Tablets from pinworms for adults and children

Enterobiosis is a parasitic disease in which pinworms affect the human intestine. If they do not get rid of them in time, other internal organs will suffer. Doctors are advised not to risk using folk methods of therapy, but to contact them for prescribing medication. To correctly select a medicine for pinworms, you need to know the characteristics of the disease itself, the stage of its development. Supplement the basic treatment can be folk remedies.

  • The best pills from pinworms
  • Reception Features
  • How long to wait for the result after taking the pill
  • Tablets from pinworms in adults
  • Medicine for pinworms for children
  • Contraindications for use
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The best pills from pinworms

Determine which drug will be most effective, can the attending physician. The decisive factors are the degree of infection, the approximate number of pinworms, the severity of the symptoms. Popular tablets, often used for enterobiosis, are:

  1. Pyrantel. It is widely used for parasitizing roundworms, pinworms. The active substance of the tablet paralyzes the worms, they come out. It is recommended to take 3-4 tablets once a day, the exact dosage depends on the person's weight.
  2. Piperazine. Anthelminthic drug, which is used in pregnant women, with breastfeeding. But his safety in this period is not proven, so self-treatment is unacceptable. If most of the remedies against pinworms are used once, then piperazine must be drunk continuously for five days. This is because the one-time maximum dose can be excessively toxic, harming the baby and the woman.
  3. Zinc ointment. This drug does not treat enterobiasis, it simply eliminates unpleasant symptoms - itching in the anus, irritation, burning sensation. Ointment has a drying effect, is widely used to treat patients of any age.

Important! The key to full recovery is the repeated taking of the pill in two weeks! Even if the manufacturer's instruction recommends a one-time appointment, the attending physician may appoint a repeat appointment after 14 days.

Reception Features

To choose the best treatment against worms, you need to turn not just to a therapist or gastroenterologist, but to an infectionist or parasitologist.

If after the diagnosis the doctor determines the presence of pinworm in the body, he will appoint a remedy that helps to get rid of these parasites. Some anthelminthic drugs are effective against a certain type of worm. Those that have a destructive effect on the ascarids will have little effect on the pinworm. Therefore, therapy requires a special approach, specialist knowledge. Doing self-treatment is dangerous.

Another feature of drugs from parasites is the toxicity of most of them. The main action is aimed at the destruction of worms. However, the toxic components that make up the funds affect other bodies. Especially they are dangerous for humans if they are taken in the wrong dosage or other violations of the instruction are allowed.

Important! Admission of anthelmintic drugs should be done according to the instructions! Otherwise, harm to the body caused by toxic substances, it will be difficult to eliminate, additional treatment will be needed.

Tablets - the most common form of anthelmintics. Most drugs have several forms of release, and they act the same way, so there is no difference in the choice. If the anthelmintic agent is released in several versions, the most convenient in adults is always the pill.

How long to wait for the result after taking the pill

Everyone wants to get rid of pinworms, so many people are worried about the question of how quickly parasites die after taking the pill. This happens within two to three days. Individual organ abilities can increase this period:

  • diseases of the stomach;
  • disruption of the intestine;
  • features of metabolism;
  • quality of food eaten.

The parasites come out naturally - with the feces. In this case, they can remain alive. The danger is that the anthelminthic drug acts on adults, the pinworm eggs can remain in the perianal folds. To heal completely, after a few weeks, doctors recommend the repeated taking of tablets - preventive.

Tablets from pinworms in adults

Adults have fewer restrictions on the choice of anthelminthic drugs than children. Most of them are easy to buy - tablets are sold in any pharmacy, they are sold without a prescription.

Often doctors prescribe such available drugs:

  1. Nemosol. It is characterized by a strong effect, which begins to manifest immediately after ingestion. Children, pregnant, lactating women are contraindicated. You can get rid of pinworms with Nemozol in a short time. If enterobiasis has taken a long form, is not easily treatable with other drugs, taking this medication can be a salvation.
  2. Wormil. Tablets are intended for chewing, they must be taken for three to five days, depending on the degree of infection of the body. The active substance destroys the membrane, prevents the normal vital activity of the parasites, they come out with feces.
  3. Decaris. It is known for its rapid action, usually one day after taking the pills the pinworms are completely out. Despite the high toxicity, side effects are rare. It is important to take the pill correctly. This is done a few hours after a light dinner, the next meal should only be in the morning.

Advice! Some decide to use tetracycline drugs or other antibiotics, trying to increase the effectiveness of antihelminthic drugs! Doing this is dangerous - they are powerless against parasites and eggs, can harm the weakened organism.

Medicine for pinworms for children

To choose a good antiparasitic agent for children, you must take into account age, weight, concomitant diseases, the degree of infection, individual characteristics of the organism. As with the treatment of adults, you need to see a doctor to choose the best option.

Popular drugs in pediatrics are:

  1. Zentel. Up to two years, the recommended dosage is 200 mg, then 400 mg. An important rule: a tablet is taken with food. For babies there is a dosage form - suspension.
  2. Piperazine. It is a safe drug that can not harm children's health. There are two forms of release - solution, tablets. The first option is preferable in children under 4 years old. The advantage of the drug is its low cost. The average cost is 40 rubles for 10 tablets.
  3. Levamisole. Suitable for children of any age, only the dosage changes. It is taken once, before bedtime. The peculiarity of Levamisol is its immunomodulating effect, it is useful for a weakened child's organism.

Important! After applying antihelminthic drugs, the child must prescribe a course of vitamin-mineral complex! This allows you to strengthen immunity, eliminate the consequences of taking medications.

Contraindications for use

To find out what contraindications an anthelmintic preparation has, you should study the instructions before starting treatment. Each has its own characteristics, but with some diseases with caution appoint any pills. The main limitations are:

  1. The defeat of the central nervous system. With epilepsy, the human body is vulnerable to the toxic effect of anthelmintic drugs. Often, such diseases require constant intake of strong drugs, their side effects can be summarized.
  2. Age restrictions. Not every anthelminthic drug is suitable for a child, especially a small one. It is important to tell the doctor the exact age, weight of the baby in order to protect it.
  3. Pregnancy, lactation. During the first trimester, the use of any anthelmintic preparation is categorically prohibited. Doing this is permissible only in extreme cases, after evaluating all the risks. In later terms, only certain drugs are allowed.

Advice! Carefully to study contraindications is necessary even when the drug is appointed as a doctor! The patient may not warn about his chronic illness, which is included in the list of contraindications.

It is dangerous to engage in self-medication, and the instruction will not protect against possible harm. Only a doctor after confirmation of enterobiasis is able to choose the best treatment option. There are drugs suitable for all patients, but most of them have contraindications. The main limitations are pregnancy, breastfeeding, children's age.

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