Treatment of warts on the finger

Warts are a neoplasm that occurs on the skin, usually transmitted by the virus. This disease is a rather unpleasant cosmetic defect and can indicate other health problems. Because of the main route of infection, a wart on the finger often occurs, how can it be easiest to get rid of it so that the disease does not return?

  • Why do warts appear on the fingers?
  • Treatment of warts on fingers
  • How to quickly remove the wart from your finger
  • Folk remedies
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Warts on the fingers are a common phenomenon, according to statistics up to 20 percent of adolescents face this phenomenon in their lives, up to 10 acquire this disease. In adults, neoplasms on the skin of the virus are less common.

The wart is a dense neoplasm, usually it does not differ much in color from the rest of the skin, but the "head" of the neoplasm can blush. Over time, the wart may grow in size to a certain extent, often several tumors occur, one by one they do not exist often. Such neoplasms are also called vulgar, they constitute up to 70-80% of all cases of infection with the virus.

There are also flat warts that look more like spots that appear on the skin. They are usually found in young people between the ages of ten and thirty, are much less common.

Small neoplasms can not cause pain, the wart on the finger usually grows to a fairly large size. However, they may be completely absent. Also worth noting that warts can be like other skin diseases, so before starting treatment is to visit a dermatologist and establish an accurate diagnosis.

To date, for the treatment of this disease there are many different means, most of them are available and effective. It is worth considering the basic, most popular and effective therapies, knowing about all possible options is easier to choose the most suitable in each individual situation.

Why do warts appear on the fingers?

In fact, the place of origin of the neoplasm is not so important, they can appear on different parts of the body. Hands are the most common place, because it is with the hands of other people that the most contact occurs. Warts are a viral disease that spreads from person to person.

A virus that causes the appearance of tumors is the human papilloma virus, which is quite common today. Infection of this infection can occur in two ways:

  • direct contact with the skin of a person infected with a virus;
  • household way - through contact with towels, hygienic supplies, clothes and shoes of a patient with human warts.

It is in such ways that infection usually occurs. Of all the abundance of human papilloma virus strains, only a few affect the appearance of warts.

Important!It is worth remembering that for the development of a full-blown disease it is usually not enough just to infect. The virus develops best against a background of reduced immunity.

People with low immunity are much more likely to develop warts. It is for this reason that the disease most often affects children and adolescents, they have a fairly unstable immunity, while they have much contact with other children in kindergarten or school, a higher probability to pick up the virus itself.

Also, many other factors can influence immunity. Recently transferred catarrhal, systemic diseases, lack of necessary vitamins, minerals, useful elements, taking certain drugs, improper nutrition can provoke the development of the virus. In addition, there is a higher probability of contracting the virus of people with mechanical injuries of the skin on their hands.

Treatment of warts on fingers

Before the therapy of viral warts on the fingers, you need to visit a dermatologist, to make sure that the neoplasms are really a given disease. The doctor can also advise some effective treatment methods.

In general, you can get rid of this disease at home. It is especially easy to do this if the neoplasms are not very large, they are few, they do not merge into large formations. If there are many warts, it is better to remove them in a polyclinic or hospital, at the moment there are many effective painless techniques.

It is worth remembering that in addition to local treatment it is extremely important to maintain immunity. Without its improvement, there is a possibility of permanent relapse of the disease. In general, warts must be treated, the presence of one can always provoke the development of many tumors and a number of other unpleasant consequences. When a wart occurs, the child on the finger should be sure to follow that the child did not try to pick it, it can lead to deterioration.

How to quickly remove the wart from your finger

If there is no confidence in home methods, too much surface is affected by tumors, it is worthwhile to see a doctor and reduce the wart in one of the following ways:

  1. Surgical removal. This method is used quite rarely today, the essence is a mechanical scraping under local anesthesia.
  2. Removing liquid nitrogen. This method is rather painful, but its obvious plus is that after applying the substance, there is no scar or other traces of the wart.
  3. Laser removal. This technique is not available everywhere, but it is the most painless. It may take several sessions, no traces and scars usually remain.

These are the main conservative methods of treating this disease. Usually after the procedure, for some time, it is necessary to treat the place where the wart was, with antiseptic and cauterizing agents, for example, a solution of potassium permanganate.

Also, there are several pharmacy products, similar in effect, but it is worth noting that they are less effective. Sprays with chladgen, cryopharm and its analogs are most popular. They reproduce the effect of liquid nitrogen, they should be used for small single neoplasms.

To get rid of chicken warts on your finger, you can use a product based on salicylic acid or lactic acid, there are a lot of them: Galmanin, Solkoderm and others. When applying them, it is extremely important that healthy skin areas are not contacted with the drug.

Folk remedies

There are also many folk remedies against neoplasms of a viral nature. Their safety and effectiveness are difficult to guarantee, they are advised to use only with small lesions:

  1. Celandine. This medicinal plant can be called the most effective folk remedy against various skin diseases. To warts, you can apply a cotton swab soaked in fresh celandine juice, or leave for a while a compress based on celandine oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  2. Vinegar. For treatment it is necessary to use table vinegar, acetic essence before use it is necessary to dilute. Take a cotton pad, soaked in vinegar, fastened on the finger, compress should be left overnight or worn all day.
  3. Bow. In this case, onion juice is used, it is necessary to apply for a time a piece of onion with a secreted juice or a cotton pad soaked in it. Keep no more than 15 minutes, otherwise irritation may occur.
  4. Treatment with soda. Some recipes are advised to apply the powder to the wart and add lemon juice on top, but in fact the effect of this method is small. Soda is best used for antibacterial draining baths, which help the infection not spread. A small amount of warm water needs one spoonful of soda.
  5. Treatment with potatoes. In this case, you need to take a small slice of fresh potatoes and apply to the wart. This method is suitable exclusively against small lesions.

You can also combine folk and conservative techniques for the best result. The dynamics of changes should always be monitored by a dermatologist. If any remedy has caused a strong irritation, it is worth noting such treatment and choosing another medicine.