Tablets from the throat and cough

People advise a medicine from a throat ...


Ivan Kuznetsov

Rinse your throat with jox, soda and salt.

Maria Boznyakova

Everyone knows what a sore throat is. As a rule, the pain in the throat starts to bother since the morning, when a person just wakes up. The first signs are a nasty feeling of burning, a sore throat, painful sensations when talking and swallowing. Sore throat can be triggered by various causes - angina, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and acute respiratory diseases. Most of the pain in the throat appears in the off-season, in conditions of low immunity with a deficiency in the body of vitamins. The sensitivity of the body to viruses is increased, accordingly, the microbes begin to multiply in the throat.
Sore throat can also appear in the warm season. The reason is very simple - the heat induces a person to drink almost icy water. With a sharp drop from the heat to cold and there is a sore throat. Sore throat requires compulsory treatment, otherwise it can go to the extent of a chronic disease. As a rule, a sore throat indicates a low immunity, a lack of vitamins that help protect the body from pathogens.

Modern medications for sore throat are presented in pharmacies in a huge variety. And, as a rule, after discovering the sore throat the next morning, a man runs to the pharmacy and buys all sorts of pills or lozenges for the throat, which can quickly rid him of unpleasant sensations.
All commercially available drugs for sore throat have different effects and different nature.
Medicines for pain in the throat of antiseptic action
Antiseptics kill bacteria that are in the throat. In case the cause of the disease of the throat is microbes, then antiseptics with them will quickly cope. But if the disease is viral, then antiseptics will not help. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use such medications for sore throat even with viral lesions, because they have an enveloping effect and, thereby, contribute to the softening of the throat and the enhancement of the local immunity.
Antiseptics are sold in pharmacies in the form of lollipops, troches or tablets, aerosols. The effect of their use lasts about 3-4 hours, but they can often not be used, since they can adversely affect the health of the liver. During the first three hours, it is advisable not to drink or eat anything, otherwise they will not have any effect on the throat. The composition of such medicines includes not only antiseptic substances, but also therapeutic essential oils that release breathing.
Medications for pain in the throat of anesthetic action
Anesthetics do not kill bacteria, but instead they gently envelop the throat, relieve the sensation of perspiration and sharp pain in the throat. Drugs for sore throat anesthetics are presented in the form of tablets and lozenges.
Mixed drugs for sore throat
Treatment of pain in the throat has two purposes: to kill pathogens in the throat and to calm the irritated throat. Mixed drugs are used for these two purposes. They are issued in the form of rinses for the throat, troches or therapeutic aerosols.
Medicines for sore throats of immunostimulating nature
Immunostimulating drugs have a deeper effect. Such drugs increase the body's immune forces, and the body is already coping with the disease.
Folk ways of treating sore throat
Since ancient times, from the pain in the throat got rid of with the help of gargling with curative herbs. The most effective herbs for treating sore throat are chamomile, calendula, sage and yarrow. You can rinse your sore throat with soda dissolved in water. Soda perfectly kills microbes, but people suffering from thyroid gland diseases can not use it. Very useful when the throat is inhaled with hot steam.

arsen jalamyan

tantum verde
chamomile to gargle a throat usual and if cough usual tablets it is direct and are called from a tussis-all will pass or take place!


Septhotte, doctor mom, mint candy, hot tea, raspberry can, well, buy syrups)


Spray Geksoral, Ingalipt in the throat. Rinse with furacilin - every 3 hours. Mucutine from a cough. A lot of warm drink - with honey, kalina, raspberry, mint, melissa,
Milk is a must!
Good luck

Elena Maksimenko

To me strepsils helps and from a pain in a throat, and from pershenija, and from tussis irritating.

Beautiful Name

I now have the same nonsense, tomorrow is the Birthday, and I'm sick! Pugh Ehinotsey Forte - drops in water drip 3 times a day

Marina Kravchenko

Excellent tablets for resorption Tonsilotren. Removes redness and plaque. Relief comes quickly. These pills not only treat the sore throat, but also have an immunostimulating effect.

Elena Kolpakova

And grammidine helps me, I drink it in five days, the pain in my throat passes by the evening of the first day of reception, and taste at tablets pleasant mint, it is unique after reception is 2 hours it is impossible, but I I endure.


The best and most effective IMDON

Anastasia Dolmatova

Need to be treated intensively! If I have a sore throat, I drink a lot of morsels, tea with ginger and take gramramine tablets, they have been checked by me for a long time, they help me very quickly. I take a red and drink two tablets more accurately I dissolve. After meal. And do not drink and do not eat anything for about two hours.

Yevgeny Chubarov

Yo! Healthy, I would advise you not the folk remedies that old people often advise, without any potato inhalation or plantain, come on, be smarter using the right methods, modern medicine! I, for example, prefer to use medical water with mouthwash or buy grammidine against the throat, those who resolve, he takes off the pain and then still has an antibacterial effect, for St. Petersburg the most it!

Advise a good remedy for sore throat and cough?



if the cough is choking at night, ear, then you can make a cold-warming compress. in very cold water, soak a piece of gauze (a thin cloth or towel), quickly shake your throat. and from above, wrap it with a towel or something warm. it is inconvenient to sleep, but you will not be coughing for sure. For many years I have been saving myself. It's still good to warm red wine or beer on the anoch, dissolve a tableful of honey in it and quickly drink it. it is advisable to do this already in bed, mk strongly throws in the heat. it helps! Get well!

k r

aromaticheskoe maslo lemon, 3 kapli na stakan teploy vodi i poloskat snimaet daje anginu gnoynuu

Sagaida Ekaterina

Tablets from Naturproduct - Eucalyptus !!!


I'm sick, I'm sick, I got a doctor, I prescribed a lot of drugs, ambrohexoral 1l 3 times a day, pharyngosept 1 t 3 r (suck), gengalipt zev 3 r3 days

Yuliya Yaichnikova

I was last saved by pills Pectusin! (there are some pennies) and another ascorbic! Well this is so that Pectusin certainly helped! :)

* Raw Polly *

Spray the spray "Proposol saves me from childhood, heals very quickly the sore throat. To dissolve "Sepiate even though it tastes bad, but it helps, and even they are without sugar.

Personal Cabinet Removed

from medicinal pharyngosept, spray tantum verde and spray bioparox
from folk:
1. boil an average onion in 1 glass of milk on slow heating for 10 minutes, drink 1/4 cup several times a day
2. a glass of warm milk + tsp. butter, + table. a spoonful of honey, + a drop of iodine


Buy vitamins, drink them 2 times a day and your throat will not hurt


With a sore throat is a very good remedy Geksoral spray, sprinkle 2 times a day, very quickly helps, and from a cough there is a syrup Erespal, prescribed even to children, and from folk remedies Winter radish syrup with honey, is sold in pharmacies, directly and is called. Do not be ill!

Anastasia Makarova

You buy a black radish in the store, cut off the top of the head (but do not throw it away, it will serve as a lid), do not make a large pit with a spoon, put a couple of teaspoons of honey in it, and close it with a "lid". After a couple of hours, you drink juice. Excellent and effective cough remedy.

I'm going to the pharmacy. Tell me the names of the cheapest tablets from a cough and cheap spray from the throat?


Irina Rukina

The cheapest tablets from cough-thermopsis (grass such). They cost about 30 rubles. Spray for the throat-Ingalipt-50-60 rub. You can buy Chlorhexidine for gargling. It costs about 10 rubles.

♠ ♥ ♣ Black Cat ♣ ♥ ♠

Tablets - Mukaltin
Spray I do not know


proposol spray
Excellent properties are distinguished by an effective cough remedy, which has been used since time immemorial. To cook it take one lemon, boil for 10 minutes. Then it must be cut in half, squeezed juice and connected with 2 tbsp. spoons of glycerin. After careful stirring, you need to add as much honey as possible so that the glass is filled almost to the top.
It's incredibly tasty and useful. Ready cough syrup with rare attacks, give the children a 1-spoonful several times a day. If coughing is disturbing at night, you can give 1 teaspoon at bedtime and one at night. A strong cough is treated according to the scheme: 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach, at lunch before meals and after dinner before going to bed. With a decrease in the number of coughing attacks, the number of medication should be reduced.


the best medicine for all diseases... potassium cyanide.

Journey through life

Bromhexine is not expensive
there's just an OTC pill
spray-lugol, kamenton, angalipt
but rather furatsilin, it is more effective. Stout 70 re.

Lyna *

mucutin from cough
and I do not know the spray ..

Leela Leela

pills for coughing and so called, from the throat iodine a few drops on a glass of water + soda teaspoon + warm water rinse throat 3 times a day

Nick stolen - looking for options

tablets - Mukaltin
syrup - Ascoril.
everything works well

Red beast

Cough medicine Icelandic moss, cheap, sweet and helps! From the throat all in one price.

Alexei Lurye

I do not know anything from a cough better than inhalations.
And in general, if I feel that my throat starts to hurt, then I arrange myself cognac therapy every evening (every half an hour after a glass bottle and so a half-bottle is no longer necessary) and next morning does not hurt anything. Only when the temperature, then alcohol is better not necessary. When the nasopharynx hurts, you can drip aloe or peach butter.


inhalation oil with salt


In the pharmacy and prompt

Ivanov Sergey

Cheaper than mukultina there is nothing

Pershit in the throat and want to cough. Remedies for throat pain

Every person has to cough. Currently, medicine knows many varieties of this ailment. If a wet cough does not cause a special discomfort, then this can not be said for dry. This is exactly what will be discussed later. You will find out why a person has a pershin in his throat and wants to cough. The most common causes of pathology will be described below.

Pershit in the throat and want to cough

Also from the presented material you can find out what are the means from the throat. With perspiration and coughing, they are very effective.

Irritable Throat Syndrome

If you feel that you have pershit in your throat and want to cough, then this may be the initial symptom of an irritated throat. There may be several reasons for this pathology. Quite often the usual perspiration and irritation in the pharynx leads to a cough.

Dry cough is the most unpleasant of all its varieties. A person regularly experiences spasms in the throat. To treat such a pathology is not only possible, but also necessary. Otherwise, you can get pretty serious complications.

Pershit in the throat than to heal

Why pershit in the throat and want to cough?

The causes of this pathology can be many. Most often, a cause for irritation in the throat is a viral or bacterial infection. In this case, soon the person begins to notice additional symptoms: a runny nose, temperature, headache.

If you have pershit in the throat and want to cough, then the cause of this can be a banal allergy. At the same time, for a long time you do not feel a deterioration of well-being, and the doctor during the examination says that there is no cause for concern. To treat an allergy it is necessary. However, it must be done wisely.

If you have pershit in the throat and cough is indomitable, then the cause of this may be a wrong lifestyle. Often with this problem faced by heavy smokers. It should be noted that this symptom is very disturbing.

There are a number of other reasons why a person has a pershin in his throat and wants to cough. It is only the doctor who can determine what is the cause for the development of the disease. To do this, the patient is assigned a series of examinations and analyzes.

Remedies for throat pain

Before using these or other funds from the throat, it is necessary to find out the cause of the pathology. Otherwise, the drugs may simply not help you cope with the problem. For the treatment of pathology, doctors use antimicrobial and antibacterial agents, antiviral drugs, antiseptics, immunomodulators, antihistamines and so on. The list of medicines can be infinite. In addition, doctors use traditional medicine. Consider the most popular drugs that help cope with a sore throat and stop or prevent coughing.

funds from the throat

Medications for oral administration

So, you found out why the Pershit is in the throat. Now you can choose the right treatment. Doctors strongly do not recommend doing it yourself. However, most patients do not turn to doctors because of their employment.

If the cause of persecution is an allergic reaction, then antihistamines should be used. These include the funds "Zirtek "Suprastin "Fenistil" and so on.

When a virus infection occurs, it is worthwhile to use immunomodulating medications. Among them you can distinguish drops "Derinat tablets "Anaferon suppositories "Kipferon" and many others. If necessary, use antiviral drugs such as Aflubin, Antigrippin, and so on.

Pershit in the throat and cough

If the persistence is caused by the multiplication of bacteria, antimicrobial drugs are prescribed. Among them you can meet "Amoxicillin "Amoxiclav "Sumamed" and so on.

Local impact

If pershit in the throat, than to treat yet? You can use tools that have a local effect. All these drugs can be divided into sprays, lozenges and rinse aid.

Spray the irrigated larynx several times a day. Among such medicines - "Ingalipt "Cameton "Tantum Verde" and others.

why pershit in the throat

Rinse should be used when there are contraindications to the use of other forms of medication. This often happens during pregnancy or breastfeeding. To the rinse aid can be attributed the following: "Furacilin "Miramistin "Chlorophyllipt" and so on.

Resoluble lozenges can contain medications or be exclusively natural. Among them, we can mention "Strepsils "Bobs "Doctor Mom."

Folk remedies

If you do not want to take medicines, then you can cope with the persecution in the throat with the help of folk remedies.

  • An excellent emollient is a lemon. You can drink warm tea with its addition or to dissolve the product.
  • Chamomile and sage relieve inflammation and have a healing effect. These solutions can rinse the irritated throat or drink them in a diluted form.
  • Lemon restores the body's immune defenses and defeats the infection. The same action is possessed by a cranberry and a dogrose.
  • From persheniya in the throat can get rid of by home inhalation. Breathe over boiled potatoes or ordinary hot water.
  • To prevent cough, which often occurs after a banal persecution, ventilate the room more often. Arrange around the room slices of garlic and onion rings.

how to quickly cope with a sore throat

Summing up and conclusion

Now you know what can be the cause of perspiration and coughing. Remember that inactivity and delay can lead to complications. It is worth noting that much worse from the misdirection and use of medicines. Ask for help from a specialist. Only in this case, you will be given suitable funds from a throat swelling.

Especially cautious should be if the perspiration in the throat and cough arose in the child. In this case, you can not do without medical assistance. Children's drugs should be selected especially carefully, taking into account all the characteristics of the body.

Are treated on time and do not be ill!

"Sage" (tablets for resorption) - an effective tool in the fight against diseases of the throat

Sore throat and cough may appear in any weather and at any time of the year. "Sage" (tablets for resorption) - one of the effective means for symptomatic treatment and not only. Healing properties of plants help to fight problems from the inside, and not only to suppress the external signs of the disease.

Sage tablet for absorption

Healing properties of sage

The medicinal qualities of this plant have been known for a long time. In folk and traditional medicine, in aromatherapy, essential oil of sage is widely used. In addition, its leaves are used as a condiment for cooking meat and other products. It turns out that all harmful substances from the surface of roasted meat are eliminated when adding sage. Extract and sage oil help to strengthen the immune system. It is especially widely used for the treatment of respiratory tract, ENT organs, for example, in the form of the preparation "Salvia" (tablets for resorption). Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this plant is good for oral disease. That is why it is added to toothpastes and rinses. Sage also has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, soothing it and relieving spasm.

"Sage" (tablets for resorption): composition of the drug, indications for use

The composition of the tablets includes dry leaf extract and essential oil of sage, bioflavonoids of citrus (hesperidinum), vitamin C. Thanks to this composition, the tablets have a pleasant and mild taste. Depending on the manufacturer, sucrose, citric acid (for improving taste qualities) can be added as auxiliary substances.

Sage tablet for resorption instructionsTablets are an ideal tool in the fight against any diseases of the throat and respiratory tract. In particular, they are used in ARI, chronic and acute bronchitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis, etc. With resorption, they create the effect of inhalation, temporarily eliminating symptoms and fighting the disease. In addition, the preparation "Sage" perfectly copes with any inflammatory phenomena in the oral cavity and pharynx, for example, with gingivitis or stomatitis.

Tablets "Salvia instructions for use

Assign inside (resorption) for adults and children from 14 years of 1 tablet. Frequency of reception varies from 4 to 5 times. The duration of treatment is 4-5 days. It is convenient, that in packing 20 tablets are on sale: them just suffices for one course. In addition, this drug can be administered to children from 5 years of age. At the age of 5 to 10 years, it is recommended to take 1 tablet 3 times a day (dissolve with an interval of four hours). After 10 years, also appoint one tablet, but 4 times a day (take at intervals of 3 hours). Chew tablets are not recommended. Long-term resorption enhances the effect. The course of treatment, if necessary, can be extended to 10-12 days.

Sage Tablets Instruction


The preparation "Salvia" (tablets for resorption), the instruction to which is presented above, is very effective. First, he not only treats, but also relieves symptoms. If a cough occurs suddenly in a crowded place or at a critical moment, then it can be suppressed by dissolving the lozenge. Secondly, the reception frequency is enough to soften the throat during a sore throat and almost do not feel any pain for a whole day. Thirdly, "Sage" is not addictive. The course of treatment can be prolonged without fear of disturbing the processes in one's own organism. The drug consists of natural ingredients, which allows it not to cause side effects. Undoubted advantages - a pleasant taste and effective treatment. In addition, the drug has a fairly affordable price.

Sage tablet for absorption


Despite the fact that the drug is plant-based, it has a number of contraindications. It can not be used during pregnancy and lactation. Care must be taken to use the drug for people with diabetes. This is because of the content of glucose and sucrose in the medicine. However, the presence of these substances in tablets depends on their manufacturer. You can not prescribe "Salvia" (tablets for resorption) to children under 5 years of age. First, a child can accidentally swallow a pill. And secondly, the children's body is very sensitive, and it is better to be safe. Do not use the drug for acute nephritis. In some cases, an allergic reaction to individual components of the tablets was noted. In this situation, treatment should be stopped.

How to get rid of a constant sore throat? Councils of doctors and traditional healers

Chronic tonsillitis, inflammatory processes in the throat are accompanied by constant pain and redness. Most often the pain appears in the morning. This is accompanied by an unpleasant odor from the mouth. Of course, with any disease, you need to go to the hospital. Especially if it is a question of angina, acute tonsillitis or inflammation of the tonsils. In some cases, you can treat your throat yourself. First, the disease can not be started.

Sage tablet for absorptionStart gargling. For these procedures, a decoction of chamomile, sage, a solution of the drug "Malavit" or soda with salt. Doctors recommend using warm water, since hot water contributes to the faster development of pathogenic bacteria. Also rinse your nose with slightly salted water to clean the sinuses. In the fight against sore throat, alcohol compresses are good. Preheat 50-60% alcohol and attach to the throat, wrap it with a layer of film and a warm kerchief. Be vigilant, especially dangerous is purulent sore throat. With it, no lozenges for resorption will help, so with very severe pain you need to go to the doctor.

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