Withdrawal from drinking-bout with folk remedies

Under the influence of alcohol people become more relaxed and emotionally open when communicating. A small dose of alcoholic beverages relieves tension and improves mood. If the product, of course, quality. But the daily abuse of alcohol poison the entire body and the withdrawal from drinking-bout folk remedies - one of the options for fighting alcoholism.

Folk methods and tools can help at home with many ailments, including getting out of a drunken state. Home treatment of alcoholism should be approached with caution and circumspection. More effective care will be provided in the clinic of narcological or general practice with the help of droppers and other medical methods.

Before the ambulance arrives, it is possible to rinse the stomach to reduce intoxication. Remember! A solution of potassium permanganate is contraindicated for purifying the stomach!

It is better to rinse the stomach with food salt and soda in an amount of 1 teaspoon of each substance per 1 liter of warm water. Thoroughly mix salt and baking soda in water and allow the patient to drink as much as possible. Pressing a spoon on the root of the tongue, the gag reflex is called.

After vomiting, give the patient to drink water at room temperature with tablets of activated charcoal( 1 tablet of activated carbon per 10 kg of patient's body weight).

Folk remedies for drinking

To get rid of alcoholism and interrupt drinking, natural honey can help with a dose of 120.0 gr.for a day. And also apple vinegar - three glasses( 200.0 ml.) Per day with one teaspoon of 9% apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is best cooked most of the apples, if possible. Then its concentration is less and can be consumed more during the day.

Activated carbon , as we have already said, can help to remove alcohol intoxication. Therefore, he can interrupt the drinking-bout. Use it inside as a cool water solution. One tablet of activated carbon is taken per 10 kilograms of body weight. That is, if a person weighs 70 kg, then 7 tablets will be required. In addition to toxins, unfortunately, activated charcoal takes away nutrients from the body, including vitamins, so the food needs to be made more varied and fortified.

In folk medicine is considered cabbage , cucumber and tomato brines - good means for interrupting and decommissioning the binge.

Auricle massage .If an alcoholic or just a heavily drunk person can not go and talk, it can be brought to life by rubbing his ears to redness. With a massage of the auricles, the blood flows more to the head and clears the mind. The patient may become available for contact.

Herbal mixtures and decoctions of .In a short time to get out of the binge can help: the root of Angelica;fruits of juniper;the roots of the aira( in equal parts).To them mint is added, St. John's wort is 2 times larger. Tablespoon of the mixture for 250.0 ml.boiling water. Simmer for 15 minutes. Insist 2 hours, wrapped. Strain. Take 250.0 ml each.2 - 3 times a day. Helps to remove cravings for alcohol.

Bay Leaf .At 250.0 ml. Vodka takes a spine and 2 leaves of the laurel. They insist 14 days in a dark place. If you give a patient to drink this infusion, then you can cause an aversion to alcohol for a long period.

Red pepper .1 tbsp.a spoonful of red chili pepper is insisted on half a liter of vodka for 14 days. In any alcoholic beverage, you can add a few drops of tincture. It is believed that pepper reduces cravings for alcoholic beverages.

Recipes of decoction from oats, marigolds and flowers of the turquoise

To remove from the binge can help the flowers of the velvet.5 tablespoons( if the shredded raw material is dense, not very friable), dry flowers of the barlot are filled with one liter of boiling water. To simmer for three minutes, stirring. We insist 2 hours, tightly wrapping the dishes. The resulting broth, or infusion is taken 5 times a day for one glass( 200 ml.).Improves well-being.

Also helps to get out of the brewing oat broth with the addition of calendula. The recipe is as follows: a three-liter pan is filled with half oats, poured over with water and 30 minutes( after boiling) cooked over low heat. Decoction is filtered and poured into a thermos, add to it 50.0 gr.calendula flowers and insist 12 hours. Take this folk remedy for 1 glass( 200.0 ml.) Before each meal.

If the patient with alcoholism does not get out of the drinking-bout, things are bad! Binge provokes even a small dose of alcohol. The longer the drinking, the longer and the way out of it, the more time it takes to restore strength and psychological well-being.

How to get a person out of binge: useful advice

Treat alcoholism correctly and, like in any other treatment, the main principle - do no harm! The peculiarity of alcoholism is that an alcoholic, however, like a mentally ill person, does not consider himself sick. Try to act as a persistent conviction for a patient with alcoholism that drinking alcoholic beverages is a disease, not entertainment and a tribute to unhealthy traditions. It is very difficult to get out of the drinking state on your own. A very large and harmful mite contributes to the duration of the drinking-bout alcoholic antisocial environment. For those who support drunkenness, treatment with folk remedies can not yield positive results.

Quitting a binge is psychologically difficult. For the treatment of alcohol dependence, moral pressure on the patient may not give good results, and sometimes work even the opposite. Contrary to all beliefs, admonitions and admonitions, the alcoholic will continue to drink. Also, sharply quit drinking without medical aid, droppers, pills and injections, the main thing - the special care of a doctor-expert in narcology is very risky. There can appear only physical disorders, but also mental disorders in the form of depression, epileptic seizures, suicidal tendencies, metal psychosis: alcoholic delirium( or white fever), alcoholic hallucinosis.

A harmful load on the heart can have a bath, steam room, hot tub, excessive physical activity. It is better to refrain from this. It should not be forgotten that any traditional means of treating alcoholism have both positive and negative sides - contraindications. Consider everything you need!

After the release of the patient from drinking-bout, thanks to traditional medicine, one can speak about favorable signs. The patient must admit his mistakes and undergo a full course of treatment in a hospital( detoxification therapy).Otherwise, there may again be a breakdown and withdrawal into a new binge.

Active life position, physical and mental labor, expansion of the circle of interests and revision of vital values ​​in moral and moral terms will help get rid of alcoholism!