Treatment of gout with diet: a table of foods

Gout is a disease characterized by serious metabolic disorders, as a result of which salts of uric acid begin to be deposited in various organs and joints. This disease occurs in older people, it is often impossible to completely get rid of it. However, with the help of a diet with gout, a table of products made with all the individual characteristics of the course of the disease, it is possible to reduce the number of exacerbations to a minimum.

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The main goal of treatment for gout is to get rid of the excess of uric acid compounds in the body. In addition to the drugs that contribute to its withdrawal, a diet without purines, substances involved in the formation of uric acid is required.

Therefore, diet therapy is an important aspect of the whole treatment. Without proper nutrition, the disease will constantly remind of itself flashes of exacerbation - gouty arthritis, in which the joints become very inflamed and hurt.

Important!Before the appointment of a diet should consult a doctor - a rheumatologist and designate a treatment plan entirely.

Products table

All food for gout can be divided into several groups: what foods can be, what foods can not be, what can be eaten with small quantities. For convenience, it is easier to present the list as a table.

What can and is useful? What is not allowed? Products that can not be attacked by gout, at other times - in limited quantities.
Wheat and rye bread. Broths based on meat and fish, various meat semi-finished products, smoked meat, fat, fatty meat. Incomplete tea. Coffee and cocoa are allowed not more than once a week.
Vegetarian soups: borsch, rassolniki, light vegetable. Also, let's say milk soup. Mushrooms, dishes based on them, beans. Morse and compotes. Admissible with reduced amount of sugar.
Low-fat varieties of meat and fish. Salted meat, meat and canned fish. The amount of salt should be minimal, say a laurel leaf of spices.
Vegetables and fruits, fresh and cooked in various ways. Spices, burning spices. Butter can enter the diet, but not more often a couple of times a week in small quantities.
Cereals and pasta in small quantities. Any alcoholic beverages.
Lactic acid foods, sometimes eggs. Figs, grapes, raspberries.
Vegetable oils. Oily creams, heavy for digestion sweets.

From the acceptable products, a suitable menu is made, which will become an individual diet for gout and increased uric acid. It should be noted that with gout, most of the food should be a liquid consistency, in the diet must prevail soups and cereals. In a day you need to drink at least two liters of plain water, not counting fruit drinks, juices, compotes.

Also, the list of products and features of the diet itself may vary depending on the concomitant pathologies. Gout is often accompanied by other disorders in the metabolism.

Often when gout on the legs or hands, accompanied by diabetes, you need to completely exclude from the diet sweet and foods containing a large number of carbohydrates. Eggs should be eaten exclusively without yolk, you need to limit the consumption of bread, especially white varieties.

The diet for gout with obesity should also be slightly different from the basic plan. In this case, meat and fish are almost completely excluded, more often there are fasting days, during which it is recommended to eat practically only vegetables. It should not be hungry and reduce the number of servings: you just need to avoid certain foods.

Important!When dieting it is important sometimes to spend unloading days, but it is strictly forbidden to starve. A hunger strike can trigger the release of uric acid into the blood.

Seven-day menu

To make it easier to make your own menu for a week, you can give an approximate power plan by day. It can be used when choosing products and cooking recipes, to adjust depending on the individual characteristics of the course of the disease.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dinner
Monday Unsweetened cottage cheese, fresh cucumbers, not strong tea. Broth of dogrose, fresh apples. Vegetarian soup, rice with vegetables, kefir. Cabbage cutlets, tomato juice, bread.
Tuesday Rice porridge on milk, not strong tea. Boiled potatoes with butter, broth of wild rose. Casserole from cottage cheese, kissel, salad from fresh carrots. Protein omelet, fruit juice or mors.
Wednesday Cottage cheese with sour cream, not strong tea. Potato pancakes, juice or mors. Boiled turkey with rice, fruit jelly. Vegetable stew, fruit jelly.
Thursday Buckwheat porridge on milk, boiled egg, tea. Casserole with carrots based on cottage cheese, broth of wild rose. Vegetarian borsch, mors, pancakes with butter or cottage cheese. Baked with sour cream pumpkin, yogurt.
Friday Cottage cheese, tomatoes with vegetable oil. Fritters from potatoes with sour cream, apple juice. Cabbage rolls with rice or buckwheat, milk soup. Cutlets from carrots, grapes, fruit jelly.
Saturday Millet porridge on milk, protein omelet, tea. Pancakes from carrots with the addition of raisins, broth of wild rose. Vegetarian soup based on potatoes, milk jelly. Casserole with zucchini, yogurt or yogurt.
Sunday Fresh vegetable salad dressed with vegetable oil. Cheesecakes, broth of dogrose. Boiled turkey with buckwheat or rice, baked apples, juice. Vegetable stew, cottage cheese, tea with milk.

Based on the products in this table, you can make up your diet with a diet for gout patients. Perhaps, with the course of the disease, the list of products allowed and forbidden will have to be edited.

Diet with a gout attack

In case of an attack, which is also called gouty arthritis, diet with a purine diet should be minimized as much as possible. It is necessary to completely exclude meat, it is desirable to go exclusively to vegetable products. Also it is necessary to drink more, not to pass receptions of a liquid.

Also it is worth remembering that when a fit of the disease is extremely important rest. It is acceptable to use approved by the doctor baths and compresses, do not once again disturb the affected joints. If an exacerbation happens for the first time, you should always see a doctor as soon as possible.

Do not forget about taking necessary medicines. When gout is shown drugs that help regulate the amount of uric acid in the blood, various anti-inflammatory drugs that remove pain and inflammation in the joints affected by salts. The combination of drug therapy and proper nutrition helps to achieve the most noticeable result.

Diet is an important aspect of proper treatment for gouty arthritis. The disease itself often develops due to malnutrition and unhealthy lifestyles, so to get rid of its symptoms, you need to start eating appropriately. The main thing is not to deviate from the developed diet plan, so that its application is most effective.

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