Aquamaris with genyantema

Can AKVAMARIS help with genyantritis? I've spent most of the bubble, but there's not much use ...



Aqua-maris does not treat sinusitis, just rinses the nasal passage.

For sinusitis, complex drops:
1 glass bottle of naftizine
1 ampoule hydrocortisone
Hydrocortisone is injected into naphthyzine with a syringe, drop by drop pipette 2-3 drops a day. Keep in the fridge, shake before use.
For the night in the area of ​​the sinus sinus through the bridge of the nose, stick a strip of pepper patch, warming it reduces the swelling and promote the cleansing of the maxillary sinuses.
Also rinsing with a solution of salt (1 glass of water + 1-2 h. l. salt), rinsed 2 times a day, can be done with a 20-cc syringe.
Another good drop based on the cyclomene.

Marina Tishunina

You yourself answered your own question, with sinusitis it is important to provide an outflow from the sinus, aeration in all the sinuses nose, and here the approach should be individual, to the ENT and do not pull, the consequences are most unpleasant.

Boris Aizikovich

AQUA Maris - actually salted water, which helps to wash the nose, but not even sinuses, because the swelling and narrowness of the passages in the sinuses does not allow it to be done. You need to treat your sinusitis, and not play games - it will help, it will not help. Go to the LOR, do not pull

Solin and aquamaris have a similar effect? We treat a child with sinusitis, at the end of treatment we prescribed an aquamaris-5d. And I'm washing



and I took a glass of mineral water, and 1 tbsp. l. sea ​​salt without a top, mixed, until all the gas came out, this solution washed the child's nose and sucked off a soft pear with a soft pear. and the elder from a genyantritis gave Sinupret in drops, or else he does not like drops in his nose ...

Yana Poplavskaya

Yes, in general, the same thing... And I always wash with Aqualor, it's better than the salt and aquamaris ...

Winter cherry

it's just salted water ...)))

Olga Skorischenko

YES))) I also always wash my daughter's nose Salin))

On the rainbow

Aqualor baby is really better than all salins and aquamarines. And in general - cheaply and angrily (with the same effect) - saline, for a bottle of 20 rubles, drop pipette into the nose and all.


almost the same
I'll even say more - you can wash saline with saline solution - I bought a 200 ml bottle, ran it into a vial from under the salina (using a syringe) and pshikala small.. . the composition is identical.. .
at Doctor Komarovsky has subtracted or deducted

Spray Aquamaris

spray aquamaris

Spray AquamarisIs a natural preparation that is recommended for use in the treatment of the throat and rhinitis. Most people use it as a prophylaxis of the disease.

Spray for the throat and nose

Due to the fact that natural sea water contains a large number of useful microelements and active substances, it helps to remove viruses, bacteria and allergens. Spray Aquamaris for the throat helps to cope with inflammation of the back wall of the throat (tonsillitis, pharyngitis). Thanks to spraying with this drug, purulent plaque is effectively removed, which contributes to a quick recovery.

Nasal spray Aquamaris is used for the following problems:

  • allergic rhinitis;
  • viral rhinitis;
  • inflammation of the nasal cavity;
  • dryness in the nose;
  • adenoids.

Often this remedy is also used as a prophylaxis, washing the nose once a day. It is recommended to clean the nasal cavity of Aquamaris and those who work in dusty production and are prone to attacks of allergens.

Due to the large content of sea salt and iodine, this preparation has good antiseptic properties. Useful substances quickly cope with bacteria and stop their reproduction. This washing helps to quickly and effectively dilute purulent accumulations and unblock the nasal passages and sinuses.

Types of preparation

The nose spray Aquamaris can have several types. It all depends on the additional components.

Aquamaris Plus

The spray contains additionally dexpanthenol, which helps to moisturize the mucosa better and normalizes the function of the nasal mushrooms. This option may be prescribed if the patient has increased dryness of the mucosa or increased crust formation in the nose.

Akvamaris Strong

The spray contains a hypertonic salt solution. Due to the increased content of sodium chloride, it is most often recommended for complications of rhinitis, for example, sinusitis and sinusitis. He perfectly copes with purulent plugs in the subordinate areas of the nose. If your mucosa is more sensitive, an increased salt content may lead to some drying and shrinkage, but this sensation quickly passes, after stopping washing.

Aquamaris Norm

The bottle of this preparation has an increased volume and has a device for jet water supply. It is this option is most often used for the qualitative washing out of the pus from the sinuses of the nose.

How to use Aquamaris Spray?

This preparation is in the form of a bottle with a special spray head and a protective cap made of propylene. In order to irrigate your nose you do not need to throw your head, just simply put the head of the nebulizer in your nose and press. Therapeutic injection rate for adults is three-click-injection at a time, into each nostril. Use the spray need six to eight times a day, on the recommendation and appointment of a doctor. As prevention, it can be used much less often, for example, from one to three procedures per day, or only after contact with irritants.

After using the product, mucus formation may increase significantly. In this case, you should not sketch it, but

aquamaris nasal spraypreferably just wipe with a napkin.

Spray analogues of Aquamaris

It should be noted that the Aquamaris spray has a number of analogues, which, if it is not possible to buy the drug in question, will be able to replace it. They have the same properties and active substances. These include the following sprays:

  • Dr. Thiess Alergol Sea water;
  • Marimer;
  • Morenezal;
  • Physiomer;
  • Fluimarine.

How to choose a device for washing the nose

Device for washing the nose DolphinRinsing of the nose for colds and inflammatory diseases is desirable, and in some cases, for example, with genyantritis, a mandatory procedure.

Treatment of the nose by washing helps remove mucus, pus, pathogens. It is important to know how to properly wash your nose. Thanks to this procedure, the action of medications is more effective. They are applied to the clean mucous membrane of the nose and are not removed useless along with the mucus.

How correctly to wash a nose at a genyantritis? In order to qualitatively and comfortably wash your nose, you must choose a device for washing the nose. Today you can buy in the pharmacyvarious devices for this procedure, such as:

  • teapots;
  • syringes;
  • sinus catheters;
  • Olives;
  • Dolphin;
  • Aquamaris;
  • Akvalor.

With some indications, the rinsing procedure can be combined with inhalation. Features of sinusitis is that in a chronic form on the mucous membrane of the nose a crust is formed. Inhalations in sinusitis with a nebulizer can soften the dried out particles and, upon subsequent washing, effectively remove. Solution for inhalation nebulizer with cough and cold can be bought or prepared at home.

AquaMaris nose wash deviceFor convenient and safe washing of the nose at home, special devices have been developed. They greatly simplify the washing process, make the procedure effective.

Often the nose washing devices are sold complete with powders for solution preparation. The basis of such powders is usually salt.Sea salt for nasal lavage is a universal and safe remedy. It has no contraindications and is suitable for people of any age. Read also "Saline solution for washing the nose recipe."

What kind of device to wash the nose to choose, the specialist will tell you, since the convenience of the devices is individual. On the advice of an otolaryngologist, it is possible to select a set of devices and means for washing, according to the form and stage disease, physiological characteristics, taking into account allergic reactions and other various factors.

Overview of devices for the nose wash: Dolphin, Oliva, Aqualar, Aquamaris, "Cuckoo"


Nasal shower "Dolphin" is an individual device.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question, which is better: Dolphin, Aquamaris, Akvalor, "Cuckoo" or Oliva, - each of these devices has its own peculiarities.

1. Dolphin for washing the nose

Device for washing the nose Dolphin is used for prevention and treatment. The device itself is a plastic bottle. Inside the vial is a tube, which is attached to the lid-dispenser.

In addition, the kit includes a device for washing the nose in the form of a powder, the composition of which is a mixture of salts of minerals and trace elements, such as:

  • salt, sulfuric, carbonic acid;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium;
  • iodine;
  • phosphorus;
  • silicon;
  • organic compounds.

Extracts of licorice and dog rose, added to the powder, enhance the anti-inflammatory effect, increase immunity.

The convenience and safety of the Dolphin nose washing device make it possible for children to do this procedure. For this purpose, the children's kit Dolphin was specially designed.

How to carry out the procedure with the Dolphin device:

  • Dilute the powder in a vial of warm (35C) water. Ensure that the powder is completely dissolved.
  • Insert the dosing lid into the nostril so that it fits snugly against the nose.
  • Head tilt forward. Press the bottle gently, so that the liquid slowly poured into the nostril. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the liquid must flow from the other nostril.
  • After washing, blow your nose.
  • After consuming half the solution, proceed with the second nostril washing.

2. Aquamaris for washing the nose

Aquamaris is an analog of the Dolphin device. The basis of the Aquamaris powder is the natural salts of the Adriatic Sea. Powders are also produced with the addition of essential oils, myrtle oil and immortelle.

The device Aquamaris is a special teapot (lute), through which the washed solution is prepared.

How to properly wash the nose with Aquamaris?The Aquamaris device for washing the nose is used in the same way as the Dolphin. The difference from Dolphin is that the water is fed under its own pressure with a kettle to wash the nose.

The average price for a device for washing the nose Aquamaris (Aqua Maris) complete with 30 bags of sea salt isfrom 430 to 570 rubles.

3. Nasal scour storage

The basis of the drug - sea water. It is collected in the ecological area of ​​the Atlantic. Sea water of this drug has no contraindications and can be used for infants.

To wash the nose, use the spray Aqualor forte. It is prescribed for sinusitis, a runny nose with viscous secretions. The principle of washing with Aqualor is a jet under pressure. The principle of washing is similar to washing with Dolphin, the video of which you will find at the end of the article.

How to properly clean the nose with Aqualor:

  • Head tilt sideways and insert the tip into that nostril, which is located above. A child younger than 2 years old - put on one side.
  • Rinse your nose for a few seconds.
  • To bleat. If it is difficult, use an aspirator to pump out the liquid.
  • Do the same procedure with another nostril.

Price for Aqualor for washingfor childrenon average300-350 rubles, for adults - 330-350 rubles.

4. Olive for washing the nose

The olive is a tip with a thickening on one side and a fitting for attaching to a hose on the other. The principle of operation is simple. The nose wash nose is used as follows:

  • In a mug of Esmarch pour 500 ml. solution.
  • Attach the union of the Oliva to the hose of the Esmarch mug.
  • Insert the olive into the nostril with the thickening side so that it is tightly fixed and the solution does not leak during washing. Head tilt forward.
  • Esmarch's mug should be raised above his head and opened the tap in such a way that the solution drained for 3-4 minutes. The liquid flows into one nostril and flows out of the other.
  • Repeat for another nostril.
  • After the procedure, it is not desirable to sharply blow your nose.

5. Washing of the nose with the aid of the apparatus "Cuckoo"

The procedure for washing the nose according to some indications should be carried out in medical institutions. The most widely used device for washing the nose "Cuckoo". The principle of operation is vacuum drainage. To the nose, the tubes are attached, one of which is supplied with a solution, and the other is used for suction of the liquid together with pus and mucus. To ensure that the solution does not hit the throat, it is suggested to say "ku-ku". Because of this addition to the procedure, the device was called "Cuckoo".

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