Cough treatment is fast in an adult

How to quickly and safely cure a cough in an adult

Cough is a reaction of the body to irritants. Therefore, the question of how quickly to cure a cough in an adult is of interest to people suffering from a variety of diseases. In this case, the causes that caused the appearance of a cough, can be inflammatory processes in the respiratory system, and allergic reactions, and a foreign body stuck in the airways. In addition, a strong cough may appear and with certain pathologies of the cardiovascular, nervous or digestive systems.

The problem of coughing

Types of cough and ways to treat it

In the treatment of cough in adults, priority should be given to determining the type of cough.So, it can be wet (with sputum secretion) or dry (without sputum). As a rule, bronchial diseases, including bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pharyngitis, etc. flow with a dry cough. Sputum discharge is characteristic for pathologies caused by bacterial infections, bronchopneumonia or cardiac insufficiency. In inflammatory processes, the discharge will have a greenish-yellow color, with pneumonia - gray-yellow, with heart disease - rusty-yellow.

Methods for treating dry cough

Strepsils with dry coughTo stop the inflammatory process and thereby remove the dry cough, you can use the methods of both traditional and traditional medicine. It is also necessary to focus on the nature of the natural reaction of the body. For example, if the cough is very severe, while it is dry in the throat, pershit and scratch, it is necessary Use drugs that normalize the sputum and suppress the body's reflex clear one's throat. Effective in this case will be lollipops with sage, Broncholitin, Strepsils, Libeksin, Tusuprex, Sinekod and preparations similar to them.

With a dry cough, an abundant drink is recommended that helps to soften dryness in the throat and reduce irritation of the mucous membranes. You can use both ordinary drinks and teas from medicinal plants. A special effect is possessed by special breast teas containing plantain. Since ancient times, plantain, which has a light spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory effect, was used to treat a strong cough.

In order to clear the lungs, patients with dry cough often prescribe drugs based on thermopsis or pecacuana. Both have excellent expectorant properties. Relieve inflammation and soften dryness in the throat of syrups, tablets and medicines Mukaltin, Halixol and Bromhexine.

Treatment for wet cough

Bromhexine in wet coughIf dry medicines are used for a dry cough, which first cause the appearance of sputum, and then promote it conclusion, then with a wet cough it is necessary to take those medicines that will dilute the released, accumulated in the respiratory ways. Thus, sputum becomes less sticky and viscous and more easily leaves the lungs and bronchi of a person.

Together with the detachable from the respiratory organs, harmful microorganisms are removed, and their products so many antitussives have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. So, with viral infections that caused cough, antibiotics are not required, but in the case of a bacterial infection, antibiotic use is necessary.

To cure a wet cough, you can use the following medications that dilute sputum: Acetylcysteine, Bromhexine, Lazolvan, Abroxol, etc.

Methods of treating allergic cough

The kind of cough that does not apply to either wet or dry is called allergic. Often without treatment, an allergic reaction

The doctor's consultationcan begin with an innocuous, light cold and end with such formidable pathology as bronchial asthma. The appearance of a cough for allergy is due to the inflammatory process caused by allergens on the mucosa bronchus shell (allergic bronchitis), trachea (allergic tracheitis) or nasopharynx (allergic tracheitis).

Treatment of all manifestations of allergy is done with the help of antihistamines. Immediately when coughing is often used means Bronchin. But no medicine will work if you do not follow simple rules:

  • suspected allergens should be excluded from food and habitat;
  • Before going to bed, you should carefully ventilate the room;
  • during sleep in the room should be cool;
  • dust should be wiped regularly, preferably daily;
  • It should be excluded the presence of pets in the room, if they are the cause of allergic reactions.

In addition, it helps to relieve allergy and coughing rinsing of the throat and mouth with warm water during the day. It is necessary to rinse and rinse the nasal passages 1-2 times a day and be sure after returning home from the street.

The most popular methods of traditional medicine

At all times with a strong cough used universal and effective means of traditional medicine.

Folk remedies for coughingOne of them is the root of the althaea, which possesses a softening and enveloping airway mucosa. It reduces inflammation and dilutes sputum. Drugs based on althea can be used in the treatment of both wet and dry cough.

Many recipes that help to relieve cough can be successfully used at home:

  1. A remedy for lemon and honey. It is necessary to take 1 large lemon and boil it on a quiet fire for about 10 minutes. Then the lemon is cut and squeezed out the juice. To the juice add 2 tablespoons. honey and glycerin. With a mild cough take 1 tsp. syrup daily, with strong - a means to drink 1 tsp morning and afternoon before meals, in the evening after dinner and at bedtime.
  2. Black radish juice. 1 radish should be grated on a fine grater and squeezed out juice using gauze. Then the juice is mixed with an equal volume of liquid honey and take 2 tbsp. during the day before meals and at bedtime.
  3. Fresh carrot juice. From carrots you need to squeeze juice and mix it with an equal amount of milk. The medicine is drunk 5 to 6 times during the day.
  4. Onion preserves. It is necessary to clean and grind, kg of onions, mix the gruel with 400 g of sugar and 1 liter of water and cook for 3 hours. After that, the mixture should be cooled and add 50 g of honey. Jam take after each meal 4-6 times a day for 1 tablespoon.
  5. Decoction of onion in milk. 2 pcs. Onions should be crushed and boiled in 1 cup of milk. The remedy is then left for 4 hours and filtered. The drug is taken 3-4 hours for 1 tbsp.

Treatment with inhalation and compresses

Cough InhalationInhalation should be considered one of the most effective ways to treat both dry and wet cough. When exposed to moist hot air, sputum in the respiratory tract becomes diluted, which significantly increases the coughing efficiency.

The temperature of the steam during the inhalation should not exceed 30-40 ° C, a higher temperature can provoke mucosal edema and an increase in the cough reflex. The duration of the procedure should not exceed 10 minutes. In order to quickly get rid of cough, within 24 hours of inhalation can be carried out at least 6 times.

For inhalations, the following recipes are used:

  1. 5 parts of water are heated to 40 ° C, 1 part honey is added. Inhale and exhale the vapor follows both the nose and the mouth.
  2. 2 tablespoons dry sage herb infusion under the lid in 1 cup boiling water for 20 minutes, then use for inhalation. If the liquid is cold, it can be slightly heated.
  3. In, l boiling water add 2 tsp. leaves of eucalyptus, 2 tbsp. pine extract, 1 tsp. gruel from a clove of garlic, 1 tablet of validol. The liquid is slightly cooled and used for the procedure.

Since ancient times, people have used food to cure cough. So, a good result can be obtained by using vegetable oil in compresses. To make a compress is easy enough: you should heat a small amount of any oil, dip a dense cotton napkin in it and attach it to the chest and back, excluding the heart area. Put the parchment paper and towel on the napkin. Everything is fixed with a warm scarf. It is better to keep such a pack during the night.


Despite the fact that cough can be caused by a variety of reasons, it is quite easy to cure it today. The main thing - do not start the inflammatory process or the manifestation of allergies and use the right drugs.

How to quickly cure a child's cough with safe means

Cough in the babyCough can be treated after the cause of its appearance has been determined.Cough is a protective reaction of the body that occurs as a result of getting into the respiratory tract of bacterial, allergic or chemical irritants.Therefore, to quickly cure a cough in a child and adults, it is important to establish the cause of its occurrence.

Why does a cough arise?

Causes of child coughingThe occurrence of coughing attacks does not always indicate the development of the disease, sometimes such a process can be caused by an allergic reaction of the body. It is customary to identify such factors, in the presence of which children often observe this symptom:
  • respiratory viral infections;
  • proliferation of adenoids;
  • inflammation of ENT organs;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • the reaction of the body to dry air.

Depending on what caused the cough in children, it is common to divide it into several types. It can be dry, "barking wet, paroxysmal, suffocating.

How is the treatment?

Asking friends how the child quickly cure cough, it should be remembered that the treatment should be carried out only after the child is examined by a pediatrician.

Medical preparations can not be assigned to a child independently, as such actions can lead to serious and irreversible consequences.

In the process of cough treatment a child can be assigned funds belonging to several drug groups. Such cures will help cough:

  1. Mucolytics- drugs aimed at diluting sputum and removing it to the surface of the respiratory tract. Among them are medicines such as Ambrobene, Halixol, Lazolvan.
  2. Antitussive- funds that suppress the activity of the cough center. Among the drugs of this action belong Mukaltin, Pertussin, Licorice Root.
  3. Expectorants- drugs that accelerate the process of sputum expectoration. Gedelix is ​​usually appointed.

Vegetable preparations

Cough preparations of vegetable originIf coughing occurs in children, it is better to give preference to herbal remedies. The main advantage of such drugs is their versatility, they help to cope with dry or wet cough. In addition, they are low-toxic, do not cause side effects, so they are usually prescribed to children.

Licorice root is an effective and safe natural remedy, it is widely used in the manufacture of medicines. It can be syrups, potions, tablets - licorice syrup, tablets with propolis, thoracic elixir. The maximum effect in the treatment of cough will be the use of tea from the root of licorice, which includes other antitussive and anti-inflammatory herbs.

The root of the althaea reduces the intensity of cough and promotes sputum discharge. Children are prescribed such drugs based on the root of the althaea:

  • Mukaltin;
  • Breast gathering number 1;
  • Bronchostop syrup;
  • Alteika.

When coughing caused by bronchitis, often used plantain, because the leaves and seeds of this plant are endowed with anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. The plantain extract became a part of such remedies as Plantain syrup, Stoptussin Fito, Evkabal, Tusavit, Pektoral.

As an antitussive agent for acute and chronic form of bronchitis, homeopathic preparations based on ivy extract are used. This plant is used in the process of producing medicines Pectolvan Ivy, Gedelix, Prospan.

Primrose is a plant that has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antimicrobial and antipyretic effects. The extract of this medicinal plant was included in the Syrup of the Primrose Herbion, Sinupret, Bronchipret.

Classical components of medicines against cough in folk and traditional medicine are such herbs as thyme and thyme. Thyme is endowed with a powerful antimicrobial property, is a part of Stoptussin Fito syrup, drops and syrup Bronchipret, Eucambal syrup.

Some Indian medicines made on the basis of ancient Indian recipes are also popular in pediatrics. These include the following homeopathic medicines:

  • syrup Kofol;
  • Cook syrup;
  • Doctor Mom;
  • Travisil.

In spite of the fact that herbal medicines are considered relatively safe, they can be taken only by the pediatrician, following the indicated dosage and treatment regimen.

Folk treatment

Honey with lemon from coughBeing interested in how quickly to cure a child, you can find many effective recipes of folk medicine. With the development of respiratory-viral diseases accompanied by cough, such folk methods will help:
  1. Within 10 minutes, cook a small lemon, cool, cut in half, squeeze the juice. Mix with a few spoons of glycerin and honey, take it spoon 4 times a day.
  2. The process of recovery will speed up the reception of black radish. It should be rubbed, mixed with honey and eaten spoonful in the morning and evening. Also known is this way of using this medicinal root: take a medium-sized radish, cut out the flesh in it, put a few spoons of honey, leave for a while. When the radish leaves the juice, it should be taken several times a day.
  3. It is useful to drink freshly squeezed carrot juice, mixed in equal parts with milk.
  4. Cut two onions, boil in a glass of milk, drain, get a liquid to drink every two hours for 2 tablespoons.
  5. 3 tablespoons of birch buds mixed with 100 g of butter, melt, burn for an hour. Add 200 g of honey, stir and take on a spoon before eating.
  6. FigsWarm milk is good for coughing. It is mixed with alkaline mineral water: adding a spoonful of honey. You can also stir a spoonful of jam from the figs in the milk.
  7. For various types of cough, figs, cooked in milk, have long been used. In a glass of milk you need to boil until soft 3 fetuses of figs, you need to drink the medicine before going to bed.
  8. Lemon torsion in a meat grinder, add a spoonful of honey, insist an hour, take on a spoon 3 times a day.
  9. Ginger - an effective tool in the treatment of such symptoms of colds, as a cold and cough. It can be used in the preparation of tea, adding other antitussive products - honey or lemon.
Foot bath for a child from coughWhen coughing it is useful to conduct thermal procedures - steam and foot baths, warming up the chest and back. To reduce the cough, you can do salt heating. To do this, you need to heat the salt in a frying pan, wrap it in tissue, put it on the chest and back of the baby. Do not use too hot salt, as severe skin burns can occur.

Parents need to know what the child quickly cured cough, thus preventing the development of complications of the common cold. However, one can independently carry out treatment only with mild forms of cough, when it is possible to do without medications.

Folk remedies for dry cough in adults

narodnoe sredstvo lecheniia suxogo kawliaDry cough accompanies various diseases - pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis, colds, allergies, helminths, can also bother if the thyroid gland is enlarged, in any case it needs to be treated. Pharmaceutical medications are not always helpful, which can further exacerbate the disease by causing bronchospasm. In such cases, it is best to pay attention to folk methods of treatment, which are safer.

Popular methods for treating dry cough

If there is a dry cough, there is almost no mucus, so the body is hard to eliminate the infection, the virus, the bacterium, because of this, a strong dry cough starts to bother. So the body displays all foreign microorganisms.

Therefore, in this situation it is recommended to use folk methods of treatment that will help to soften the dry cough:

1. Drink milk in hot form, be sure to add alkaline water, honey, so a lot of mucus will form and dry cough will quickly pass. Effective fatty cream. In cases where a person does not tolerate dairy products, it is recommended to add butter to tea.

2. The mixture of onions and sugar will help the adults. To do this, you must prepare the onion, then add the sugar, mix everything thoroughly, everything must be infused at night to start to form the juice. The drug is taken sutra, first juice, after you must try to eat the onions. So cough will quickly leave you.

3. Since ancient times, honey with radish is the best remedy for adults from dry cough. For this, a black radish is taken, a small hole is made in it, after which chalk is put. Insist up to three hours. Use in the morning, at lunch, in the evening and at night before eating. The effect will increase if you add carrot juice.

4. Lemon with the addition of honey. To prepare a medicine, you need to take a lemon, add glycerin to it. Mix everything thoroughly, top up with honey. If a dry cough in an adult is not strong, it is enough to eat three times a day. In cases where the cough is very strong and dry, you need to eat the medicine up to 7 times. When you see that it becomes easier, reduce the dosage of the syrup.

5. The best warming agent that will cure a dry cough is dry mustard. To make a medicine, you need to take mustard, flour, sunflower oil, all in one tablespoon, make a cake, put everything in a plastic bag, attach to the back, chest area. Pay attention, on the cardiac area the agent can not be applied.

Herbal inhalation for adults

When the rinse is not effective, it is recommended to use inhalation, soda, chamomile, and oregano are suitable for it.

If you are long disturbed by a dry cough, you need to pour eucalyptus leaves with boiled water. Then construct the funnel, breathe in steam for up to 20 minutes. Also good is inhalation with thyme, mother-and-stepmother, you can put soda and drip eucalyptus oil.

Expectorating folk remedies for the treatment of dry cough

To mitigate cough in an adult, it is recommended to drink liquid in large quantities, alkaline mineral water is best suited. When you see that the cough is moistened, you need to take a decoction, infusion on the basis of medicinal herbs. Well-being helps oregano, mint, mother-and-stepmother, ledum. You can brew separately herbs or use as a collection. In the pharmacy you can buy in the finished form.

From sputum, which is accumulated in large quantities, will help get rid of elecampane, with the help of it you can remove the symptoms of dry cough. To prepare a medicine, you need to brew the root of the plant, insist it. Drink up to three times a day for half an hour before meals. It is especially useful for bronchitis.

The best remedy for a dry cough is the mother-and-stepmother. To prepare the broth, you need to fill the leaves with a glass of water. Insist an hour, eat up to three times a day.

You can quickly cough thyme to prepare a healing remedy, you need to plant the plant grass with a glass of water. Insist up to 25 minutes. Add another glass of water. Drink before eating.

From the unproductive cough helps to get rid of the horsetail field, it needs to pour 500 ml of boiling water, to insist for three hours. Use decoction in small quantities.

An effective remedy is a mixture of milk and onions. To make it, you need to take the head of onions, divide it, pour two glasses of milk. Then boil, the onion should become soft and pale. After the onion is removed from the milk, it is necessary to wait until the mixture has cooled. In the end, honey is added, wait until it dissolves.

Quickly cure dry cough can be with the help of sage, fruits of anise, mullein, licorice, pine buds, althea root. All pour 500 ml of boiling water, insist. Dry cough will help to cure inhalation based on boiled potatoes with fir oil. You need to breathe deeply the couples of broth.

Help bananas, in order to prepare a medicinal mixture, you need to grind them in puree, then add water, sugar, warm everything and drink.

Adults dry cough can be treated with a mixture of wine and pepper. To do this, take the root of the pepper, pour wine, it is best to use white. Use in the morning, afternoon and evening. From a dry cough you can prepare an infusion on the basis of fennel, the root of the althea, use 50 ml to 5 times a day.

Thus, if a dry cough greatly excruciates you, you should definitely try folk methods of treatment, if they are not help, and you notice that the coughing is delayed, it is necessary to consult with the treating doctor, so as not to be complications. Also, be careful about the selection of components for people's methods of treatment, often they can cause serious allergic reactions, further exacerbate the disease, so first check how you react to a certain plant and other products. It is best to consult with a specialist before using folk methods for the treatment of dry cough.

Dry cough in an adult - treatment with folk remedies

dry cough in an adult treated with folk remedies

Infections and allergic reactions are often accompanied by attacks of an obsessive, sore cough. To accelerate recovery, it is important to achieve liquefaction and normal excretion of sputum from the lungs and bronchi. It does not matter whether the child suffers from an unpleasant symptom or has a dry cough in an adult - treatment with folk remedies is effective at any age. Natural preparations promote the normalization of density and the removal of mucus along with irritants of the respiratory system.

Folk methods of treatment of dry cough in adults

All non-traditional recipes can be conditionally divided into 3 types:

  • means for internal reception;
  • external medicines;
  • solutions for inhalation.

In the treatment of cough, you can use drugs of one kind, but it is much better to apply a comprehensive approach.

Folk remedies for ingestion from dry coughing to adults

There are many oral medications from herbal ingredients and natural products. Consider the fastest and safest drugs.

Herbal Remedy Recipe


  • mother-and-stepmother - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • dried raspberries (berries) - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • oregano (leaves and stems) - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • licorice (root) art. spoons;
  • water 170 ml.

Preparation and use

These components should be mixed thoroughly. Pour boiling water 1 tbsp. spoon of the collection, insist about 20 minutes. Drink medicine like tea (hot) during the day, every time make a fresh drink.

Recipe for milk decoction


  • bulbs of medium size - 2 pcs .;
  • milk a glass.

Preparation and use

Peel and wash the onion. Boil it in milk, not taking off the slow fire for 4 hours, and strain. Every hour, take 1 tbsp. spoon means.

Prescription for an expectorant


  • dry slices of apple - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • raisins (any) - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • hawthorn (shoots, stems) - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • apple leaves - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • berries of dog rose - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • raspberries (fruits dry) - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • boiling water - 400 ml.

Preparation and use

Dry ingredients to mix. Put on a water bath 4 tbsp. spoons of this collection, pre-filling them with hot water. Stir the solution for 20 minutes, insist half an hour, drain. All the received portion divided into 4 receptions, they need to be done in 24 hours. Drink the medicine warm, adding a little honey.

Therapy of any of their selected drugs should be carried out until sputum begins to expectorate.

Outdoor folk remedies against dry cough in adults

Supplement the above medications by rubbing and compressing the chest or back. They help make the bronchopulmonary secret less viscous and facilitate its excretion.

Among folk remedies, such a medicine for dry cough is popular as an oil compress. You just need to heat up the existing vegetable fat, impregnate them with gauze and put a napkin on your back or chest, without covering the heart area. Keep the lotion until it cools.

A similar effect produces a potato compress. Root is boiled (in uniforms), after which it is kneaded together with the skin. The hot mass should be wrapped in a dense natural fabric and placed in the same way as the oil lotion.

The recipe for a warming compress


  • mustard in the form of dry powder - 1 h. a spoon;
  • liquid fresh honey - 1 hour. a spoon;
  • Freshly squeezed juice from radish - 1 hour. a spoon.

Preparation and use

Shred the components together. The mixture should be gently applied to the chest or back, it is easy to massage. Cover the treated areas with a clean cotton cloth, rest, covered with a warm blanket or blanket.

Folk recipes for inhalations from dry cough in adults

folk recipes from dry cough in adults

The described procedures help moisturize the respiratory tract, facilitate expectoration.

For effective steam inhalations, the following products should be used:

  • chamomile flowers;
  • sea ​​salt;
  • essential oils of cedar, mint, eucalyptus, lavender;
  • baking soda;
  • grass sage or mother-and-stepmother.

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