Drugs for impotence in men - use

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a fairly common male disease. It appears for various reasons that adversely affect your health. These include an unfavorable environment, bad habits, psychological disorders and a sedentary lifestyle. However, the main cause of this condition is low sexual activity. Depending on the root causes of the disease, individual therapy is selected. Today, drugs for impotence in men can be purchased at any pharmacy. Their diversity will be discussed in this article.

  • Effective tablets against impotence
  • Medications
  • Preparations based on natural substances
  • Local drug use
  • Remedies for impotence for men over 55 years old
  • Vacuum pump from impotence
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Effective tablets against impotence

Modern pharmacology produces a lot of various drugs that perform their tasks qualitatively. Regardless of age, each man can choose the best medicine that will restore his health. All tablets are aimed at the following basic tasks:

  • stimulate erectile dysfunction;
  • increases the sensitivity of the penis;
  • improve the flow of blood to the genitals.

Among a huge list of various medicines, we can mention some drugs that have proved themselves well with consumers and in fact have the ability to regain men's health. It can be unequivocally said that these pills are temporary. The fight against the disease should be started after determining the exact cause of impotence. Below are the most effective tablets. All these drugs are suitable for men over 40 and younger.

Important!The price of the medicine depends entirely on the manufacturer and the composition of the drug.



These pills are by far the most polar. They quickly and effectively return the male power, for several hours. Under their action, blood vessels expand, which fill with blood, which stimulates a permanent erection. As a rule, the medicine is well tolerated. However the organism at all different and at some men can observe a giddiness, a sleeplessness, a nausea, a headache and even a vomiting. It is important to carefully read the instructions before use.


This is a new drug, so it is in great demand in the market. In its composition, there is the main active component - it is tadalafil. This component provides a permanent erection for 36 hours, as it dilates the blood vessels to which more blood enters. That's why the choice of men falls on this medicine. Tablets are forbidden to combine with liquor. If this rule is not observed, then the person will experience severe unpleasant symptoms. Before use, read the instructions and familiarize yourself with side effects.


The composition of the drug stimulates the expansion of blood vessels, which receives a lot of blood. Because of this process, the penis is filled with blood, which stimulates the erection. The effectiveness of the drug is about 12 hours. Experts recommend taking this medicine if a man developed impotence against diabetes mellitus.

Preparations based on natural substances


A natural drug that increases the level of libido and stimulates the potency. The composition of medicinal tablets includes the root of ginseng, giant blossom, Japanese yam and coconut pore. Active substances quickly raise the level of hormones responsible for sexual activity. In addition, Inforte provokes testosterone, raises sexual desire and improves spermatogenesis. The medicine consists of natural ingredients, so it has no side effects. An exception is the individual intolerance of one of the components.


The drug has a wide range of activities, so it generally has a positive effect on the reproductive system. A qualitative preparation sets up the correct work of the body, and also stimulates the male power. For greater effectiveness, experts recommend taking the pill for 1 month, but they can be drunk and immediately before intercourse.


A unique drug that effectively restores erectile dysfunction. It includes natural substances that do not harm the body. The main active ingredient is the alpine Tibetan fungus, which consists of amino acids and other elements that are important for health. With regular application, complete rejuvenation of the body occurs, metabolism is restored, and the nervous system is also tuned. Since the potency is completely dependent on the overall health of the man, taking these medicines removes the cause, the occurrence of the disease. In addition, the active components of the tablets affect the areas of the brain that are responsible for sexual attraction. After taking the drug, potency improves, sexual activity increases and reproductive function increases.

Local drug use

As a rule, potency is stimulated by oral medications. However, with severe disease, a man can be offered surgery. It helps to restore the reproductive system and improve the erection.

Special attention is always paid to the psychological health of men. Emotional disorders often provoke impotence, which is further developed from negative emotions. Having determined the cause of the sexual disorder, the patient can be recommended a course by the therapist. As a rule, such treatment always has a positive effect.

Some doctors recommend the use of topical medications. They are injected directly into the penis. Such drugs increase blood circulation in the body, and also increase the pressure in it. This effect stimulates a long and persistent erection. Among the most effective and popular means are:

  • Papaverine;
  • Fentolamine;
  • Alprostadine.

These drugs can increase the flow of blood and stimulate an erection. It is important to adhere to the rules of use, otherwise there may be side effects.

Remedies for impotence for men over 55 years old

At such a delicate age, it is important for every man to undergo a thorough examination to determine the cause of male impotence. Based on the data obtained, the specialist will be able to select an effective course of treatment. The appointment is made based on the nature of the ailment:

  • if there are no serious violations, then it is sufficient to prescribe natural preparations or dietary supplements (Verona, Vuka-Vuka, Organasex, Testagen, Red Root);
  • when severe ailments, it is better to choose the most powerful drugs (Melanotan, Minoxidil) or try using vacuum pumps;
  • if an insufficient amount of sex hormones is found, the male is recommended to take medicines based on testosterone (Nebido, Androgel, Andriol, Sustanon 250).

Vacuum pump from impotence

The vacuum pump is a cylinder with a pump that creates a negative pressure. The device is used to restore potency at any age. Persistent erection persists for 30 minutes. There are simple rules for applying the pump:

  • the penis is inserted into the cylinder;
  • remove air from the cylinder, using a pump;
  • should wait a few minutes for an erection to be sufficient, for a sexual intercourse;
  • The compressing ring is lubricated with lubricant, and lowered to the root of the penis;
  • air is launched into the cylinder and removed from the member;
  • the ring is left for the duration of the sexual act, and then removed.

The procedure is contraindicated in case of poor blood clotting and in the diagnosis of priapism. In other cases, the use of a vacuum pump is permitted.

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