Obstruction of the ear after otitis when will pass

Has put an ear at an otitis. What to do? help me please



This is due to the violation of the function of the auditory tube, through which the air enters the ear, If this process something stirs, in the ear a negative pressure is created, the eardrum is drawn in and appears congestion. Such a disease usually develops after a cold - an acute cold, sinusitis, otitis, pharyngitis or bronchitis. This worries the stuffiness of one or both ears, there is a moderate decrease in hearing, there is a resonance of his voice in the patient's ear, and sometimes stitching pain when swallowing.
How can you get rid of it yourself? First, to finish the cure cold. Secondly, with zalozhennosti use vasoconstrictive drops in the nose, self-purification (cleanse the nose from mucus, close both nostrils with your fingers and try to breathe out through your nose so that the air goes to ears). This exercise is well known to divers, as well as those who underwent treatment in the pressure chamber, in the same way in the cabinet ENT.

Thirdly, you can warm your ear with a blue lamp for 10-15 minutes. If there is no improvement in three days, always consult a doctor.
Sometimes the ear lays because of the formation of sulfur plugs. The reason for the obstruction of the ear can also become acute neuritis of the auditory nerve, which usually develops when the inner ear is affected

Wilczyna Elena

Kandibiotik-we are the only family that is saved
Indication of the drug Kandibiotic
Allergic and inflammatory diseases of the ear, including:
acute diffuse external otitis media;
chronic otitis in the acute stage;
condition after surgical interventions on the ear.


go to Laura, in every city there is always a duty lor, call an ambulance and find out where they are taking today


Bury 3 r / day for 2-3 drops of warm boric alcohol in a sick ear and plug with a cotton swab... for the night gently insert into the sore ear turunda (wick of bandage), impregnated with the same boric alcohol and also, a cotton swab... only neatly, otherwise you can damage your webbing ...


Wait until the cold runs out and the edema of the Eustachian tube is removed. It's enough to spend 24 hours in bed, or you can go to the bath-house to watch for 2 hours ...


and drops from the stuffiness will not help ...

a drop


After what time is the ears stuffy during the treatment of otitis media? I've been taking antibiotics for a week, no changes



can not be treated independently. It is necessary to consult a doctor, schemes and methods of treatment for everyone are different


not so you treat. try anauran, the ice-coke is included, a good thing, it will all pass in a couple of days.

Oksana Hungarian

I usually take olethrin, usually a couple of days and everything!

Elena Sumskaya

Otitis of the middle ear is serious and, if not properly treated, can lead to deafness. Address to the good expert.

Lady Figa

Zalozhennost in the ears passes the dutyOnly, after antibiotic therapy with a positive result, discomfort in the ears will still be present for some time.

Olga Kornysheva

Everyone has everything in different ways! Very often, even after removal of inflammation in the ears, the stuffiness persists for a long time.

Irina Budkova

At me zalozhennost has passed or has taken place in a year.

Christina Mel'nik

Try a course with ear candles reamedov. I felt relieved after the first time - my ear immediately "postponed".

At the heart of the effect is the effect of the chimney, due to which excesses of earwax are drawn and the pressure in the tympanum is leveled.

The procedure is very pleasant, not long takes about 15 minutes, cheap - candle packaging costs 30r. In addition to mildly warming, a pronounced antibacterial effect due to beeswax and essential oil of eucalyptus, cinnamon, and a soothing effect of the aroma of lavender.

There are practically no contraindications (allergy to bee products and perforation of the tympanic membrane).

Get well.

Recommendations for what to do if the ear

Many people are wondering - what to do if the ear is pawned? If this happened, do not panic, you just need to understand why this happened. The reasons can be a lot, ranging from a common cold and ending with serious inflammatory diseases. Knowing the reason, you can always find a way to eliminate it. Treatment, usually, is not difficult. As a rule, the ears can be laid because of the inward eardrum that is, in turn, very sensitive to external changes.

Obstruction of the ear

Causes of congestion

Many people have faced the problem of stuffed ears with sudden pressure drops. This can happen, for example, during the landing or take-off of an airplane or at any sharp drop in altitude. This is a normal situation. In order to regain normal audibility, it is enough to swallow or suck a candy. It can happen that the ear is buried after a long time in the water, bathing. Once in this situation you need to wait until the water flows out of your ear yourself. If after about thirty minutes the ears are still laid, it's best to jump, tilting your head to one side. If this method does not help, try to gently clean the ears. The main thing is not to overdo it.

If the above situations are everyday and can happen to everyone, then what if the ear hurts for other reasons? Of course, the most important thing is to find out this reason. To do this, it is best to contact specialists - otolaryngologists.The ear can be laid down due to a strong cold or cold. If the reason is only this, the stuffiness goes by itself when the cold recedes.

Bathing is the cause of ear congestionThe nose, in this case, should be washed at least three times a day, and after using special drops. If the stuffed ear is very disturbing, then it needs to be warmed up. This can only be done if there is no temperature. Alcohol compresses are made (alcohol must be diluted in half with water) and superimposed around the ear, after which it is necessary to wrap up the scarf and wait about twenty minutes.

In the case where the cause of the stuffing of the ear was a sulfur plug, do not try to get rid of it yourself. This can only aggravate the situation or seriously harm. Be sure to consult an otolaryngologist. He can quickly fix the problem. If to address to the professional help there is no possibility, it is possible to get rid of a sulfur plug and the house. It takes a few drops of weak hydrogen peroxide or olive oil. A few drops are injected into the ear and after a few minutes the plug will drain out.

Stuffing in the ears can be caused by high blood pressure. Often, it is associated with dizziness, which are caused by pain in the head. This is a side effect of certain medications or complications in serious diseases. Even such a wonderful time as pregnancy can be clouded by the stuffiness of the ears. This is due to the improvement of blood circulation in the body and the expansion of blood vessels.

When the nasal septum is curved, it sometimes happens that the ears pawn. To eliminate this trouble, medical intervention is required.

People's methods of solving this problem

Hips oil for the treatment of ear congestionHospitals, clinics and doctors are certainly wonderful, but still something can be done at home, for example, get rid of stuffiness in the ears. Home medicine is quite capable of removing inflammation, and, as a result, to get rid of stuffiness. There are a lot of wonderful recipes, here is the composition of one of them:
  • seeds of anise;
  • rosehip oil.

The seeds turn into powder and are poured with rosehip oil. Proportion should be used one to three, respectively. This mixture should be infused for at least three weeks.

Periodically the tincture is mixed. After its preparation it must be buried in the ears. Dosage is two drops in each ear. Use best before bed, so it will be most effective.

If the cause of discomfort and stuffiness in the ears is a small inflammation, the usual geranium is used. The geranium leaf needs to be washed, dried and, folded, inserted into the ear for about thirty minutes. A prerequisite is the absence of pus. If the inflammation is more serious, then the same geranium prepared in a different way can help. Composition:

  • geranium oil;
  • olive oil.
Benefits of geranium with ear congestionOils are used in a proportion of one to two, respectively. The tampon is wetted thoroughly through the mixture of oils and placed in the ear for eight hours. It is best to do this at night.

The composition of another great tool:

  • St. John's wort;
  • Birch buds;
  • chamomile.

All ingredients are taken in the same proportions. Mixtures should be brewed in glass containers for about a day. Then everything is filled with hot water, necessarily boiled. We need to let the mixture stand for fifteen minutes. Then he drinks, you can with honey.

If the folk remedies do not give the proper effect and the ear still hurts, then you need to hurry to the doctor. He will help get rid of the disease and will not allow the consequences.

What is otitis media

Otitis is one of the serious diseases that can be a source of ear congestion. This disease is most often found in children, but also in adults. When otitis, as a rule, one ear is affected by the inflammation, or more precisely some part of it. In most cases, otitis results from an ordinary cold. For his treatment, you need to see a doctor. Otitis is diagnosed by otoscopy. It is important to know the degree of the disease, for this you need an otolaryngologist. Symptoms of otitis are: pus, fever, weakness, loss of appetite, pain, congestion and pressure in the ears, severe hearing loss.

There are many treatments for otitis. In extreme cases, antibiotics can be prescribed by a doctor. But, as a rule, there are enough compresses, pneumomassage, UHF and laser therapy.

The use of St. John's wort with ear congestionTreatment of the disease takes place in several stages:
  • setting the stage of the disease;
  • check for infections;
  • check for the presence of pus;
  • drug treatment;
  • antibiotics (if necessary);
  • physiotherapy;
  • warming up;
  • surgical intervention (if necessary).

In the case of otitis, a complex treatment is necessary. Only with the use of all the means that medicine has at the moment, you can achieve full recovery. This is very important and is done so that after otitis in a person there are no complications.

What complications can there be?

In the worst case, pus will not be detected in time. This happens if home medicine is used. So, if the presence of pus is not found on time, getting it out of your ears is problematic enough. Ears will hurt constantly.

If pus will not go out, then there is a chance of it falling into the cavity of the skull. This can lead to meningitis or an abscess of the brain. Also, with the disease of the ears, problems with the stomach may start, since the stomach and ears are connected by one nerve.


If the treatment was performed by an insufficiently competent otolaryngologist, he could not notice pus. Thus, pus can seep into the area around the ears. As a result, a strong tumor can begin around the ears, the treatment of which takes more than one month. If this tumor is treated incorrectly it, again, can lead to meningitis.

With the most unfavorable development of events, severe deterioration of hearing is possible, and in the future there may be complete deafness. Therefore, it is worth starting to follow your ears. Regular cleaning of the ears is necessary.

In order to avoid such terrible diseases as otitis media and, especially, meningitis, it is necessary, strange as it may sound, to stop getting sick.


It is necessary to strengthen their immunity. If this does happen, do not allow a lot of mucus in the nose. If you follow simple preventive measures, the diseases will bypass you, and the probability of encountering a pent-up in the ears will be minimal.


After otitis left nasal congestion remained. How to remove it, but I do not hear a damn thing))



this is residual inflammation, if there is no pain, then it will go away quietly, one should only suffer, and as to external otitis, then pain with it is still what, on the pillow does not make a head, continue to Sofrax, and in case of a stopper, drip hydrogen peroxide full pipette, wait until good and then tilt the head to the other side will itself pour out together with the sodden sulfur, blot and all ..

Elizaveta Baveyan

go to the ENT doctor, so he washed your ear. maybe you have a sulfur plug there. or fleece is stuck

Irina Nafikova

If the otitis has already been cured, after some time it will pass by itself


there is a cork probably... And the otitis passed? I know how to remove it once and for all ...

Sofiya Skobelev's

Have you been to a doctor? Can you have otitis external ear? With it, the pain is small, and the hearing is bad.

Chairman of the HOA

This means that not after the otitis, but during the inflammation thereof. It is necessary to continue Treatment

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plug your nose and shut your mouth. then let all the air into your ear just harder. and must pass. Repeat several times

Ear drops with ovulation

Very often a person is faced with a nuisance - a sense of ear congestion. At such times, pain, hearing loss, headache, ringing inside can occur. There are several ways to stop the illness: catheterization, massage, ointment or ear drops.

What are the drops in the ears with the obstruction of the ear

Patient at a reception with an otolaryngologist

Stuffiness, a feeling of pressure and a partial deafness of the hearing organ can be caused by a number of reasons:

  • otitis;
  • colds;
  • change of pressure difference inside the ear and the environment;
  • sulfuric stopper;
  • entering the body of a liquid or foreign object.

When tubing

Treatment tubootitis involves fighting with inflammation, pain. Can be used:

  • The otinum. The drug acts as a remedy against inflammation and sensation of pain. Suitable for topical application in acute middle, external otitis media, myringitis. At tubootite it is necessary to drip 3-4 drops three times a day. The course should not last more than 10 days.
  • Albucid. This drug is intended for the treatment of eye diseases, but it is also used as part of a comprehensive therapy for otitis media. A 20% solution of Albucida is used. The necessary dosage should be set by the doctor. Before instillation the bottle must be warmed by hands, so as not to cause pain in the ear. Do not use medicine if there is a rupture of the tympanic membrane, if there are secretions of pus from the ear.

With a cold or cold

The drug naphthyzine is a cold and cold

Coryza can provoke the stuffiness of the body, for its treatment, nasal drops will work:

  • Naphthysine. Purpose: treatment of the common cold and tubotitis, which arose because of colds, has a vasoconstrictive effect. Dosage is determined in accordance with the severity of the ear disease and the age of the patient. Use it for more than 5 days is not recommended - can be addictive.
  • Nazol. Contains oxymetazoline, used to treat the common cold (infection, rhinitis and sinusitis). How to use:
    1. Children 6-12 years - 1 injection into each nostril twice per day.
    2. Adults need to do 2-3 clicks in each nasal opening 2 times / day.
    3. During application, you do not need to tilt your head, do not inject the prone remedy. Use is allowed for no more than 5 days, otherwise the congestion and flow from the nose may intensify.

With pressure in the ears

An unpleasant feeling of pressure arises when you fly by plane or by metro. To clear symptoms, use medications:

  • Anauran. Application: external, otitis media, purulent formations after surgery. Use 4-5 drops three times a day - adults, 2-3 drops 3 times a day - for children. Drip into the ear with a pipette, leave your head tilted for several minutes.
  • Droplex. Action: anti-inflammatory, analgesic. How to use: drip the liquid 3-4 drops three times a day, the course of treatment - 10 days. Do not use at rupture of the tympanic membrane, allergies to the drug.

With ear plugs

hygienic remo-wax

To remove the sulfur plug, you are assigned:

  • Remo-Wax. The action of the drug is aimed at softening and preventing the formation of sulfur plugs in the ear cavity. Drip medication should be on the back wall of the ear passage in the amount of 20 drops. Leave the remedy for 20-60 minutes in the body cavity of the hearing, then let it flow for about 1 minute. Allowed during pregnancy.
  • A-Cerumen. The product cleaves fats that are part of the ear plug, suitable for people who need to clean the hearing organ. In order for A-Cerumene to show efficacy, it is necessary to drip one ml in both ears twice a day, leave the drug inside for an hour and a half, then rinse the hearing organ with warm boiled water.

Which ear drops fit

Each hearing organ disease has its own symptoms. Stagnation can be accompanied by different manifestations. For example, with otitis often there is acute pain, sulfur plug provokes a sensation of fluid penetration and partial deafness. Ringing in the ears can be a consequence of bacterial disease. For treatment, you can select effective medications by consulting a doctor.

When the ear is stuffy without pain

If the ear does not hear, but does not hurt, you can use vasoconstrictive drugs:

  • Halazolin. The medicine of topical application of vasoconstrictive action, used in the common cold and severe stuffiness of the ear caused by a cold. Bury the product you need 2-3 drops a day no more than 3 times a day.
  • Vibrocil. The drug is applied topically with sinusitis, allergic, acute, vasomotor and chronic rhinitis, middle otitis media. Dosage:
    1. children under 1 year - 1 drop in each nostril three times a day;
    2. 1-6 years - 1-2 drops 3 times a day;
    3. adults - up to 16 drops in each nostril (divided into 3-4 applications).

If your ears hurt

Ototon for otitis treatment

Ear drops with a painful ovulation of the ear should contain an anesthetic component:

  • Ototon. Action: reduction of painful sensations in the ear, elimination of inflammatory processes. Use: 4 drops 2-3 times a day in the external auditory meatus. Bury the bottle in your hand before digestion. Do not use when rupturing the eardrum, allergies to substances in the drug.
  • Otypaks. Drops for the ears act very gently, removing all the symptoms of inflammation and a sense of pain. The drug is safe, it can be used even for the treatment of newborns. How to apply: adults and children are dripped 3-4 drops three times per day, the duration of the course is 10 days.

If there is an ear and noises

Ringing in the ear, like noise, will help stop the means of antibacterial drugs:

  • Albucid;
  • Otinum;
  • Otofa.

Medicines have practically no contraindications. The only reason for this, indicated in the instructions for use - an allergic reaction to the components of the drug. However, before treating the ear with Otofa or analogs, it is necessary for the doctor to establish the cause of the arisen stasis. If an unpleasant sensation is due to a bacterial infection, adults need to drip inside the ear canal for 5 drops three times a day, children - 9 drops per day, dividing this dose by 3 reception.

If the ear is like water

Means for hygiene of ears A-cetrumen

Such a sensation may appear if a liquid has entered the body, for example, after a shower or a sulfur plug appeared. If sloshing after bathing, do not resort to the use of drugs. You just need to tilt your head or lie on one side so that unwanted water flows out. To increase the effect, you can take a few sips. In the second case it is useful to use preparations from sulfur in the ears: Remo-Vax or A-Cerumene.

Video: what to do if pawns the ear


Andrei, 42 years old: Disturbed ringing in the ear and stuffiness, the code caught a cold. I went to an otolaryngologist, he said that such a condition arose under the influence of a cold, it is necessary to treat it. I used the Vibrocil. A good remedy quickly relieved me of stuffy nose, did not give deafness.

Valentina, 20 years old: For treatment of otites used to use boric alcohol, later learned that this method is not good. The doctor advised the treatment of Otof. Ear drops with ovulation of the ear helped surprisingly quickly. For a few days I stopped stalling, and the pain due to the drug passes right away.

Eugene, 38 years old: Ear plugs are often formed. Every time you go to an otolaryngologist to wash them, it's not very convenient. I bought drops from ear plugs with the name Remo-Wax. It takes a long time to keep the liquid inside, but I liked them. It is very convenient, you can get rid of the cork at home, you do not have to go anywhere.


After otitis, the ear is slightly embedded


Grigory Miroshin

My dear! Most likely the reason is that the mucous membrane of the so-called Eustachian tube, which connects the middle ear and the nasopharynx, is apparently slightly swollen and air through it does not pass properly. It may be necessary to couple a couple of days in the nose of the vasoconstricting drops, which can restore the patency of this tube and everything will be the way it should be. Like this.

Vika Shakhmatova

At me too such was, zalozhennost in an ear has passed or has taken place for 1-2 days ..


Zalozhennost itself will not pass, go to Laura, maybe a sulfur plug.


it happens... will go through a couple of days

Olesya Kolegova

After treatment of otitis, it is best to spread the eardrum. There is a special procedure.

The Black Prince

At me passed or took place one and a half month-has passed or has taken place ...

Why did he put his ear and how to fight it?

There are many diseases and conditions in which the ears suffer. During a state where the ear has laid down, a person experiences many unpleasant symptoms, including pain, dizziness, voice changes, and hearing loss.

Obstruction of the ear

The ear is the most complex organ of the human body. It is a paired organ that is located both outside and inside. Its main functions are:

  • distinguish and analyze sounds;
  • Tell the brain the position of the body in space and its balance.

Zalozhennost in the ears can occur when the middle ear is disturbed, where the tympanic membrane and the smallest bones - a hammer, stapes and an anvil. Ears can be filled periodically for various reasons. Usually the body gets rid of light stagnation with the help of yawning. This reflex movement, which occurs several times a day and does not depend on the desire of man. You can get rid of stuffiness by using strong swallowing movements or blowing your nose.

Causes of congestion in the ears

Otitis - the cause of stuffiness of the earsThere are many reasons why there is stuffiness in one or both ears. Depending on the cause, in these organs, in addition to the stuffiness, pain, water or splash noise, ringing, etc. can occur. The reason for the obstruction of the organ is the overlapping of the auditory tube. It can appear under the following circumstances.

One of the symptoms of colds. The stuffiness of the ears arises from colds, when a person has a bad cold. The nasal cavity and the middle ear have a connection due to the Eustachian tube. When blowing, mucus with bacteria and microbes enters the ear cavity. There it can clog the auditory tube and lead to the development of inflammation. To treat stuffy ears in this case it is necessary together with a cold and cold.

Diseases of the ears. Most often, the obstruction of the body occurs with acute otitis media. The obstruction of the ear after otitis occurs due to the presence of inflammation and pus in the auditory tube. In this case, the temperature rises, the hearing decreases and acute pain arises.

The gray cork. This pathology is the most common cause of ear congestion. Gray plugs occur in both adults and young children. The reason for the formation of sulfur plugs lies in improper hygiene (its absence, or when shoving sulfur deep into the ear canal) and in excessive earwax production.

Sulfur plug is the cause of ear congestionHit the ears of water. In swimmers and bathing enthusiasts very often lays ears, especially when diving. Water can get into your ears when washing, bathing and showering. Very often pawns ears because of the water in children who do not know how to properly swim and dive. Injury to foreign objects. Little children very often strive to stuff something into their noses or ears. Because of this, severe inflammation can develop.

Differential pressure. Pressure, low or high, adversely affects not the ear itself, but the vestibular apparatus, which is located in its aisles. Almost all people periodically pawns ears when flying in an airplane, when traveling in an elevator or immersing to a great depth. At pressure, the auditory tube slightly swells and closes the auditory canal. In rare cases, congestion can occur as a side effect when taking medications, curving the nasal septum, allergies.

Symptoms of ear loss

Mortgage can as one ear, and immediately both.Two organ lays due to the occurrence of rhinitis in the case of otitis media, inflammatory disease, cold coryza.Constantly pawns ears with frequent allergic reactions. The main symptom of stuffiness in the ears is a partial or complete hearing loss. In this case, a person begins to hear his own voice in a completely different way. Hearing loss is most often observed with sulfur fines. At the same time itching, feeling of foreign object in the ears.

Ear washing with an otolaryngologistWhen rhinitis, getting into the ear passage of water a person can feel severe pain, burning. In this case, various unpleasant sounds can arise in these organs: whistling, crunching, splashing of water, ringing and incomprehensible noise. At night, the local temperature in the ears can rise, they feel a ripple. If the ears pawn often, a person may have severe headache, dizziness, fever, impaired coordination of movement and a sense of balance.

It is necessary to determine the direct cause of why the ear has been laid. If the cause is in an easy runny nose, a sulfur plug or a change in pressure, you can get rid of the stuffiness yourself. If the congestion does not pass within two days and is accompanied by pain and temperature, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor.

First aid with stuffiness in the ears

You can try to get rid of the stuffiness yourself. You need to tilt your head and shake it a little. Get rid of water in the ear will help jumping on one leg with a bowed head. If there is a lot of water in the auditory tube, light cotton on the ear can help get rid of it. Do not expect that the stuffiness will pass by itself, it often leads to inflammation and hearing loss.

With a cold, the condition of the ears can be alleviated by washing. If the nasal congestion is to be washed, only the sinuses of the nose should be washed, as getting water into the ear canals exacerbates the situation.


If the stuffiness is caused by a change in pressure, you can try the following method: take a few deep breaths, and then cause a strong yawn.

In addition, you can try to breathe through your ears. To do this, you need to tighten your nose and literally "blow" the ears. If the ears heavily lays, then during the flight you can use ear plugs.

Removing the sulfur plug

Only the otolaryngologist can remove the sulfur plug from children. This is a small and absolutely safe operation. The doctor conducts manipulation with a special syringe, by means of which the sulfur plug is washed out with warm water. After this operation, it is necessary to keep the ears warm and bury special drops to avoid inflammation and otitis.

If the plugs occur quite often, they can be "softened" with hydrogen peroxide or a drop of boric alcohol. Proper hygiene of the ears also helps to avoid the appearance of congestion and inflammation. Ears can be cleaned only in the outer ear. Penetration into the ear canal too deep can lead to the breakdown of sulfur and damage to the eardrum.


Treatment of stuffy ears with colds

During the cold, treatment should be complex. If you do not get rid of the common cold completely, the stuffiness of the ears can resume. To get rid of zalozhennosti in this case it is possible by means of the effective national prescription. To do this, you will need a natural linen cloth and natural beeswax. The tissue is soaked in melted wax, wound on a cone-like object, for example, a toy pyramid or spindle. In this case, the tip must be of such a size that it is comfortable to fit into the ear canal.

After drying, the cone must be topped in the ear canal and the base burned. The heat that arises in the funnel of the cone has a physical effect on the fluid and pus in the ear. They gradually stretch and concentrate at the base of the cone. This method is quite dangerous, it can not be carried out independently and at elevated temperature. Also, thermal cleansing is not recommended for the treatment of congestion in young children.

With a cold, the heat compresses help to relieve the obstruction. To do this, natural cotton fabric, cotton wool or bandage soaked in alcohol-containing liquid and for several hours is wound to the diseased organ. Contraindications: fever, a small age, an allergy to alcohol, an inflammatory ear disease with suppuration, an otitis media of the middle ear.

Treatment of ear congestion in allergic rhinitis

Cope with a runny nose with an allergic reaction will help a number of antihistamines. They can be used both in tablets and in drops.


Coping with rhinitis will help and sossoudosuzhivayuschie drops. Contraindications: severe allergies, use of medication for more than one week, fever and the occurrence of noise and pain in the ears.


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