Cough to vomit in an adult how to treat

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Why cough in adults can lead to vomiting?

Causes of coughing before vomitingCoughing up vomiting in adults is not only an unpleasant symptom that threatens with sleep and disability, but also a symptom that requires immediate medical attention. There are many reasons for its appearance. Identifying a provoking factor is simply necessary in order to get rid of this, which causes a great inconvenience, ailment as soon as possible after having undergone a course of treatment.

Causes of a cough

Cough until vomitingIt should be noted immediately that coughing with vomiting is most often associated with a common cold, which developed into another more serious illness. A similar symptom appears during convulsive attacks during contraction of the diaphragm. Often the cause of its appearance is the accumulation of mucus in the nasopharynx. As a result, it begins to flow down the walls of the pharynx, which causes nausea, and then a gag reflex in adults. Started and not cured cough can also lead to the development of serious diseases.

Sometimes it happens, adults accidentally swallow sputum during an attack, which is the consequence of uncontrolled urge to vomit. However, this case is rare and not fraught with any serious consequences.

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What diseases are accompanied by coughing before vomiting in adults

A gag reflex can be a consequence not only of colds and respiratory diseases, which include ARVI, ARI, influenza, pneumonia, tracheitis and bronchitis. There are other ailments that can cause such an unpleasant symptom:

  • Cough until vomitingAcute congestive heart failure. A similar sign in this case arises from the lack of air and attempts to swallow a large number of it.
  • Allergic reactions. The convulsive contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm with such a disease can sometimes bring a person to vomiting. It is important to know that an allergy is always accompanied by a runny nose and sneezing.
  • Tuberculosis and lung cancer are two unpleasant and deadly diseases, which can be accompanied not only with vomiting during convulsive coughing. Sometimes, in their advanced stages, a certain amount of blood is also released from the mouth of the patient. In addition, there may be a temperature
  • Bronchial asthma. This ailment can be accompanied not only by asthma attacks, but also by vomiting, which is noted both at the initial stage and in chronic course.

Often, coughing with vomiting in adults also occurs in heavy smokers due to congestion in the nasopharynx. Proceeding from this, it can be said that coughing in adults, causing nausea, requires serious attitude. At a minimum, you need to see a doctor and make a series of necessary tests.

Than to treat a cough before vomiting

Cough can be considered almost the most frequent symptom of various diseases. Children and adults are familiar with reflex spasms of the respiratory tract, which begin, it is only necessary to stay in a draft, soak your feet, freeze or drink cold water. Many people (especially those prone to colds and smokers) are struggling on their own with first signs bronchospasm, having in her arsenal herbal teas and starting to drink them at the slightest hint of the appearance an unpleasant symptom.

Such prevention of the occurrence of sharp spastic exhalations, of course, does not happen superfluous. However, if a child or an adult brings a cough to vomiting, how to treat such attacks can only be determined by a doctor. Independently to get rid of reflex spasms of a diaphragm in this case it is impossible, as correct methods struggle with a dangerous symptom can be determined only after examination, delivery of the necessary analyzes and identification of them causes.

Cough dry before vomiting: treatment

It should be remembered that the very desires for emptying the stomach and the masses coming out during sharp spastic exhalations are not a dangerous signal (as, for example, during intoxication). Vomiting simply occurs because of the reflex response of the body to excessive tension in the pharynx. However, it can not be ignored, because it is a sign that a person must be treated.

Dry cough before vomiting can occur with such diseases as:

  • Whooping cough. Treat this infectious disease and its symptoms should only be in the hospital. The course includes intramuscular administration of preparations, cleansing of the respiratory tract from mucus, and sometimes ventilation of the lungs.
  • Asthma. The disease very often causes a strong cough before vomiting, the treatment of which must be carried out constantly, since it is chronic. Remove the unpleasant symptom allow medications that relieve spasms: bronchodilators, bronchodilators. It is also necessary to take anti-inflammatory drugs and glucocorticoids.
  • ARVI. To treat a disease that causes a dry cough before vomiting, should take antiviral drugs. To remove the intensity of spasms and transfer of an unpleasant symptom to the productive form, antitussive drugs are often prescribed, as well as copious drinking and inhalation.
  • Acute bronchitis. Treat bronchodilator drugs and antibiotics to cure the disease and relieve coughing attacks before vomiting. It is recommended to drink a lot and constantly moisturize the air.
  • Allergy. You can treat the disease and its signs (including coughing up to vomiting), only by removing the source that causes a negative reaction of the body. Often, only the exclusion of contacts with the stimulus is enough for the sharp exhalations that cause stomach cramps to end. If the symptoms of an allergic reaction continue, the doctor prescribes the administration of antihistamines.

Wet coughing before vomiting: treatment

Sharp spastic exhalations are not only dry, but also often accompanied by the release of mucus. A wet cough before vomiting can be caused by:

  • SARS and influenza. Treat the disease and remove its signs help bronhorasshiryayuschie and expectorant drugs. Positively proved to be carrying out rubbing, applying compresses.
  • Chronic bronchitis. To treat this kind of ailment causing coughing up to vomiting can be quite effective if you completely give up smoking, in periods exacerbations take antibiotics and expectorants, do inhalations, undergo special massage and respiratory gymnastics.
  • Tracheitis. To treat the disease and remove unpleasant phenomena helps the use of mustard plasters, antibiotics, sulfonamide preparations.

It should be remembered that an immediate call to a doctor is the key to a quick and successful recovery. Therefore, when you have a cough before you vomit, you should not expect that the urge will pass by yourself. It is necessary to visit a specialist and consult with him how to treat ailment, because such a reaction of the body necessarily indicates the presence of health problems.

How to treat a severe cough before vomiting?

Cough before vomiting can occur in both children and adults. Medicine knows a number of diseases in which such a reaction of the body is permissible. In order to get rid of bouts of vomiting, first of all, it is necessary to carry out activities aimed at getting rid of the patient from coughing. It is important to know what caused the development of the symptom.

The problem of coughing

Causes of a cough that is characterized by nausea

Most often, coughing up to vomiting is due to the fact that a patient with a common cold had another, more serious illness. Usually a similar symptom is manifested when the patient undergoes a convulsive contraction of the diaphragm.

Before giving a child any medication that helps stop coughing, and therefore, vomiting, it is important to determine the cause of the condition. If a baby has an allergic cough, gradually developing into vomiting, he needs to give suprastin. To remove allergy symptoms, except for suprastin, any other antihistamine medication will do.

MedicationAs a rule, the cause of this cough is sputum, which accumulates during the development of an infectious disease in the nasopharynx. Slime gradually begins to flow down the walls of the nasopharynx. This leads to the onset of a vomiting reflex, and then of vomiting itself.

The patient should remember that when starting cough treatment, he risks becoming the owner of many other serious diseases, in which cough may leak.

Without controlling the urge, the patient may swallow sputum during an attack of a cough. Immediately after this, he may have a vomiting reflex. However, in practice, such cases occur quite rarely and do not threaten any serious consequences.

In adult patients, coughing attacks before vomiting are not always the result of the development of colds. There are a number of other ailments in which cough can gradually flow into vomiting.

In acute heart failure, vomiting can begin because the patient during an attack of air shortage tries to seize his too much of it. If the attack does not occur, then vomiting, in turn, does not bother the person suffering from heart failure.

Inhalation for coughAllergic reactions. During an attack of allergy, the patient begins to contract convulsively the muscles of the diaphragm. This can lead to vomiting. Allergic attack is characterized not only by the urge to vomit, nausea, but also the presence of a cold in the patient and frequent sneezing.

Tuberculosis and lung cancer are deadly diseases for a person. Cough and vomiting can be characterized not only by attacks of vomiting, but also by many other symptoms unpleasant for the patient. At the advanced stages of the development of the disease, the patient can develop blood from the oral cavity. In addition, the presented diseases are characterized by a number of other symptoms. For example, a patient has a fever. However, it can not always be high.

There are cases when a violent cough before vomiting arose in people who abused smoking tobacco products. The cause of the cough is the same as with the development of colds and other diseases in the patient, the accumulation of a large amount of phlegm in the pharynx.

How to cope with vomiting after an adult cough?

Many patients are stumped by the choice of medications, the action of which is aimed at getting rid of the constant bouts of coughing. In order not to make a mistake with a choice, before giving preference to any drug, it is necessary to consult the attending physician. He will prescribe exactly that medicine, which will correspond 100% to the patient's symptoms and his current state of health. Drugs should be prescribed in accordance with a disease that causes vomiting.

The doctor's consultationTo the most innocuous recommendations that the patient must observe, regardless of which particular drug was prescribed to him by the attending physician, the following can be attributed. Properly selected food and warm drink - the first step on the road to an early recovery. In such ways, any doctor can recommend cough for a person who has health problems.

That the patient as soon as possible went on the amendment, in its diet should include a large number of fruits and vegetables. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase fresh fruit, as an alternative you should have dried fruits and special vitamin complexes in the menu. You can buy them in the pharmacy of any city. The use of such complexes is useful not only to those people who currently have problems with health, but also to those who do not want to go into the future with a cold or another disease for several weeks.

Strong cough before vomiting in a child: how to treat

In order to prevent the occurrence of new attacks of vomiting in a child with the development of other diseases (not an allergic reaction), it is necessary to worry that his withdrawal phlegm. In addition, you should pay attention to the level of humidity in the room where the child is most often. If the baby has a cough that lasts for a long time and periodically reaches vomiting, the following recommendations should be observed.

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Be sure to do a wet cleaning every day in the room where the child is. To exclude the disease of all other family members, it must be carried out throughout the apartment, and not only in the patient's room.

To microbes do not accumulate in the air, the room should be ventilated at least 2 times a day. If the street is warm weather, then you need to do it much more often.

If the baby does not get fever, it should be periodically taken out for a walk with fresh air. If the child is too weak after the illness he has suffered, wait for walks to improve.

At normal body temperature, the baby should be bathed.

Thanks to bathing, dousing with warm water or simply taking a shower, sputum coughing from the respiratory tract is greatly facilitated. At the same time, water should be as pleasant as possible for the body temperature - 37-38 ° C. The longer the baby breathes the warm air, the faster the cough will pass and the vomiting will disappear.


Carrying out inhalations will have a positive impact on the child's well-being, like bathing in warm water, after which vomiting from a cough, like coughing, should stop. If the baby's mother uses special solutions for inhalations, purchased in ready-made form, and not made alone, then they can be useful also for the content of substances in them with the help of which the sputum is better released out.

In the pharmacy you can find special inhalers for procedures. Thanks to this, inhalation can be carried out anywhere and anytime, when necessary.

If a child suffers from coughing with vomiting, then it is not necessary to give anti-emetic medications to him.

Among the medicines that can treat a child, it should be noted such as mucolytic, expectorant funds (the most popular of these funds today is Pertussin, as well as Dr. Mom) and combined. The effect of the last drugs is aimed at dilution of sputum and its excretion from the body.


The use of drugs is permissible only if other methods of cough control, such as a warm bath or inhalation, do not bring the desired effect.

Has tormented a strong cough: what to do to relieve an attack


Coughing is a reaction of the body to a certain irritant, which affects the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Also, cough may indicate the presence of a foreign body or inflammatory process. If such a symptom does not last long, then it carries no danger, since it quickly leaves. If the throat cough is delayed, then this indicates the presence of a certain disease, which must be eliminated.

How to stop an attack

tortured cough what to do

If a person has a coughing attack at night, then it lasts a long time.The reason is that all the processes in the body have slowed down.As a result, mucus does not resolve, and all sputum slowly accumulates in the respiratory tract. The patient lies motionless during sleep, so seizures begin to disturb him at night. That the cough does not excruciate at night, the patient should change his position from time to time.

Calmed cough attacks will help an ordinary glass of water, in which beforehand add the burnt sugar of a brown shade. Cough attacks can help fresh air, which must be present in the patient's room. Special dry air humidifiers help to prevent excess dryness in the room.

To overcome cough attacks help healing herbs from herbs. Here its positive influence is rendered by a camomile, calendula. If a cough is caused by an allergy, then it is necessary to administer the antihistamines prescribed by the doctor.

curative herbal teas.

Provide an unproductive cough can a common cold. It can be removed with the help of folk methods. To soften the mucosa it is worth taking tincture of oregano. You can also drink tea with added ginger. This plant has a calming effect on the throat. Before you go to a night's rest, you can use an eggnog, in which instead of sugar put honey.

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Causes of a sore throat in a child:

How to treat an adult and a child

To carry out therapeutic measures is necessary only after the doctor was able to accurately deliver diagnosis, determine the cause of the cough reflex, and also understand the type of cough: productive or unproductive.

Treatment of dry cough

To combat dry cough, it is necessary to use the means that would ease the patient's condition, eliminate irritants and soften the mucous membrane. Get a quick, but a short result can be with the help of candies, rinses herbal decoctions, saline solution.

Treatment of dry adults

For a longer lasting effect, it is worthwhile to use medications that help to remove irritation, provide an enveloping, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Such a preparation is Herbion syrup based on plantain. It includes the following components:

  • extract of plantain leaves, softening the mucous membrane from irritants, eliminating the infection;cough leaves extract of plantain
  • extract of mallow flowers, which has an emollient and soothing effect;
  • vitamin C, increasing immune forces, improving the body's resistance to infection

Use antitussive drugs that suppress the cough reflex in the brain, it is necessary only with the permission of the attending physician.Use these drugs can not always, because they have a lot of contraindications and lead to various complications.

As for Herbion on the basis of plantain, it has only local influence, does not affect the work of the brain, therefore, can be used to treat any type of cough, both in children and in adults. Here you can see the price and instructions for the use of syrup from dry cough Herbion.

Herbion from a cough

Another way to cope with a dry cough and convert it to wet help is inhalation based on herbs, menthol and eucalyptus oil. With such treatment it is possible to eliminate spasm, to facilitate the breathing process. But you can not treat with inhalation, when the cough is accompanied by a rise in temperature.

Treatment for wet cough

To alleviate the patient's condition, it is necessary to involve in the therapy means, the action of which would be aimed at liquefaction of mucus, promoted its departure, and, if necessary, increased amount of sputum. In addition, with the treatment of wet cough, the medicines used must have an antimicrobial effect.

With a wet cough for treatment, use Gerbion syrup based on the primrose. Its composition is rich in such components:

  • plant extract of the roots of the primrose, due to which the sputum is diluted and quickly used. Here you can see the instruction on the use of cough syrup with primrose Herbion;plant extract of the roots of the primrose
  • thyme extract, eliminating spasm of the respiratory tract, facilitating expectoration, having an antibacterial effect;
  • levomenthol, which provides cooling and antiseptic effect.

Features of treatment of children

Cure a child's cough is much more difficult than that of an adult. It is very necessary to select medicines, so that when used, do not harm the health of a small patient. Eliminate this unpleasant symptom, if you follow the following rules:

  1. At the very beginning of the ailment it is necessary to provide the child peace, comfort, to monitor the humidity in his room.
  2. Since coughing occurs along with symptoms such as fever, weakness, runny nose, general malaise, then complex therapy can not be avoided.
  3. With a dry cough caused by ARI, the child may experience a vomiting reflex.Then the cough goes into a productive form and sputum begins to stand out.At this point it is advisable to give the baby expectorant drugs.
  4. With a dry cough, treatment should be based on combined medications that have a wide range of effects.
  5. For infants, all drugs used should contain only plant components.

The video tells what to do if the child has been tortured by a cough:

Elimination after smoking

What should I do if I quit smoking and got a cough? To cure such a symptom is necessary at once, as soon as it has arisen, and not to sit and wait, when it will pass into the chronic form. Tobacco smoke affects the growth of cells that secrete phlegm. To facilitate coughing in a person who has stopped smoking, it is necessary to include preparations aimed at liquefaction and excretion of sputum.

The simplest means for the use of sputum, located in the bronchi, is milk. Thanks to him it is possible not only to reduce the viscosity of phlegm, but also to withdraw nicotine. But there are situations when the presented product is very hard to tolerate by a person. Then it is worth replacing other liquids. Any liquid contributes to the rapid dissolution of sputum and its rapid introduction. For this reason, former smokers during an attack of cough should drink as much liquid as possible.

If you turn to folk medicine, then cough remedy with onions and honey will help to get rid of cough. Onions must be finely chopped, add sugar in the ratio:. Pour the composition with water and place the container on the fire. Cook until the mixture is homogeneous. At the end of cooking put a spoonful of honey and mix thoroughly.

onion with cough after smoking

Take the prepared medicine 3 times a day in the amount of a dessert spoon. With such treatment, it is possible to quickly reduce the viscosity of phlegm and quickly remove it. With long-term medication, you will forever forget what a morning cough is.

Effective folk remedies

Traditional medicine, too, does not stand still and offers a large number of effective remedies that will allow in a short time to eliminate this unpleasant symptom. The main advantage of alternative medicine is the use of natural components that have a safe effect on the body of an adult and a child.

Burnt sugar

If you are tortured by coughing attacks at night, then you need to fry the sugar (1 tablespoon) in a frying pan, while stirring it all the time. Add ¼ cup water and aloe juice. All stir and use before going to bed. The link details how to make burnt sugar from cough.

burnt sugar from cough

Decoction of sage

If you want to ensure a quiet night and not to cough, then to remove seizures helps the decoction of sage. To get it, you need to take a spoonful of grass and pour a glass of milk.Place the container on the stove, bring to a boil. Wait 40 minutes, until the medicine is not fed.Use the drug in the amount of glass before going to sleep at night. Before receiving the broth, it must be heated.

Decoction of sage from a cough

Radish juice for gingerbread

The elimination of coughing attacks helps the radish juice. As a rule, such a medicine is used when a cough reflex emerged due to chronic bronchitis. It is necessary to carefully rub the back and chest with juice, and then wrap these areas with a warm kerchief. Radish is actively used in folk medicine. Here you can read how to take radish with honey from a cough.

Radish juice for rubbing from coughing

The effect of valerian

During a cough attack, the following should be used: add 20 drops of valerian to 100 ml of water. Received medicine to drink. After a few minutes, the cough subsides.

valerian from coughing

Golden mustache

During an attack of a cough, it is enough to chew the leaf of the presented plant. After that an unpleasant symptom leaves the body.

golden mustache from coughing

Wine from the twill

If you have a perspiration in your throat, a strong attack of cough, then you should drink a small amount of wine from the twig.After such treatment cough for a long time will not visit you.To achieve maximum effect, it is worth using a tablespoon of this product every day.

Wine from the past from coughing

What to make wine, you need to take a glass container (1L) and fill it with flowers of the twig. Then get these flowers and pour, boiling water. Leave for a day to insist. To get a more aromatic wine, you should wait 2-3 days. Strain and wring out.

At this time, separately prepare a syrup: take ½ liter of water, 1 kg of granulated sugar and 2 lemons juice.Combine the prepared syrup with wine, place 10 raisins.Put the container in a darker place for 2 days. At the end of fermentation, drain the sludge.

Pine buds

To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, the infusion of infusion from the pine buds will help. For his instruction, take the presented product in the amount of a tablespoon, pour 200 ml of boiling water. Dates stand for 30 minutes, and then strain. As soon as an attack occurs, take a few sips of cooked infusion. After that, the cough goes away immediately.

Pine kidneys for coughing

Using the recommendations presented, everyone will be able to find their own version of the fight against coughing. It is very important to take care of the treatment immediately after the discovery of this symptom. Otherwise, there are all chances to get complications or the transition of an ailment into a chronic form. Under the link you will find folk remedies for coughing during pregnancy.

What if I get vomiting?

Vomiting in the child during a coughCoughing up vomiting is a rare phenomenon, which causes anxiety in patients and their loved ones. Some of the diseases of the upper respiratory tract lead to this condition of the patient.According to experts, many diseases can cause it, but more often it occurs with colds and bronchitis.

A severe cough before vomiting in children is considered quite normal, even if it is associated with diseases of the upper respiratory tract. But, if this situation arises in adults, this should signal a possible development of very serious health problems.As a rule, such coughing attacks can be a complication in pneumonia.

It is important to know that all heavy smokers suffer greatly from a cough that often causes vomiting. Most of them have such diseases as asthma or pneumonia.

Causes of vomiting

Vomiting with severe coughing attacks occurs from irritation of the receptors of the walls of the throat. Such a phenomenon can be observed in the following diseases and conditions to which children are exposed:

  • whooping cough;
  • presence of a foreign object in the respiratory tract;
  • bronchitis;
  • ARVI;
  • tracheitis, laryngitis;
  • runny nose.

If the parents found the child vomiting when coughing, it is necessary to immediately determine the cause of this condition. The main task of parents is to provide first aid before the arrival of a doctor.

Whooping cough

Pertussis in the childAmong infectious diseases it is necessary to allocate whooping cough. Despite the fact that almost all children are vaccinated against this disease, it can still occur, however, after a vaccination in a weaker form. The main sign is a cough, in which sputum often goes away, less often - a cough with vomiting occurs.

Usually, such attacks occur at night, when the child wakes up from the fact that it starts to choke. As a rule, such a state is not accompanied by a temperature, but with dry coughing attacks, there may also be a runny nose. During the bouts of coughing, the child becomes red, his body becomes very tense, which has a harmful effect on the cardiovascular system.

Foreign object

Foreign body in the respiratory tract of the childIf a foreign object enters the respiratory tract of a child, it requires immediate action on the part of parents and medical personnel. In early childhood, foreign objects fall into the swallowing of small parts during the game. Sometimes children choke on food while eating. This can happen at any age, but most often suffer from the age of 4 months to 2 years, at a time when they all take in their mouths.

To understand what happened is very easy, because until the foreign object entered the respiratory tract, the child was absolutely healthy. Characteristic signs are reddening of the face, shortness of breath, coughing, often accompanied by vomiting.

At this point, it is very important to provide first aid: if the child is small, it can easily be turned upside down and knock on the back, freeing the airways.

Unfortunately, the foreign object can completely shut off the air supply by its arrangement, which inevitably leads to suffocation. In such cases, one should resort to the use of Heimlich's method - a sharp push under the diaphragm increases the pressure in the airways and pushes the object out.

ARVI, bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis

Gag reflex in a child with ARVICough with an emetic reflex and even with vomiting can occur with viral and colds. After all, for them, the accumulation of mucus and sputum in the respiratory tract is characteristic, which causes an attack. Vomiting for colds occurs as a result of the movement of excitation from the cough center to the vomiting center. Usually, vomiting caused by a cough, the child is not plentiful, and after it there is no relief from the condition.

If cough is caused by congestion of mucus in the airways, treatment should only be carried out by a pediatrician, since some cases will help mucolytic or expectorant, in others - do not do without drugs that suppress cough seizures. Eliminate coughing attacks even before taking medications will help such actions as humidification of the air in the room, airing the room, a plentiful drink.


Coughing and vomiting often occur in the cold in children, especially in newborns, because at this age the child does not yet know how to release the nose from accumulated mucus. She, draining on the back wall of the pharynx, accumulates there, irritating the mucous membrane, causes severe attacks of coughing. Get rid of coughing with vomiting for a cold is much easier, it is important to constantly release the nose from the snot. Also, a competent treatment for the common cold should be done.

Features of treatment

Even before the arrival of doctors, it is important for the child to provide first aid. In all situations, except for the presence of a foreign body in the respiratory tract, soft emollients should be used. It is useful to drink warm milk with honey, tea with raspberries. To get rid of such an unpleasant symptom is possible only if the cause of its occurrence is eliminated, so the doctor should diagnose and conduct the proper treatment.

To cough up before vomiting did not reach, it is important to monitor the child and, if necessary, contact a specialist.

How to treat dry paroxysmal cough

cough medicine

Dry cough itself is worse than wet. It proceeds without excretion of phlegm, which in the meantime accumulates in the upper respiratory tract. And if this is not just a cough, but a prolonged seizure, then it's worth taking immediate action. This phenomenon can signal that the body has pathological processes that are fraught with serious complications. Paroxysmal cough may be accompanied by pain in the abdomen, vomiting, allergic suffocation and a decrease in appetite. Therefore, the earlier the cause of the event is revealed, the faster it will be possible to cure this ailment and avoid serious complications.

As evidenced by such signs

Cough eliminates excess sputum from the body, accumulates dust and releases it from harmful viruses. If it occurs periodically, rather than on an ongoing basis, then there is nothing to worry about. It is much more difficult to understand the nature of the paroxysmal booch. At once it is impossible to determine what is behind it.

Night Attacks

cough, dry paroxysmal

It often happens that a person feels great during the day, and then, going to bed, feels a sensation in the throat and it develops into a fit of coughing.

This overnight phenomenon requires prompt medical intervention. In adults, night cough is often associated with the following diseases:

  • it can occur as a result of gastric reflux. At the same time, the contents of the stomach are poured into the larynx and a reflex attack occurs, which occurs at any time;
  • The asthmatic variant is characterized by wheezing, accompanied by shortness of breath and pains in the chest. Asthma affects not only adults, but also children;
  • during a heart failure cough goes in parallel with the shortness of breath and rapid heart rate. It arises from the disturbed work of the heart and is eliminated after the treatment of this organ, no antitussive drugs in this case will not help;
  • sinusitis.It is quite common disease, as a result of which the intake of air through the nose is blocked, and in a dream a person can not constantly breathe through the mouth, as a result - a fit of coughing;
  • the cause of a night attack may be a cold disease;
  • deficiency in the body of the diseased gland. This element maintains a normal level of hemoglobin, and when it decreases, the body becomes weakened and susceptible to various diseases.

Here you can read how to stop a fit of coughing at night with an adult.

The video tells about a dry paroxysmal cough:

At children attacks of a night tussis can occur as a result:

  • bronchial asthma. It is accompanied by swelling of the respiratory tract and bronchial spasms. Often accompanied by hypoxia;
  • croup disease. He is dangerous by his suddenness. If this happens at night, the child may be frightened. During the attack, it will be hard for him to breathe, and he will not be able to inhale the necessary amount of air. The kid can panic and the attack of suffocation becomes stronger, besides he will be accompanied by a rough cough. The face of the child will acquire a reddish hue, and the lips and nails will turn blue. This disease can be a manifestation of a viral infection in the body or become the result of an allergic reaction;
  • some pathological disease;
  • allergic reaction to surrounding objects. For example, on natural fluff in pillows. If this is revealed, then the thing - the pathogen should be removed away from the child;
  • uncomfortable position of the child during sleep. Especially if the mattress is not tight enough;
  • dry or cold air in the child's room.

The video describes the treatment of dry paroxysmal cough:


dry paroxysmal cough in an adult

It occurs much less frequently than the night. As a rule, its main cause is the initial stage of the cold.Provoke it can heartburn, resulting from gastric reflux, which occurs both at night and during the day.The patient can have a heavily stuffy nose and he has to breathe through the mouth, and this action causes dryness in the throat and leads to a cough. Also, bronchial asthma can provoke booze at any time of the day or night. It can be a protective reaction to tobacco smoke, aerosol or household dust.

In any case, for whatever reasons this cough has occurred, it should be immediately consulted with a doctor. Undergo appropriate tests so that the doctor can correctly diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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Reviews on the use of badger fat from coughing for children:

How to treat

Its paroxysmal appearance can lead a person even to a fainting condition, but this is not the most dangerous consequence. If you do not get treatment in time, then you can wait for the development of emphysema, leading to pulmonary hemorrhage. Therefore, with the elimination of such a cough can not be delayed.

Treatment in adults

With prolonged attacks, they tend to suppress the cough reflex first. Therefore, prescribe drugs, the principle of which is based on its elimination. Such medicines are divided into two groups:

  • central medicine. They should be taken only according to the appointment of a specialist, as they can reduce breathing, and with an overdose in general, block it. They suppress cough at the brain level. These include: Oxeladine, Glaucine and Ethylmorphine;
  • medicines, which suppress the attack of cough at the level of the receptors of the respiratory system. They are Falimint, Codeine, Terpincod and Bronhicum.

On the video - treatment of dry paroxysmal cough in an adult:

At the very beginning of the disease, dry cough can be soothed with soda - oil inhalations, compresses from solutions, mustard plasters or warming foot baths.

Complex treatment should be aimed at mitigating cough, eliminating its causes, stimulating it to transition from a dry species into a productive one. Usually this happens two to three days after the administration of the prescribed drugs.

Also very effective in the treatment of dry cough are physiotherapy procedures.They help to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery and strengthen the immune system of the sick.Effective are:

  • electrophoresis;
  • acupuncture;
  • chest massage;
  • UHF;
  • inhalation with a nebulizer;
  • warming up.

Do not neglect the proven folk remedies for treating dry cough in adults. If you are expecting a baby, then read how to treat dry cough during pregnancy.


paroxysmal dry cough in a child at night

Depending on the reasons for the occurrence of cough, appropriate medications and actions to eliminate them are prescribed. The most important of them is the ventilation of the child's room, especially before bed.The influx of fresh air can remove spasms and nourish the exhausted body with the necessary oxygen.From the first days you should often give your child a warm drink to warm up the neck.

Various inhalations for cleaning the respiratory tract will be relevant. But do not get involved in essential oils, it is better to perform steam procedures with ordinary baking soda. Can remove the spasm of foot and hand baths. On the link you can read how to relieve night cough in a child.

Cough can stop healing syrups, such as:

  • Herbion (for dry cough)Herbion cough medicine for a child
  • Alteika,5
  • Lazolvan.Lazolvan cough medicine for a child

Perhaps the pediatrician will allow them to be replaced by vegetable decoctions from mother - and - stepmother, licorice and thermopsis, if the child does not have allergies on them. In parallel, people's means can be used. For example, give ch. a spoonful of buckwheat honey, so that the baby sucks it or make him a tea with raspberry jam. As for very young children, read how to treat a dry cough in an infant.

To judge the effectiveness of prescribed medications can be as of the state of cough. The starting point to a speedy recovery will be the transition of its dry variety into wet one. But it's better not to get sick at all than to be treated successfully. Therefore, do not neglect preventive measures. For adults and children regular walks in the fresh air, daily airing of habitation, correct and healthy food and absence of allergens are recommended. Here it is described what to do if a dry cough is accompanied by a sore throat.

Signs and treatment of asthmatic cough

Asthmatic cough is a symptom that is a consequence of the inflammatory process and narrowing of the bronchi due to the appearance of muscle spasm. Very often this cough is called allergic, because it is formed as a reaction to the influence of irritants and allergens. In the role of an irritant factor, the animal's fur, pollen of plants, fungi can act. Also asthmatic cough can serve as a symptom of such ailments as asthma or asthmatic bronchitis.


asthmatic cough

How does the presented symptom manifest itself? It can be recognized as seasonal dandruff in asthma.In such a case, such attacks do not occur more than once a year, at the same time they appear at the same time.When the cause of an attack is the ingestion of an allergen into the body, this can serve as an excuse for the formation of other allergic diseases.

During the acute course of asthmatic cough, the main symptom is the isolation of a specific viscous secretion. But this symptom is not characteristic in the case when the patient experiences symptoms of respiratory infections during treatment. With this development of events, sputum will be allocated in different amounts, taking into account the stage of the disease.

nonotopic asthma

In the picture - nonutopical asthma

Typical signs occur in a situation where there is a nontotal asthma. For example, when a patient suffers from a cholinergic form of asthma, the sputum produced becomes light, but comes out in large numbers.

Some patients with such symptoms will experience asthma attacks, which can not be cured without medication. A lot of patients have complaints about severe attacks of cough and profuse dandruff.

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If you or one of your relatives is susceptible to this disease, you need to understand that in the first place, you need to pay attention to the symptoms of asthmatic cough and the general well-being of the patient.In addition, the disease can be of an innate form, so that it is treated the same way for all the family methods.


How does the asthma cough manifest? When there was a contact with an allergen in a person susceptible to the disease, then a frequent symptom is a strong cough and other signs characteristic of allergies. Before you treat asthmatic cough, you need to understand its main symptoms:

  • sudden occurrence of nasal congestion; than to treat nasal congestion in children, is indicated in this article.
  • cough, having a paroxysmal character;
  • feeling of discomfort in the larynx;
  • presence of wheezing in the bronchi;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • during physical exertion, coughing attacks increase;
  • symptoms of shortness of breath;

In the video - describes the non-traditional treatment of asthmatic cough:

Treatment of adults

How to cure ailment? To relieve the attacks of asthmatic cough, it is necessary to use in the treatment of beta-2-agonists.

These are medicines that allow you to get instant results. They contain such components as ventolin, salbutamol, and berotek. If the attack occurs quickly and acutely, then the medicines presented have an instant effect on the bronchi and dilate them. Most doctors prescribe to their patients such drugs as Novodrin and Astomopent. They have a curative effect and affect the necessary type of receptor.

drug beta-2 agonists

If the patient is contraindicated taking beta-2-agonchitis, the doctors prescribe anticholinergics, or rather Atrovent. In an adult, combined treatment of bronchial asthma is effective provided that the patient perfectly tolerates beta-2 agonists and anticholinergics.

If you need urgent help a person, then the process involves Eufillin. This medicine has a short time of influence on the bronchi and does not have such an effect as the above medicines. In addition, it has a number of side effects.

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For a certain group of patients, therapy with bronchial asthma may involve the use of hormonal drugs.To get the maximum effect, it is worthwhile to use medicines in inhalation form. Thanks to hormones, it is possible to reduce the severity of the exacerbation, which in the end allows you not to use hormonal drugs in the process of treatment. All the described medicines can not be prescribed to oneself, only an experienced specialist can do this.

Scheme of treatment in small patients

asthmatic cough in a child

In the case of the diagnosis of the child "asthma parents are required to ask the doctor, in which cases the baby may need emergency medical help.When there are attacks of severe cough, the pediatrician should be called immediately.As a rule, the baby is very difficult breathing, he has all the symptoms of deterioration. There are seizures that can be particularly dangerous. This cough is called respiratory distress syndrome.
Seek immediate medical attention in the following situations:

  1. The baby is very difficult to breathe, his condition worsens. The patient is noted for frequent breathing, the wall of the chest wall when inhaled is drawn inward, and on exhalation there are strong wheezing.
  2. The child's lips acquired a blue tint, he became very excited, constantly wants to sleep.
  3. Babe complains of pain in the chest.
  4. The child has fever and constant coughing attacks, wheezing, not amenable to treatment.
  5. The patient is vomiting, during which oral medication is not retained.
  6. The child does not get to talk normally and sleep, it is caused by coughing attacks and a violation of normal breathing.

Therapy of asthmatic cough in small patients should be carried out under the close supervision of a physician.

Objectives of therapy

use of preporata

In the course of therapy it is necessary to achieve the following goals:

  1. Reduction in the frequency and strength of cough, prevention of the transition of a symptom of cough to a chronic form.
  2. Continuous control of breathing with whistling and normalization of lung function.
  3. Developing a plan together with a pediatrician and parents, during which it will be possible to develop activities that can quickly respond and eliminate severe attacks of coughing.Then you do not have to constantly seek help from medical professionals.
  4. Providing the necessary conditions for the growth and development of the patient, as a result of which he will be able to live fully, like all children.
  5. Control the symptoms of the disease with fewer medicines. Then you can eliminate the risk of side effects from medications.
  6. Reduce the need for emergency medical care.

Taking into account all the presented moments, the doctor appoints the patient medicines, and also sends for examination to a specialist to check the condition of the lungs. Also the pediatrician is obliged to make a program of special home therapy. It will include training in the intake of medications, creating conditions through which to eliminate the contact of the baby with pathogens and allergens, which became the cause of wheezing in the kid.

If there is a suspicion that an asthmatic cough occurs due to an allergy, the doctor will refer the patient for an examination to an allergist. He will be able to endure his verdict after a comprehensive diagnosis.

As for the choice of medicines, they should be prescribed to the child taking into account the nature of asthma education. Distinguish all types of drugs from asthma. The first type is characterized by the expansion of the respiratory tubes and relaxation of the muscles. As a result, an obstruction is created. Such medicines allow you to get instant relief and help. Their name is bronchodilator. The second type of drugs is called controlling or supporting. They are involved in the treatment of the inflammatory process in the respiratory system.

asthmatic cough

Provided that the child has coughing episodes during periods, the doctor can prescribe bronchodilators, which are taken directly during an attack or short breath.

When a child has a chronic or non-persistent asthma, the pediatrician includes in the treatment scheme medication for admission on a daily basis. To get a positive effect, it is necessary that a certain time passes.


How to use Ascoril with laryngitis in children is indicated here.

For those children who all the time have signs of disease, it is worth using anti-inflammatory drugs. As a rule, they are involved in the process of inhalation forms of corticosteroid drugs, and horses have the maximum effect and at the same time a gentle effect. Usually, nebulizers are prescribed for children under 2 years.

Admission of anti-inflammatory drugs should be carried out continuously, otherwise it will not be possible to obtain the desired result.As a rule, it is not possible to get a medicinal effect from these drugs, because the parents stop giving the child to take them as soon as the first signs of improvement appear. But such unauthorized behavior leads to the fact that the airways lose their protection, resulting in a new attack of asthma.

Most recently, doctors began to prescribe to children the drugs of a new generation, whose name is leukotriene-modifiers. They are taken in the form of granules, have an anti-inflammatory effect. The medication is taken daily.

In severe attacks of suffocation, the doctor is obliged to increase the dosage of the medications provided by the instantaneous result. In addition, be sure to take care of the use of additional medicine. All prescribed medications should be given to children in the dosage indicated by the treating doctor. Do not stop treatment, reduce the dose of medication without notifying the doctor. If you do not follow all the instructions, then the situation can end very badly.

Asthmatic coughing is an unpleasant manifestation of allergy or bronchial asthma. Such a condition will cure this quite realistically if the treatment scheme was correctly formulated, and the patient clearly observed all the prescriptions of the doctor. Only your desire and responsible approach to therapy will improve the condition and live a full life.

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