Sore throat and headache

Help! Sore throat, head, weakness. What is this and what should I do?


Arthur Kashapov

Either she caught a cold or got a cold infection. Many people do. Drink Arbidol - this antimicrobial is very good, rinse your throat with warm water and soda, squirt the medicine - Ingalipt or Cameton, but better Ingalipt. Try the temperature, if high then drink the paracetamol, and the temperature will drop and the head will pass away. For the night, drink boiled milk in a hot form)) and everything will pass quickly. Only Arbidol expensive, and the rest of the rules))

Ksenia Babyakina

You're getting sick. Healed until the temperature rose.

Natalia Kovshova

1 run to the pharmacy. 2.Less to sleep. 3 I do not know


Perhaps several options.
1. Angina
2. Parotitis
3. Cold
You did not give enough information to determine. Does my throat ache from the inside or is it just crushing on all sides? Does it sweat when you swallow or constantly? Is there a fever? Does it hurt on the one hand? Is it the throat or, perhaps, the neck that hurts? Is there a common cold?

Dmitry Trubchaninov

To measure the temperature, if there is, then the tablet from the temperature, rinse your throat, drink tea with raspberries, wait until the temperature drops, no, then wrap up and sleep. And I think everything will pass!

Sore throat and head, still a runny nose, but no temperature. What could it be? How to be treated? Do I need to see a doctor?



My opinion - you have a cold, (if there is no temperature), it can be "inflated" - the weather changes: it's raining, then the sun or swimming (that guess) I need to be treated, although I do not advise the doctor: gargle with soda, as often as possible (while there is no coughing), but it is better to tincture eucalyptus. Runny nose treated with onions: rub on a small grater, put a piece of gauze (several layers) of the mass obtained, twist and shove into both nostrils. It will burn, but you have to suffer, then the result will not make you wait long.


EXECUTING MY RECOMMENDATIONS YOU INSTANTLY IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH The result can already be felt in the first 20-30 minutes, but this is provided, if you correctly follow my recommendations. If this does not exist, then you have not done something, read it and re-massaged it, and you will certainly improve your condition already in the first hours on the first day. My recommendations are an ambulance for your body.
We get rid of the pain in the throat, once and for all.
Pain in the pharynx, larynx appear during inflammatory processes (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis). To get rid of these phenomena it is required to stimulate immunity, ie rub the palm base with a hand and forearm, the outer the region, up to the elbow inclusive, and the legs - the rise of the foot and the shin, from all sides, up to the knee inclusive, three to eight times a day. Legs can rub your foot on the leg. Local effect: tear the skin over the larynx and rub the crease between the toes especially painful places. Find on the surface of the cartilage of the larynx painful points and press them with the fingernail of the index finger. Also, the nail of the index finger to press and hold for 3-5 seconds the soreness and on the front surface of the cervical spine. Especially effective is the pressure on those places, when exposed to which arrows of pain (painful irradiation), the point of which just reaches your glands or inflamed mucous. That is, it reaches exactly the pain that bothers you. Try to press on this pain, to cause the arrow and to hold this arrow of pain within 3-5 seconds, change the place of touch and again press and hold. That's how to handle all parts of the neck and especially painful places. With the right massage, you can get rid of the pain in the throat for two to three hours, in some cases even for 10-20 minutes. The sore throat either does not develop or ends within three hours. Success to all.
The indicator of weakened antimicrobial immunity, in mild cases, is the presence of a sensation of burning and soreness on the skin of the limbs that are revealed when we begin to rub our legs or hands with the base of the palm of our hands or this burning sensation, the soreness is felt by itself, even without touching. Such level of weakened antimicrobial immunity will be accompanied by inflammatory processes in the larynx, throat, in the lungs, kidneys and. and so forth. The presence of aches, aching pain in the bones and joints of the legs and hands, this is already a signal about the strong suppression of antimicrobial immunity (rheumatism, polyarthritis, arthritis). To strengthen or restore antimicrobial immunity, it is necessary to rub the base of your palm with the back of the hand and the outer area of ​​the forearm up to the elbow inclusive, rub your legs: leg on the leg, start with the lifting of the foot, the shin, from all parties. We rub the knee joints, knead them between their palms. The rubbing is carried out every day until the burning sensation and soreness on the limbs disappear completely, and in the case of a greatly weakened immunity, to the complete disposal of aches and pains in the bones and joints as the hands And this requires another local effect of the massage on area of ​​joints. At elevated temperature, grinding should be done 8-10 times a day, spending on the entire massage of the limbs, at a time, about 5 minutes of time. What effect can you expect from such exposure at elevated temperature? First of all, it is a drop in temperature from high figures to 3, ºС and below. The effect appears in just 20-30 minutes. Pain and aches can go away, also, in some cases, even after the first exposure, but that she more you have never appeared, in light cases you will need to exercise with yourself about two or three weeks. Daily rubbing of feet and hands on the effect of antibacterial effect is significantly superior

The temperature of 37.7 hurts my throat and my head, what to drink, so that tomorrow may be like a cucumber?)


Terra Incognita

I have the same! Wow!
at first I ate and drank coffee. my eyes stopped climbing.

and even pre-drank Paracetamol (at work nothing was found).

on the way home I'll buy honey, because the throat is fucking awesome because of a cough in the bargain. I will drink with tea.

And I also drink peppercorns in sachets. usually helped with the temperature. Too I will buy. And then everything ended. I drink it, under the blanket and sleep! well sweat. Water procedures are cautious and short. At a temperature it is better not to wash.

The next day the disease will not pass, but it will be easier.


paracetamol, aspirin.

Anna Utkina

tea with honey. it is necessary to sweat !!!


on a glass of warm (not hot) water - drops of 30-40 tincture of Eleutherococcus or other adaptogen, not less than half a lemon, or better - a bag of vitamin C (in a pharmacy - a packet - 2 grams). Drink at a time after a meal. The dose of horse, but one-time, the rest of the time - the same amount of ingredients, but per liter of water, although if you catch the disease at first, then you will need to repeat it.


1) To quickly get rid of acute respiratory infections, influenza, it is necessary to stimulate sneezing, this is a simple and wise reflex of our body for stimulating antiviral immunity and getting rid of any virus. In people with colds to stimulate sneezing, use the juice of Kalanchoe or aloe juice. The fresh juice of these plants, when buried in the nose, irritates the mucous membrane of the nose, causes multiple sneezing (from five to twenty snacks per instillation). To sneeze a pipette, 3-4 drops of juice from these plants are buried 3-4 times a day. The flower of the Kalanchoe, which causes a sneeze, is called a "surgeon without a knife". This flower does not blossom and it has a lot of children. Stimulate a sneeze is desirable before the epidemic, and even more so during an epidemic and a cold disease. Sneezing can be caused by irritating the nasal mucosa with an ordinary ear stick. If the epidemic, then sneeze once 5-10, if you want to be extremely strong, sneeze once or twice. In the olden days, people used snuff to strengthen their health by sneezing. By the way, snuff was always the first means of healing the body, the first means of preventing colds. 2) It's not strange but, it turns out, there are food products, which are also powerful stimulants of antiviral immunity. These include horseradish and mustard, their essential oils strongly irritating with their odor mucous nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses powerfully stimulate antiviral immunity. These spices are preferably used more often on the eve of the epidemic, and even more so during the epidemic to prevent the disease, and with ARVI, flu, for easy and quick recovery. When you use them with food, you need to achieve a sense of "shaken to the brain so that the molecules of essential oil have reached the paranasal sinuses and lungs. It is enough to use one or two of these spices per day during the flu epidemic or in case of a disease for powerful strengthening of the antiviral immunity. 3) To strengthen immunity, it is possible to use acupressure for specific points of antiviral immunity. This is, first of all, the area of ​​the temporomandibular joint, the upper inner corner of the eye's orbit, painful spots on the forehead, whiskey and occipital mounds. If you find pain in these places, massage is carried out every day until the soreness disappears under the finger. The more often during the day you massage these points, the stronger your pressure on them during the massage, the faster the immunity will be strengthened, the faster you will recover. Many note the common cold in the appearance of pain in the eye, in the eyes, so you have to manipulate the index finger with the pain of the eye through the eyelid. When pressed, the finger is held in this state for 3 seconds and shifted. 4) An important place in strengthening immunity is occupied by tapping the head with a cam or a half-liter plastic bottle filled with water without air bubbles. The tapping is performed over the entire surface of the head with an obligatory tapping along the cheek bones and the chin on the right and left 3-8-10 times in day from day to day until you get rid of the pain that arises in your head when tapping, or from the headache that keeps you constantly worried. The duration of a single tapping is from 1 to 3 minutes. In general, the strength, duration, frequency of exposure is all depends on the state of the body, but there are certain guidelines: the more impact, the faster you will become healthy.
5) And here is the most powerful way to stimulate antimicrobial immunity for various bacterial infections of the genitourinary sphere, respiratory tract, tonsillitis, sinusitis, joint pain, at elevated temperature, with asthenic conditions - it is rubbing the hands and feet the base of the palm for 1-2 minutes on the limb in the morning and evening, and with a strong decrease in immunity, at high temperatures, grind up to 5-8 times in a day. From such grinding, the temperature already drops to 3, after 20-30,

Alenka Ponomareva

Look here [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]

Sore throat and runny nose. The head hurts more precisely a forehead very strongly and from time to time the strong anesthetic does not help, what for a fact?


Marina Meneva

if the region of the eyebrows hurts, then it is possible to have sinusitis along with a cold... genyantritis treated with burdock root. in pharmacies are sold


read on gravinatochkaru, there and about a cold and about a laryngitis and about a flu all is spread out on polochkam. if you read carefully - you will understand


The forehead where it hurts? If in the eyebrow area, then it's a fig, the front can be (as a consequence of a common cold). If the head in the region of the frontal part simply hurts, it can simply as a consequence of the disease, the general condition of the body is weak, at first everything hurts.

Roy Paterson

it's a genyantritis you're lucky, warm your forehead on the battery will be easier. it is proposed to treat lying on the sofa sticks up your head and strongly toss it back then take the drug and drip it deep. You can try naphthyzine pinasol and you can and antibiotic. But at once I warn the pain wakes up very strong, wakes up the pain in the neck if the patient gets better.

People help me freeze, there's no sore throat and my head hurts very much!!! What do you advise???


Man - you are Peace, you are Eternity.

Only not chemistry. Do not stop the process of cleansing, do not interfere with the immune system to cleanse the body. A rich warm drink with ginger, honey, lemon, cowberry, 2 liters of clean, warm, structured water. The temperature is reduced by water. Medicines can not be reduced. The organism is autopilot, the processes in the body are regular. Treat throat with colloidal silver.
Tea with echinocice, licorice. Sorbents-protection of the kidneys from intoxication
1m of an adsorbent, any other sorbents. Without temperature, you can take a bath Zolmanova-turpentine bath, strengthens immunity, toxins, viruses destroys ...
To be strong, it is enough to clear and strengthen immunity regularly.
The body needs to be cleaned 2 times a year from poisons and toxins. Then, to strengthen immunity, there is a unique product modeling immunity Molozevo, Shark liver fat, Bark of ant tree. Mega acidophilus is a friendly bacteria.

Nastya Glebova

Go to the doctor)


Call a doctor. The temperature will not keep you waiting... but, suddenly, the flu?
Take care of yourself. Get well.


vodka... and bed.. then tea ...



Nastya Litunovskaya

To the doctor! Bed rest, silk with honey and mustard.

Sore throat, no temperature? So it's not a cold?

We somehow got used to think that a sore throat is the first sign of an impending cold or flu. Usually this is followed by other symptoms - the temperature rises, there is an ache all over the body, the nose lays, and tears flow from the red eyes. But it often happens that the throat hurts, but the temperature does not rise above the usual 36.6 ° C, and, often such a symptomatology misleads not only the patient himself, but also his treating doctor.

In what cases does this happen?

The most common cause of sore throat is colds - ARD or ARVI. And often they proceed practically asymptomatically - the throat hurts, the temperature is not present, the patient feels only a small general weakness and a headache. However, due to the lack of heat, do not ignore the disease, as in the future it can lead to serious complications. Do not risk your health and bear the disease "on your feet." The best option is to stay at home, call a doctor and take all the measures for a speedy recovery. To remove the inflammation and sore throat will help rinse with natural antiseptics - tincture of calendula, chamomile or sage. Very useful will be a warming compress on the neck and chest, for example mustard. To ease the pain, you can also use absorbable lozenges with menthol (Strepsils Tynce Mentos, etc.) or analgesic sprays with an antiseptic (Geksoral Kameton, etc.).

No less common causes of sore throat are pharyngitis and laryngitis - acute inflammatory diseases of the pharynx and larynx. It is pharyngitis that is most often characterized by sore throat in the absence of high temperature. The cause is most often pathogenic microorganisms that have fallen on the mucosa of the throat and caused inflammation. But not always, for example, acute pharyngitis often happens due to cold or very dry air. Often the pain in the throat arises after running in cold weather or with a strong nasal congestion, when a person is forced to constantly breathe through the mouth, as a result of which the mucous membrane quickly dries up and annoyed. In this case, unpleasant symptoms usually go away after a few hours. To reduce pain and inflammation in the throat, it is recommended to drink warm (not hot) tea or milk, as You can often rinse your throat with infusion of calendula or chamomile, dissolve candy with mint and antiseptic from pharmacies.

But if you do not take the disease seriously enough, the incomplete acute pharyngitis easily passes into a chronic form. In this case, the pathogenic bacteria remain in the body and under favorable conditions for them, for example, immunity, hypothermia, with prolonged conversations, inhaling cold air, again begin to actively multiply. It is chronic pharyngitis that is most often characterized by the fact that the patient simply has a sore throat without fever. In this case, like any chronic disease, pharyngitis requires a serious approach to treatment under the supervision of a doctor.

Another of the most common causes of severe sore throat is tonsillopharyngitis, or angina. It is generally believed that angina is always accompanied by fever, fever, inflammation of the lymph nodes and purulent deposits on the tonsils. However, this is not always the case. For example, with catarrhal angina, the patient's only complaint to the doctor is often a great sore throat, there is no temperature. In this case the tonsils are usually greatly enlarged, but without a purulent deposit. The patient feels severe discomfort in the throat, swallowing is difficult and accompanied by severe pain. But in any case, to angina, even if there is no high temperature, it should be treated with all seriousness. With improper or untimely treatment of angina, even without such dangerous symptoms as high fever, is fraught with very serious complications.

The cause of pain in the throat can be periodontitis, stomatitis and other inflammatory diseases of teeth and gums. In this case, pathogenic microorganisms with saliva enter the pharyngeal mucosa, where they begin to actively multiply, causing inflammation and pain. Aphthous stomatitis in adults usually occurs with the following symptoms: sore throat, no temperature, mucosa of the mouth and larynx are formed aphthae - small sores with purulent coating, submandibular lymph nodes markedly increased.

The same reason for the occurrence of pain in the throat can be the ingress of a foreign body into it. Especially in this regard, dangerous fish and dishes from it. Fish pits are very thin and sharp, easily dig into the mucosa, and even a very small bone can cause severe pain and discomfort. Often children play on nature, swallow small particles of grass or cereal "awns which also easily dig into the mucous membrane of the throat and get stuck there, causing painful pain. The main signs indicating the presence of a foreign body, it's a sore throat, there is no temperature, there is a strong desire to "clear your throat a feeling of "lump" in the throat, besides, when swallowing, pain abruptly amplified. Never try to pull a foreign object from your throat yourself. As well as the popular method, advising to chew and swallow a crust of bread, does not always give a positive effect, but even on the contrary, often this method entails the "withdrawal" of a foreign object only deeper into the esophagus, which seriously complicates the doctors task for its subsequent removal. In this case, the best option is to immediately seek medical help from specialists.

Sore throat often appears after an injury, for example, a scratch obtained by swallowing a stone or too large a piece of food. Also, too hot a drink can cause a burn of the mucous throat. The main symptom for traumatic mucosal damage is a sore throat. The temperature is not present, at a burn there can be an erythema on a place of damage. Often in such cases, pain may not occur immediately, but only after several hours after the traumatic event. The main treatment is the exclusion from the diet of hard foods, very hot or very cold drinks. To relieve pain and as a disinfectant suited sucking candies from the pharmacy, as well as rinsing the throat with infusion of calendula or chamomile.

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