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  • 1Charging for back with pain and back problems
    • 1.1Do not turn morning exercises into a sports marathon
    • 1.2Why do I need to sleep when I feel sleepy?
    • 1.3Little secrets that will help you get used to training in the morning
    • 1.4Complex for morning exercises from Professor Bubnovsky
    • 1.5Rehabilitation after fractures
  • 2Exercises for low back pain: benefit, performance
    • 2.1The positive impact of exercise
    • 2.2Exercises in a standing position
    • 2.3Exercises in the supine position
    • 2.4Exercises on the back
    • 2.5Exercises on the stomach
  • 3Therapeutic exercises for the waist: description of exercises, reviews
    • 3.1What can help?
    • 3.2Recommendations for performing gymnastics
    • 3.3Where to begin?
    • 3.4What kinds of exercises are there?
    • 3.5What are the limitations and contraindications?
    • 3.6Gymnastics for Bubnovsky for the waist
    • 3.7Contraindications
    • 3.8Reviews
  • 4Exercises for back pain, their types and rules of performance
    • 4.1Types of exercises
    • 4.2Simple exercises
    • 4.3System B. Dikul
    • 4.4Load Tips
    • 4.5Contraindications and possible limitations
    • 4.6Denial of responsibility
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  • 5Osteochondrosis: charging and nutrition - will ease the pain in the back
    • 5.1Go away, the pain!
    • 5.2Take the back in your hands
    • 5.3Learning from our mistakes
    • 5.4Summary
  • 6Back and neck pain, causes, lumbar gymnastics
    • 6.1Before using any medication and non-medicines, consult a doctor without fail!

Charging for back with pain and back problems

Hello all those who read this blog and who care about their health! Today I finally managed to persuade her husband, who has been for several days with his back, to go to see an experienced doctor. Among other things, the doctor said that her husband needs to charge for the back, which is best done in the morning. Exercise will not only relieve everyday pain, but also prevent deterioration of health.

Of course, I was agitated by everything the doctor said, so I want to share his advice with you. And also I'll tell you about the useful information that I found on my own.

Do not turn morning exercises into a sports marathon

The mistake of many beginners is that they turn charging into a whole sports marathon, after which you just want to fall on a flat and soft surface.

So let yourself know that charging, especially for the problem back, is needed in order to wake up and wake up your entire body. With charging, you prepare yourself not for records, but get the necessary energy and tone.

You will feel cheerful and when working at a computer or other sedentary work you will not feel discomfort in the back.

Training is directed to muscle tension, and not to their warm-up. Of course, charging with a curvature of the spine or with a low back will also have its load, but their quality and quantity can not be equated to sports.

Why do I need to sleep when I feel sleepy?

Of course, if you have never started your awakening with light exercises, the first attempts will seem like hell. After all, you want to sleep in the morning, and then eternally we do not have time to collect all the vital things necessary for work and quickly hurry to transport.

Therefore, the question arises: why do I need this charge, which can infuriate and take away valuable time?

And there are many advantages to this activity, for example, 15 minutes of lessons in the morning can be equated to 30 minutes of exercise in the afternoon. Not a bad substitute, is it?

But this is not all the advantages, I still singled out the following:

  • With the help of simple exercises, we easily wake up, and the day begins not with the state of "zombies but with a comfortable life. This is due to the fact that charging helps to come into activity to the brain and all our organs.
  • Exercises play a therapeutic role, as they improve the circulation of blood throughout the body.
  • A person becomes organized and disciplined, so charging is useful for children.
  • Morning exercises raise the mood, especially if you perform them under your favorite music.

It is also important that in scoliosis and osteochondrosis, charging to strengthen the back should be your responsibility, otherwise you will give the chance to develop your disease and get even more unpleasant. diagnosis.

But this was all a foreword. It's time to start and practice. In the video below you can see the charging for the restoration and strengthening of the spine from Alexander Chuiko and take it to your note.

Little secrets that will help you get used to training in the morning

When you start doing something for the first time, then a lot of questions arise. When practicing gymnastics, they also have, so I'll tell you some secrets that will not harm yourself and rather get used to charging:

  1. It is not necessary, having opened eyes, at once to run to do a complex of consecutive exercises. This is a big burden on the heart! Wake up, wash, walk around the house and then go ahead.
  2. Moreover, there are exercises, for example, for pregnant and weakened people who can be done lying in bed. But for the rest - it's just a warm-up, it does not carry any special physical stress on the body.
  3. It's best to deal with music, she will cheer. But adjust the rhythm of the composition to the movements that you make. That is, if you have fast exercises, then the music should match and vice versa;
  4. Charging, including, which you do with pain in the back, should not cause discomfort. You should not feel very tired, as if unloading the cars or having worked all your shift. So always watch your health with your own senses. If you feel bad after exercise, then reduce the load.

The following video will clearly show how you can do exercises when the back hurts. These exercises are great for both men and women.

Complex for morning exercises from Professor Bubnovsky

On the Internet, there is something to read and see about exercises for the patient back, but I would like to talk about Bubnovsky's technique. She attracted me to the fact that the whole complex is not complicated in its execution, and even surprise and give hope to the testimonies of those who tried it on themselves.

Consider some exercises that are proposed for both strengthening and restoring the spine, and will help get rid of forever from back pain and hernia.

To begin with, it is suggested to get on all fours and relax your back muscles. Then, in the same position, you should bend your back in exhalation and return to the starting position on inhalation.

Repeat this trick 20 times.


Then we help our spine to be healthy with the help of a step, but we need to do it: we stay on all fours and stand on the right foot, while the left is pulled back, and the right hand is exposed forward.


Repeat also 20 times.

The following exercise is done for the pelvis and lower back: the starting position is lying on the back, the arms are located along the body. The pelvis is raised as high as possible on the surface (exhalation), then lowered (inhaled).

To repeat it is necessary 10-30 times, whenever possible and state of health.

Rehabilitation after fractures

In our life, no one is immune from fractures, and if this happened to you, then one of the items in the rehabilitation sheet will be exercise therapy. It must be prescribed as after a fracture of the neck and spine.

However, in this case doing exercises in the morning and at home is not the best solution, since It is necessary to monitor the doctor for your actions, so that you do not make unnecessary movement, which will exacerbate recovery.

Exercises after a fracture usually look like this: first the load is given on the hands, the legs remain motionless. And also perform movements aimed at the deflections of the spine, leaning on the elbows and legs, bent at the knees. Repeat charging should be 2-3 times a day for a quarter of an hour.

Next, connect the stomach and back, on which you can lie down and perform movements, but do not bend your torso. A little later the doctor will allow adding slopes and turns to the complex lasting for 30 minutes a month.

The third stage includes exercises where you have to stand on your knees and bend your back. And the last stage allows you to walk and perform a number of standing movements, however, without the permission of the doctor, you can not lean forward.

In this video, Kicelo shows curative gymnastics for the back at home, which can be done for people who restore their back after a fracture of the spine.

As you can see, the exercises at home for every day are ways to give you a mild awakening, to get rid of back pain and other troubles related to well-being.

This article will be useful not only for adults, but also for teenagers, so be sure to let her read to your children. I hope that all the information will be useful, and tomorrow your morning will start charging.


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Exercises for low back pain: benefit, performance

Back pain is often a symptom of any disruption in the functioning of the back. Arising for different reasons, it can manifest itself in different ways: blunt aching pain or sharp, shooting.

It is impossible to try to heal the violations themselves, if you have pain of any kind, you need to turn to a specialist.

Only a qualified doctor can determine what will help to solve the problem: exercises for back pain or full treatment with the use of medications.

Back pain is evidence of abnormalities in the locomotor apparatus.Exercises for the waist are of good efficacy, they are prescribed for any diseases.

However, only a qualified doctor can prescribe the exercises, since each person is shown individual complex of therapeutic gymnastics, depending on the nature of the pain and the causes of it occurrence.

The positive impact of exercise

Therapeutic exercises are rarely prescribed separately and apart without any other measures of loin treatment. Depending on the complexity of the violation, physiotherapeutic procedures, medical massage, warming up, the use of medications or injections can also be used.

Special charging with back pains have the following effect on the back:

  • easing of pain;
  • strengthening of the muscular corset of the waist;
  • the development of joints and increasing the spacing between the vertebrae, improving the functioning of intervertebral discs;
  • improvement of blood circulation in the lumbar region, activation of metabolic processes.

Whatever the cause of the pain, properly selected exercises can significantly alleviate the condition of the patient.

Exercises in a standing position

When a person is in a standing position, the spine, and especially the lumbar region, experience a very serious load. Therefore, part of the curative gymnastics, which is performed in this position, carries the goal - to balance the load, distribute it evenly.

It is very important to choose such exercises that will help strengthen the muscles of the lumbar spine. For a start, you can do gymnastics with the support of the sacrum to the wall. This will allow the spine to be in the right position.

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Such exercises can be.

  1. Raising the leg in a bent position. Alternately, each leg should be lifted and held for 10 seconds at the top point.
  2. This exercise is also performed with the support of the sacrum on the wall, but the heels should be at a distance of 25-30 cm from the wall. Having pressed a back to a wall, it is necessary to fall downwards, squatting and sliding with a back.
  3. The next exercise can be done without a wall. Slowly twisting his back, starting from the cervical region, bending forward, hands lowered. If the body stretch does not allow you to keep your knees straight, you can slightly bend them. The main thing - with the maximum deep tilt, remove all the load from the spine, allow the vertebrae to stretch under the weight of its own body.

All exercises for back pain should be performed slowly, working through each muscle. If the therapeutic gymnastics in the standing position strengthens the pain sensations, or does not facilitate the condition, then it is worth emphasizing the charging in other positions.

Exercises in the supine position

The lying position is the most favorable position for therapeutic gymnastics, because the lowest load is on the back. The surface on which the person is lying should be rather rigid, it can even be a carpet on the floor.

Charging, which is done lying on the floor, helps to stretch the vertebrae, reduce pain, release the vertebral disks, relax the muscles and improve blood circulation.

Exercises on the back

Among such exercises, the most effective are.

  1. Lying on the back, the legs need to be bent at the knees. Lifting his head and cervical spine, hands must be stretched forward. In a more complex version, the arms can be crossed on the chest.
  2. The starting position is the same, the hands lie along the body. With an emphasis on the legs and cervical spine, you need to slowly tear off the lumbar region from the floor, bending your back and stomach up. The pelvis lies on the floor.
  3. To complicate the previous exercise, you can tear the lower back and the pelvis from the floor at the same time. With your hands, you can hold on to the feet to fix the position of the body.
  4. Another exercise is performed lying on the back, legs stretched forward. It is necessary in turn to lift that one, then another leg up to a corner of 60 degrees.
  5. To complicate the previous exercise, you can raise both feet at the same time.

Exercises on the stomach

There is also a series of exercises that are done lying on the stomach and can effectively relieve pain in the lumbar region. They greatly allow to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar spine. Among them there are several effective ones.

  1. Hands and feet are elongated and lie evenly. To perform the exercise, you need to tear off the right hand and the left leg, diagonally, from the floor. Then change the limbs.
  2. Lying on the stomach, you need to bend your hands, resting them on the floor near the chest. Having weakened completely the spine and the muscles of the back, it is necessary to raise the upper part of the trunk with the help of force of hands. In this case, the patient should follow the sensations in the lower back, trying not to strain the muscles of the back.

A good exercise, helping to relieve tension and pain in the lumbar region, is the position, kneeling with an emphasis on the hands. It is a cat-dog, familiar to all from childhood. Bending the back inward, and then, arching upwards, it is possible to significantly reduce pressure on the vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

Exercises to relieve back pain can significantly speed up the process of treating back problems, but can be performed only after the appointment of a doctor.

A competent diagnosis of the disruption of the functioning of the back, properly prescribed treatment and adherence to all the recommendations of a specialist will become a prerequisite for rapid and effective pain relief.

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Therapeutic exercises for the waist: description of exercises, reviews

Pain in the lumbar spine causes diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Manifestations of lumbosacral radiculitis are troubled quite often. This degenerative-dystrophic process of intervertebral discs leads to this pathological condition.

And this, in turn, can cause osteochondrosis. The cartilaginous layer is displaced and thinned, the spinal nerves are infringed and reactively inflamed. All this provokes intense pain, which is increased during movement and physical exertion.

In this article, we will examine how effective gymnastics are for the waist.

What can help?

Such pain is eliminated by an arsenal of available means - medicines, physiotherapy, massage, manual therapy. But not only the listed therapeutic methods can help.

It is necessary to engage in special therapeutic gymnastics for the waist. This is an obligatory element of therapy, otherwise it is not worth counting on the effectiveness of treatment.

If the recommended physical exercises are performed, the following positive results will necessarily be:

  • The pain will be removed.
  • The muscular frame of the waist will be strengthened.
  • Intervertebral spaces widen, the restrained nerves become relieved.
  • Blood supply and metabolism in the vertebrae, nerves, cartilage, and muscles of the lumbar region increase.

All this provides gymnastics for the waist.

Recommendations for performing gymnastics

Physical exercises are considered a fairly powerful weapon in the therapy of certain diseases of the spine. If they are not too skillful to carry out, the pain will not only fail, it can still intensify. It is necessary to comply with a certain list of requirements, so that there is no deterioration:

  • Movements should be smooth, without jerks and sharp attacks.
  • Before class, a large, bright room should be thoroughly ventilated. Clothes are selected as much as possible natural.
  • It is necessary to control breathing: breathing is an exercise, exhalation is relaxation.
  • One element requires at least ten repetitions to begin with, then you can increase the number of times and increase the number of approaches as you adapt to the load.
  • If there is pain and other negative symptoms (nausea, general weakness, headache), this requires stopping the exercises.

Gymnastics for the waist is performed regularly, at about the same time of day, convenient for the patient.

Where to begin?

Anesthetic gymnastics can be performed from sitting, lying, standing. Exercises help stretch and strengthen the muscles. But the load on intervertebral discs is not allowed.

How easy and simple to stretch the spine? It is enough to hang on the crossbar, while the power elements can not be used. The vertebral column as a result is passively stretched under the action of the body's gravity.

The gaps between the vertebrae are stretched, the pinched nerves are released. Especially useful gymnastics for the back with osteochondrosis.

Women hang on the crossbar is quite difficult, and not all men successfully succeed. May interfere with health status or age.

Then you can take a position on all fours and exercise from it. This situation is also called knee-elbow.

It spares the spine as much as possible and prevents disc displacement.

It's enough just to walk on all fours, while slightly bending your back. And it's important to keep an eye on the breath - a deep breath needs to be alternated with a deep exhalation. Classes last no more than 20 minutes.

What is the gym for the waist? About this further.

What kinds of exercises are there?

Exercises from standing are also very effective. This creates an optimal balanced load on the muscles of the back, the press, buttocks and thighs. But it is necessary to rely on a solid surface with your back and sacrum. The wall for this purpose is ideal.

You need to inhale, then raise your leg, bent at the knee and hip joint. The angle must be straight.

Withstand this position for 10 seconds, then exhale and lower the leg. To increase the load in the future, a small load (1-2 kg) is used.

If the leg is not bent, you can damage your back, so do not do so.

But the most often used therapeutic gymnastics for pain in the lower back from the prone position. This requires an even, hard surface. The legs are braced for shoulder width, arms stretched along the body.

First you need to raise your head, using the muscles of the press to try to reach the knees with your hands. For every effort is given no more than ten seconds.

Then the pelvis rises from the starting position, is held and lowered. Then you can try to turn your legs, bent at the knees, in different directions, then the knees rise to the chest.

All this alternates, every exercise is repeated at least ten times.

You can also sit on a chair, which should have a high back. Back arches in the lower back and presses against the back of the chair.


Then you can rest for a short time, then you need to return to the exercise. You can sit on the floor, dilute the knees widely, buttocks to place between the feet.


With a straight back, they slope forward, lifting the buttocks from the floor. Repeat ten times.

We'll figure it out, is everyone available gymnastics for back with low back pain.

What are the limitations and contraindications?

Lumbar pain can occur not only because of sciatica and osteochondrosis. Not always there is a benefit from curative gymnastics, in some cases it can do much harm. For the following conditions, it is not recommended to practice the described exercises:

  • During pregnancy.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Malignant neoplasms.
  • Exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Injuries of the spine.
  • Kidney disease.
  • With back pain giving in the leg.

Gymnastics for Bubnovsky for the waist

  1. I need to lie on my stomach. In turn, rises then the left, then the right straight leg. Delayed in elevated position for 1-2 seconds.
  2. Lie also on the stomach. Now instead of legs it is necessary to lift a trunk.

    Delay a few seconds and return to the starting position.

  3. Sit on your knees. Take a breath, lift the body, spread it in the hand. Exhalation - return to the starting position.
  4. Stand on all fours.

    Do swings straight legs up and down in turn left and right.

  5. Lie on your back, bend your knees. Imitate them by riding a bicycle.
  6. Standing, raise a straight leg and put on any support - a table, a chair.

    Gently make the torso of the trunk to the foot, as far as possible. Then the legs should be changed.

  7. Lie on your side. Raise your straight leg up, hold it for a while and lower it into place. Then you need to change sides.

Is everyone allowed such a gym for back pain?


For these exercises, too, there are contraindications:

  • In the early postoperative period, therapeutic gymnastics is not recommended. Stitches may break or other complications may arise ..
  • With malignant tumors in the spine. With these exercises, cancer patients will only aggravate the situation.
  • In violation of blood supply to the heart muscle. Exercises can cause a sudden myocardial infarction.
  • With violations of blood supply to the brain. Any physical activity is contraindicated in the pre-adult state.

Infarction and stroke very often end in a fatal outcome, so do not abuse these recommendations.

General exhaustion of the body, high blood pressure, heart failure and sugar Diabetes, as well as a tendency to bleeding are contraindications to this kind of medical physical education.


Testimonials confirm that therapeutic gymnastics for the waist is extremely important. For classes you do not need to purchase expensive equipment, exercises can be done without leaving home.

It is important to believe in healing, and it appears if you practice regularly. But in order to avoid negative consequences, it is better to consult a doctor before starting the exercises.

He will prescribe an examination, according to which you can determine the cause of pain in the lower back.

A source: http://.ru/article/316643/lechebnaya-gimnastika-dlya-poyasnitsyi-opisanie-uprajneniy-otzyivyi

Exercises for back pain, their types and rules of performance

The therapeutic gymnastics for back pain is very effective and becomes the best supplement to the traditional - medicines and procedures.

After the end of treatment, the continuation of the exercises supports the spine in an optimal condition: it strengthens the muscular framework, expands the intervals between the vertebrae, and strengthens the blood circulation.

The only condition is that the exercises should be chosen individually, and the technique of their execution should be correct.

Types of exercises

The gymnastics for the waist is performed in the supine position, standing or sitting, aimed at strengthening the muscles and stretching the back. The load on the intervertebral discs decreases with stretching: compression action (running, jumping) should be avoided.

Simple exercises

  • Vis. The easiest way to stretch the spinal column is on the crossbar, when the tension is due to its own weight. Exercise is unacceptable for severe pain.
  • Walking on all fours (ie in the knee-elbow position), with a back deflection and deep breathing, no more than 20 minutes.
  • Raising the legs. In the standing position, you can optimally distribute the load on the muscles of the back, abdominals, thighs, buttocks. The back and the sacrum rest on the wall. It is necessary to raise the leg, bent at the knee and hip joint (not straight!), And hold for 10 seconds.
  • Sitting on a chair with a back. Bend in the lumbar region, leaning with the shoulder blades on the back of the chair. Make several deflections, relax and repeat the exercise.
  • Lying on my back. Raise your head, strain your abdominal muscles, try to touch your knees with your hands. Keep no more than 10 seconds.

System B. Dikul

People around the world are engaged in strengthening the musculoskeletal system and improving the body.

Once he, a disabled person, whom doctors considered hopeless, could not only stand on his feet, but also help many other people with various back problems, up to.

This gymnastics can begin with the simplest exercises: they prepare the muscles for work, gradually improve the flow of blood to the lumbar spine.

Movements can be performed with or without special weights, at first one approach, then bring up to three with rest between them within 2-3 minutes.

In the initial position, you need to inhale, with the exercise - exhalation, delay in the extreme lead - for 3 seconds. Exercises are repeated 8 times on each side - this is considered one approach.

A few examples - for lying on the back:

  1. Smoothly turn the left hip to the right as far as you can. Shoulders and upper body do not tear off the floor.
  2. The legs are set shoulder width apart. Slowly turn the body to the right, tearing off the left shoulder from the floor - the pelvis is still.
  3. Legs are brought together, socks on themselves, palms put on the floor. Move both legs to the left side, making efforts by the lateral muscles of the abdomen.
  4. Legs in sides, shoulder width apart. Do not tear off the torso from the floor, maximally curl the body in the left side, the pelvis and legs do not move.

Do it in a spacious and well-ventilated room. Clothing for classes should be preferred free, made from natural fabrics.

You need to make movements smoothly, without jerks, with uniform speed, each - no more than ten times. After getting used to the stresses on the spine, you can increase the duration of the exercises.

The key to success is regularity. It is recommended to practice every other day, on average - at least three times a week, but depending on the severity of the problem, training can be daily (1-3 times a day).

Load Tips

In the process of gymnastics it is important to listen to the body, accurately follow the doctor's recommendations and not rush. In such a serious matter as treatment for back pain, it is better to avoid fuss. The priority is the quality of the movements and your safety. And now some advice.

  • If too difficult. There are such concepts as "repetitions" and "approaches". Repetition is the amount of execution of one motion. Approach - how many times do you need to make these series of movements. Suppose you did ten repetitions - this is one approach. If a second approach is prescribed, it is necessary to proceed to it after a pause, that is, to rest and do ten repetitions again. You can reduce the number of approaches, but only if you find it difficult to do the exercise. The number of scheduled repetitions can not be reduced.
  • If it's too easy. The same tip: do not change the number of repetitions, as it is optimal for correcting the back muscles. But you can add weights using, for example, dumbbells, as well as weights and rubber bandages. This is important, since the load must be felt throughout the entire workout.
  • For lying exercises. If it is difficult to move the body, for example, on the floor, it is not necessary to lift the body additionally, i. E. to do unnecessary movements. So that the body slides well, you can spread a piece of cellophane, oilcloth.

On different days can work differently: sometimes it's easy to do, sometimes it's very difficult. Everything depends on the general condition of the body. If you feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to reduce the load.

Contraindications and possible limitations

All the components of the gymnastics should be selected by the doctor, since in one case the exercises can give an impressive healing effect, and in the other they will be completely counter-indicative.

It is impossible to do exercises from a pain in a loin at such diseases and conditions:

  • ;
  • dizziness;
  • trauma of the spine;
  • ;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage;
  • high blood pressure;
  • heart failure;
  • diabetes;
  • tendency to bleeding;
  • tuberculosis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy.

Some of these diseases and conditions also cause lumbar pain. Therefore, it is important to undergo a complete examination before a certain set of exercises is prescribed (or it will not be recommended).

The most common mistake is to call a doctor when back pain is difficult to tolerate. Timely medical help will save your time, energy, improve the quality of life, and gymnastics for the waist will be a reliable reinforcement in the cause of your recovery.

Denial of responsibility

The information in the articles is intended only for general reading and should not be used for self-diagnosis of health problems or for therapeutic purposes.

This article is not a substitute for medical advice from a doctor (neurologist, therapist).

Please consult your doctor first to know the exact cause of your health problem.

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Osteochondrosis: charging and nutrition - will ease the pain in the back

Backache- a real scourge of modern people! This symptom is a sign of many diseases. butwith osteochondrosisPain attacks can be so sharp that they even deprive a person of the opportunity to move.

At the same time, a huge number of people enter the risk zone. That's why you need to know how to facilitateback pain with osteochondrosis, because it will help in time to remove the painful feelings to yourself and those around you.

Greetings, friends and readers of our blog!

Go away, the pain!

My friends, at the first symptoms should be dischargedspine, and assume a prone position. It is important to choose a pose that will reduce pain. For convenience, you can use rollers and cushions. In this case, the bed must be sufficiently rigid.

Gentle motor mode helps to remove the effect on the back of the person's own weight. In the presence of excess weight, such a load can be quite significant.

Of course, we all understand that with intense pain you need to seek medical advice from a doctor who prescribes medication.

The most optimal option for the appearance of pain in the spine is to consult a specialist-manual therapist, he quickly stops the unpleasant symptoms.

If this is not possible, then usefive proven simple ways, allowing to cure osteochondrosis at home without medication.

Severe pain can be removed with pain medications: any home-analgesic or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.


If the medication did not work within an hour, you should take some potent remedy: diclofen, trigan, solpadein. Also helps intake of muscle relaxants, which relieve muscle spasms.


When the pills do not help, or if there is an intense pain syndrome for a long time, the specialist can prescribe painkillers. They quickly relieve the painful sensations in the back, relieve inflammation.

In acute pain additionally prescribed injections of B vitamins, which promote the activation of metabolic processes, positively affect the nerve endings.

Take the back in your hands

Treatment of osteochondrosis begins with drug therapy. But do not forget, my dear, that everything is in our hands, including the back!

Therefore, as soon as you have an opportunity to move a little, start... crawl and do the exercises.

Stand on your knees, your hands are on the floor, your body is lowered to the floor. Pulling one and the other hand alternately, pulling the knee bent at the knee, move forward across the room, crawling on all fours.

With acute pain in the lumbar region, it is even necessary, through painful sensations, to do an exercise on the back, placing a tissue compress with ice under the lumbar region, to remove edema and inflammation. Legs bend at the knees. Perform bending of the trunk in the thoracic region, while the elbows should be directed to the knee joints.

For the next exercise, my friends, you need to become "on all fours an emphasis on your knees and hands. At the inhalation, gently bend in the waist, on exhalation slowly arched back, chin to lower to the chest.

To understand how to remove the pain in your case, try both of these exercises. And to restore the lumbar spine, you need to make physical education a part of your life.

Learning from our mistakes

After passing the acute pain stage, it is important to realize your mistakes, which became the causes of osteochondrosis development.

If it is difficult to fight with age-related changes, spinal injuries or hereditary factors, then To change a sedentary lifestyle, improper diet and lose weight - this is in our forces!

My dear, start with the simplest -with food. There are at least ten essential nutrients that are needed for a healthy spine.


If you have never done your health before, start with morning exercises. Be sure to include in it the simplest exercises for the spine, your back will be very grateful!


My advice to you, be sure to include at least one course of massage in your health schedule. Ideally, this should be done every six months.


The spine is the axis of life on which the whole of our body holds. I really hope that this article will push you to change your life, love yourself and your body and then he will respond to you with reciprocity, strong health and lack of back pain.

Rational nutrition, regular exercise, massage and alternative medicine - do at least something for yourself, for your body and it will serve you for many years with faith and truth, without disturbing pain.

On this major note, we finish the article, in the next we'll talk about how,how to treat osteochondrosis of the waist.

Goodbye to you, readers and friends of my blog. I hope that you have subscribed to the updates.

Special thanks to those who recommended reading my article to friends on social networks.

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Back and neck pain, causes, lumbar gymnastics

Osteopathy is a new for our country, but certainly a very progressive medical direction.

Competent osteopathic doctors, with knowledge of neurology and orthopedics, can quickly and correctly establish a diagnosis by finding out the true causes of a particular disease, and also with the help of complex therapy will help cope with the pain syndrome and win disease.

The doctor's influence on the human body is extremely gentle.

The hands of osteopathic doctors resemble the hands of a loving mother, because they "listen" to the patient's body, feel his movement, breathing and blood circulation, notice the slightest discrepancies and imbalances in organism.

In osteopathic treatment, the proportions between the joints of the bones and muscles laid down by nature are restored, and this contributes to the development of a correct and strong posture, corrects the already existing disorders of the musculoskeletal apparatus. In addition, such treatment has a harmonizing effect on the vascular, nervous systems and internal organs of man.

The osteopathic technique is very mild and gentle, it is suitable for both young children and adults.

In addition to problems with the spine, adults are well suited for osteopathic treatment of migraine and other types of headache, vegetative-vascular dystonia; in schoolchildren - epilepsy, enuresis, stoop and scoliosis, increased fatigue, restlessness and inattention in class, bad academic performance, as well as headaches; in young children - a violation of muscle tone, developmental lag, increased excitability and behavioral disorders.

The hands of the osteopath can do a lot for the patient.

And what can we do with our own hands, literally and figuratively, to preserve the health of the spine? Journalist Yelena Yegorova speaks with a St. Petersburg osteopathic physician, a children's neurologist, a chiropractor, Igor Shishin.

- A person can do enough. First of all, it must be said that the human spine is an organ that is reasonably rationally arranged.

He has a fairly large margin of safety, but at the same time, he is easily vulnerable and vulnerable.


On our spine various physical overloads, stressful situations, a long standing at work, excessive weight and absence of physical exercises are reflected.


The greatest burden in our daily life falls on the lumbosacral department. At first, unpleasant sensations in the lumbar region may be the result of spinal congestion, overstretch of ligaments or muscle spasm.

If you do not turn on the aching lower back in time, the pain can go to a chronic form - chronic lumbago (lumbar lumbago), and in the end, with a prolonged excessive load, the spine gives up - acute pains appear, radiculitis.

However, low back pain can be of a different nature.

For example, with a disease of the bladder, prostate, with uterine fibroids or with a chronic inflammatory process in the appendages of pain are reflected, or, in other words, transferred from these parts of the body to the lumbar region the spine. In addition, back pain can be aggravated by fatigue or stress.

- Radiculitis, many people are familiar with it not by hearsay. How to help yourself with radiculitis pain?

- Of course you should not self-diagnose. However, if you have already been diagnosed with radiculitis and you understand that the pain that has started is an exacerbation of this disease, then do the following. First, at night it is good to put mustard plasters or to attach a papillary patch.

Kuznetsov's needle stickersimultaneously has an irritating and distracting effect, improves the circulation of blood and energy in the body, increases the body's immunity. Its effect is much the same as the action of a point massage.

Thirdly, during the day you can use various heating ointments, for example, menovazine, Vietnamese balm "Golden Star capsicum, efkamon.

There are effective ointments containing snake venom (viprosal) and bee venom (apizatron, virapine), but it should be noted that on them can be an allergic reaction of the body, and also they should not be used for diabetes, kidney and liver diseases, with pregnancy.

I must emphasize once again that the correct diagnosis is paramount. For severe long pains in the lower back, it is necessary to consult a competent in this area as soon as possible - a neurologist-osteopath.

- How to prevent low back pain associated with the condition of our spine?

- You should constantly adhere to a number of simple rules that will eventually become your good habit:

  • Raise heavy things by flexing the knee joints, not the back.
  • Do not wear weights, especially in one hand. Use trolleys or distribute the weight evenly on both hands.
  • Do not lift the load in combination with a sharp turn of the trunk (do not twist the spine).
  • Paul Bragg also said that the main exercise for the spine is a good posture. Try to stand and walk exactly with normal physiological posture. Keep your head straight, while walking, do not look under your feet (in the sense of straight to your feet). It is also desirable when walking to draw in the stomach and not protrude the buttocks, since only in this case the normal lumbar spine of the spine remains.
  • Your shoes should be comfortable, preferably on a low heel. A high heel causes a shift in the position of the pelvis, which leads to a tension in the posterior group of pelvic muscles, which can lead to severe pain along the sciatic nerve.
  • If you have a sedentary job, you must choose a chair so that your feet stand exactly on the floor, while the knee joints are located at the level of the hip joints. It is also advisable to put a small pillow or a cushion under the waist.
  • Sleep better on an elastic mattress.
  • When sitting for a long time, you should periodically get up from your chair and do 5-10 extensions for 10-20 seconds, holding with your hands for waist (in other words, warm up if you feel discomfort, but not abruptly, smoothly: the torso of the body, circular movements of the head in the neck etc.). It is also desirable, sitting on a chair in your workplace, periodically make several inclines forward, while your head should touch the knees.
  • It is necessary to systematically strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen with the help of a set of special physical exercises. The fact is that the weakness of these muscles leads to the fact that the physiological lordosis (deflection) of the lumbar region is aggravated, causing "slipping" one vertebra in relation to the other, which in turn leads to overstrain of the muscles and ligaments in this area, causing painful Feel.

- Many people suffer from disorders in the thoracic and cervical spine. What causes these pain?

- Often there is thoracic radiculitis or intercostal neuralgia - these pains, as in the case of lumbar radiculitis, are associated with the infringement of the nerve root.

often treated with periarthritis periarthrosis, characterized by burning pain in the shoulder, giving the neck and arms, lack of mobility of the shoulder joint and numbness in the shoulder area.

Cervical spondylosis lies in wait for those who regularly sit for a long time bending over - in this case Pain and numbness in the nape of the neck and shoulder girdle are felt both during movement and when immobile poses.

- What can you advise for the prevention of pain in the thoracic and cervical spine?

  • It is extremely important to exclude hypothermia, stay in dampness and draft.
  • It is advisable to go to the sauna every week: in a Russian steam room or sauna.
  • Do not lie on a high pillow while you sleep, read or watch television, as this can lead to a displacement of the vertebrae in the cervical region.
  • Do not make sudden rises from the bed - it should be lifted gently, with the support of the hands.
  • Do not get involved in such traumatic sports as football, hockey, boxing, martial arts. Recently, specialists came to the conclusion that during the run, the discs of the spine and the knee menisci gradually deformed, as well as the ligamentous apparatus of the spine and joints is injured.
  • Periodically it is useful to conduct courses of classical massage and osteopathic treatment.

- The course of osteopathic treatment consists, basically, of 5-7 sessions, in cases of severe conditions - from 10 sessions. How long does the osteopathic session last and how often should I repeat courses of osteopathic treatment?

- One session lasts 45-50 minutes. In case of serious problems (Schmorl's hernia, mild forms of cerebral palsy) the course of treatment should be repeated every 3-4 months or six months.

If there are no big problems or the treatment was conducted in connection with the trauma, then there is no need to repeat the treatment, after six months or a year, just go to the osteopath doctor for an examination.


"Be always in good shape." Do gymnastics, swimming, cycling. Take care of your spine, and it will last you long!

Charging for the waistThis simple set of exercises to strengthen the lumbar spine do every morning and evening.
  1. Lying on your back, alternately bring that right, then the left knee to your chest, keeping your foot in this position for 5-7 seconds. Do this exercise 5 times with each foot.
  2. In a prone position, strain the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks as much as possible, while pressing your back to the floor as much as possible. Hold this position for 5-7 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  3. The starting position is lying on the back; one leg is extended, the other is bent at the knee joint, the foot rests against the floor. Slowly lift the elongated leg upwards and hold it for 5-7 seconds in this position. Change your legs and repeat this exercise. Do this exercise 5 times with each leg.
  4. The starting position - lying on the back, both legs are bent at the knees and rest against the floor. Slowly raise your head so that your chin touches your chest, while touching your knees with your hands. Hold this position for 5-7 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  5. Sit on the floor, legs stretch out straight, with hands holding the lower third of the knees. Lean forward and grasp your toes. Remain in this position for 10-16 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  6. Lying on your abdomen, alternately lift one leg, then the other straight, not bent at the knee joint leg. Lift each leg 5-7 times.

Before using any medication and non-medicines, consult a doctor without fail!

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