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Expectorant and phlegmatic cough remedies: a review of drugs

Ever since childhood, anyone knows about coughing. As a rule, children at a certain time of the year massively cough in kindergartens and primary school.

In pharmacies for cough control, there are various expectorants, namely tablets, syrups and drops.

Using these medicines you can achieve the elimination of a cough, but eventually it comes again.

To make this symptom as rare as possible in a person's life, adults need to know what is the best expectorant to choose to get rid of phlegm.

Why Use Drugs

If you proceed from the fact that cough is a physiological process, it is worthwhile to ask yourself the question of why a remedy is needed, and what is the mechanism of its action.

expectorantsThe bronchial and tracheal nerves of a healthy person produce a tracheobronchial secret. This fluid helps the respiratory tract to fight against viruses and bacteria, and also participates in the removal of small particles that enter the human body with air. Every day, a person swallows approximately 100 ml of such mucus.
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If an infection gets into the body, then the amount of tracheobronchial secretion can increase to 1.5 liters per day. When there is a lot of such sputum, this leads to the further development of pathogens. The body is trying to get rid of the harmful secret, which provokes a cough.

Sputum is very difficult to remove from the respiratory tract, as it is difficult to dilute.

The main function of the researchers, which are used to eliminate wet cough, is the sputum liquefaction.

Difference between expectorants and antitussive drugs

Expectorants for bronchitis can dilute sputum and facilitate its removal from the body, and antitussives have the opposite principle of action.

Most of the antitussive drugs have a central effect and block the cough reflex. The doctor prescribes antitussives, as a rule, with a dry, that is, "barking" cough, the main sign of which is the complete absence of bronchial secretions.

This means that when treating a cough it is very important not to get confused. It is strictly forbidden to take both medicines from wet and dry cough.

It is important to remember that expectorants for bronchitis based on carbocisteine, acetylcysteine ​​and ambroxol can not be combined with antitussive drugs of central action.

To date, there is no classification of expectorants. In the practice of pharmacy it is customary to distinguish:

  • expanding agents that have an irritating effect - drugs based on medicinal plants,
  • sulfhydryl group: carbocysteine, acetylcysteine,
  • derivatives of vasicin: ambroxol, bromhexine,
  • combined expectorants.

Medicines that stimulate expectoration have a lot of names: expectorants, secretolytics and ekspektoranty - all these names give the same medicines.

Expectorants may have different mechanisms of action.

Drugs with irritant effect and agents that affect bronchial receptors

Since some drugs contribute to irritation of the gastric mucosa receptors, the bronchial glands stimulate and the production of bronchial secretions increases.

Expectorant SyrupThus, sputum is diluted, and it is gradually eliminated from the body. Expectorant properties, like an expectorant against cough, have the most medicinal herbs, for example, the herb of thermopsis, the root of the althaea, terpinhydrate, and essential oils.

Another principle of the effect of expectorants is the direct effect on bronchial mucosa and the subsequent stimulation of sputum production. Among such medicines are ammonium chloride and potassium iodide.

The sulfhydryl groups can be oxidized, thereby rupturing the disulfide bonds of the mucopolysaccharides of the bronchial secretion. That is why sputum is diluted, and pus ceases to be viscous.

Derivatives of vasicin

The alkaloid vazicin is obtained from the leaves of the Adhatoda vasica plant. This substance has long been known as an effective means of promoting expectoration. Scientists have created a synthetic vazicin, called bromhexine, which, when disintegrated, is transformed into ambroxol.

Ambroxol destroys mucopolysaccharides and mucoproteins, of which mucus consists. Moreover, vaccine preparations increase the production of bronchial secretion, increasing the motor ciliary epithelium, which is lined with the airways. Also, ambroxol has a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Vazicin drugs affect different stages of the pathological process and are the most popular and effective means for diluting sputum, which are necessary for wet cough.

Folk remedies for treating cough in pharmaceutics: medicinal herbs

Traditional medicines based on medicinal plants are almost always well tolerated by humans, have a high safety, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of people who use productively for diseases of the people means of treatment. In addition, an expectorant against coughing at home, not necessarily to do yourself, there are already prepared drugs.

ivy as an expectorantCurrently, pharmaceutical companies produce a large number of drugs based on herbs, which involve popular recipes for treatment.

For example, ivy is rich in saponins, a substance that has mucolytic effects, as well as spasmolytic effects. Some ivy-based drugs can be shown not only to adults, but also to infants.

After consultation with a doctor, such traditional medicines can also be taken by pregnant and nursing mothers.

Medicines with ivy are universal and safe - they are used for both dry and wet cough. Now in Russia have received registration:

  1. Gedelix,
  2. Prospan,
  3. Herbion Ivy syrup.

Preparations of plantain

Expectorant medications with plantain are quite popular. These drugs have a positive effect with all types of cough. Most of the medicines are shown to adults, as well as pregnant and during lactation.

These drugs include:

  • Dr. Tys syrup with plantain,
  • combined remedies Eucabal (extract of thyme and plantain),
  • Herbion syrup of plantain (vitamin C, plantain extract and mallow).

Means based on thyme

Thyme extract has a pronounced antimicrobial activity, mucolytic and antitussive effects. Medicines with thyme extract and its folk analogs can be used for dry and wet cough of various origin, including when the smoker coughs.

Among the expectorants with thyme, you can name: Bronchicum C, Bronchicum pastilles (allowed for lactation and pregnancy), and Tussamag and Dr. Tays Bronhosept in the form of drops.

Herbal remedy, which is produced by the German firm Bionorica, Bronchipret contains the best combination of extract of thyme and ivy. Bronchipret is prescribed for various diseases of the respiratory tract, for example, with laryngitis or tracheitis. In pediatrics Bronchipret in the form of drops prescribed from three months of life of the child.

Another product of the company "Bionorica" ​​is the Bronchipret tablets, which contain an extract of primrose and thyme. The drug has mucolytic effects, but tablets can be consumed by adults and children after 12 years.

Slovak remedy Herbion syrup of primrose in its composition also has a combination of thyme and primrose. This drug prescribed for any cough for children from two years old and adults.

To expectorant drugs with thyme is also the familiar to everyone: Pertussin is an aromatic cough syrup, in which, in addition to the main constituent, there is potassium bromide.

Preparations of althea

Even in Soviet pharmacies, the formulation of preparations with rhizome and altea roots was developed. Since that time, medicines with althea extract are "popular" expectorants in Russia, which are economical and effective.

At present, Russia produces syrup of althea and Mukaltin. Mucaltin can be used by dissolving it in a third of a glass of boiled warm water.

Tablets of thermopsis

Tablets of thermopsisTablets of thermopsis have been manufactured for many years by industrial pharmacy. People are accustomed to purchasing inexpensive tablets from cough with sodium hydrocarbonate and a herb of thermopsis. These mucolytics safely and effectively dilute sputum, they can be taken by adults and children.

The Russian company "Pharmstandard" produces another similar device called Termopsol.

Pharmaceutical structures produce combined mucolytic preparations with plant components in different amounts. The effectiveness of such drugs is about the same, the safety is high, which makes it possible to apply them in pediatrics.

The components of these drugs are widely used by folk healers for recipes at home.

It should list the main drugs of this group:

  • Stoptussin-Phyto with extracts of thyme, plantain and thyme,
  • Cough syrup with mother-stepmother and plantain. In the composition of mother-and-stepmother, plantain extract, mint and eucalyptus oil,
  • Dry cough syrup dry with licorice extracts, althea roots, anise oil, ammonium chloride, as well as sodium bicarbonate and benzoate,
  • Amtersol, where there is potassium bromide, ammonium chloride salts, sodium benzoate, licorice root extract, and the herb of thermopsis.

Preparations of guaifenesin

Mucolytic drugs based on guaifenesin have long been used in medicine. The active ingredient is of vegetable origin, it is produced from the bark of guaiac tree, which grows in Central and South America.

Guaifenesin has at once two main effects: expectorant and soothing. Preparations of guaifenesin are involved in stimulation of the secretory cells of the bronchial mucosa, and also destroy mucopolysaccharides of sputum. Preparations with guaifenesin the doctor appoints children with dry cough who are already more than two years old.

The drugs of guaifenesin include Tussin and Koldreks Broncho. In addition, pharmaceutical companies produce a variety of different expectorant drugs of complex action that contain guaifenesin.

Among others, you can name Dzhoset, Ascoril Expectorant, Kashnol, Stoptussin.

Ambroxol is a popular expectorant

Many people believe that the best remedy is ambroxol. This drug appeared on sale in 1978, and was immediately recognized as a strong drug.

Dozens of medicines are on the Russian pharmaceutical market, with ambroxol in them.

AmbroxolMany forms of ambroxol are in constant demand among patients. Pharmaceutical companies produce syrups and tablets, injections and drops, as well as solutions for inhalation and lozenges.

Unlike expectorants of other groups, ambroxol significantly reduces the degree of pain in the throat. Therefore, in addition to the traditional medicinal forms of cough medicines, ambroxol is also produced in the form of absorbable lozenges.

Typically, the dosage of the active ingredient in these preparations is about 20 mg. Pastilles with ambroxol quickly reduce severe pain in the throat, while the effect lasts more than three hours. The drug effectively reduces inflammation, reducing congestion and redness of the mucosa.

An important place in the list of expectorants are drugs of acetylcysteine. N-acetylcysteine ​​has the ability to rupture disulfide bonds in bronchial mucus, which makes it possible to use this substance not only when coughing during a cold, but also in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis and other diseases.

Acetylcysteine ​​is one of the most important drugs widely used in the health care system. The drug is on the list of medicines, which is formed by the World Health Organization.

The preparation has the following forms of release:

  • Powder to create internal solutions or hot tea. The dosage of these forms is 10, 00, 600 mg,
  • effervescent tablets that dissolve in boiled water at room temperature,
  • solutions for inhalation,
  • solutions for injection.

In addition to this group of drugs, there are funds based on carbocysteine. Carbocysteine, like acetylcysteine, is involved in the disruption of disulfide bridges that connect the glycoproteins of the tracheobronchial secretion. Carbocisteine ​​preparations are shown with a wet cough, when it is necessary to dilute sputum.

Expectorants for cough and carbocysteine ​​are categorically contraindicated in such cases:

  1. peptic ulcer,
  2. pregnancy and lactation,
  3. kidney and bladder diseases.

Drugs that contain carbocisteine, unlike analogues with acetylcysteine, can not provoke bronchospasm, nor do they interact with antibiotics. Thus, prescribing a drug with carbocisteine ​​is safer from this point of view.

Adults can take two capsules of carbocisteine ​​or 15 ml of syrup 15% 3 times a day. After the condition is improved, the dosage is reduced and is: 1 capsule or 10 ml of syrup 3 times a day.

At the age of 2 to 14 years, children are prescribed by - 10 ml,% child syrup four times a day.

There are the most common and effective expectorants based on carbocysteine:

  • Fluidite in the form,% and 5% syrup. The manufacturer «Laboratory Innotek», France,
  • Libexin-Muko in the form of children's and adult syrup. Manufacturer of Sanofi, France,
  • Bronchobos in the form of syrups and capsules. Manufacturer Bosnia.

Details about the ways to treat the castles in the video in this article.

Inexpensive but effective cough preparations

inexpensive but effective cough preparations

You do not have to overpay for high-quality medicines. There are many medications that are direct analogs of various drugs, and they are no worse than the originals. This is especially true if high-speed, but inexpensive and effective cough drugs are needed. Knowing the list of such medicines, it is easy to save on therapy of this symptom and spend 2-4 times less money.

Qualitative, but inexpensive and effective drugs for dry cough

If there is no expectoration of sputum, antitussive medicines should be used. They act directly on the centers that are responsible for the occurrence of airway contractions, prevent their irritation. Most of the drugs in question also have mild anesthetic effects, promote bronchial expansion and prevent spasms.

The most effective and cheap drugs with a dry cough:

1. Medicines that simultaneously exhibit anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator and antitussive properties, reducing cough reflexes and viscosity of thick sputum in the bronchi:

  • Stoptussin;
  • Broncholitin;
  • Tussin Plus;
  • Butamyrate;
  • Lorraine;
  • Prothiazine;
  • Hexapneumine;
  • Herbion with plantain.

2. Medications that affect the peripheral nerve endings and receptors that are located locally, in the trachea and bronchial tree:

  • Levopron;
  • Helicidin;
  • Libexin
  • Linkas.

3. Preparations of the central antitussive action, stopping even severe attacks of cough and inflammation with the narcotic component:

  • Hydrocodone;
  • Codeine;
  • Codipron;
  • Demorphan;
  • Kodelak.

4. Preparations of the central antitussive action without narcotic ingredients:

  • Tusuprex;
  • Sedotussin;
  • Glavent;
  • Sinecod;
  • Paxelidine;
  • Falimint;
  • Omnitus.

Good, but inexpensive and effective drugs from a wet cough

When the bronchial secretion is already expectorated, it is necessary to facilitate its removal - to reduce the viscosity and increase the amount. For this purpose a separate group of medicines, mucolytics and expectorants are intended.

The 10 most effective preparations for a productive cough:

  • Ambroxol;
  • Bromhexine;
  • Ambrogen;
  • Haliksol;
  • ATSTS (Acetylcysteine);
  • Ambroghexal;
  • Herbion syrup of primrose;
  • Pertussin;
  • Gedelix;
  • Fluidite.

The following drugs have practically the same effect:

  • Ambrosan;
  • Lazolvan;
  • Medovent;
  • Ambrolanolazolvan;
  • Bisolvon;
  • Fulpen;
  • Broxin;
  • Letostein;
  • Flegamine;
  • The collection;
  • bicarbonate, citrate, benzoate and carboxymethylcysteine ​​sodium.

Also very popular drugs based on completely natural ingredients:

  • Tablets from cough with thermopsis;
  • Mukaltin;
  • syrup of althea;
  • infusion of plantain leaves;
  • The mukonist;
  • syrup of licorice root;
  • infusion of herb-coltsfoot;
  • Mukobene;
  • syrup of the root elecampane;
  • thoracic fees (1-4);
  • infusion of root stink.

In addition, you can recommend such mucolytic and expectorant drugs:

  • Guaifenazine;
  • Mucosol;
  • Ipecacuanha;
  • Mukoprint;
  • potassium iodide;
  • Chymotrypsin;
  • Terpin hydrate;
  • Bronkatar;
  • Mukodin;
  • Fluvik;
  • Mistabrone;
  • preparations from a wet cough are inexpensive but effective
  • Trypsin;
  • Pulmonizing;
  • sodium iodide.

All of these medicines are of low cost and interchangeable, but strictly necessary adhere to the instructions for use, avoid the simultaneous use of antitussive and expectorant medicines. Do not take drugs for longer than the recommended course of therapy, if the inefficiency of any remedy is better stop using it and change the medication. Before buying any medicine, it is advisable to get a consultation between a therapist and a pulmonologist.

The best cough remedy. The best remedy for dry cough

What is cough is known to many, because not always this condition is associated with illness. In this way the body clears the respiratory tract from viruses, bacteria, dust or foreign bodies that have got into them. Cough can be caused by different reasons, but in any case it irritates and does not allow to work and rest normally. In most cases, it signals a serious illness and requires immediate treatment. Many people are looking for the best cough remedy, but it's impossible to understand the abundance of drugs without the help of a doctor. After all, if you choose the wrong medicine, you can only aggravate the problem. Therefore, before you start treatment, you need to consult a doctor and determine what cough worries the patient. In addition, in most cases, even the best cough remedy will not help, if its cause is not eliminated. On the contrary, it can only get worse.

Types of cough

Depending on the characteristics of the disease and you need to choose the drugs. After all, different drugs have different effects. And before you determine the best cough remedy, you need to know what it is. Usually, the instructions to the medicine indicate which form it is treating.

  1. Dry cough can occur for various reasons. In general, it causes irritation of the mucous by chemical or physical factors. It also occurs with viral infection and colds.
  2. A wet cough is characterized by the spitting of sputum accumulating in the lungs or bronchi. It can be unproductive when it is viscous and coughs up with difficulty. Or wet, when there is a lot of sputum.

Causes of coughing

  • Catarrhal and infectious diseases - tonsillitis, tracheitis or SARS. They can be viral or bacterial. This is the most common cause of cough.
the best cough remedy for children
  • Inflammatory diseases of the bronchi and lungs - bronchitis, pneumonia, lung abscess or tuberculosis.
  • Allergic reactions, such as bronchial asthma.
  • Irritation of the respiratory tract by chemical substances or dust.
  • Heart failure.
  • Ingestion of foreign body in the respiratory tract.
  • Organic brain damage or neurosis.
  • Smoking.
  • Taking certain medications, for example, drugs that lower blood pressure.

How correctly to cure cough?

Without determining the cause, it caused, to cope with the symptom will be almost impossible. And in some cases, and completely contraindicated taking antitussive or expectorant funds. But most often, when they are looking for the best cough remedy, they try to eliminate the most common cause of it - infectious and inflammatory diseases. In this case, you need to remember that the disease begins most often with a dry cough, which eventually turns into a wet cough. Therefore, treatment should be changed during the course of the illness. It is not recommended to suppress dry cough, it is necessary to try to translate it into a more productive one, so that the bacteria and viruses that caused the disease come out with phlegm. And with an allergic cough, on the contrary, preparations are prescribed that suppress the cough reflex and antihistamines. If the cough has arisen on the nerves or on the background of heart failure, you do not need to take any additional medicines at all. Having cured the underlying disease, a person gets rid of it.

the best cough remedy

Features of the action of cough drugs

When the cause and type of the disease is clear, then you can choose the drug for its treatment. All of them have different effects:

  1. Suppress the cough reflex. Such drugs can be based on narcotic drugs, and they can be purchased only on prescription. They are needed if the cough is painful and dry. He does not allow to communicate, eat, or sleep. But in no case can they drink with a damp cough, so that there is no stagnation of phlegm in the lungs.
  2. Expectorants increase the production of sputum and facilitate its excretion by stimulating the bronchi. Such medicines are used only for the treatment of a damp cough, if it is dry, they will be useless.
  3. If there are a lot of sputum, but she coughs up with difficulty, you need to use mucolytics. These are the means that dilute it and facilitate the excretion.
  4. There are also local cough remedies. They treat it with an anti-inflammatory and aseptic effect. Sometimes they have a local anesthetic effect, and if the cough was caused by irritation of the respiratory tract, it stops.
  5. Recently, there have appeared combined preparations that contain various substances and complex effects on the respiratory tract.

Types of cough drugs

  1. Tablets or capsules. Most often they are used to treat cough in adults. This form of the drug is convenient, if the treatment is long, and the drug should be taken several times. After all, they are easy to take with you and drink at work or on the road.
  2. Effervescent soluble tablets or powders have a more rapid effect, by facilitating absorption and a large amount of water drunk. But they can have a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Syrups, drops and medicines are most often used to treat children, since they have a pleasant taste. They are also easily and quickly absorbed.
  4. Tablets or lozenges for absorption are used mainly in the treatment of cough caused by infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract or allergic reaction.
  5. Means for inhalation, rinsing and compresses are used to relieve cough that has appeared as a result of inflammation.


In many cases, a dry cough is so painful and exhausting to a person that the only way to save it will be to suppress it. Such medicines are divided into two groups:

  1. Means for suppressing dry cough, affecting the cough center in the brain. They are used only in the absence of sputum and come in different bases:
    - with narcotic effect - preparations Codeine, Hydrocodone, Morphine Chloride and others, sold only on the prescription of a doctor;
    - without narcotic effect - means "Tusuprex "Sinekod "Glavent" and others (they can be purchased without a prescription, but it should be used cautiously).
  2. Drugs that affect the nerve centers of the middle parts of the respiratory tract. This means "Libexin" or "Levopron."

The best remedy for dry cough

But recently, most often prescribe drugs of a new generation, which have a combined effect. With infectious and inflammatory diseases, if cough is unproductive and there is no sputum, complications are possible, since the infection is not eliminated from the respiratory tract. Therefore, we need drugs that do not suppress cough symptoms, but help to sputum. But dry cough often so exhausts the patient that it is necessary to slightly reduce its intensity. Modern combination drugs have this property. The most famous of them are the funds Stoptussin, Tussin plus, Butamirat, Lorain, and others.

the best remedy for wet coughAt the moment, the best remedy for dry cough is the drug "Broncholitin". Its peculiarity is that in addition to antitussive substances (glaucin and ephedrine), it contains basil oil. It expands bronchi, has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the viscosity of phlegm. This drug has a mild non-narcotic effect on the cough center and the musculature of the bronchi and is available as a syrup. Therefore, we can say that this is the best cough remedy for children over 3 years old.

How to take medications for dry cough?

Choose a tool you need strictly individually. For example, children are better suited medicine in the form of syrup, and soluble tablets are much faster than usual. But you need to know that, unlike expectorants, even the best cough drug without sputum has many contraindications. You can not take most of these medicines:

  • children under 3 years;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • people with allergic reactions;
  • those with respiratory failure or bronchial asthma.

In addition, it must be remembered that as soon as sputum begins to depart, it is necessary to change the drug. Suppress such a cough can not be in any case, as this can cause serious complications.

How to treat a wet cough?

It is very important that the sputum accumulating in the respiratory tract recedes easily. Many drugs for the treatment of wet cough are designed to enhance and facilitate its isolation. When there are a lot of sputum, you need to help the airway to get rid of it. Therefore, the composition of drugs for the treatment of wet cough includes substances that restore cells of the broncho-pulmonary tissue. In addition, they dilute sputum itself. Most often, these drugs have an anti-inflammatory effect and contain plant components. The best remedy for a wet cough is Bromhexine. It easily helps to cope with the disease and has few side effects. Therefore, it is given even to children.

the best cough remedyThe "ACC" tool dilutes sputum very well, making it easier to leave. In addition to these, the most popular preparations for wet cough, the following medicines are also effective: Sinupret, Gedelix, Glitsira, Ascoril and some others. But they should be used only according to the doctor's prescription.

The best expectorant

From cough, which is accompanied by a small amount of sputum, there are many medicines. Their purpose is to help in its passage by stimulating the bronchi or reducing its viscosity. Of course, according to the individual reaction, they need to be selected. But there are drugs that are not only effective, but also safe. They include plant components, and they can be given even to children.

  • Syrup of licorice root has anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating action and helps to sputum.
  • The drug "Mukaltin" has been known for a long time. This medicine is based on the root of the althaea - the best remedy for a damp cough. In addition to the expectorant action, the "Mucaltin" agent has an anti-inflammatory effect and slightly dilutes sputum.
the best remedy for a wet cough
  • The drug "Thermopsis" is also a fairly well-known herbal remedy with an expectorant effect. It increases sputum secretion and reduces its viscosity.

How to help the child?

Cough exhausts any person, but is especially bad when children suffer. Respiratory ways of babies are very sensitive to any external influences, and the majority of effective preparations to them is contraindicated. In general, children older than 2 years are given plant-based syrups: the preparation "Pertussin "Thermopsis "Doctor Mom licorice root syrup or althea. Many parents are looking for the best cough remedy for children, not only among official drugs, but also in traditional medicine recipes. Long since this ailment cope with the help of broths of herbs, honey solution, inhalations and compresses.

the best remedy for dry cough

Traditional medicine

Despite the abundance of drugs from different types of cough, many are still being treated with home remedies, using old recipes. Conveniently this is because all the ingredients for this are always at hand, and they cause less side effects. What are the most popular recipes?

  1. The best cough remedy is honey. It is used alone or in combination with other products. Those who do not have allergies to it, successfully cure both dry and wet cough. And such drugs are very popular with children. For example, a mixture of ground hazelnuts with honey. It helps a lot if you mix a spoonful of honey with warm milk or lemon juice. Even just dissolved in water this product works wonders. A juice of radish or onions with honey is the best cough remedy. The testimonies of those who tried it testify that it can cure even a persistent chronic illness.the best cough remedy
  2. Often when coughing it is recommended to drink broths of herbs. It is best to help the chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, elecampane, oregano and sage. They can be used separately or in collections. But to drink such teas you need half a glass several times a day. You can also use such decoctions for inhalations.
  3. Onions and garlic are also an effective tool for alleviating the condition of the patient when coughing. And they use them both inside and outside for various compresses.
  4. Many healers recommend using cough to drink the juice of cowberry or viburnum with honey. Some people are helped by fresh carrot juice with milk.

But any means, both official and popular, should be used only after consulting a doctor.

Effective cure for bronchitis and cough in adults

Bronchitis is a fairly common ailment. Often it is a complication of colds. Pathology is characterized by coughing, high fever, difficulty breathing. With this disease, bed rest, warming of the chest area, inhalation is recommended. To reduce the strength of the cough, expectorants and antitussives should be taken. But there are a lot of such drugs on the shelves of pharmacies. What should I choose a cure for bronchitis and cough in adults? And how to find the most effective?

cure for bronchitis and cough in adults

Selection rules

How to choose the best medicine for bronchitis from cough for adults? It should immediately be stipulated that universal means simply do not exist. After all, each person has his own individual characteristics. And a drug that has effectively approached one patient may not bring relief to another at all.

Therefore, in order to choose an effective medicine for bronchitis from cough for adults, it is necessary to take into account several important points:

  1. Distinguish dry and wet cough. For each type of medicines are provided that have a certain effect. Medications can reduce pain when coughing or help in clearing the respiratory tract from sputum.
  2. Before buying a drug, be sure to read the instructions for use. Pay special attention to contraindications and side effects.
  3. It is best not to engage in self-medication, especially such a serious illness as bronchitis. It is recommended to consult a doctor who will diagnose the patient and prescribe the most suitable drugs.
  4. When buying medicines, you should try to purchase medicines that have been tested by the manufacturer. If such drugs are very expensive, then you can consult a doctor. It will help to choose cheaper, but not less qualitative and effective analogues.

We stop dry cough

Various types of medicines are used to treat bronchitis. What medicine for bronchitis from coughing to an adult will bring maximum relief? To answer the question, you need to determine the nature of the symptomatology.

At the initial stage of the development of the disease there is a severely irritating throat dry cough. Therefore, prescribe drugs that reduce pain and frequency of attacks.

Excellent antitussive drugs are issued in the form of:

  1. Syropov - "Bronchikum "Sinekod "Stoptussin".
  2. Tablets - "Kodelak "Stoptussin "Falimint".

A good result is achieved with the use of combined drugs. These are medicines that provide both antitussive and expectorant action.

The best medicine for bronchitis from cough for adults

We get rid of phlegm: we treat wet cough

With the development of the disease, the symptoms change. The cough becomes moist. Sputum appears. At this stage, you can not take medications that reduce coughing attacks. It is necessary that the fluid leaves the bronchi.

Therefore, now you should take a medicine for bronchitis from cough for adults, which helps to liquefy sputum.

Suffice it to effectively cope with this task preparations:

  1. Syrups - Ambroxol, Lazolvan, Khaliksol.
  2. Tablets - "Ambrobe "Halixol "ACTS" (effervescent pills).

And now we will examine in more detail some medicines. This will help determine which drug to choose from bronchitis and cough in adults.

The drug "Mukaltin"

For a long time known medicinal medicine. Produced in the form of tablets. It helps with cough and has almost no contraindications. It can not be taken only with ulcers or in case of individual intolerance.

The active substance of the drug "Mukaltin" is an extract of the althaea. The medication affects the bronchi, strengthening expectoration and speeding up the output of phlegm.

The biggest plus of this medication is the minimum price. A blister of 10 tablets costs 15 rubles per pharmacy.

Medication "Ambrobene"

Produce a drug in the form of tablets. This is an effective medicine (for bronchitis) from cough. The drug helps to remove sputum, provides expectoration. Apply it during respiratory diseases, in which it is difficult to remove mucus, including because of its viscosity.

Effective medicine for bronchitis from cough for adults

The main active substance is ambroxol hydrochloride. The medication has a number of contraindications.

Its reception is excluded when:

  • stomach ulcer;
  • intolerance to ingredients;
  • the first terms of pregnancy.

The side effects are:

  • headache;
  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • weakness.

Half an hour after taking the pill, "Ambrobene" begins to have a facilitating effect, which continues for a day.

The cost of the drug in pharmacies - about 150 rubles per package of 20 pills.

The medicine "Libexin"

Tablets that provide analgesic and antispasmodic effects. They promote the expansion of the bronchi, reduce the cough.

The main active ingredient of this drug is prenoxdiazine hydrochloride. Accept "Libexin" when coughing any etiology.

Medication is contraindicated in:

  • intolerance of its components;
  • diseases, with increased mucus formation in the airways;
  • You can not take it also after anesthesia.

With special care, prescribe the drug "Libexin" to children and pregnant women.

The price of the medicine for the package (20 tablets) is about 250 rubles.

The drug "Stoptussin"

Often doctors recommend such a medicine for bronchitis from coughing to adults. The instructions for use refer to the medicament for the group of combined preparations. A remedy is made in the form of syrup and tablets.

cough medication for adults

The preparation has the following properties:

  • affects the receptors of cough;
  • helps to remove spasms in the bronchi;
  • increases liquefaction of mucus;
  • helps rapid release of sputum from the respiratory tract.

The medicine "Stoptussin" is contraindicated for use:

  • nursing mothers;
  • pregnant women;
  • children under 12 years;
  • with myasthenia gravis.

During therapy with this drug, there may be such side effects as:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • gastric discomfort;
  • headache.

There are also possible manifestations of allergic reactions. It is not recommended simultaneous reception with alcohol.

Packing tablets "Stoptussina" (20 pieces) costs in drugstores about 130 rubles.

The drug "Lazolvan"

This drug is similar in composition and effect with the drug Ambrobene. It is made in the form of syrup and tablets.

The drug "Lazolvan" is contraindicated for taking:

  • during lactation;
  • during pregnancy;
  • with kidney and liver diseases.

As side effects, allergic manifestations may occur.

What is the cure for bronchitis from an adult cough?

The average price of a package of 30 tablets is 250 rubles.

The drug "Kodelak"

Another long-used cough remedy. Produced in the form of tablets.

Codeine (the active substance of the drug) acts on the cough center in the brain. Due to this, its tone decreases, and attacks decrease. The medicine "Kodelak" does not affect the functions of breathing, so you can take it even to kids at the age of more than two years.

Contraindicated reception:

  • breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women;
  • with respiratory failure;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • intolerance of the components contained in its composition.

Allergic reactions, digestive problems, headaches may appear during the medication "Kodelak".

The price of the medicine is about 100 rubles per package (10 tablets).

The drug "Bromhexine"

They are made in the form of tablets, syrup and drops. The active ingredient of the preparation is bromhexine hydrochloride.

This cure for bronchitis and cough in adults provides a number of positive effects. It dilutes sputum and stimulates its rapid elimination from the respiratory system.

The drug should not be taken to children under two years, carefully prescribed to women during pregnancy and lactation.

During the reception of "Bromgexin" may occur headaches, rashes, sometimes there is an intensified cough.

cough medicine

20 tablets of the drug cost about 50 rubles.

Tool "ACTS Long"

The medicament is produced in the form of effervescent tablets intended for dissolution in water.

The medicine "ACTS Long as well as the drug "Ambrobene has a long-lasting effect. During the day, only one tablet is needed, which helps to withdraw the sputum, liquefying it. The active substance of the drug is acetylcysteine. This is a fairly common medicine for bronchitis from coughing to adults.

The instruction recommends to exclude reception of a preparation by pregnant and feeding women, and also children till 14 years.

During the treatment of ATSs, the following side effects may occur:

  • cardiopalmus;
  • noise in ears;
  • heartburn;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • allergy.

In pharmacies, the drug is sold at a price of 320 rubles per package of 10 tablets.

Medication "Tablets from coughs"

Inexpensive, but effective cure for bronchitis and cough in adults. It has been produced for many years. In its composition - a powder of grass of thermopsis and sodium hydrogen carbonate. These components reduce the viscosity of mucus and accelerate its release from the respiratory system.

The admission of children under the age of 12, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, as well as people with stomach ulcers is excluded.

Tablets are sold in pharmacies at a price of about 50 rubles per 20 pieces.

Syrup "Gedelix"

If you need to choose a medicine for bronchitis from coughing to adults, expectorant, then this drug is completely suitable.

cough medication for adults

Natural product, does not contain sugar and alcohol. The main active substance of the drug is an extract of ivy leaves. This syrup is remarkable in that its reception is allowed to everyone, even children up to a year, nursing mothers and pregnant women.

The medicine "Gedelix" has the following properties:

  • expands and cleanses the bronchi;
  • liquefies phlegm;
  • has a prolonged action;
  • promotes effective sphagnum expectoration.

The only restriction: it is necessary to take cautiously in those cases when a strong sputum discharge is not recommended.

The cost of the drug is about 300 rubles per bottle (100 ml).

The medicine "Plantain syrup"

Herbal preparation helps to get the sputum out of the respiratory tract, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Contains sugar in its composition. It is indicated for use by children from 2 years of age.

The use of this drug for the treatment of people with diabetes is excluded. The cases of drug overdose are not fixed - the body tolerates the intake of any amount of syrup well.

The price of 100 ml of the drug in pharmacies is about 250 rubles.

Medication "Syrup of primrose"

A natural herbal remedy. Can be used even for children from two years old. Has an expectorant effect, helps to dilute sputum.

The cost of 100 ml of syrup is about 250 rubles.

List of expectorant syrups from cough

cough treatment

The choice of medication depends on the nature of the cough. In diseases accompanied by a productive cough, expectorants are shown. The most popular medicines in the form of syrups. They are easy to dose, they are pleasant to the taste, and with proper application they are able to quickly eliminate or alleviate such manifestation of bronchitis, tracheitis or acute respiratory disease as a cough.

From this article, you can find out which cough to take Ambroxol.

Application features

syrup for cough-use in case of severe cough in a child

Wet cough, which is usually called productive, is not as painful as dry. It can not be blocked. The goal of therapy is to facilitate the phlegm withdrawal. To do this, apply syrups, pills, candles and others, including folk remedies, the action of which is directed to:

  • stimulation of mucus production by bronchial tubes (secreto-motor drugs);
  • dilution of sputum (secretolithic or mucolytic agents).

If thick and viscous secretions are prescribed mucolytic drugs for liquefaction of sputum, a liquid secret should only help to get out of the bronchi. You can not simultaneously use mucolytic and expectorant drugs. However, there are combined means. Usually, treatment presupposes the use of such drugs. But they can not be used simultaneously with antitussive drugs.

In turn, expectorating syrups (cough syrups expectorant) are divided into preparations:

  • reflex action (excite cough and vomiting center to increase mucus production in the bronchi);
  • direct resorptive action (irritate directly the bronchial mucosa to enhance mucus secretion).

What is the price of the syrup from the cough Lincas, you can learn from this article.

Reflex action drugs

This group of expectorants includes drugs that stimulate the vomiting center. The most vomiting does not occur, except in overdoses. The active substances lead to an increase in the peristalsis of the epithelium. This group includes syrups, which contain extracts or essential oils of such plants as:

  • mother and stepmother;mother-and-stepmother cough syrup
  • plantain;
  • licorice;
  • oregano;
  • thermopsis;
  • elecampane;
  • althea.althea.

The most famous syrups of this group include herbal preparations from the drug althea extract. They are excellent stimulators of the motor function of the respiratory tract. Natural substances in their composition have a minimum of contraindications. But they do exist. Usually this is an individual intolerance. Sweet syrups should be carefully taken to people suffering from diabetes. Alcohol in the composition of drugs also introduces some restrictions on the intake of syrups.

What kind of syrup from an allergic cough in adults is used most often, is specified in the article.

Resorptive direct action

The main task of these drugs is to remove the accumulated viscous sputum from the bronchi. The structure of funds includes:

  • enzymes with the properties of liquefaction of sputum (ribonuclease, trypsin);
  • substances that contain sulfur (acetylcysteine, carbocysteine);
  • synthetic derivatives of natural Viscin (bromhexine and ambroxol).

This group of medicines is known for such syrups as:

  • Bromhexine2
  • AmbroxolAmbroxol
  • GedelixAmbroxol

They have a pronounced mucolytic and expectorant effect.

When choosing a medicine, always consult a doctor. Otherwise, a well advertised tool from an effective assistant can turn into a serious problem.

How to use syrup from cough Bromhexine, you can learn from this article.

For adults

Modern pharmacy increasingly refers to the gifts of nature. Most syrups are based on medicinal herbs. Many products are produced in several forms and concentrations. A syrup has a number of advantages over other dosage forms. They include:

  • high suction speed;
  • convenience of reception;
  • ease of dosage.

Consider the most popular syrups that help with a productive cough.

Reflex action

Althaea officinalis

Brownish thick phytopreparation with a peculiar smell and sweet taste in pharmacies are sold in bottles of dark glass. It is used on a tablespoon 4-5 times a day after meals, diluting with a small amount of warm boiled water with a productive cough. Syrup is recommended for ENT diseases, accompanied by a cough with phlegm, which is poorly separated.

How to use and in what dosage the syrup from Ascoril cough is indicated in the article.

Licorice with thermopsis

Its main difference is the combined action and vegetable origin. As the name suggests, the active ingredients of the syrup are licorice and thermopsis. In addition, in its composition, it has: potassium bromide and ammonium, sodium benzoate. Alcohol syrup is diluted with water when taken. Ulcer disease is a serious contraindication to drug treatment. Restrictions also apply to pregnant women. Because of alcohol, alcoholics can not take it. Sugar in the composition of the drug may adversely affect the condition of people suffering from diabetes.

Elixir Codelac Broncho

The composition of ambroxol and glycyrrhizic acid in the composition of the drug gives a good effect in the treatment of a wet cough with a difficult sputum discharge. They are treated both adults and children, but only older than 12 years. Expectorant syrup has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is also used as a mucolytic.

Elixir Codelac Broncho

How much does the cough syrup Prospan cost, you can learn from this article.

Plantain and mother-and-stepmother

During 2-3 weeks of treatment with phytosyrope, there are significant improvements in bronchi. Adults prescribe the drug 3-4 times a day in an amount of 1-2 st. spoons. Syrup is contraindicated in pregnant, lactating mothers, children under 6 years. Do not use it and with a stomach ulcer.

Plantain syrup and coltsfoot

Coldrex Bronho

Syrup of secretory action with the smell of anise and taste of licorice. Of its natural ingredients, it includes tincture of red pepper, camphor, anise oil and levomenthol.The active substances are also sodium cyclamate, dextrose and benzoate.Take the drug every 3 hours for 2 hours. l. Syrup dilutes sputum and promotes its excretion.

syrup Coldrex Broncho

How correctly and in what dosages it is necessary to apply thoracal collection of syrup from a cough, you can find out by reading this article.


A well-known tool is suitable for adults and children alike. An expectorant and mucolytic action is provided by the extract of the herb of thyme, on the basis of which a syrup is created.It reduces the viscosity of sputum and positively affects the activity of the cilia of the ciliated epithelium of the bronchi.Sputum begins to move faster to the exit, and potassium bromide, which is also part of the drug, suppresses the cough reflex. During pregnancy and during lactation the drug is not taken. Heart failure is also a serious reason to abandon Pertussin. The daily intake for adults is 30-45 ml. It is divided into three methods.

syrup Pertussin

How much does the Licorice syrup for children, is specified in the article.


Another vegetable syrup based on thyme. It refers to bronchodilators and expectorants. Produced in two forms: with sugar and without sweeteners. Adults take only 2-3 hours. l. three times a day.

cough syrups

Direct resorptive and combined action


A popular extract of licorice root became the basis for this phytopreparation. The medicine has an expectorant effect. Glycyrrhizin in the syrup acts as a catalyst. The substance positively affects secretion in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Amtersol-cough syrup

How to use adult liquorice syrup, specified in the article.


Syrup of Swiss origin with popular in folk medicine extracts of plantain, thyme, primrose and senegy has a double effect: it softens a dry, irritating cough and promotes expectoration phlegm.


The syrup contains extracts of plantain and thyme, is characterized by expectorant and secretolitic action. It is indicated for symptomatic treatment of a cough of different nature. It dilutes sputum and reduces the intensity of dry cough, eases a wet cough.


Preparations for children

Syrup is the most common form of release of expectorants for the treatment of children. Most people prefer to choose medicines of natural origin. Please note that some children's syrups should not be given to children until two years of age. This is especially true for mucolytics. Side effects from their use can be more than good. The list is as follows:

Natural origin

Gedelix (ivy extract)

Phytopreparation from an extract of an ivy helps or assists to deduce a sputum and facilitates tussis. It can be taken even by pregnant women. His children, like any other drugs, should be given cautiously.Even natural ingredients can harm the baby.The syrup contains menthol. It can cause a spasm of the larynx. Other components (eucalyptus and anise) can also contribute to the appearance of an allergic reaction. But if the child does not have individual intolerance to the components, he is prescribed to children of 10 years for 5 years, 5 ml three times a day, children 4-10 years - on, ml 4 times a day. For patients younger than 4 years, syrup is given 3 times a day, ml.

What is best for children when they cough, Gedelix drops or syrup, is indicated in this article.

Doctor MOM

Anisovy sweet taste of syrup like children. They perceive it as a treat. It works in a complex way. It is used as an expectorant, mucolytic and anti-inflammatory drug. As a part of the medicine, there are more than 10 different plant components. This is a popular cough remedy. Assign the drug three times a day for children from 3 years in a dose, h. l. for admission, children 6-14 years of age, the dose is increased to -1 hour. l.

Doctor MOM

Liquorice root

Syrup is used to treat cough in adults and children. Sweet liquid babies take with pleasure, but it should be remembered that an overdose can lead to unpleasant, and even dangerous consequences. Licorice root, for example, can cause vomiting. Children from 12 years are given three times a day for 1 hour. l. funds, 2-12 years h. l. syrup, diluted with water.

Liquorice root


Another universal inexpensive and effective cough remedy, known since childhood. The drug can be taken from two years. In this case, you must adhere to the recommended dosage.



There are two forms of release of this syrup - for adults and children. They differ in the concentration of active ingredients and in their aromas.Banana 2% syrup has a pleasant sweet taste, and is designed for younger patients, caramel 5% syrup is intended for older children.


Expectorants help get rid of cough, if properly taken. Even the most harmless means should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. This is especially true for young children. During treatment for a cough, do not forget about such elementary things as plentiful drink, regular airing of rooms and humidification of air. They are effective in many cases not inferior to syrups and other medications.

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