Against the flu and colds

List of inexpensive drugs against influenza and colds

Almost every person, at least once a year, suffers from a cold. No matter how strong the human body, it can not be fully insured against viruses and infections, especially if there is an off-season or winter. Producers for disease control offer inexpensive medicine for colds and flu. You need to know which ones are not just cheap, but also effective.

Antiviral drugs are inexpensive but effective

Medicines for the treatment of viral infections

All funds for influenza and cold are divided into three broad categories:

  1. Antiviral. These drugs fight the virus, make the body cells more resistant to its effects.
  2. Immunomodulators. Preparations to correct the body's defense reactions to the natural level.
  3. For symptomatic treatment. Drugs of this group do not suppress the infection, but simply remove the symptoms of a cold or flu.

Antiviral tablets

The most famous drugs of this category:

  1. Tamiflu, Oseltamivir. Adults and adolescents drink 1 tablet twice a day for five days. The medicine is not recommended for those who have diseased kidneys.
  2. «Amiksin». Adults drink on the first day of illness two tablets of 125 mg, and then - a piece every other day. The dosage of a child's drug is halved. The drug is not allowed for pregnant women.
  3. "Ribavirin." The drug is a new generation, very effective. Adults take r, r four times a day. Course - 5 days.
Tamiflu Capsules


Inexpensive good cures for cold and flu of this category:

  1. "Cycloferon." The drug for adults and children, who are already four years old. The course is 20 days, take a pill every other day.
  2. «Kagotsel». This medicine can be combined with antibiotics. Adults drink two tablets three times the first two days, and then one each. "Kagotsel" can not be taken for the first three months of pregnancy.
  3. Anaferon. Homeopathic remedy. Adults drink one tablet 3-6 times a day.
Tablets for resorption Anaferon for children

For symptomatic treatment

List of drugs that can remove signs of illness:

  1. "Koldakt Flyu Plus." Capsules with paracetamol and excipients. Drink them one by one every 12 hours. During treatment it is necessary to refuse categorically from alcoholic beverages.
  2. "Coldrex". Helps with a cold with a wet cough. It is necessary to take one tablet 3-4 times a day. This drug can not be drunk if you have diabetes, liver or kidney failure.
  3. "Rince". Tablets take a piece 4 times a day. They can not be drunk with pregnant women, children under 15, people with heart disease, blood vessels. Course - 5 days.
  4. Fervex. The drug is released in the form of sachets of powder, which must be dissolved in warm water. Do not use "Fervex" for more than three days. A day can not drink more than 4 packages.
Fervex Powder for relieving cold symptoms

Cold remedies

In addition to pills, there are many other drugs that fight disease effectively. If you do not want to take antiviral medications for cold and flu, drink complex means of symptomatic action, then you can try another treatment tactic. The decision must be made based on the severity of the disease. There are many inexpensive drugs for cold and flu that will ease your condition.

From a sore throat

To remove inflammation and irritation you will benefit from such medications:

  1. "Grammidine." Quick-acting tablets for resorption with anesthetic. Take them two times four times a day, observing a weekly course.
  2. Strepsils. Relieve pain and have an antiseptic effect. Tablets must be dissolved one at a time every three hours. Children over five years of age are allowed to be treated with the drug. Completely remove the pain in the throat for three or four days.
  3. Faryngosept. A powerful medicine that is forbidden to children under six. Tablets are recommended to dissolve after eating and then for a while not to drink liquids. For a day - no more than five pieces. The course of treatment is three days.
Pharyngocept tablets from sore throat

Nasal drops

Runny nose will help you remove these drugs:

  1. "Sanorin". Have vasoconstrictive effect. Do not treat nasal congestion, and temporarily eliminate it. These drops can not be used for more than five days in a row. The composition of the reduced concentration of vasoconstrictor substances and eucalyptus oil.
  2. "Pinosol". Medicinal drops that have a curative effect. They struggle slowly with the causes of the common cold, but they do not eliminate the stuffiness.
  3. Aqua Maris. Means for moisturizing the nasal mucosa. It does not dry the blood vessels, it speeds up the healing process. Moisturizing drops are recommended to apply for any type of common cold.
  4. "Vibrocil". Antiviral drug. Drops remove not only the common cold, but also its cause. They have vasoconstrictive, antihistamine action, kill bacteria, and reduce swelling.


Rapidly reduce the temperature of such medicines:

  1. "Paracetamol". A time-tested and inexpensive remedy that removes heat, relieves pain and inflammation. There are practically no side effects. Paracetamol is the main active ingredient of many other medicines: Panadol, Fervexa, Flukolda, Coldrex.
  2. Ibuprofen. This medicine is rather anti-inflammatory, but it also lowers the temperature well. Do not take those with an ulcer, kidney or liver disease. It is part of the "Nurofen "Ibuklina".
  3. "Aspirin" (acetylsalicylic acid). Antipyretic and analgesic. Do not take pregnant women, children under 12, those who have low blood coagulability. It is the main component of a huge number of other antipyretic drugs.
Antipyretics Paracetamol

From herpes

This unpleasant symptom of cold will help to overcome such ointments:

  1. Acyclovir. The most inexpensive means. It struggles with the virus, does not allow it to multiply. If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, do not use the drug. If herpes you often appears, it is better to alternate "Acyclovir" with another antiseptic ointment or cream, so as not to cause addiction.
  2. Zovirax. The composition of the cream includes propylene glycol, thanks to which the active substance penetrates into the cells faster and more efficiently. It is well absorbed into the skin. "Zovirax" should be used clearly according to the instructions.
  3. Fenistil Pencivir. Very powerful medicine that eliminates herpes immediately. Does not allow the wound to become scarring. The drug can not be used by pregnant, lactating mothers, children under the age of 12.

From cough

Forms of the drug Lazolvan from a cough

Table of preparations:

From a dry cough

From a wet cough

  • "Lazolvan
  • Ambrohexal;
  • "Herbion
  • "Libexin
  • "Stoptussin."
  • "ACTS
  • "Broncholitin
  • "Acestad" (analogue of ATSTS);
  • "Pertussin
  • Mukaltin;
  • Doctor MOM.

Inexpensive drugs analogues

If even the cheapest antiviral drugs are too expensive for you, use Paracetamol, Aspirin, or Ibuprofen. For symptomatic treatment, use local remedies: nasal drops "Naphthyzine" or "Farmazolin tablets for the treatment of sore throat "Septifril medicine "From coughing". It will also be effective to rinse your throat with "Chlorophyllipt".

Drugs for the prevention of influenza and colds

To protect yourself from the disease, and not to cope with its manifestations, it is best to use drugs with immunomodulating action. The rules of preventive reception are described in the instructions of each of them. You can try capsules "Broncho-munal which is allowed to combine with almost all drugs. A good prophylactic action is possessed by such drugs as Ribomunil, Immunal, Rimantadine, Arbidol, Amizon.

Video: home Coldreks for colds


Olya, 27 years old: At the first symptoms of the flu, I always take some symptomatic medicine, for example, "Rinzu" or "Coldrex". This does not allow the infection to "play out". Immunomodulators did not drink at all because of the high price. And I try to treat the child with folk remedies, but I knock down the temperature with Paracetamol. I trust more domestic products.

Lena, 35 years old: Now the pharmacy offers so many names of medicines for colds that it's hard not to get lost. I try to use antipyretic drugs, for example, "Aspirin" or "Paracetamol." If the runny nose begins, then I use "Pinosol". He helps well, though he does not break his nose. If you start a sore throat, I use "Chlorophyllipt".

Tanya, 24 years old: I always have ORVI with fever and cough. I drink Fervex in powders, and I also buy ACTS. Thanks to this treatment, my illness lasts for three or four days. Last winter, saw for the prevention of "Arbidol but still sick, so I do not recognize any medications for correcting the immunity. I'm cured when the cold has already begun.

New drugs for influenza and colds

When a person has caught a cold and got an infection, he will certainly think about which of the modern drugs will help, what to take with the flu? Scientists are developing all new tools, because viruses mutate every year, and to combat them, more effective formulas are needed. Drug from the flu and colds of the new generation - what are its features? Find out what different these drugs are and on what depends the effectiveness of means to combat various diseases.

Modern means for influenza and colds

Today pharmacology does offer a wide range of new medicines. Their advantages are obvious: they have a wide spectrum of action, they have fewer side effects, they are convenient use the patient at home or in general you can get yourself vaccinated so as not to get sick during the period epidemic of acute respiratory infections. When choosing drugs, do not forget that not all advertised drugs are effective.

The price of medicines, the packaging of which regularly flashes in the TV, includes the cost of these commercials. If you compare the instructions, almost for all imported non-expensive drugs, there are inexpensive domestic counterparts. So, "Koldreks" (price 150-240 rubles) and "Ferveks" (315-590 rubles) in the composition contain paracetamol. Tablets "Paracetamol" can be bought in a pharmacy for 3-5 rubles, and most doctors even consider them to be the safest drug in ARI during pregnancy and lactation.

A girl with cold symptoms

Effective cures for colds

Modern pharmaceutical industry produces funds for colds, working in two directions and complementing each other. One group of drugs is helping to cope with the manifestations of ailment: a runny nose, a cough, a headache, a fever, a sore throat. Another segment of drugs exhibits immunomodulating and antibacterial action.

For adults

See examples of drugs that are used for colds:

What affects

Group of medicines

Examples of drugs

Eliminate the cause


Tablets "Acyclovir "Amantadine".

Antibiotics (used in extreme cases, when the body itself does not cope with disease-causing bacteria).

Tablets and powders for injections "Ampicilin "Levofloxacin".

Strengthen immunity


"Amiksin "Tsikloferon".

Vitamin complexes, preparations based on medicinal herbs.

"Ascorutine "Aevit."

Relieve symptoms

Antipyretics, ease the ache in the body.

Tablets "Coldrex "Paracetamol "Rinza powder in bags "Teraflu effervescent tablets "Solpadein".

Preparations for cough relief.

Syrups "ACTS "Ambroxol "Alteika".

Vasoconstrictive for the nose from the common cold.

"Oksimetazolin "Polidexa with phenylephrine".

To soften the throat.

Sprays "Cameton "Orasept Ingalipt Chlorophyllitis ".

For children

When choosing children's antibacterial drugs, it is important to follow the doctor's recommendations, not to engage in self-medication. You can help:

  • antibiotics "Amoxiclav "Zinnat" "Supraks
  • for removing heat - syrup "Panadol tablets "Paracetamol
  • from the common cold - spray "Otrivin drops "Nazivin
  • as prevention - vitamin complexes "Alphabet "Pikovit".

Modern preparations for influenza

What is the similarity and difference between drugs for influenza and colds of a new generation? With both ailments, drugs are taken that relieve the symptoms of diseases. When the flu is not prescribed antibiotics, because they are effective only to combat bacteria - causative agents of the common cold, and the strains of the virus do not work. Consider the pharmacological groups of modern antiviral drugs against influenza, depending on their mode of action.

Anti-viral drug Oseltamivir


Such antiviral drugs against influenza act in a directed manner, preventing the multiplication of viruses. These include:

  • "Oseltamivir" - the active substance of oseltamivir phosphate inhibits (inhibits) neuraminidase - the key an enzyme involved in the replication (reproduction) of influenza viruses, and violates their ability to penetrate cells.
  • "Remantadine" - the active substance remantadine hydrochloride is effective against influenza viruses A2 and B.
  • "Arbidol" - part of the capsules of Umiferon has an immunostimulating effect.
The drug for the treatment of influenza Ingavirin


Antiviral preparations of immunotropic action are interferons or their inducers (pathogens), which help the body's natural defense system to fight the disease, destroying the virus at an early stage reproduction. They are effective in the first two days after the onset of flu symptoms. Read the names and brief descriptions of these drugs:


Active substance

Effect from application


Tocopherol, ascorbic acid

Stimulates the immune system, fights the virus.


Interferon Inductor

Immunomodulating action.


Extract of the leaves of buckthorn sea-buckthorn

Antiviral action, induces the production of interferon in the blood cells.



Inductor of human interferon, suppresses the synthesis of proteins of viruses.



Prevents the penetration of the virus into the cell and the synthesis of virus proteins.



Suppresses reproduction of the influenza virus, anti-inflammatory effect.


Human interferon

A powerful immunomodulator, an effective antiviral drug, stimulates macrophages. Increases the resistance of the body to the penetration of viruses, and when it enters the cell it blocks their reproduction. The mechanism of action is not directed against a particular type of virus, because this drug is universal.


Meglumine acridone acetate

A strong immunomodulator, an antiviral effect, is effective against influenza and herpes.


These anti-influenza drugs act on the mechanism of the disease, helping to fight the infection and preventing the development of complications. These include:

Group of medicines

What affects

Examples of drugs

Active substance

Antioxidants and vitamin-containing preparations

Provide prophylactic, antioxidant, angioprotective (kapilyarazashchayuschee) and immunity-strengthening action.


Vitamins C and P (rutin)


Vitamins-antioxidants A and E


Help to remove allergic reactions to medicines, have a quick soothing, antiemetic effect.

Suprastin, Prometazin

Histamine receptor blockers


These powders, drops, sprays, tablets from influenza are high-speed drugs against the symptoms of viral intoxication:

Group of medicines

What affects

Examples of drugs

Active substance


Contribute to the removal of mucus, the regeneration of the bronchial mucosa.






Removes inflammation of the mucosa of the respiratory tract.


On a plant basis

To treat a cold

Reduces the amount of secretion, swelling of the mucosa.



Vasoconstrictive anticonvulsant substance.



Video about the right choice of a medicine for a flu


Albina, 26 years old: I have been a child with a cold, when the fever rises, my head hurts, I take 3-4 days "Paracetamol". At one time I was led to an advertisement, I drank soluble "Coldrex "Rinzu". After I read at one forum what kind of active ingredient is being sold at a fabulous price, I returned to a proven penny.

Zoya, 32 years old: Before pregnancy, I often had a cold on my lips, and I was afraid that herpes would not manifest itself during the carrying of the child. The doctor attributed to me the anti-herpes "Hyporamin". I immediately liked that it was plant-based. She drank two months, the pills really helped.

Tatyana, 47 years: My child was assigned "Interferon". I read the instructions to the ampoules, I was confused that it is actually produced from the blood of donors, and also - a list of its side effects. She drank the medicine and dripped her son in the nose according to the instructions. I did not notice the special result, I will not use it anymore.

Medicine for influenza and colds for children: recommendations, reviews. Prevention and treatment of influenza and colds

Having noticed the malaise in themselves or their child, some are running to the pharmacy and buying up all available antiviral drugs, while others are waiting for the disease to recede. But not always the disease goes by itself, in a number of cases without a drug against the flu and cold can not do.

Spread of diseases

When it comes to colds and flu, it is important to understand that complications can arise without appropriate treatment. Of course, if this is simply an ARD, then the optimal method of therapy will be copious drinking, bed rest and elimination of symptoms. But with the flu without special medications can not do. But remember that only the doctor should establish the diagnosis, especially if it is a child. He also chooses the most appropriate treatment for influenza and colds. Medications are selected depending on the patient's condition and what caused the illness.

Medicine for influenza and colds

In the viral nature of the disease, special antiviral agents are required, in the case of bacterial - antibiotics. Determine which therapy will be most effective, you can use a routine blood test.

At present, the main problem is that the spread of colds and influenza is becoming pandemic. This is due to the high variability of viruses. The organisms of children, like many adults, are powerless against new pathogens.

Necessary therapy

medicines against influenza and colds

To understand, what medicine for a flu and cold is necessary in each concrete case, without visit to the doctor it is complex or difficult. But there are a number of drugs that have an effect on viruses and help the body fight many diseases.

They are divided into several groups. It can be means that directly affect the virus, they are also called etiotropic. They include:

1) ion channel blockers: this group includes such agents as "Orvirem "Remantadin

2) a specific HA chaperone that prevents the penetration of viruses into the cells of the body, an example of such a medicament is "Arbidol

3) neuraminidase inhibitors, which include the powder for inhalation "Relenza" and the means for ingestion "Tamiflu "Peramivir

4) NP-protein inhibitors are drugs such as "Ingavirin."

Also, specialists can prescribe interferon preparations. They block the translation of mRNA viruses. In this category of funds fall "Interferon "Viferon "Grippferon "Kipferon."

Another fairly common group are inducers of interferon. Doctors can prescribe such a medicine for cold and flu, like "Kagotsel "Amiksin "Tsikloferon "Citovir 3".

Additional drugs

With a competent approach to treatment are not limited to only one antiviral therapy. It should also be symptomatic. It is so important to relieve the condition of the youngest patients in case of illness! For example, with a cold, vasoconstrictive drugs are used, such as "Nazivin "Mezatol "Sanorin". Also, funds can be prescribed that moisturize and soften the mucous membranes: Aquamaris, Aqualor, essential oil mixtures Sinupret, Pinosol. Combined funds "Vibrocil "Rinoprint" and others are considered effective.

With pain in the throat, antiseptics are prescribed. You can use a solution of Lugol, furatsilina, "Pharyngosept "Geksoral."

Medicine for cold and flu

It is difficult to do without special cough preparations. These can be cough suppressants Codeine, Dastosin, Sinekod, Kodipron, Stoptussin, which can be drunk only after their appointment as a doctor. Mushrooms Ambroxol, Flavamed, Lazolvan are often used for cough treatment.

Complex treatment also includes taking in case of need antipyretic drugs "Panadol "Ibuprofen "Aspirin". However, the last drug should not be given to children under 12 years old. Antihistamines are mandatory. They are able to inhibit the allergic inflammatory process, which is accompanied by mucosal edema, vasodilation. The most popular medicines are "Loratadin "Eden "Alerzin".

Ion channel blockers

This group of drugs does not allow viruses to be fixed on the cells of the body.

Such a medicine for flu and cold, like Remantadin, is referred to as antiviral drugs. When it is taken, the number of attacking microorganisms begins to decrease, and the person recovers. The action is due to the fact that the viruses for reproduction need to get into the cells, and when "Remantadine" is received it becomes impossible.

Contraindications to admission are individual intolerance, pregnancy, chronic kidney disease, age up to 7 years.

a cure for flu and colds for children

To the same group of drugs include the drug "Midantan." This medicine for flu and cold can not be drunk with psychoses, epilepsies, intolerance to the components of the drug. In addition, contraindications include the periods of pregnancy and lactation. Also, it is not recommended to use it for thyrotoxicosis, glaucoma, arterial hypertension, renal and heart failure.

The composition of the drug "Orvirem" includes the active substance rimantadine. Therefore, this drug has the same contraindications as Remantadine, with the exception of age restrictions. Syrup "Orvirem" can be given to children older than a year. Ion channel blockers are used to treat influenza A. The effectiveness of such therapy was confirmed during the research. Prevention of influenza and colds can also be carried out with the help of these drugs. Drugs in this case are drunk according to a special scheme.

Dosage of ion channel blockers

To treat babies with drugs from this group, only syrup "Orvire" is prescribed. For example, children aged 3 to 7 years on the first day of the disease need to receive 90 mg of rimantadine in the body, 60 mg in the second, and 30 mg in the third. For the prevention of enough 30 mg per day. The necessary amount of syrup is easy to calculate if you know that 5 ml contains 10 mg of active ingredient.

For children aged 1 to 3 years, it is necessary to take 20 mg of rimantadine three times a day on the first day of the disease. The same amount, only twice a day, is recommended on days 2 and 3 of the disease. On the 4th day of the disease, a single dose of 20 mg is necessary. For the purpose of prevention at this age, give 20 mg once a day for 10-15 days.

Neuraminidase inhibitors

Cure for the flu and cold reviewsThe drug "Relenza intended for inhalation, affects influenza viruses related to types A and B. The main active substance in it is zanamivir. Contraindications to admission are the first trimester of pregnancy, the age of up to 5 years, an allergy to the drug and bronchospasm in the anamnesis. In the treatment, the dosage is increased 2-fold.

The remedy for cold and flu called Tamiflu contains oseltamivir phosphate. Treatment with this medication can be given in children older than 1 year. It is able to suppress neuraminidase of influenza A and B viruses. This prevents the spread of infection in the respiratory tract.

Dosage of neuraminidase inhibitors

Inhalation drug "Relenza" is prescribed, as a rule, to children over 5 years of 10 mg (which corresponds to two inhalations) twice a day. For prevention it is recommended to do 2 inhalations a day.

The drug "Tamiflu" is recommended to be taken with meals, it helps to improve its tolerability. But you can drink the indicated medicine for flu and colds for children and adults, regardless of food intake. If the patient can not swallow the capsule, then he can be prescribed a drug "Tamiflu" in powder, from which the suspension is prepared. Children can be given capsules of 30 or 45 mg or a suspension of 12 mg / ml preparation. Babies younger than two years are recommended to give the drug in powder.

Teenagers over 12 years and adults are prescribed capsules of 75 mg, which must be drunk twice a day. But this dosage can be prescribed for children older than 8 years.

NP-protein inhibitors

The medicine for influenza and cold called "Ingavirin" is active against influenza A and B viruses, including A / H1N1 and A / H1N1 swl, A / H5N1, A / H3N2 swine. It is also prescribed for parainfluenza, adenovirus and respiratory syncytial infection.

When taking this medicine against influenza and cold, reproduction of microorganisms is suppressed even at the nuclear phase, and newly synthesized NP viruses can not migrate from the cytoplasm to the nucleus. Also, the drug helps increase the amount of interferon in the body and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

But the agent "Ingavirin" is prescribed exclusively for adults. For children, it is necessary to select other drugs.

Interferon Inductors

Quite often in pediatric practice, such drugs as "Kagocel "Amiksin "Cycloferon" are used. But despite their popularity, many doctors doubt the effectiveness of these funds.

Drug for flu and colds Kagocel

Producers say that the active components contribute to the formation in the body of a special "late" interferon, which has a high antiviral activity.

For example, a medicine for flu and cold "Kagotsel" is prescribed to babies from the age of 3. For the purpose of treating children under the age of six years, give the first pill twice a day for the first two days and once a day in the following days. If the child is 6 years old or more, he needs 3 tablets in the first days of the illness and 2 on the 3rd and 4th days of the disease. For preventive purposes, it is drunk in courses for 2 days with a weekly break.

The drug "Amiksin" is prescribed only to children over seven years of age. Dosage of it depends on the severity of the disease and is selected by the doctor individually.

The drug "Cycloferon" recommend to kids from 4 years. This medicine for flu and colds for children is taken 1 time per day on an empty stomach. Adults appoint 3-4 tablets per reception, children depending on the age can be recommended from 1 to 3 pieces. For the prevention of the drug is drunk according to a special scheme: it is taken on the 1st or the 2nd day after contact with the patient, until the 8th day the reception is conducted every other day, and from the 11th to the 23rd day, three days later.

Recommendations and feedback

Given that assess the activity of antiviral drugs without special studies is difficult, some moms can recommend, and others criticize a certain cure for the flu and colds. The responses are quite contradictory.

Prevention of flu and cold medications

To the smallest patients, doctors often recommend interferon preparations. It can be "Viferon "Grippferon". They are even prescribed to newborn babies. They are used for both treatment and prevention of seasonal viral diseases, including influenza.

Many mothers, whose children have recovered with this approach to treatment, of course, recommend antiviral drugs. But at the same time there are those who did not have therapy with the help of these drugs, the diseases were complicated by the attachment of a secondary infection. As a result, treatment continued with the appointment of antibacterial agents.

Therefore, it is quite difficult to find objective feedback and recommendations. The optimal option will be the use of drugs with proven efficacy, which you will recommend a pediatrician or another treating your child's doctor. If you believe the reviews, then many helped syrup "Orvirem" and the drug "Tamiflu." True, the last remedy is effective only with the flu, many say that with conventional SARS it makes no sense to drink.

The drug is against the flu and colds. Preparations against influenza

Seasonal catarrhal diseases and influenza from year to year affect a large number of people. Usually, medicines that are intended to eliminate these pathological conditions are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. In this regard, many people have the question: "Which drug to choose from the flu and colds?" On some of the most popular tools in the article.

against cold preparations

General information

Experts recall that it is highly undesirable to choose one or the other drug from influenza and colds. Virtually all agents have side effects, in addition, the mechanism of action and the body's response to active components may differ for different medications. Today, pharmaceutical companies offer many medicines against colds. Preparations are available in various forms: in suspended, encapsulated, tableted and other forms. Especially popular are solutions for inhalation, syrups and powders. It should be noted that there is absolutely no safe means.

Treatment of colds and flu. Preparations

Among the most popular drugs, one should mention such medications as "Zanavimir" Remantadin "Amantadin" and others. In general, these drugs are prescribed against the flu. Quite often people get antipyretic drugs. They include, in particular, such medications as "Solpaflex" Panadol "Paracetamol." The so-called express means are also quite popular. Among them: "Fervex" Teraflu "Uppsarin of the UPSA" Koldreks "and others. These drugs in a short time improve the condition.

a cold medicine for children

Express means

Medication "Teraflu" is a preparation for influenza and cold, intended for the rapid elimination of symptoms, relief of the condition in a short time. However, the remedy has a very impressive list of side effects. Before using it, read the instructions carefully. Another drug from influenza and cold is "Fervex". This tool has the ability to suppress the mechanisms of development of certain symptoms. Medication Fervex is considered relatively safe. The agent accelerates the decrease in temperature, eliminates pain in the throat and muscles, and aching joints. As part of the medication there are substances that reduce swelling, facilitating nasal breathing. The patient's state of health thus improves quickly enough, the symptoms disappear almost completely. The undoubted advantage that this drug has against influenza and colds is the ability to take it even to people with diabetes and hypertension.

If the child is ill

What are the cold medications for children? Doctors recommend, as a rule, products containing paracetamol. They include, in particular, "Efferalgan" Panadol ". To eliminate cough, facilitate expectoration, syrups "Gedelix" Dr. Mom "and other medications are recommended. For colds, the most popular and safe remedy for a child is the Paracetamol. It can be taken from two months of age. It is preferable to give this medication to children in suspended form or in the form of candles.

preparations against influenza

Complex means. Medication "Citovir-3"

Among the many drugs used for colds and flu, special attention is paid by many specialists to such a drug as "Citovir-3." As part of this remedy there are: ascorbic acid, sodium thymogen and bendazole. The medication works in a complex way according to the principle of bioregulation. The mechanism of drug activity is based on stimulation of the synthesis of endogenous interferon and other factors of the nonspecific defense system, to which most pathogens show sensitivity ARI. Along with this, there is stimulation of antioxidant mechanisms, neutralizing toxic compounds and accelerating recovery. The agent "Citovir-3" is available in the form of powder, syrup and capsules.

drugs prevention of influenza

Description of components

Bendazole helps to stimulate the nervous system, has spasmolytic and immunomodulating effects. This component stimulates the processes of phagocytosis and induces the synthesis of interferon. Timogen sodium is widely used in the therapy of immunodeficiency states of the secondary type. This component, among other things, potentiates the activity of bendazole. Timogen also promotes the production of interferon. However, this property is less active than in bendazole. But due to the combined effect of the two components, optimal production of interferon is ensured. During the life of the virus free radicals are formed, negatively affecting the body. Ascorbic acid has the ability to bind harmful products, thereby increasing unspecific protection. According to a number of studies, it was found that this component to some extent optimizes the activity of thymogen and bendazole. Thanks to the fact that known and effective drugs are used in the "Citovir-3" agent, the prevention of influenza and its treatment become more effective.

flu and cold medicine

Mode of application

It is drunk before meals, in thirty minutes. Patients from one to three years are shown taking 2 ml of syrup, from 3 to 6 - 4 ml, from 6 to 10 - 8, from 10 years - 12 ml. The drug is taken three times a day for four days. Capsules are recommended to patients from the age of six. Dosage - 1 piece 3 times a day. Duration of admission is also 4 days. For the purpose of prevention, the medicine can be taken again after three to four weeks. Before using the drug, a specialist consultation is necessary. You should also read the instructions.

The tool "Doctor Mom"

The composition of this medicine contains extracts of the following herbs: aloe, elecampane, ginger, licorice, nightshade and others. Drug "Doctor Mom" ​​is included in the category of combined mucolytic drugs. The drug has an expectorant, anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator effect. Patients from three to five years give half a spoon (tea), which corresponds to 2.5 ml of the drug. Children from 6 to 14 years - for 0.5-1 hours. l. The drug is taken three times a day. Patients with fourteen years of age are recommended for 1 to 2 hours. l. three times a day. This medication is allowed to be taken during pregnancy. However, he has an age limit: for children under three years of age, the drug is not prescribed.

medicines for colds

Medication "Koldakt Flju plus"

The preparation is in a capsulated and suspended form. In the composition of the drug there are paracetamol, phenylephrine hydrochloride, chlorphenamine maleate. Capsules are allowed to be taken by patients from the age of 12. Dosage in this case - 1 pc. twice a day. Suspension is appointed from six years. For patients up to 12 l - 1 hour. l., with twelve years - for 2 hours. l. Suspension is taken no more than four times a day. The duration of therapy as an antipyretic is three days, as an anesthetic - five days. The medicine has the following contraindications: diabetes mellitus, lactation, blood pathology, pregnancy, hypersensitivity to components, kidney, heart, liver, bladder disease in severe conditions. During therapy, adults should limit their intake of alcohol and refrain from activities that require an increased psychomotor response.

Cold and Flu Medications

The "Rince"

As in the medicine described above, this preparation contains paracetamol, chlorphenamine and phenylephrine. In addition to these components, the agent also contains caffeine, which has a stimulating effect on CNS activity. Thanks to the action of this component, physical and mental performance is increased, fatigue is reduced, drowsiness is eliminated. The "Rinza" agent is prescribed for symptomatic treatment of cold and flu, accompanied by febrile, pain syndrome and rhinorrhea. The medication is admitted to admission from the age of fifteen. The recommended dose is not more than four times a day for a tablet. Duration of admission - no more than five days. This drug is not prescribed during pregnancy, with diabetes, during lactation. Contraindicated medication in severe arterial hypertension, hypersensitivity to the components.

against cold preparations


Experts remind that the appointment of a remedy for cold or flu should be performed by a doctor. It is not recommended to do it yourself. If you suspect a cold or flu, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. It is necessary to visit a doctor if deterioration of the condition occurs within a week, chest pain during breathing, elevated temperature (from 38 degrees) lasts for three days.

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