after which it is excreted. The use of expectorants can significantly increase the function of the bronchial glands, because in this case sputum will be released in large quantities and will not be viscous.

Expectorants for coughing adults are prescribed with a damp cough, if necessary rapid withdrawal of sputum in the acute form of bronchitis, pneumonia, inflammatory diseases of respiratory ways. Expectorants are made on the basis of medicinal plants. They can be presented in a variety of forms - herbal preparations, syrups, tablets and all kinds of suspensions are very popular.

Most known are expectorants for adults:

  • cough syrup, tablets with plant, thermpsys lanceolate;
  • syrup containing althaea root, altemix. The root of the althaea is part of the drug mukaltin, working with which you should follow the dosage, as exaggerating the norm can cause vomiting and nausea. Effectively the combination of the root of althea with licorice, sage, anise fruits, kidneys of pine. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to brew one tablespoon of herbal tea in a glass of boiling water, insisting for half an hour. You can drink after eating 100 ml.

Home remedy for coughing adults

A good tool for home use in case of coughing in an adult is a cocktail containing a mixture of honey and milk with soda. It should be heated milk, not bringing it to the boiling point, then stir in it half a teaspoon of soda with two teaspoons of honey. Formed broth should be drunk immediately, without tightening.

Compress from an adult cough

The effect of a warming compress from a cough is familiar to many even from childhood. This tool is effective for adults too. At home, you can apply a variety of ways of setting compresses from cough, the most famous of which is a potato compress. It is prepared as follows:

  1. Choose potatoes smaller, which will not be a pity to throw out and do not want to be cleaned.
  2. The potato is boiled in a uniform.
  3. After draining the water, the potato is folded into a polyethylene bag and wrinkled. Puree should not be done, you can only press down to give the potato a flat shape.
  4. A towel is placed on the chest for the patient, a potato pancake in the plastic bag is placed on top, another towel is placed on top and the patient is covered with a blanket.
  5. After the potatoes have cooled, remove the compress and cover the patient with a blanket.

Banks for coughing

To date, there are two varieties of medical cough coughs. Glass banks have been used for the treatment of colds for a long time. Nevertheless, they represent a certain danger, because they can poke around the edges and require an open flame for installation. There is another kind of cans - vacuum, made of polymers, which look like thick rubber. Their installation does not require fire, which makes the banks almost safe. In order to install such a jar, you just have to squeeze it in your hand and attach it to the installation site.

Cough inhalation for adults

Inhalations from coughing adults are divided into two varieties depending on the temperature of the incoming substances. They can be cold and hot. With cold inhalations, the person inhales the drug substance at room temperature, and the substance is not heated by anything. Hot inhalations involve the inhalation of heated vapors of a drug substance. If the temperature of the inhaled medicine is above 30 degrees, the inhalation is considered hot and the technique of its execution differs significantly from the cold inhalation. In general, inhalations are a great way to deliver medications to the mucous membranes of the respiratory system.


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