Doctor Mom pastilles for cough for children

Cough lozenges


Cough is one of the symptoms of various viral and bacterial diseases of the respiratory system. To suppress it or completely eliminate various medications are used. The most popular are cough drops.

Indications for the use of pastilles against coughing

As soon as a small burning sensation begins in the throat, the thought of acute respiratory infections (ARVI) or influenza immediately comes to mind. Cough lozenges can be started immediately after the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. In this case, they must be used every two to three hours. That is, a day can get even ten lozenges. They are often used for expectoration of mucus. It is very important to loosen the lozenges well in order to get the most positive result. Children up to three years of use of pastilles are not recommended, since they can swallow them.


The most popular pastilles for coughing adults and children is "Doctor Mom." Since this drug is combined, it has excellent anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. The effect of pastilles depends on the active substances that make up its composition. The root of bare licorice removes inflammation, cures spasms and helps expectorant mucus. The root of medicinal ginger relieves pain. Medicinal embryo reduces fever. Menthol has an antiseptic effect.


The pharmacokinetics of various pastilles from cough has not been studied. Therefore, it is rather difficult to say how much of the drug remains in the body and how the active substances are derived from it.

Use of pastilles against coughing during pregnancy

Many women face the problem of coughing during pregnancy. Some decide not to be treated, believing that all this will pass by itself, and you should not use medicines during this period. But remember that not cured cough can develop into serious illnesses. Pregnant doctors usually recommend the following lozenges: Dr. Mom, Sage, Bronchicum. Among those drugs that are categorically forbidden to future mothers are: Travesil, Strepsils.

Contraindications for use

Since most pastilles of cough are based on plant substances, the main contraindication to their use is allergy. If you see an allergic rash on your body or if you have an itch after using drugs, stop immediately and consult a doctor. Also, many such remedies are not recommended for children up to five to six years, since they must be completely absorbed. Pastilles with menthol it is better not to use until the age of ten. In some cases, cough drops are contraindicated in bronchial asthma. For more information about this or that tool, read the instructions.

Side effects of cough lozenges

The main side effects of most cough drops are possible allergy (burning, itching, redness, rashes, urticaria). In some cases, the drug may cause dizziness, drowsiness, headache, nausea, worsening appetite, tachycardia. It depends on the main ingredients that make up the pastilles.

Pastilles from dry cough

The choice of an effective remedy depends largely on what kind of cough you have. For example, dry cough is more painful and painful. It is very frequent and prolonged, it can start at night, which prevents sleep. To get rid of, you need special pastilles from dry cough, which are combined preparations. Here it is possible to allocate such means: Bronhicum, Linkas.

Cough lozenges for children

Coughing in young children is difficult to treat, because they need special lozenges with special ingredients that will not cause side effects and allergies. One of the most popular drugs for cough treatment in children are the pastilles "Doctor Mom." In them there is a root of ginger, menthol, licorice root. Typically, doctors prescribe such a drug, starting with the age of ten. Also quite famous are Alex Plus. Half an hour after resorption of the lozenges, the child will noticeably decrease coughing attacks. Such a drug can be prescribed from four years. With tracheitis, bronchitis and pharyngitis, children are often prescribed "Sage" pastilles. You can use the kids from the age of three.

Names of pastilles for coughing

Various names of pastilles from cough in pharmacies often introduce patients into a stupor. Which ones to buy?

Alex Plus

The main active ingredient of the drug is dextromethorphan, which together with levomenthol and terpinhydrate helps to get rid of any kind of cough. It also has an expectorant and spasmolytic effect. It is very important that pastilles do not have a hypnotic or narcotic effect. Contraindications for use are: allergy to pastilles, pregnancy, breast-feeding, bronchial asthma, children under four years.

The main side effects of the drug: nausea, drowsiness, itching, dizziness. Adults usually take three to five lozenges three times a day. The daily dose should not be more than twenty lozenges. Possible overdose, after which there are: excessive excitement, headache, respiratory depression, tachycardia.

Koldakt Lorpils

This drug helps not only to reduce cough, but also to overcome the pain in the throat. These are combined lozenges with prolonged action. The preparation contains: amylmetacresol and dichlorobenzyl alcohol. Assign for treatment of acute respiratory viral infection and influenza, as well as tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis.

Contraindicated during pregnancy and children under six years. The dosage is standard (on a lozenge every two hours). Among the side effects are: urinary retention, headache, dizziness, nausea, deterioration of appetite, tachycardia, drowsiness, dry mouth.


Antibacterial and fungicidal agent of combined type. It contains amylmetacreazole, which has an excellent antimicrobial effect. Used pastilles for various types of cough, with inflammation, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis.

It is not recommended to use the drug for children under five years old, with allergies to the main substance substances, during pregnancy. Adults take one lozenge every two to three hours.

Doctor Mom

These cough lozenges are familiar to many. This drug has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. The main components of the pastilles are herbal substances: the roots of naked licorice, the roots of medicinal ginger, the fruits of the medicinal embryo. Also in the drug is levomenthol.

Cough lozenges "Doctor Mom" ​​have several different tastes (orange, lemon, strawberry, fruity, raspberry, berry), so each patient can find suitable ones. Adults can take one lozenge every two hours, dissolving them in the mouth. Duration of treatment is two to three weeks. During pregnancy, the drug is contraindicated. Among the side effects can be an allergy to the components.


The composition of pastilles from coughs includes such plant components: the root of the primrose, grindelia grass, the root of the field color, the quiberach bark, thyme. Has expectorant, mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect.

Are indicated for use in chronic and acute bronchitis, other types of cough. Do not take with allergies to the substances of troches. During pregnancy, you can not use.


These pastilles from cough consist of plant components: vascular adhatoda leaves, licorice roots, pepper fruits, fragrant violet, leaves of medicinal hyssop. Due to this, the drug has good expectorant and mucolytic effects. It is prescribed for ARVI, pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis, influenza.

The drug can not be used for children under six years old, with allergic reactions to its main components, patients with diabetes mellitus, as well as during pregnancy and lactation. The course lasts usually five to seven days. On the recommendation of the attending physician, it can be repeated. Among the side effects are allergic rashes.


It is a complex herbal preparation that is distinguished by an antiemetic and expectorant action. It is used to treat various types of cough (even when smoking smokers). The lozenges must be resorbed until completely dissolved. The duration of the course is prescribed by the doctor, as well as the necessary doses. Adults and teenagers, as a rule, take two tablets three times a day. Children - one tablet three times a day.

Among the side effects are allergies to drug substances. In the composition there is a rhizome of medicinal alpinia, fruits of long pepper, fruits of ordinary fennel, root of medicinal ginger, fruits of chebulus terminology.

Dr. Theiss

Cough lozenges that have different tastes (cherry, sage, lemon, sea-buckthorn and honey). The composition of the drug includes: peppermint oil, racemic menthol, anethole. Usually used for the treatment of inflammatory infectious processes in the pharynx and oral cavity. It is not recommended to use: children under five years, with allergies to components, pregnancy, lactation.

The dosage of pastilles is usually this: one tablet is absorbed every three hours. It is worth remembering that eating more than eight tablets per day is prohibited. The drug is not recommended if there are bleeding wounds in the mouth. Cases of an overdose have not been fixed.

Isla pastilles

The composition of the drug includes an extract of Icelandic moss, which is characterized by immunostimulating and antimicrobial action. Thanks to these cough drops, it is possible to reduce the intensity of inflammation, eliminate pain when swallowing. It is used not only for coughing, but also for dryness in the mouth, hoarseness.

It is used by patients for bronchial asthma. Keep the lozenges in your mouth until they are completely dissolved. The treatment schedule and its duration is established by the attending physician. Children from four to twelve can take no more than one lozenge per day. No side effects were found. The drug should not be taken with sensitivity to the components, patients with diabetes mellitus, during pregnancy and lactation.


These pastilles include: sugar, citric acid, glucose, flavors, ascorbic acid, mint oil, beta-carotene, propolis and glycerol monostearate. It is a biologically active additive that is taken with food. Thanks to essential oils, it helps to increase the amount of vitamin B2 in the body.

It is used to treat coughing, hoarseness, hoarseness, irritation in the throat, to improve the freshness of breathing. Do not use with allergies to the components of pastilles, children under 14 years. Adults use one lozenge three times a day. The course lasts up to seven days. You can reuse it for a year.


Cough lozenges with different flavors (orange, lemon, strawberry, eucalyptus-menthol, honey). The preparation contains: dichlorobenzyl alcohol (,) and amylmetalcresol. This drug has an antibacterial effect, so it is actively used in dentistry and otolaryngology.

It is used for various inflammatory and infectious processes in the throat and oral cavity, tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness, thrush of the mouth, stomatitis. It is not recommended to take during pregnancy and children under five. Doses: one lozenge every two hours.

Herbal cough lozenges

Vegetable pastilles from cough are, perhaps, the most popular drugs that help get rid of unpleasant symptoms. They contain extracts of essential medicinal plants, so they are safe for health and, as a rule, do not cause side effects. But notice, if you have allergic reactions to the components of such pastilles, treatment with their help is better not to conduct. The most popular plant pastilles for coughing are: Dr. Mom, Gorpils, Dr. Theiss, Isla, Travisil.

Cough syrups with sage

Medicinal sage - a plant that has long been known for its wonderful properties. It is often added to plant cough lozenges. The most popular preparations with a sage for treatment of different types of cough are:

Sage (from Natur Product)

The active substances are sage extract and sage oil. Used to treat inflammation in the upper respiratory tract and oral cavity. Do not use for allergies to sage, during pregnancy and lactation, children under five years of age and patients with acute nephritis.

For treatment, it is necessary to keep the lozenge in your mouth until it completely melts. Usual dosage for adults: six lozenges per day (every two hours). The duration of the course is not more than a week. Among the side effects are allergies.

Salvia Evalar

Cough lozenges that are anti-inflammatory. They include sage oil. Very important is the fact that they do not have sugar, so patients with diabetes can use them without problems.

The recommended duration of admission is four days. In a day adults need to take five pastilles. Also in the preparation there is vitamin C. Contraindicated in cases of allergy to sage and during pregnancy.

Method for applying pastilles against cough

Virtually all pastilles from cough apply equally. It is necessary to know that they can not be chewed. All such preparations are kept in the oral cavity until they are fully resorbed. Only in this case you will get the most effective treatment. Typically, the maximum allowable dose per day is ten lozenges. They are divided into separate receptacles for one lozenge in two to three hours.


Cough pastilles usually do not have a particular problem with overdose. Only the drug "Koldakt Lorkpils" sometimes causes increased dizziness, nausea, headache, increased heartbeat and drowsiness, if the patient took above the daily rate of pastilles.

Interactions with other drugs

Various studies have shown that cough drops often interact well with other drugs without causing side effects. Moreover, influenza and ARVI are usually treated with a combination of drugs that help reduce the strength of various symptoms of the disease.

Storage conditions

Cough pastilles are stored in a dark and dry place at temperatures up to + 30 ° C. It is very important that the place is protected from children. Remember that improper storage of medications can make them unsuitable for use. To learn how to properly store a particular tool, you can read about it in the instructions.

Shelf life

Shelf life of cough drops is usually five years. The use of the drug after this time can lead to serious consequences. Remember that the manufacturer must indicate the expiry date on the package of the preparation.

Cheap cough lozenges

Cough at least once in my life prevented everyone. To cure it, people usually rush to the pharmacy to buy effective cough lozenges. Many simply take the tool that they heard about in advertising, without thinking that there are cheaper analogues that are not inferior in efficiency. Cheap cough lozenges:

  • Cofflet. The drug is anti-inflammatory, helps not only to get rid of cough and sore throat, but also to freshen your breath. Apply one lozenge three to four times a day. Price for one lozenge 0 UAH.
  • Halls. Excellent lollipops that help to remove severe attacks of cough. Usually come with menthol, orange and honey flavor. The composition of the drug includes: menthol, glucose, sugar, eucalyptus oil. Price 0 UAH.
  • Immunvit. The lozenges help to soften the cough, freshen the breath, kill the bacteria, remove the perspiration in the throat and runny nose. Do not take with allergies to the components of the drug. They include the root of licorice. Can be used when the smoker coughs. The cost of one package: 2, 0 UAH.

If you think that cough is a common symptom, which by itself passes quickly and does not lead to consequences, you are very wrong. Incorrect treatment of a cough can lead to pyelonephritis, sinusitis, meningitis.

The use of Dr Mom for the treatment of colds

Doctor Mom- a well-known name for medicines for the treatment of viral respiratory diseases. It is difficult to recall any drugs that are produced in such diverse dosage forms: syrup, ointment, lollipops, tablets. Many years of experience with the use of drugs Dr. Mom from a cough only says that they are actually effective for treating children and adults.

Variety of medicinal forms of the preparation

Pharmaceutical company, engaged in the manufacture of drugs Dr. Mom, produces this drug in a wide variety of pharmacological forms. This approach makes treatment of colds very convenient, because you can conduct local treatment, working directly on the focus of inflammation.


Cough syrup Dr. Mom is prescribed for the development of acute and chronic forms of the following diseases:

  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • tracheitis.

The composition of the popular cough syrup includes a large number of medicinal plants: basil sacred, turmeric long, ginger, aloe barbadensis, menthol and others. Thanks to the combination of these medicinal plants, the syrup has an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and soothing effect.Such a wide range of therapeutic actions in only one preparation has a positive effect on the whole organism of the patient, contributing to a rapid recovery.

Receiving syrup

Children Doctor Mom from a cough is ideal, as it does not contain alcohol, narcotic and hypnotics

The syrup quickly softens the cough, eliminates the feeling of suffocation, alleviates the pain of coughing, and therefore consuming it for the night will help make sleep more calm and prolonged. This is especially important in the treatment of children, because very often they can not fall asleep due to a suffocating cough. Children Doctor Mom from a cough is ideal, as it does not contain alcohol, narcotic and hypnotic substances.

As a side effect of the syrup, an allergy may appear. If there is itching and redness of the skin, then the intake of syrup should be discontinued. Especially should be monitored for the treatment of children and pregnant women. But if there is no allergy to certain plants that make up the syrup, then surely you can continue treatment.

Lozenges and lozenges

Dosage form Dr. Mom - pastilles and lollipops

Lozenges or lollipops Dr. Mom will help to get rid of a cough quickly

Cough lozenges or lozenges also consist of therapeutic herbal components. They contain extracts of ginger, licorice, emblem and menthol. Pastilles Doctor Mohm from a cough help to thin and quickly remove phlegm from the bronchi, and soften the irritated throat. It is recommended to take the lozenges in the following cases:

  • cough for colds and other infectious diseases of the respiratory tract;
  • pain and dryness in the throat;
  • mechanical damage to the mucous throat;
  • pneumonia;
  • cough due to smoking.

For a day not more than 10 candies can be consumed. They are designed for slow absorption, so that medicinal substances get on the mucous membrane of the throat, thus providing a soothing effect. Pastilles are recommended for the first symptoms of colds. Candies from a cough Dr. Mom are very fond of children, because in addition to relieving the pain in the throat they have a pleasant taste.But very small children should not give them, because a fairly large size of candy can be dangerous for them.


Dosage form Doctor Mom - ointment

Ointment from the cold The doctor Mom can be used in pregnancy

In the ointment for coughing, Dr. Mom enters paraffin or petrolatum, camphor, turpentine, eucalyptus oil, nutmeg oil, thymol and levomenthol. Most of all during application, there is a strong smell of menthol, which favorably affects the stuffy nose. Therefore, doctors also recommend using Dr. Mom's ointment from the common cold.

Ointment for cold helps to remove several symptoms at once:

  • nasal congestion;
  • coryza;
  • cough;
  • headache;
  • pain in the back and sternum when coughing.

Camphor and levomenthol have an analgesic effect. Ointment from the cold The doctor Mom is applied as follows: it is applied to the nose from two sides of the paranasal passages, to the middle between the eyebrows and to the temporal areas. Thus, the nose of the mucus is released, and the headache passes. If you use the ointment before going to bed, it will be much easier to fall asleep with light breathing than with a stuffy nose.

When using Dr. Mom's ointment for colds, apply a thin layer on the chest and neck.

It is important to remember that the ointment can have a strong irritant effect on the mucous membranes, so you should be careful not to get the drug into the eyes.

Usually, the ointment is used in conjunction with other medications, since this is only an external impact on the focus of inflammation, and for effective treatment, it is also necessary to internal penetration preparation. For this, the therapeutic effect can be enhanced by the use of pastilles and sucking tablets from cough Dr. Mom or syrup.

Thus, the natural components of all medical forms of the release Dr. Mom allows you to choose exactly what is necessary for the treatment of each person, depending on the manifested symptoms. It is very useful to use ointments, syrups and candies as a prophylaxis for the first symptoms of a cold, both for adults and small children.

Vegetable lozenges Doctor IOM - enemy of cough # 1

Lozenges doctor instructions

Often faced with commercials on TV, colorful booklets and posters in pharmacy kiosks, it is possible to come to a conclusion, that plant pastilles "Doctor MOM" occupy the very first place in the list of medicines for the treatment of respiratory diseases ways.

Properties of the preparation

Doctor Mom pastilles composition

The composition of pastilles Dr. MOM includes effective natural ingredients

Plant lollipops "Doctor MOM" in its complex contain active extracts of oils and medicinal plants.The centuries-old experience in homeopathy confirms their positive impact on health.

The production of drugs of this brand occurs in India, famous for its respectful attitude to nature and the use of its forces in the treatment of various diseases. And although the price is somewhat higher in comparison with competitors, the effectiveness and naturalness of the composition justifies this.

pastilles doctor mom instructions for useThe composition of plant lozenges includes the following components:
  • dry extracts;
  • levomentola;
  • sucrose and dextrose liquid;
  • glycerol;
  • monohydrate;
  • methylparahydroxybenzoate;
  • propyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • mint flavor.

Depending on the taste of pastilles, which are pineapple, orange, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, fruit and berry add natural flavor and color.

Application features

pastilles doctor mom instructions for use

Pastilles Dr. MOM are sold in pharmacies without a prescription and at an affordable price

The instruction, which must necessarily be enclosed in each certified cardboard pack of pastilles recommends slowly dissolving the lozenges, if you feel a sore throat, pain, dryness and cough.The maximum daily dose of lozenges is ten.

To ease the condition, you must take the lozenge after two hours, especially if the patient suffers from professional laryngitis.

cough with phlegm after eatingHow to cure cough with phlegm after eating, is indicated in the article.

How to use the cough syrup for children Dr. Mom, you can learn from the article.

How quickly treatment with folk remedies of dry cough occurs, is indicated in the article here:

Since pastilles "Doctor MOM" are released in a pharmacy without a prescription, it is recommended not to abuse their use, but to buy with the following diseases:

  • chronic or acute pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • with respiratory diseases with difficulties of sputum discharge and coughing.

The drug can help with mechanical irritation of the throat (mucous membrane), eliminates the symptoms of micro-inflammation. Effective with pneumonia, but exclusively in combination with prescribed medicines.

Pregnancy and children - limitations

is it possible for pregnant women to sleep with a doctor?By analogy with most medications, "Doctor MOM" pastilles are not recommended for use during pregnancy. Flavors, preservatives and colorants are unlikely to benefit the fetus, given that the body gets into the body with food.It is not necessary to increase the amount of negative harmful substances in the body of a future mother, giving preference to folk natural remedies for the treatment of sore throat.Instead of pastilles, you can use safer cough syrup from Alteyka.

The instruction does not recommend buying vegetative pastilles for children, limiting the age of application to adulthood. It is obvious that the producer is reinsured with such a high age threshold, and it is obvious that the trout will not harm teenagers. For very young children, it is better to use the popular cough recipes for children.

The main frightening factor is a fairly large size of the lozenge, which the child can swallow entirely without being able to fully rassosat. In this case, it is desirable to replace the tablets with a syrup with similar properties in order to avoid suffocation and other troubles.

Obvious contraindications

It will be more expedient to abandon the use of plant lollies "Doctor MOM if resorption, you will feel additional inflammation, burning, you will see a rash on the body (the so-called urticaria). Probably, to you the above-stated structure does not approach, as on the face signs of a medicinal allergy are shown.

medication cough smokerHow is medication cough medicines smoker, you can learn from the article.

What are the causes, when persist in the throat and coughing, is indicated in this article.

What to do. when strongly pershit in the throat and dry cough, is indicated here:

Since the maximum number of lozenges per day is the number ten, the help in softening the throat can in parallel provide a warm drink or gargle with ordinary warm water.

Price category

plant lozenges from cough doctor mom instructionsIn their category, medicines of the "Doctor MOM" series refer to more expensive medications. This is explained byPlant lozenges are made in India and include in their composition natural ecologically clean components.
  1. Depending on the location of the pharmacy, packing of plant pastilles is within ninety - one hundred and twenty rubles. For example, in an online pharmacy the cost is 98-100 ruble depending on the taste of the lozenges;
  2. In Kaliningrad: 91-98 rubles, depending on taste;
  3. In Moscow, the price is about one hundred rubles;
  4. In St. Petersburg - 103 rubles;
  5. In Yekaterinburg - 110-115 rubles.

Customer Reviews

Dr. Mom Cough lozenges reviewsEkaterina, Kirov: "As for a high school teacher, my voice machine is very important to me. Very often for the lesson the children are breathing in the classroom, after which it is necessary to open the window for ventilation at a change. Constant opening of doors provokes a draft, and I feel cold symptoms on myself quite often. Therefore, in the bedside table, I always have the pastilles "Doctor MOM which I quietly dissolve before the beginning of the lesson.They really always help, and the lesson can be held at a high level, without coughing and tearing. I recommend to everyone".

Alice, Moscow: "I'm a tour guide on a pleasure boat in Moscow. Every day at work I have to tell tourists about the sights of the White-stone. My voice is a kind of visiting card, and I can not afford to be hoarse. Unfortunately, the weather in Moscow is often windy, especially near the water, so colds are a real scourge of my profession.In my purse I always have candy "Doctor MOM" with citrus taste.As soon as I notice the first signs of a cold, I immediately take candy, and literally in the shortest possible time again I can conduct an excursion. Possessing an antipyretic agent, this drug allows me to protect myself from the complex course of the cold. "


Video will tell you how to make effective cough drops at home:

In conclusion, it should be noted that the plant components of Dr.Mom release have a huge number of pluses and allow you to choose everything you need with quality treatment. It is very useful to use ointments, various lollipops and syrups as a preventive measure.

Doctor Mom (pastilles, syrup, ointment) from a cough

Dr. Mom with a coughEveryone, regardless of age and state of immunity, at least once in his life was ill. Of the most common ailments, persecuted people need to allocate catarrhal diseases, accompanied by a cough. This symptom can be manifested in the form of dry or moist reflex spasms (with sputum discharge), which exhaust and torment, not only the sick person himself, but also the people surrounding him.

To quickly get rid of cough, you need to choose the right medicine and take it on the advice of a doctor. One of the most common and effective drugs is Dr. Mom. It is a combined expectorant on a plant basis. It has a mukalitic, anti-inflammatory and local-diluting effect.

Forms of the drug Dr. Mom

The drug is produced in many forms, which makes its use even more convenient.

Dosage form



In 100 ml of syrup contains extracts: seeds and roots of basil, licorice, ginger, elecampane, aloe, nightshade indian. Menthol is also included in the stat.


In 20 g of ointment contains: menthol, thymol, camphor and oil (turpentine, eucalyptus, nutmeg).

Pastilles (orange, lemon, raspberry, pineapple, berry, fictitious).

The preparation contains: an extract of a root of licorice, ginger, an embryo, and also menthol.

Syrup Doctor Mom

Syrup Doctor MohmThe most common dosage form is Dr. Mom syrup. It is usually prescribed to children for the treatment of dry cough or a symptom that manifests itself in the form of strong reflex acts with little sputum discharge.

The effectiveness of the syrup is due to its unique composition. It has a bronchodilator, mucolytic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. Syrup Doctor Mohm effectively softens the throat, promotes the dilution of sputum and its excretion of their respiratory organs. After taking medication, the effect of congestion and pain is quickly eliminated.

Indications for the use of syrup Dr. Mom

The drug is prescribed for the treatment of cough of various etiologies. Dr. Mom syrup is effective in treating a cough that has arisen in the background:

  • ARI.
  • Laryngitis.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Abuse of smoking.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Trachitis.

Cough syrup does not contain alcohol and narcotic substances, so it is prescribed to treat the symptom not only for adults but also for children. The suspension has a pleasant taste and aroma.

Ointment Doctor Mom

Ointment Dr. MomCough ointment has a local warming and anti-inflammatory effect, due to the influence of essential oils, resulting in a decrease in the frequency of coughing, and swelling of the bronchial walls. Ointment Doctor Mom soft massaging movements are applied to the chest and neck of the patient, after which you need to take cover.

Ointment Doctor Mom is effective for acute inflammatory processes of the bronchi and mucous membranes of the nose, larynx. It is also used for a strong, debilitating cough with pain.

Pastilles Dr. Mom from cough and sore throat

Dr. Mom's PastillesLozenges effectively relieve pain in the throat, eliminate the effect of stuffiness. They also help to reduce the frequency of reflex acts, due to their mukalitic and anti-inflammatory effects. They are assigned to adults and children of different ages. Lollipops are struggling with a smoker's cough, and also arose against a background of acute respiratory diseases.

Why many doctors with a cough appoint a drug Dr. Mom

Doctor for treatment of cough

Today, there are many drugs that are effective for coughing different etiologies. Many prefer this particular drug, because it has excellent reviews and its price is low, compared to other drugs from strong reflex acts.

Despite the fact that Dr. Mom is a plant-based preparation, one should consult a doctor before using it. Since there are still some caveats on its application:

  • Syrup and lozenges should not be taken together with medicines that block the cough reflex (kodelak, sinecode, libexin, etc.).
  • The daily dose of taking candies should not exceed 10 tablets.

Cough lozenges

Cough lozengesAs is known, cough is an accompanying element of viral diseases. For its elimination and suppression, medicinal complex includes cough drops. They can also be used as an expectorant.

Cough lozenges differ from other dosage forms in that they should be used every two to three hours (however, not more than 10 pastilles per day) and must be thoroughly resorbed. By their composition, they differ practically only in the auxiliary components.

Due to the fact that small children can not dissolve the lozenges carefully and for a long time, it is recommended to start their reception from the age of three. However, before taking, you should carefully read the instructions, since many pastilles contain menthol, and therefore, their use is recommended for children from six years of age.

Effective action of the drug occurs almost in a few minutes after its application, which allows you to suppress an arisen attack of cough.

It should be recalled that cough drops are a medicinal product and its use is possible only after a visit physician, especially for babies, as they are provided with a number of procedures and facilities other than adults of people. Consultation of doctors is necessary in any cases, since each kind of pastilles has its own contraindications and features of the effect.

Among all kinds of pastilles, such cough pastilles as Bronchicum, "Alex Plus "Doctor Mom "Sage" and "Linkas each formulation contains decoctions of medicinal herbs.

So, the main component of pastilles "Bronchicum" is an extract of thyme grass, which has an expectorant effect, actively fighting inflammatory processes and microbes. Assign these lozenges to children from six years, one piece at a time, but not more than four per day.

The reception of pastilles "Alex Plus" is recommended for acute as well as chronic diseases of the respiratory system, which accompanies a dry cough. In its composition contains ginger and lemon little, as well as other components that have bronchospasmolytic and expectorant action. The effect occurs within 30 minutes after taking. Use this type of lozenge can be children from four years, the maximum dosage per day is not more than four.

Lozenges "Doctor Mom" ​​is contraindicated for children under 18 years of age, but in practice they are used for children from 10. In its composition, "Doctor Mom" ​​contains extracts of licorice naked, an emblem of medicinal and ginger present. It is prescribed as an auxiliary in the treatment and has anti-inflammatory, expectorant actions.

Lollipops "Sage this is a herbal preparation and contains in its composition the extract of sage and the derivative of it, essential oil. It is possible to use children from three years with pharyngitis, tracheitis and bronchitis. Has a number of active actions, such as antispasmodic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal. The total amount of applied pastilles should not exceed 8 per day.

"Lincas" lozenges contain extracts of vascular adhad, licorice naked, red pepper, fragrant violet, kalgan large and hyssop of medicinal and possess expectorant, antipyretic, antispasmodic and mucolytic action. They are used as an auxiliary, with acute and chronic pharyngitis, tracheitis with a dry irritable cough. Children can be used on reaching the age of three for one lozenge at a time, but not more than 8 pieces per day. The drug should be used cautiously, since it is contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus. There are cases of individual non-tolerance, as well as side effects in the form of rashes.

Thus, cough lozenges, this is an excellent adjuvant in the complex treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases. But we must always remember that before you begin to receive seemingly harmless pastilles, be sure to consult a doctor to help our child, and not to harm.

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