Cough from snot than to cure

Than you should treat a cough from a snot in a child

Than to treat a cough from a snot in a child? Parents are asked this question when their baby has neither temperature, nor ill health, but a cough has appeared. As a rule, children begin to cough after the manifestation of the common cold, especially if the mucus secreted is liquid. What is the reason for this, is it necessary to treat the disease with a cough medicine?

The problem of cough in children

Where does the problem come from?

Coughing is a reflex reaction of the body to stimuli that have got into the respiratory tract. The anatomical shape of the nasopharynx has such a structure that sometimes with a cold the slime drips down its wall, gets on the ligaments, irritates them, resulting in a cough from the snot. Even if the child blew his nose - sputum still gets into the respiratory tract. It's mucus from the rhinitis that irritates the throat.

Therefore, it is necessary to fight not with a consequence, but with its cause - a runny nose. It is known that by coughing the body protects itself, so if there is a properly prescribed treatment of the nose, the problem will be eliminated, as such. If you do not pay attention to such a "trifle the runny nose can develop into serious enough complications: the appearance of sinusitis, rhinitis, cysts. And the wrong treatment for a cough can turn into chronic forms. It is necessary to show the child to the pediatrician and loru. The pediatrician will listen to the lungs for wheezing, and ENT will examine the condition of the nose.

Inhalation with laryngitisWhen it turns out that the cough from the snot has appeared due to the defeat of the upper respiratory tract, this may indicate a developing laryngitis or tracheitis.

Symptoms of laryngitis: dry mouth, burning in the throat, periodic attacks of dry cough, swelling, inflammation of the throat. Treat the laryngitis by inhalation.

Tracheitis is characterized by inflammation of the larynx. Symptoms: a strong cough without coughing in a child manifests itself in the morning.So, you can not suppress the disease with cough medicine, because the deterioration of the condition is caused not by a virus, but by the appearance of a cold.

What should I do?

Discharge from the nose appears as a result of changes in the functioning of its internal membranes. The reasons can be very diverse: allergies, foreign objects, ARVI, other diseases and so on. The nature of the snot is divided into two types: dense and liquid. Most often, a cough occurs with liquid discharge, which easily falls on the back wall of the nasopharynx.

To treat this problem, it is better to use drops in children.

Drops for the treatment of a coldThey act softer than sprays. Appoint an effective drug against the common cold can only a doctor. There are many different means of action for the corresponding age. Buy drops, prescribe dosage yourself is not necessary because parents do not know what caused the cold. Plus, the treatment should be comprehensive, since there is a runny nose with a cough. First you need to eliminate the snot, and then calm the irritated throat.

However, in spite of this, parents can take a number of measures that will facilitate the course of the illness in the baby. Treat with home remedies, too, you need to be careful. First of all, you need to remove the mucus from the nose in a timely manner, as well as the one that the child coughs, to make sure that there is no swallowing.

Do this with a soft napkin or a handkerchief so as not to create irritation around the nose. In addition, it is necessary to teach children to blow their nose, as the snot prevents them from breathing fully. Do not overheat or overcool the baby. Keep your feet warm.

The children's room must be kept clean, and the temperature in the room should not exceed 20 degrees. Before going to bed is useful airing. Humidification of air by special devices is allowed.

Walking in the open air is not prohibited if the baby does not have temperature, and the weather on the street is quite warm.

Aromatherapy will help ease the condition with a cold. It is enough to add a couple drops of eucalyptus or mint oil to the bathing bath. Healing couples are able to actively fight with microbes in the nose.

It is allowed to wash the nose with sterile sea water, especially with very abundant mucus discharge.


The use of a large amount of liquid also has a positive effect. Eliminate colds and runny nose will help lime tea, drunk at night warm milk with honey. It is worth remembering that honey should not be dissolved in a hot liquid, as it loses its healing properties.

During a cold, a child should consume enough vitamins. This will enhance the body's natural defense.

Massage of the wings of the nose helps to remove the snot. In addition, you can massage the nose bridge from top to bottom. Hold at least three times a day.

Conclusion on the topic

Cough and snot are interrelated. When a child feels normal, but suffers from a cough and a cold, then the cause lies in the mucus that has got into the respiratory tract.


In no case should parents heal the symptoms on their own, believing that the problem will pass by itself. If the medical help was appointed on time, it will relieve the child of painful discomfort, so do not neglect the visit to a specialist.

Than to treat a cough "from snot"?



From any cough, the remedy is to soar your legs.

And from the snot lor you correctly said - the saline solution treats even sinusitis. And what about the ventilator? so sopelki can not pass, will constantly go a small inflammation in the sinuses. Ventilate, but when the child is not in the room.

And maybe you do not cough for these reasons? even if snot and drain, then into the stomach... Why cough then? try still to stalk the legs, do inhalation over the herbs (chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus) or over a potato. Breathe and spout and mouth. deeply inhaling and under the blanket (covered). Only after inhalation do not talk.

Still it is possible to shake in a nose of different good pieces: aloe juice (for a child to dilute with vodichkoj); onion juice or even such a means: to take a black radish, cut off the crown, make a depression and put it there honey. Tail the incision and drop them into a glass - there will be a stack of juice (a mixture of radish and honey), which should be dripped into the spout. Still drip the beet juice to small children.

And how do you wash the brine? it is unlikely that a kid can do it right, because it is effective only when you do it: draw a saline solution with your nose and cough up afterwards through the throat. Feelings unpleasant, like when diving and water in the nose will get.



Tatiana B

Treat snot. there will not be a snot-there will not be a cough. For the first time I hear such a diagnosis


raise general immunity - you look and feel better... echinacea, multivitamins and gymnastics

Running on the waves

at night - window leaf? and the child, by chance, is not in the same room with an open window asleep?
you so can not cure, more likely the started rhinitis will pass in what-string sinusitis


itself will pass. we somehow assigned complex drops of hydrocortisone + something else - the child screams like a sliced, and the sense of zero

Lilia Chudinova (Tikhonova)

all the same, I think, you need to treat snot, but not cough ...


Rinse it out, buy a baby Dolphin, wash it twice a day, bury your nose protargol and apricot butter - because the dolphin dries, drink from the cough syrup of licorice, so that the snot out of the lungs.

Such One

We are sick of such a phytophia was - treated snot, drank a lot of fluids. At night, when he started coughing, they cleaned his nose, splashed sprays or drops of zolin group (rhinosolin, nozolin, etc.) were given to drink warm water to wash off this kaku and the baby slept on until the next attack. So have patience for a week.

Alfia Ibragimova

You better look at Dr. Komarovsky. He is a pediatrician. After listening to him I learned how to treat children without drugs. And if you wash with brine, then this is correct. And go out for walks.

How does a 2 year old child have cough and snot treatment? I tried a lot of money, but nothing helps


Ulcer of the Aristocrat

The pediatrician is well treated


they are such snot..., than do not treat, and the process itself will pass.
most importantly, it is not possible to heal maxillary sinusitis by self-medication.
cough, in general, serious vesch.

Mom Choli

because they do not cure a cure and the cause of it causing, and the reason the doctor must find

♫ ツ Natali ツ ♫

Maybe she's allergic, and you cured the cold. Have not you thought about it?


pills coryza from the cold only they French do not know is now in the pharmacy and the medicine of the same firm Boaron

this is

bath try

Journey through life

we were well helped by that
cough-ingoalation -3 times a day or more often lasovlana + fiz. solution of 1/1 ml. breathe for 15 minutes
Milk with mineral water and honey for the night and before lunch, and azts or fluimitsill.
rhinitis-inhalation with colloidal silver + dioxidin, also 2 / 2- too times 3 -4. Before inhalation, rinse the nose with aquamarris, after 15 minutes, pour in Naziv, after 15 minutes of inhalation.

Keep it up

I sympathize - the situation is incomprehensible. It is necessary to go to the doctor!
Cough is from the snot - they irritate the throat when they drain from the nasopharynx down.
Snot, there are also allergies and new teeth and colds.
From the snot of my nose spray with seawater. I use Morenazal - because he has a dosed spray and he will not push the snot to his ears like sprays without a dispenser. Plus, if necessary, nazivin 2-3 times a day. Get well!!!

The child cough and snot without temperature

The child cough without snot and temperatureCough and snot in a child, even without the temperature, most often, is a symptom of colds. In children of less than a year, a periodic mild cough can be a variant of the norm, thus, dust, mucus and other foreign particles are removed from the respiratory tract of the baby. In this case, cough is mainly observed in the morning hours and after the baby is fed. Subcooling can also cause coughing and discharge from the nose. With good immunity, these symptoms do not develop in the common cold, but pass after warming the baby. Often, cough and snot in a child without a temperature appear with allergies.

Causes of cough with snot without temperature

The most common causes of cough with snot without temperature are infectious diseases and allergic reactions.


Cough and severe rhinitis while maintaining normal body temperature is typical for colds of a viral nature. In bacterial diseases, as a rule, the temperature rises. If the treatment of a cold does not begin in time, it is possible to develop various complications, such as sinusitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and others.

Viral catarrhal diseases greatly weaken the body and reduce its protective properties, it can lead to the attachment of a bacterial infection. Often against the background of a chronic cold, chronic diseases become worse and pathogenic microorganisms become more active. Therefore, coughing and snotting in a child even without a temperature can lead to serious consequences. When these symptoms appear, you need to show the baby to the pediatrician and immediately start treatment.


Allergies can also cause a cough and runny nose in a child without fever. With an allergic reaction, dry cough, abundant clear discharge from the nasal passages, swelling in the nose, lachrymation, redness and rashes on the skin can be observed.

The causes of allergy development can be the following:

  • long stay in a smoky room;
  • large amount of dust in the room;
  • Smoking of parents in the room where the baby is;
  • flowering plants;
  • the use of certain cosmetics and household chemicals;
  • too dry air and stuff.

Symptoms of allergy are similar to those of a cold. When you have a cough and runny nose, the child should go to the doctor to clarify the diagnosis. If it is found that the causes of the common cold are allergic, you need to find out what exactly causes the baby such a reaction. In this parents can help an allergist. Allergy requires certain treatment and eliminating contact with the substance that causes it. If you do not take any action, then against a background of prolonged dry cough can develop chronic bronchitis, and, subsequently, bronchial asthma.

Cough and snot treatment without temperature

In the allergic nature of cough and snot, treatment, in the first place, is to eliminate the allergen from the environment of the child. In most cases, after this, allergy manifestations go to a decline, and then completely disappear. If this does not happen or is too slow, the doctor can prescribe antihistamines such as Zirtek, Fenistil, Loratadin, Suprastin and others.

When you cough and runny nose of any origin, proper care is important. In the room where the child is, you need to regularly wet cleaning and airing. The air in it should not be too dry. To combat dryness, you can arrange several bowls of water around the room. Runny nose is treated by washing the nose with a solution of salt or specialty pharmaceuticals. The child should be given as much warm drink.

The child cough without snot and temperature

Coughing manifests many pathologies of the respiratory system. Most often, it is accompanied by a rise in temperature and the appearance of discharge from the nose, but sometimes cough can be the only manifestation of the disease.

The child has a cough without fever and snot is not always pathological, so the body can simply clean the respiratory tract from small particles that have got into them. However, when there is a paroxysmal cough, accompanied by vomiting or signs of an allergic reaction, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Signs of cough without snot and temperature

As already mentioned, the cause of cough without snot and temperature can be cleaning the respiratory system. In this case, the child has mild cough, which is repeated quite rarely, usually in the morning hours, after feeding or sleeping. Sign of falling into the respiratory system of dust, food particles, smoke and other irritants can be a sharp prolonged cough without fever and snot.

If a cough occurs suddenly, has a paroxysmal character, and symptoms of a lack of air are observed, then it can be assumed that foreign objects enter the respiratory system. This situation requires emergency medical care.

Cough without fever and snot can be a sign of an allergic reaction. The cause of this cough can become pollen of plants, house dust, household chemicals, cosmetics, animal hair and so on. Allergy is manifested with a strong cough. If it becomes permanent, then it is considered an unfavorable sign that speaks of the development of chronic bronchitis.

The child cough and snot without temperature

How to get rid of a cough without snot and temperature

The course of treatment of colds and other diseases should be determined by a qualified doctor. In this case, it must be complex. When deciding how to get rid of a cough without snot and temperature, parents should pay attention to the following points:

- Plentiful warm drink;

- moistened and fresh air in the apartment;

- regular cleaning of the premises;

- intake of vitamins, especially ascorbic acid;

- walks on the street, but without contact with other children;

- taking mucolytics to facilitate sputum discharge.

Of the folk remedies for cough without temperature, you can select warmed milk, diluted in equal parts with mineral water. In it you can add a little butter and honey. This remedy softens the throat and has a soothing effect.

A popular recipe for coughing is the juice of black radish with honey. To make it in a vegetable, make a small indentation, where honey is poured (sugar can be used in its absence). After 3-4 hours in the hole formed juice, which is drunk from a cough. After this, honey can be poured into the cavity again. Such a remedy is suitable for treating cough in children older than a year.

Another good means is bearish fat, it can be replaced by badger or even goose. This fat in the evening before going to bed the child rubs his chest and back, usually a few days later the cough disappears. The course of rubbing with fat is 10 days.

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