We treat arthritis of fingers of hands folk remedies

Arthritis is the most common pathology of joint inflammation. We often meet older people with deformed fingers. The reason for this is not old age. What causes a serious illness?

  • Causes of the disease
  • Symptoms
  • Types of arthritis of the fingers
  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Herbs
  • Potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Honey
  • Bites of bees
  • Leeches
  • Homeopathy
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Treatment with medicines
  • Ointments
  • Levomexol
  • Vishnevsky
  • Preparations
  • Massage
  • Proper nutrition, diet
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With arthritis, the inner shell is inflamed in the joint. During inflammation, the fluid content increases, the articular cartilage is deformed.

Attention:it is important to diagnose the disease in the early stages, then the treatment will be started in a timely manner. Diagnosis will help to identify the cause of the disease. It will save you from impending immobility.

Causes of the disease

In an organism all is interconnected, therefore the reasons of illness or disease are set. Hands are particularly prone, they perform the hardest work. Some of the reasons:

  • rheumatism;
  • infectious diseases;
  • injuries of the joints;
  • hypothermia of the fingers;
  • age changes;
  • malnutrition;
  • hereditary predisposition.

Arthritis can appear in an acute form or leak imperceptibly. The disease deforms the fingers of the hand. With such curvatures, it is impossible to zip or hold objects in your hand.

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Causes of the disease may be different, and the symptoms are the same. This appearance of swelling, swelling. The skin acquires a purple hue, a weakness appears in the hands. It happens that the temperature rises.

Let's list the symptoms:

  • is manifested by severe pain, fever, swelling;
  • tingling in the wrist;
  • morning pains appear;
  • deformation of the joints.

Types of arthritis of the fingers

The type of disease is associated with the cause of the onset. They can be subdivided:

  1. Infectious or reactive - the result of infections, urogenital or intestinal. Rapid onset of the disease. The pain is not strong, the temperature rises a little, the swollen joint swells.
  2. Exchange or gouty - with a violation in the body metabolism, accumulate salts of uric acid. It often occurs after eating meat or alcohol. The body temperature does not rise.
  3. Rheumatoid - is the beginning of the disease and affects small joints. There is inflammation in the phalangeal and wrist joints. This is a chronic course of the disease, which is accompanied by symmetrical changes in the joints. There are rheumatoid nodules. They can change their size and do not cause pain. Good exercises help, massages.
  4. Post-traumatic - appears due to damage to bone or cartilage tissue.
  5. Psoriatic arthritis is a consequence of psoriasis. The skin, fingernails, fingers of a brush are affected. The temperature rises. If the disease is not treated, then the bones become thin, they are eroded. Muscles gradually atrophy.

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For joint damage, arthritis of the fingers is: middle, proximal, distal. It is very common - polyostoarthrosis, as well as a local disease of the thumb - rizartrit (rizartroz).

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Treatment with folk remedies

Arthritis of the joints of the fingers, successfully treated. People's means help in this, they are diverse. They are offered a large number, you can choose for yourself several options for treatment. Any of the methods helps, if you use it constantly.


To relieve inflammation in the joints, apply compresses and lotions. They are prepared at the rate of 1 tbsp. spoon on a glass of water.

  1. Kashitsa from onions. Apply it for half an hour, until the pain disappears.
  2. From the wormwood prepare a compress.
  3. Compress from the leaves of burdock or dandelion.
  4. Soar your hands in the bath of the essential oil of St. John's wort or marigold.
  5. In equal parts take parsley, willow bark, nettle, chop, pour boiling water. Drink during the day.
  6. To drink tea from leaves of a black currant, a thyme, a St. John's wort, leaves of a cowberry.


Compresses from potatoes, well relieve pain. How to do it: wash the potatoes and grind along with the peel. Put everything in water and bring to a temperature of 38 degrees. Taking the potatoes, without squeezing, put in a bag of burlap.

It is better if this bag is sewn according to the shape of the hand. Gently put on your arm, wrap with a plastic bag. With a compress, you can walk all day or go to bed. Apply at night, seven times. If the pain passes for the first time, then the compress will continue to do.

Daily use of potato juice, relieves pain and will restore joint flexibility. Slice a few medium potatoes in thin slices with a peel, put in cold water for the night. In the morning strain, drink on an empty stomach.


Arthritis is a wonderful treatment for cabbage. Take a cabbage leaf, warm it, make small incisions on it, apply a layer of honey. Attach to the joint, wrap with cellophane, scarf and secure with a ribbon. It is better to do at night. The pain goes away for several procedures. You can simply beat off a leaf of cabbage before the appearance of juice and attach to a sore spot.


Honey has antiseptic properties, and cinnamon has antioxidant properties.

A reliable tool for relieving pain, this is a honey compress. One st. l. honey mixed with 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil and 1 tbsp. l. dry mustard. Heat the mixture and apply to the joints for 1 hour. Repeat daily.

A mixture of honey and cinnamon, from 1 tbsp. l. honey and ½ h. l. cinnamon, must be applied daily on an empty stomach.

Bites of bees

Places, for stings of bees, are selected very carefully. It should be biologically active points. They are changed every day. The course is not less than 150 bites. But you have to be careful, you can have an allergy. There are contraindications for this type of treatment:

  • individual intolerance;
  • infection;
  • pregnancy;
  • skin diseases;
  • diabetes.


Treatment with leeches, has long been used as an additional treatment. Hirudotherapy helps to reduce the doses of medications. Very quickly, inflammation in the joints and as a result of pain. There are no side effects. Leach supplies the body with enzymes that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. The disease responds well to leeches.


Homeopathic remedies help to eradicate the cause of the disease. Chemicals suppress only symptoms, bringing temporary relief. Here are some homeopathic medicines:

  1. With severe pain and swelling, Appis is prescribed.
  2. Bryonia will help with the pain that worsen during movement.
  3. If the pain in the ligament increases in a state of rest, recommend Toxicodendron.
  4. Phytolyacus for fat people, with pain that does not subside when you move.
  5. With acute pain and deformity of the joints, Kolchikum and Barberry are appointed.
  6. Ammonium Phosphoricum is taken with deformity of the joints.

Homeopathic remedies, many, but you need to consult a doctor.

Hydrogen peroxide

There are several ways to treat hydrogen peroxide with arthritis of the fingers.

  1. Drink half a glass of water with a couple drops of 3% solution. After 2-3 days, increase by one drop. So every day until it reaches 8. The course of treatment is two to five months.
  2. Make a compress. Take 50 ml of water, add 2 tsp. hydrogen peroxide, moisten cloth, wrap with polyethylene, warm scarf, leave for an hour.

Treatment with medicines

Depending on the severity of the disease, a course of antibiotics is prescribed. For short-term pains that appear after exercise, nitrates are prescribed. The main non-steroid medicines are:

  • diclofenac;
  • Voltaren;
  • ibuprofen.

Important!The use of funds, it is necessary carefully: the coagulability of blood changes.
You can find out in our article which doctor prescribes treatment for arthritis.

Apply hormones, they need to enter directly into the joint itself. If there accumulated exudate, it is removed, and only then hormones or antibiotics are used. This is done concomitantly with intravenous antibiotics: ceftriaxone, meronema.

Chondroprotectors, which influence metabolism, are prescribed for the restoration of cartilage, this is Chondroxide, injections Rumalon. Treatment is long.


Coping with swelling and relieve inflammation helps with ointments and gels, painkillers and anti-inflammatory. For example, Diclofenac, Voltaren, Levomekol, Vishnevsky ointment and others.


Ointment has proven itself as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agent. It improves the restoration of the tissue structure. The process of skin regeneration is activated. Penetrates deep into the skin. Applied for the purpose of prevention and treatment as a result of infections. Used externally, applied in a thin layer.


Ointment actively promotes the healing of soft tissues. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory. It includes birch and castor oil tar. It is irreplaceable for lesions of the skin, purulent wounds. Has a drying effect.


If sleep is disturbed due to illness, hypnotics are used. In the acute period of the disease, with severe pain, anti-inflammatory drugs are used. If the disease was caused by an infection, a course of antibiotics is carried out. When the acute period of the disease passes, restore the motor function of the deformed joint.

With gout, the amount of uric acid is reduced. Assign uricosuric and urikodepressivnye drugs. We need to support the immune system. To restore the structure of the cartilaginous tissue appoint chondroprotectors.

For mobility of joints, it is necessary to attend physiotherapy: electrophoresis, ultrasound; massage. Do not lift the weight, you need to do exercises. In case of neglected cases, surgical intervention is applied, joints are replaced.


When the exacerbation of the disease passes, a massage is prescribed. It helps to relax the muscles well. Massage should not cause discomfort or pain. In polyclinics, procedures are prescribed: electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, UHF.

Proper nutrition, diet

Metabolism is disturbed by malnutrition. It is necessary to take vitamins, antioxidants. It contains vegetables and fruits, salmon, herring, liver, walnuts, bran.

Exclude: meat, coffee, smoked meat. Salt and canned food is strictly limited. The most useful additive to dishes - turmeric, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The basic rules of the diet:

  1. Increase protein intake. Eliminate the consumption of sugar.
  2. Consume animal fats. Cut the salt.
  3. Less to drink liquids, not more than a liter a day.
  4. Eat 6 times a day, in small portions.
  5. Exclude fish and meat broths.
  6. There is a warm food, avoiding cold and hot dishes.

There are more berries, fruits, especially lemons. To use berry of a dogrose. Strictly exclude all fried, spicy, alcohol.

It is important to follow the rules for the prevention of the disease:

  1. Treat on time for infection.
  2. Do sport.
  3. Do not eat salt, sugar, alcohol, tobacco.
  4. Avoid hypothermia, wear gloves in cold weather.
  5. Do exercises for the joints of the brush.
  6. Do not lift the weight, reduce the load on the upper limbs.

Arthritis is a serious disease, it is easier to prevent than to treat for many years. If you follow the preventive measures, then you will enjoy free movements of hands. Health to all!

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