Effective treatment of cough

How to quickly cure a child's cough with safe means

Cough in the babyCough can be treated after the cause of its appearance has been determined.Cough is a protective reaction of the body that occurs as a result of getting into the respiratory tract of bacterial, allergic or chemical irritants.Therefore, to quickly cure a cough in a child and adults, it is important to establish the cause of its occurrence.

Why does a cough arise?

Causes of child coughingThe occurrence of coughing attacks does not always indicate the development of the disease, sometimes such a process can be caused by an allergic reaction of the body. It is customary to identify such factors, in the presence of which children often observe this symptom:
  • respiratory viral infections;
  • proliferation of adenoids;
  • inflammation of ENT organs;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • the reaction of the body to dry air.

Depending on what caused the cough in children, it is common to divide it into several types. It can be dry, "barking", wet, paroxysmal, suffocating.

How is the treatment?

Asking friends how the child quickly cure cough, it should be remembered that the treatment should be carried out only after the child is examined by a pediatrician.

Medical preparations can not be assigned to a child independently, as such actions can lead to serious and irreversible consequences.

In the process of cough treatment a child can be assigned funds belonging to several drug groups. Such cures will help cough:

  1. Mucolytics- drugs aimed at diluting sputum and removing it to the surface of the respiratory tract. Among them are medicines such as Ambrobene, Halixol, Lazolvan.
  2. Antitussive- funds that suppress the activity of the cough center. Among the drugs of this action belong Mukaltin, Pertussin, Licorice Root.
  3. Expectorants- drugs that accelerate the process of sputum expectoration. Gedelix is ​​usually appointed.

Vegetable preparations

Cough preparations of vegetable originIf coughing occurs in children, it is better to give preference to herbal remedies. The main advantage of such drugs is their versatility, they help to cope with dry or wet cough. In addition, they are low-toxic, do not cause side effects, so they are usually prescribed to children.

Licorice root is an effective and safe natural remedy, it is widely used in the manufacture of medicines. It can be syrups, potions, tablets - licorice syrup, tablets with propolis, thoracic elixir. The maximum effect in the treatment of cough will be the use of tea from the root of licorice, which includes other antitussive and anti-inflammatory herbs.

The root of the althaea reduces the intensity of cough and promotes sputum discharge. Children are prescribed such drugs based on the root of the althaea:

  • Mukaltin;
  • Breast gathering number 1;
  • Bronchostop syrup;
  • Alteika.

When coughing caused by bronchitis, often used plantain, because the leaves and seeds of this plant are endowed with anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. The plantain extract became a part of such remedies as Plantain syrup, Stoptussin Fito, Evkabal, Tusavit, Pektoral.

As an antitussive agent for acute and chronic form of bronchitis, homeopathic preparations based on ivy extract are used. This plant is used in the process of producing medicines Pectolvan Ivy, Gedelix, Prospan.

Primrose is a plant that has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antimicrobial and antipyretic effects. The extract of this medicinal plant was included in the Syrup of the Primrose Herbion, Sinupret, Bronchipret.

Classical components of medicines against cough in folk and traditional medicine are such herbs as thyme and thyme. Thyme is endowed with a powerful antimicrobial property, is a part of Stoptussin Fito syrup, drops and syrup Bronchipret, Eucambal syrup.

Some Indian medicines made on the basis of ancient Indian recipes are also popular in pediatrics. These include the following homeopathic medicines:

  • syrup Kofol;
  • Cook syrup;
  • Doctor Mom;
  • Travisil.

In spite of the fact that herbal medicines are considered relatively safe, they can be taken only by the pediatrician, following the indicated dosage and treatment regimen.

Folk treatment

Honey with lemon from coughBeing interested in how quickly to cure a child, you can find many effective recipes of folk medicine. With the development of respiratory-viral diseases accompanied by cough, such folk methods will help:
  1. Within 10 minutes, cook a small lemon, cool, cut in half, squeeze the juice. Mix with a few spoons of glycerin and honey, take it spoon 4 times a day.
  2. The process of recovery will speed up the reception of black radish. It should be rubbed, mixed with honey and eaten spoonful in the morning and evening. Also known is this way of using this medicinal root: take a medium-sized radish, cut out the flesh in it, put a few spoons of honey, leave for a while. When the radish leaves the juice, it should be taken several times a day.
  3. It is useful to drink freshly squeezed carrot juice, mixed in equal parts with milk.
  4. Cut two onions, boil in a glass of milk, drain, get a liquid to drink every two hours for 2 tablespoons.
  5. 3 tablespoons of birch buds mixed with 100 g of butter, melt, burn for an hour. Add 200 g of honey, stir and take on a spoon before eating.
  6. FigsWarm milk is good for coughing. It is mixed with alkaline mineral water 1: 1, adding a spoonful of honey. You can also stir a spoonful of jam from the figs in the milk.
  7. For various types of cough, figs, cooked in milk, have long been used. In a glass of milk you need to boil until soft 3 fetuses of figs, you need to drink the medicine before going to bed.
  8. Lemon torsion in a meat grinder, add a spoonful of honey, insist an hour, take on a spoon 3 times a day.
  9. Ginger - an effective tool in the treatment of such symptoms of colds, as a cold and cough. It can be used in the preparation of tea, adding other antitussive products - honey or lemon.
Foot bath for a child from coughWhen coughing it is useful to conduct thermal procedures - steam and foot baths, warming up the chest and back. To reduce the cough, you can do salt heating. To do this, you need to heat the salt in a frying pan, wrap it in tissue, put it on the chest and back of the baby. Do not use too hot salt, as severe skin burns can occur.

Parents need to know what the child quickly cured cough, thus preventing the development of complications of the common cold. However, one can independently carry out treatment only with mild forms of cough, when it is possible to do without medications.


Cough treatment at home. Cough: treatment with folk remedies

When the cold comes, many adults and children face such an unpleasant phenomenon as coughing. He interferes with normal sleep, breathing, talking and causing severe discomfort. Very often cough is a danger to others, because with the saliva in the air is thrown out a lot of germs.

In this situation, you need to apply quality medication. But we should not forget about folk methods, because they are basically simple and accessible. What should be the effective and proper treatment for cough in the home? In what cases is it better to seek medical help from a doctor?

How to ease the course of the disease

Cough is a reaction of the body, which is aimed at expelling from the field of light foreign objects or accumulated mucus. The surface of the trachea, bronchi, and larynx is covered with a sensitive tissue, which reacts sharply to stimuli. They can be dust, bacteria, cold air or a rich, pungent smell.

Strong cough should not be suppressed or blocked, but facilitated by expectorant drugs and healing infusions.

cough treatment at home

Treatment of cough in the home should be done only with the permission of the doctor. It is very important for the patient not to forget about the abundant drink that soothes the irritated throat.

To facilitate the course of the disease, it is necessary:

  • to give up smoking;
  • At night, put a high pillow to slightly ease coughing attacks;
  • several times a day to conduct a wet cleaning;
  • Avoid inhalation of sharp odors, smoke, dust;
  • Do not give up medicinal ointments, sugar candies, grindings, compresses.

Wet cough: symptoms, treatment

The disease is characterized by a strong expectorant reflex, in which a sufficient amount of accumulated mucus is released from the respiratory tract. The faster the body clears, the sooner the disease goes. Cough with phlegm is treated easier than dry, and delivers the body much less discomfort.

The paramount task in the treatment of this type of disease is the reception of funds that effectively remove mucus from the respiratory system. The patient is recommended to drink a lot, especially the use of herbal infusions is welcomed. Teas from raspberry, linden, currant and dog rose are perfect.

If a wet cough is observed, preparations containing codeine are contraindicated for its treatment. It has an overwhelming effect on reflex expectorants and can aggravate the course of the disease.

Dry cough

This ailment gives the patient considerable discomfort. Constant coughing attacks disturb sleep, do not allow to eat normally, talk. The patient becomes irritable and tired, because the ailment is very exhausting, delivering not only physical, but also psychological difficulties.

cough treatment folk remedies

Dry cough should be treated with agents that suppress its appearance. Particular attention is paid to inhalations, physiotherapy, massage. However, before treating a dry cough, it is important to establish its causes, since it can signal the occurrence of other, more serious pathologies in the body.

In the event of a characteristic "barking" cough, treatment is done to soften and moisten it. Often, the cause of this type of disease becomes acute respiratory disease. With the right approach, after a few days, a cough with phlegm appears. And over time, attacks stop.

Methods of getting rid of the disease

Quickly and effectively cure a wet cough with steam inhalations. During these procedures it is important to inhale as much as possible warm air saturated with components of medicinal plants or essential oils. When wet cough will help decoctions of nettle, lime, eucalyptus or sage, with dry - inhalation with the addition of soda.

Perfect means for eliminating the problems of the respiratory tract are broths of mother-and-stepmother, plantain and elecampane. Cooked infusions from these medicinal plants also help with dry cough. They promote softening of mucus and its rapid expectoration.

Good help in getting rid of dry cough warm milk with soda. It should be added only a few grams (at the tip of the knife). This drink reduces the obsessive reflex desire to cough and leads to a rapid cleansing of the respiratory tract from mucus.

Infusions of radish with honey in the treatment of cough

These natural products have antifungal properties and have an invaluable effect on strengthening the body's immune system. Radish with honey as an effective remedy for getting rid of a cough began to be applied in the last century. The recipe for the preparation of the medicine is very simple, and the curative effect of its components allows you to quickly get rid of the ailment.

Option number 1

It is necessary to prepare a medium-sized radish. Cut about 1/4 of its upper part, in the center of the pulp should make a small groove. In the formed hollow, you need to add a spoonful of honey, cover the radish and put it in a secluded place for a while. As a result, you will receive a valuable and tasty medicine. Radish with honey is taken before meals in the amount of two teaspoons. One root is used 3 days, and then replaced with fresh.

radish with honey

Option number 2

If you use this recipe, get a lot of medicinal cough medicine. For its preparation, you must clean 2-3 roots of radish and finely chop it. Insisting occurs in a clay pot. Radish cubes are filled with 100-200 g of liquid honey and left for 12 hours. This tasty and healthy juice is taken for 10 days.

If honey is contraindicated

Everyone knows that this product is a strong allergen. If there are contraindications, and the patient can not take honey, it is replaced with ordinary sugar. In this case, it is better to roast the radish in the oven.

To obtain the medicine, the cut root vegetables are sprinkled with sugar and baked in the oven for 2 hours at an average temperature (about 120 degrees). From the chilled radish squeeze the juice and take it as a regular syrup (before eating).

Radish from cough is used very often. This natural product quickly removes the body from all the symptoms of the disease, destroys the bacteria and significantly strengthens the immune system.

Recipes based on onions

  1. To obtain a special cough medicine, take 1/2 kg of chopped onion without skin, mix it with 150 g of honey. Then slowly introduce 500 g of sugar and 1 liter of purified water. The resulting mixture is cooked for 2-3 hours, after which it is filtered and kept in the refrigerator for not more than 10 days. With a strong cough take 2 teaspoons to 6 times a day.
  2. A large onion or two small ones must be carefully grinded. Enter 2 tablespoons of goose fat and mix until smooth. This compress should be applied overnight to the chest area, tied up with a warm kerchief. Such cough treatment at home is carried out within a week.
  3. 1 head of garlic and 15 medium bulbs are cut as small as possible. Then the resulting mixture is filled with milk and boiled until soft. At the end, honey is introduced, then an infusion of buds, ivy (this is medicinal herb), and all components are mixed. The medicine is taken every hour on a spoon during the day. This recipe for cough is a simple but very effective remedy for softening and expectoration of accumulated mucus.

Recipes based on honey

cough for children
  1. To prepare a healing syrup, it is necessary to boil the lemon for about 15 minutes, squeeze out. Add 2 tablespoons of liquid honey and glycerin. Shake thoroughly. If you take this syrup on a teaspoon 5 times a day, the symptoms of the ailment will quickly wane. When the cough becomes rare, the medication can be reduced, and then stopped altogether.
  2. Prepare the tea from the red clover, insist for an hour. Mix 150 g of honey and 50 g of horseradish rhizome juice. With a strong cough take a teaspoon during the day, drinking tea from the clover.
  3. Well helps with nonsense hazelnuts. This recipe for cough contains few ingredients, but very well eliminates perspiration in the throat. To prepare the medicinal mixture, it is necessary to grind 100 g of nuts into small grains, add 100 g of honey. To quickly get rid of cough and mitigate the symptoms of the disease, the resulting syrup should be consumed during the day in small portions, each time washed down with warm milk.

Herbal infusions with cough

Healing plants have long been known for their useful properties. Treatment of cough folk remedies is not without the reception of herbal dues, which are most often recommended and prescribed to the patient.

The most effective herbs from cough are:

  • nettle;
  • sage;
  • althea root;
  • thyme;
  • nettle, dioecious;
  • Linden;
  • anise.

Infusions of these herbs effectively relieve cough, soften its manifestations and reduce seizures. To prepare decoctions of the plant, it is better to pour boiling water and insist in a thermos for 4-6 hours. Such healing tea will not lose its useful properties, which are easily destroyed by prolonged heat treatment.

However, it is worth remembering that some herbs are contraindicated if there is an allergic cough in an adult. Treatment in this case is carried out with the help of antihistamines and respiratory gymnastics.

Cough in children

When a child has the first symptoms of a disease, parents do not always have the opportunity to consult a doctor. Therefore, when coughing in children, folk medicine is used very often. They are more easily tolerated by babies and do not contain chemical additives that are harmful to the still fragile body.

Certainly, to conduct independent treatment is not necessary, but it is better to contact the pediatrician. He will prescribe effective drugs that will help the child cope with the disease. But along with the use of medicamentous agents, it is advisable to carry out folk cough treatment in children.

cough with phlegm

Most often the child is recommended compresses from natural products, teas, wraps and steam trays. Along with these procedures, a doctor should be prescribed funds for cough for children - syrups, candies, medical aerosols.

Well-established potato compress. To make it, you need a few medium-cooked root crops. Warm potatoes warm up along with the skin, gradually introduced alcohol, turpentine and any vegetable oil (on a tablespoon).

Formed 2 flat cakes of medium size. One is applied to the baby's breast, the other to the back. On top, the compresses are covered with a towel and left for an hour.

Treatment of cough folk remedies can be carried out with the help of mustard. Babies can make steam baths for feet, older children - put mustard plasters. For the treatment of cough in newborns, the wrapping works well. For this procedure you need to soak the diaper with mustard solution and wrap the baby around it for 3-5 minutes.

Very often, parents use a radish from cough, especially in a baked version. The resulting juice turns out so delicious that children with pleasure take this useful, healing and tasty medicine.

Carrying out inhalations

This procedure has a good effect, because healing couples penetrate into the deepest parts of the respiratory tract. If cough treatment at home with the help of compresses or wraps has not brought results, you can try to hold the child inhalation.

For the procedure it is better to buy a modern device - a nebulizer. For inhalation, such herbs as chamomile, thyme, mother-and-stepmother are perfectly suitable. With a damp cough in hot water, you can add a few drops of essential oils - mint, eucalyptus.

If there is no nebulizer at hand, an old but effective method - the inhalation of potato steam will help.

However, it is worth remembering that any inhalation should be limited to a period of 10 minutes, and at high temperatures this procedure is contraindicated.

cough syrup instructions

Medication "Gedelix" (cough syrup): instructions for use

The drug is indicated for various diseases of the respiratory tract, which are accompanied by a difficult expectoration of accumulated mucus.

Syrup "Gedelix" contains a thick extract obtained from ivy leaves.

The drug is taken at any time of the day, it is not necessary to plant it. Newborns and children of younger age group should add syrup to juice or tea. Basically, the medicine is well tolerated.

The period of application is set by the doctor, but even with a mild form of cough the treatment is carried out for 7 days. After the disappearance of signs of the disease, taking the drug does not stop. In order to consolidate the effect, it should be consumed another 2-3 days.

The dosage table is presented here.

Syrup "Gedelix": dosage
Age Number of receptions per day Dosage, ml Maximum number per day
1 to 4 years 3 times , 150 mg of the active ingredient
4 to 10 years 4 times , 200 mg of active ingredient
Children from 10 years and adults 3 times 5 300 mg of the active ingredient

Application features

Diabetics should take the syrup with caution, since in 5 ml of the drug contains about 0.44 g of fructose. The sorbitol, which is part of the medicine, can have a laxative effect on the body.

The drug "Gedelix" is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. In some patients, there was an increased sensitivity to syrup, which manifested itself in the form of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.

If the patient has hereditary diseases associated with intolerance to fructose, the drug is contraindicated.

The medicine "Gedelix" can not be taken to children under the age of 1 year.

We take care

Parents should be especially careful if the coughing episodes in the child do not stop at night. To ease his condition, use an air humidifier or turn on hot water in the bathroom to form a thick steam.

If improvement is not observed, you should ventilate the room well or go out with the child on the street - in the fresh air the attack will pass faster.

cough symptoms treatment

Carefully study the instruction of the cough remedy. For children in the drug box must be a measuring cup, a spoon or a syringe dispenser.

Call your doctor immediately if:

  • a strong cough lasts more than 15 days;
  • with expectoration along with the mucus, you have found blood;
  • there was a pain in the chest;
  • breathing became difficult and hoarse;
  • there were other dangerous symptoms, such as fever or fever;
  • began to show signs of an allergic reaction to the prescribed drug.

Especially dangerous is a severe cough, the attacks of which lead to vomiting. This form of the disease most often speaks of the pathologies that are present in the airways. In general, vomiting from coughing occurs in children and is a sign of bronchitis or colds.

If such features accompany an adult cough, an immediate medical examination is required. Independent treatment in this case is unacceptable, since vomiting can indicate the development of serious diseases in the body.


Effective methods of cough treatment

Methods of cough treatmentPhysiological reflex action is a natural protective reaction of the body to irritants in the respiratory tract, such as:
  • Viruses and bacteria, causing inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx, bronchi, lungs.
  • Foreign particles that cause the body to produce an unnecessary secret.
  • Unfavorable environmental conditions (dry air, dust).

Cough itself is not a particular kind of illness. It is only one of the symptoms, and signals the presence of inflammatory processes in the body.

Before choosing a cough treatment method, you need to find out what kind of problem it is associated with. Its causes and species are sufficiently large and only a specialist can make the correct diagnosis. In the first place, the underlying disease is treated, and only then its symptoms.

Medications for cough

When prescribing medicines, doctors are guided by the type of reflex action. If the cough is dry and painful, goes on with protracted attacks and does not bring relief, then it is unproductive, without the formation of a secret. An effective method of treating this type of reflex action is, first of all, drugs aimed at increasing the production of phlegm by the mucous membrane and removing it from the body.

All medicinal antitussives can be divided into subgroups:

  • Peripheral and centralized action.
  • Expectorants.
  • Mucolytics.

It is necessary to understand the principle of the action of these drugs, what is their difference from each other.

methods of cough treatmentThe most insecure are drugs that depress the cough center in the human brain, the so-called centralized effect. They contain codeine, which has a narcotic effect. Such drugs are prescribed by the doctor in extreme cases to relieve the patient's condition in the event of prolonged asphyxiating coughing attacks. It is necessary to accurately use the correct dosages, since such drugs have many side negative effects.

To more gentle include preparations of peripheric influence, with calming and anti-inflammatory effect. This levodronpropizin and prenoksdiazin. The active substance of this group blocks cough centers due to local anesthetic influence. Such drugs do not contribute to the emergence of addiction, do not inhibit respiratory function.

Expectorants and mucolytic drugs are the most popular methods of cough treatment. Their action is directed to transition from a dry, unproductive reflex act to a wet, with the sputum discharge. Drugs of this group contribute to the activation of mucus production, its liquefaction. Help to clear the lungs and bronchi from excess secretions. The most common are ambroxol, bromhexine, mucoltin.

Drug treatment methods for cough may also be combined with "folk" medicine. In many cases, it gives a positive result. But in any case it is better to consult a doctor before using such a therapy.

Effective methods of cough treatment folk remedies

Traditional medicine has never lost its relevance in the treatment of such problems as coughing. But in order to get a positive action, one must approach the therapy in a comprehensive way, that is, to use all the possibilities:

  • Effective methods of cough treatmentWarm drink.
  • Herbal medicine.
  • Inhalations.
  • Massage.
  • Compresses and rubbing.

The most commonly used cough treatment methods are inhalations. They are effective with the use of essential oils (pine, eucalyptus), herbal decoctions (chamomile, sage). It is also very good to use soda inhalations for softening, for example, with Borjomi type mineral water.

It is very good to drink as much as possible warm herbal teas, berry juice, milk with honey and cocoa butter. But you need to remember that the liquid used should not be hot. Abundant drink helps the liquefaction of phlegm and softening of the mucous throat.

It is important that the air in the room where the patient is, was fresh, moistened. To do this, it is necessary to carry out regular airing, wet cleaning, put a container with water in the room. Absolutely contraindicated in the smoking room and use chemical flavors.

One of the effective methods of treating productive cough is a drainage massage. With it, sputum from the lower respiratory tract is easily excreted. This is especially in demand in the treatment of bronchitis, when it is difficult to cough up all the excess mucus.

In consultation with the doctor, compresses and rubbing are sometimes used. Their appearance depends on the patient's age and type of cough. But it is better not to get carried away by yourself, because what will help with dry reflex action can aggravate the disease with a productive one. If cough is allergic, stomachic or heart-related, then this method of treatment is generally contraindicated.


What to do if a cough does not pass: an effective remedy

prolonged cough, need to see a doctor

There are situations when a cough, regardless of the treatment, does not go away, but takes on a protracted character. Such a condition can not be ignored, it is urgent to take urgent measures, undergo a second examination and a course of therapy. Prolonged cough can be diagnosed if it lasts more than 2 weeks.

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Various reasons can contribute to the development of protracted cough. Most often, this condition occurs because of ineffective or untimely treatment.

cough does not pass an effective cough remedy

Duration 1-2 weeks

If a cough for a long time worries you for more than 2 weeks, then you need to go to the hospital to see a doctor.Most often, the cause of a protracted cough is a repeated infectious attack on an organism that has not yet been able to overcome the disease.Promotes this mycoplasma or pneumocysts. Tuberculosis can also provoke pathology, but this is a very rare case. If the doctor incorrectly diagnoses, this can adversely affect your health and provoke complications such as pneumonia.

How to treat a cough and temperature in a child of 3 years is indicated in the article.

Month goes on

When a cough worries the patient for a month, then most likely the reason for its formation is an allergic reaction to the hair, pollen, cosmetics, medicines. Often, an allergic cough is transformed into bronchial asthma, it is caused by all the transferred diseases such as influenza. Therefore it is very important to determine the allergen and try to protect yourself from an irritating factor. But if the cough has passed and the sputum remains, then it is necessary to see the doctor.

The video tells what to do if the cough does not pass, an effective cough remedy:

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But a protracted cough may also indicate the presence of a respiratory infection. This symptoms worries the patient for a month, since the inflammatory process is still concentrated in the body. Another reason for prolonged coughing can serve as the following diseases:

  • tonsillitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia.

Therapeutic events

Prolonged cough requires immediate treatment, otherwise it can develop into a more serious pathology and take a chronic form. Treatment for a cough depends on the cause, which triggered its formation.

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Treatment of dry cough

If a patient for a long time worried about a dry cough, the consequence of which could be ARVI then after visiting the hospital, the doctor will prescribe to you drugs that affect the cough center:

  • Tusuprex;Tusuprex is a faithful assistant with a strong cough
  • Butamirate. In addition, therapeutic measures for prolonged dry cough should include medications that have antitussive effects.

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They include:

  • Libexin- reduces the sensitivity of the mucosa in the airways;Libexin is taken at the doctor's prescription
  • Delsim- a suspension that has a lasting effect and eliminates the symptoms of dry cough;
  • Robotussin- has a blockage of cough reflexes.

To eliminate dry cough, you can use homeopathic remedies. To make the most effective it is worth using a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice. Dosage should be determined by a doctor.

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If the wet cough does not pass

With prolonged wet cough, it is very important to withdraw phlegm from the bronchi, as coughing with phlegm is very dangerous for health. For these purposes, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  1. Abundant drink.
  2. Take herbs and phytopreparations, which have anti-inflammatory, expectorant, bronchodilator effect. Thanks to them, it is possible to reduce the irritation of bronchial mucosa.
  3. Inhalations based on sodium bicarbonate, plant extracts. Such treatment contributes to the moistening of the mucosa, has an analgesic effect.
  4. Mucolytic drugs that promote liquefaction of sputum and normalization of bronchial secretion.mucolytic drugs for cough as directed by a doctor

Does not pass after bronchitis

Often it happens that after a bronchitis treatment for 14 days, the cough still worries the patient. This suggests that something is going wrong in the body. For the purpose of effective therapy it is worthwhile once again to undergo diagnostics. For the treatment of residual cough, the doctor uses the following methods:

  • strengthening of defensive forces:
  • phototherapy,
  • ethnoscience;
  • physiotherapy,
  • massage procedures.

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The video tells what to do if there is no dry cough:

A huge benefit in treating a protracted cough after bronchitis in both adults and children is played by therapeutic exercises or massage. You can perform such manipulations at home.The effect of this therapy is aimed at improving the sputum discharge, as a result, it is possible to accelerate the recovery and restore the normal state of the bronchial tree.Gymnastics includes squats and slopes. As for massage, then tapping and tapping movements are involved.

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If it does not pass after a cold and is accompanied by bouts

Any lingering cough, if accompanied by a runny nose, is a symptom of an untreated inflammatory process that occurs during a cold. Cure the disease can be with the help of inhalations, rinses. But they have a positive effect at an early stage of ARI, but they can not cure a protracted cough. Here, in the beginning, it is necessary to establish the cause of the pathology, and afterwards to prescribe the treatment.

a cough of two weeks does not pass


To eliminate residual cough after a cold, vibratory massage of the chest will help. It will help to sputum and quick cleansing of the lungs from accumulated mucus. An experienced doctor should perform the manipulation.

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Antibiotic therapy

Use an antibiotic is necessary only on the advice of a doctor. The choice of medication should be based on data obtained during X-rays and bacterial sputum analysis. If there is no bacterial infection in the patient's body, the treatment will include alternative therapeutic methods aimed at eliminating an old cough. In case if cough does not pass after a stroke, then it is necessary to inform the treating doctor.

After pertussis

When a protracted cough is the cause of whooping cough, the patient should spend most of his time in bed. There are no special drugs to eliminate this symptom, so doctors prescribe other methods of folk therapy to their patients.

cough does not go away after antibiotics

Abundant drink

If you have a chronic cough caused by whooping cough, then it is worth using the following drinks:

  1. Warm milk with garlic. To make it, take a glass of boiled milk, and strip off to it a chopped clove of garlic.
  2. Broth of figs on milk. Its preparation is similar to the previous version.


Coda cough does not allow you to withdraw all the accumulated sputum, then experts appoint them a massage. Massaging the upper back and chest. For these purposes, essential oil of fir and pine can be used. Then it is possible to overcome the surviving bacteria in the upper respiratory tract of the patient.

cough massage


The present agent can eliminate inflammation, strengthen and restore the patient's general condition. To prepare the composition you will need 0.1 g of mummy and add it to 50 ml of water. Drink the medicine before meals for 10 days.

mummy from a cough


Older cough can be treated with drugs. Antibiotics, ointments and syrups are very effective, but if the cough does not go away after antibiotics, it's urgent to contact a doctor.

The article indicates how to treat a tracheal cough.


Doctors with an old cough prescribe to their patients a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It is also very important to take medications, the purpose of which is the dilution of sputum and its release from the body. The following medicines are considered effective:

  • ATSTS;ACS for cough
  • Fluidite;
  • Lazolvan;
  • Bromhexine;
  • Broncholitin.Broncholitin against coughing


When receiving syrups it is possible to exert expectoration, antispasmodic and antimicrobial effect. Preference is given to preparations based on natural components. Virtually all syrups have a pleasant taste and aroma, so taking them is a very pleasant procedure. But during pregnancy before taking such medications you need to consult a doctor. The most effective syrups for prolonged coughing include:

  • Prospan;Cough Propan
  • Flavamed;
  • Broncholitin;
  • Alteika;
  • Doctor Mom.Doctor Mom from a cough


Than to smear a breast that has passed or has taken place tussis, private or individual enough enough question. Cure can be cured with badger fat. It is he who is considered the most effective method of cough elimination. It is very simple to use it: rub the area of ​​the breast for several days. In addition to such an ointment, you can use pork, interior, goose fat. Presented fats can be supplemented with aloe, onion. The received structure to rub in a breast, a back, a neck.But after such a procedure it is very important to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, otherwise you can not get a positive effect.

Older coughing is a very dangerous symptom that can indicate a serious ailment. In this case, timely therapy is very important, which could not only eliminate all unpleasant symptoms, but also overcome the inflammatory process.


How to cure effectively a cough by scheme

Treatment scheme for coughCough treatment, whether it is long or started a couple of days ago, requires an integrated approach. After all, its appearance is just a symptom that is the result of a disease or infection. The cough treatment regimen should be determined by a specialist who correctly determines its nature by examination and a number of diagnostic procedures.

What does complex cough treatment include?

Complex cough treatment consists of several parts. As a rule, the scheme of healing is completely dependent on the ailment, which provoked the disease and accompanying symptoms. Among the main treatment regimen, the following points should be highlighted.

Elimination of the cause of cough

Treatment scheme for coughTo do this, it is necessary to establish the disease that caused this unpleasant symptom, and start taking medications that help to fight it. So, with pneumonia and bronchitis, the regimen necessarily includes antibiotics in the form of tablets or injections, with laryngitis and bronchial asthma - hormones, and if there are infections in the body, specialists prescribe antiviral drugs. It is worth noting that in the treatment of cough this point is the most important, since it is on it that recovery largely depends.

Relieving symptoms and excreting sputum from the bronchi or lungs

Treatment scheme for coughThis part of the complex treatment is directed directly at the struggle with an unpleasantly disturbing symptom. The ways to eliminate it directly depend on the species. With a dry cough, the treatment regimen includes expectorants, as well as peripheral drugs that suppress this symptom. To cope with it also help antiseptic sprays, herbal candies and, of course, inhalation. The latter, by the way, can be carried out both with the help of a nebulizer, and with the old grandmother's method, using a pot with freshly cooked potatoes. With a moist reflex act, mucally expectorants are most often prescribed, which are aimed at diluting sputum and soft excretion of it from the bronchi and lungs. In this unpleasant period for your body, it is advisable to drink plenty of fluids. It is a question of warm tea with a lemon or an alkaline mineral water. Inhalations with soda and essential oils are also included in the main scheme at this stage of the complex treatment of a wet impetuous act.

Prevention and strengthening of immunity

Treatment of coughThe disease always has a destructive effect on the body. That is why, an important component of the cough treatment regimen is preventing the development of allergies or problems with the gastrointestinal tract. These unpleasant consequences can cause antibiotics, antiviral agents, as well as some medications, whose action is aimed at fighting cough. Exposed to the unpleasant effects of the intestinal microflora can be restored by taking prebiotics and probiotics. Allergic reactions to medications can be avoided by taking antihistamines. Well, strengthening immunity should be started immediately from the first days of illness. In this you will benefit from vitamin complexes, as well as healthy and enriched with useful substances food.


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