First aid for genyantema

Sinusitis. how to get rid of it at home?



With a genyantritis in the hospital the last thing! If you just make a puncture - then consider that there you have already registered! People then make these punctures 10 times... .
Try folk techniques.. .

Do this kind of ointment. Very well helps + rinse constantly nose with sea water or "Malavite". I use it from time to time.

We make ourselves a very simple ointment, which has saved more than one hundred people.

In an enamel bowl pour one glass of lean oil, throw there wax, the size of a matchbox and put on a small fire to wax melted. From the previously hard-boiled eggs, we take out the yolk, take from it a half, crush it with a fork on a saucer and with fingers gradually throw in a bowl with hot melted boiling wax. (In a bowl on fire, lean oil will boil, and you will hear lumbago. Here at this moment and throw! But not all at once, but gradually. With the first crumbs of eggs, the contents will foam. Keep a rag in your hand. If the wax is yellow, (and this means the best for the ointment), the entire contents of the bowl can be in one second (overboard). Pick up the bowl with a rag, remove it from the fire for a while, let it overdrive on the side and all this keep stirring. And so raea three. Everything - the ointment is ready! It remains only to strain it. I do this through nylon tulle, folded in half. Wax is whimsical and gauze does not help here. And the tulle remains, even after repeated use, as a new one. In a glass container, this ointment is stored in the refrigerator for up to ten months.

Monthly antritis before this means is unlikely to stand

Melt in a table spoon, and immediately poured into the pipette ointment dripping nose in the most terrible sinusitis. Do not be afraid, as long as you run to the bed to lie down and drip, the ointment will already cool down and not be hot at all. On the contrary, it can immediately, and freeze, until you choose a comfortable pose. In this case, start overwriting again. Monthly maxillary sinusitis is enough to drip two times in a row with an interval of one hour. Breaks, flies all at once! Do not forget that the ointment pulls on itself pus with tremendous force.

I still use this way to treat sinusitis!
15 drops of eucalyptus oil a teaspoon of honey and freshly brewed tea that's all mixed up and dripped into your nose! The result is excellent minutes after 15 I went from the nose mucus and breathe easily became! and so I drip 4 times a day! !

Katrin Stark

cut a knife with a kitchen knife


No way. Only to the doctor. And if pus in the brain goes? Get rid of the house conditions?

Akst Anna

She herself did not believe in this remedy until she tried it.
For 1 glass of water + 2 h / l of apple natural vinegar + 1 h / l honey - with exacerbation drink every hour 6 times a day for 1 glass, until there is an improvement.
And then for prevention on an empty stomach 1 glass.

Alina *** Nemirova

rinse with mineral water! will help!


sinusitis is not treated at home
severity determines the ENT
as a rule, antibiotics are used
vasoconstrictive drops and medical drops
dolphin washing
a tremendous effect gives "cuckoo" - the procedure for pumping mucus from the sinuses, is done by the physician, (not to be confused with the puncture)
but you can not warm up.
As a person who suffered for more than 10 years, I can say that all these folk instruments are complete bullshit.
I was helped by a cuckoo and then made laser disintegration. All has passed, 2 years are already healthy

KRISTINA Yanovskaya

Sinusitis is a very serious disease and is treated with antibiotics, and they should be prescribed only by a doctor (in this situation, an otolaryngologist ...) by aniobiotics at a genyantritis appoint or nominate: Sinupret (grassy drops, them to drink it is necessary), juice of an aloe in a nose to drip (on 3 drops 3 times a day), to wash out a nose with Akvalol (3 once a day), there are also drops in the nose (antibiotics of local action) Polydex and Bioparox..., a homeopathic remedy (tablets for resorption) Cinnabsin... drops in the nose (based on the flower juice Cyclomens, if there is no allergy to plants) Sinuphorte... + to this you can prescribe the heating of the nose... BUT HOW, WHAT WITH WHAT DRINKS YOU CAN APPOINT ONLY THE DOCTOR!!! Do not wait and go to the doctor as soon as possible !!!

Salaam Aleikum

1. Dry heat on the sinuses is not more than one day. You can take a small bag (if you do not have a bag, you can use a clean baby's socks), calcine large salt in a dry frying pan. We put the bag of salt on the bridge of the nose and warm it. If you do not want to mess around with the bag, you can warm your nose and sinuses with boiled eggs while they are warm. You can use a pack of rice, croup, salt or a hard-boiled egg wrapped in a kerchief. Keep such a compress is needed as long as it's warm. IF THE PAIN IS STRENGTHENED - STOP
2. Take a pose in which the pain is less
3. sinupret or Sinuforte 1 tab 3 times (this is a vegetable)
4. Necessarily drops in the nose 3 times a day at an equal interval. Necessarily drops in the nose like nazivin or similar 3 times a day at an equal interval, until the nasal breathing becomes free. With genyantritis without this it is impossible. Alternate with p. 5
5.Buy in the pharmacy camphor oil 30 ml, add to it 10 drops of tincture of propolis (also in the pharmacy), drip into nose 3 times a day for 2-3 drops, lubricate the superciliary arches, maxillary sinuses - even the oldest passes sinusitis.
6. Take a piece of thick linen cloth, cut in the form of a printed "T" to the size of the nose and eyebrow area. 1 tbsp. Spoon the honey and warm it and apply it to the cut out fabric. Make a compress. Top of cellophane, kerchief and go to bed. 10 procedures (to whom there is enough and 5) and a genyantritis as did not happen.
7. Rinse your nose with salt water. To do this, half a teaspoon of salt should be dissolved in a glass of warm water. Rinse with a rubber pear, leaning over the sink to drain the liquid that flows from the nose. After typing the solution, insert the tip of the syringe into the nostril and, squeezing the balloon, direct the stream towards the nasopharynx along the bottom wall of the nasal cavity. The second half of the nose is also washed. Directing the jet up is not recommended, since there is a sensitive olfactory zone. Hold the breath while rinsing. After the procedure, it is advisable to breathe for a minute or two quietly, so that the viscous mucus had time to dissolve, "get wet and then you can blow your nose.
Do not be afraid, will not get into the windpipe - it will flow out into the usual swallowing throat (pharynx), or into another nostril, or it will pour out of the same. Rubber pear can be bought at the pharmacy.
Drawing water from the palm, that is, with a stream of air, is unsafe: it can get into the maxillary and other paranasal sinuses and cause their inflammation.
If the pain does not decrease within 1-2 days, you need an antibiotic.
If it increases - it is needed immediately.

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Sasha! I now have no time to write, I can help, trouble does not matter.

Faina Gromova

At home, I never got a good nose wash, only in the doctor's office. And at home I took Cinnabsin to relieve stuffiness and normalize nasal breathing. These pills are good help.

What will help with genyantritis?



Schema Treatment of sinusitis (sinusitis)
the drug "Sinuforte." A very caustic drug, irritates the mucous, I do not advise.
1. Antibiotics amoxiclav 1000 mg. For 1 tabl. - 2 times a day for 7 days (or augmentin 875 mg. )
2. Sinupret 2tab-3 times a day. 1014 days (improves the outflow-the exit of mucus, pus with sinuses) herbal preparation.
3 Rinsing the nose
You can wash your nose with saline solution or warm mineral water without gas, (or warm boiled) 2-3 times a day, only rinse better with a device for wash the nose (Dolphin or Rhinolife), or drip 2-3 pipets, and well vysmarkivatsya, but in no case can not draw water into the nose and rinse syringes. (since the water can get into the sinuses and auditory tubes,) or use the spray to wash the nose:
Aqua Maris Sea water,
SALIN. Nodium chloride,
Humer-150 adults and children are not diluted, sterile, isotonic sea water for washing the nose.
4. In the nose Polidex with phenylephrine on 1 injection-4 times a day 7-10 days.
5. Multivitamins
6. Erespal 1 tab - 3 times a day for 10 days (this is an anti-inflammatory drug)
You can try to do a cuckoo. This procedure helps only if there is an outflow, an outlet of mucus, pus.
Laura's consultation (you may need to do a sinus puncture by the doctor looking at the picture).
If you do not make a puncture, and he really needs it, pus can be organized and there can be polyps, etc.
People's opinion It is worth piercing... and went went obsalyutno not true, so reason people who are far from lor diseases, and unfortunately some doctors.
Just the nose is a weak spot and the next time it is as soon as you have a cold first you need to drip drops in your nose.
Sometimes, if you do not make a puncture at the time, you can be treated for a long time and without any result, and the treatment costs 2-3 times more expensive for money.
Doing a puncture or not on the iris remains a trace, and on it you can determine what the person was sick and when.
The cause of sinusitis can be a severe cold or a bad upper jaw (odontogenic cause)
With sinus sinus can not be warmed
Be sure to contact your ENT doctor

Etoile Gayde

Breathe over the boiled potatoes, closing the blanket. Only in no case do not bury your nose, with maxillary sinusitis this can not be, otherwise you will only have to make a puncture.

Irina Kananyhina

chestnuts, they must be soaked in warm water, then cut out the candle and inserted into the nose, Pts. well helps. BUT the advice! it is better to go to the doctor


Sinusitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane, and sometimes the bone walls of the maxillary (maxillary) sinus.
Causes of the disease. Sinusitis is often accompanied by a common cold, flu and other infections. Infecting microbes, getting into the maxillary sinuses, located on both sides of the nasal septum, cause their inflammation.
Manifestations of sinusitis - pain in the area of ​​the affected (one or both) sinuses of the nose, "stuffy" nose with one or both sides, mucous or purulent discharge from the nose, headache, a feeling of pressure on the head and eyes.
Folk remedies for the treatment of genyantritis:
In case of genyantritis, rub the skin over the inflammation spot with garlic, then rub the mixture of birch charcoal with the root of the burdock root for 20-30 minutes. 2-3 procedures are recommended.
Eggs boiled in a steep, hot to attach to the maxillary sinuses and keep until they cool down completely.
Boil the water in a saucepan, pour in a teaspoon of 30% alcohol propolis tincture. Breathe in steam over this pot, covering yourself with a large towel.
Mix in equal parts by volume aloe juice, celandine grass and honey. Bury 3-5 times a day for 5-10 drops in each nostril.
Rinse the untreated root of black radish on a fine grater, 1-2 tablespoons of gruel wrap in a piece of cloth and put on a sore spot, pre-lubricated with vegetable oil or baby cream. Cover the top with parchment and wrap it with a scarf. Such a compress is done before bedtime for 10 minutes with inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.
1-2 drops of honey honey to enter into one, then into another nostril every 3-4 hours. Treat the treatment until you feel relieved.
In the morning or evening, lie down on the pillow and, having thrown back his head, dig into each nostril for 5-7 drops of melted butter. Then be sure to lie a little, about 5-7 minutes.
In acute and chronic sinusitis, dig in the nose 6-8 times a day, sea buckthorn or dog rose oil.
Mix the plants in the following proportions: St. John's wort, medicinal sage, lavender, eucalyptus Spherical, chamomile - 2 tablespoons each; a yarrow ordinary, a sequence threefold - on 1 dining room spoon. For 2 liters of boiling water, take 3 tablespoons of the collection. Take 100 ml 6 times a day. In the evening, do inhalations 4-6 times every hour.
To get rid of the headache that occurs as a result of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, use fresh cyclamen juice. The patient should lie on his back and put two drops of juice into both nostrils. The reaction occurs after 5 minutes: the patient begins to sneeze, cough, feeling strong heat in the body, sweat. After that, during the day, a thick yellow-green pus is released from the nose, which was the cause of severe headache. The patient begins a prolonged healthy sleep, after which the disease begins to recede.
With sinusitis, boil an incomplete water kettle, put into it 1 tablespoon of honey, cover with a large towel and breathe then one, then another nostril. Do 9 procedures.
Squeeze the juice of aloe vera - 2 tablespoons, calanchoe pinnate, highlander and vortex onion - 1 tablespoon. Mix and drip into the nose. Dripping into the left nostril, turn the head to the left for 30 minutes, then drip into the right nostril and turn the head to the right for 30 minutes. After that, warm up the maxillary sinuses with a blue lamp or just before the electric stove and go to bed.
200 g of grated spruce gum, 1 onion, 15 g of copper sulfate and 50 g of olive oil, mix and bring to a boil, cool. Lubricate the mucous membrane of the nose with the resulting ointment. Ointment has a warming property, so it can also be used to treat bruises, abscesses and bone fractures.
Diet. In the acute stage of the disease, if the temperature is raised, it is better to give up solid food, and drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Carrot juice or its mixture with juice of a beet and a cucumber, or juice of a spinach is useful. For a cocktail, take 100 ml of cucumber juice and beetroot or

@ springtime ...

Antibiotics. It is possible and drops in the nose, but only everywhere with a handkerchief, do not sniff!


Sinusitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus. Acute inflammation of the maxillary sinus often occurs during the common cold, flu, measles, scarlet fever and other infectious diseases.
Symptoms: Unilateral nasal lining, mucous or purulent discharge, decrease or loss of smell. Feeling of raspiraniya in the cheek and forehead. Pain when pressing in the frontal sinus. Sometimes they worry about toothaches. There may be swelling in the area of ​​the affected sinus. The temperature rises.
Traditional methods of treatment: Bed rest, at the temperature of taking aspirin, drops in the nose. In order for the drops to enter the middle nasal passage (where the sinuses open), the patient's head should be thrown back and turned toward the diseased sinus. In addition, heat is applied to the cheek and forehead.
Unconventional and folk methods of treatment:
1) Grind a small onion bulb with hot honey water (mix a glass of water with, a teaspoon of honey), insist, wrapped, 3-4 hours and strain. The resulting infusion wash the nose several times a day.
2) Peel the bulb, cut into several pieces, put on a bandage, then fold the bandage, attaching it to the nose so that a part of the onion is under both nostrils, and tie it to the back of the head. It is especially good to breathe onions while sleeping.
3) Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, dig into each nostril 5 drops of tincture of the prickly throat (sold in pharmacies). Inulin, in large quantities contained in the plant, perfectly helps in the treatment of sinusitis.
4) Rinse the nasal cavity with warm water with the addition of a small amount of iodine tincture or manganese.
5) If you have pain in the nose, ears, head, bury the black radish juice in your nose or insert a tampon with radish juice into your nose.
6) Wash the sinuses of the nose with 5% infusion of calendula flowers.
7) Inhale fir vapors (sold in pharmacies).
8) Before going to bed take, a glass of decoction of herb Leonurus (1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water).
9) For sinusitis it is recommended to use the juice of celandine and chamomile taken in equal amounts. Bury or inject into the nasal cavity 2-3 times a day.
10) Brew in, l. boiling water 2 tablespoons herb tea (sold at the pharmacy). Bring to a boil and leave for 30 minutes. Take a glass 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
11) In case of polyposis inflammation of the sinuses, the juice of celandine and chamomile are taken in equal proportions. Bury in the nose.
12) Wash the sinuses of the nose with a 5% infusion of calendula flowers.
13) Before going to bed take on, a glass of decoction of grass motherwort (1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water).
14) Bring to a boil of 200 gr. powder of spruce resin, 1 crushed bulb, 15 gr. powder of vitriol and 50ml. olive oil, mix thoroughly. Ointment is used for compresses on the area of ​​the inflamed sinus.
15) Take in equal quantities the fruit of the dog rose, the grass of the horsetail, the roots or the roots of the grass grass (sold in the pharmacy). 1 teaspoon of collection pour 1 cup of boiling water and insist in a thermos for 8 hours. Dilute with boiled water and drink like tea 1 glass 3-4 times a day in a warm form.
16) Chew pieces of honeycomb, then spit them out.

Man - you are Peace, you are Eternity.

Someone lives there! We are masters for bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites... Unfortunately. And if the k-alkaline balance is violated, their aggression is obvious, otitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, eczema, arthritis, bursitis, cysts are born, bones grow. .
It is effective not to treat, but to cleanse the body, systematically 100% natural program Kolo vada plus. Strengthen immunity.
To restore the acid-base balance in the body, to eat 100% natural food, drink, l clean water a day.
Disease is the result of a violation of the body as a whole. A violation in the body comes from poisoning the body with toxins, coming from outside and outside the products of the vital activity of microorganisms.
Refuse to eat. Abundant drink with lemon, cowberry, 2 liters of clean, warm, structured water.
Tea with echinocice, licorice. Sorbents-protection of the kidneys from intoxication
10tab of coal or 1t of an assortal, any others. And then strengthen the immune system.
All the problems in the body depend on the psychology and "purity" of the intestine. The body needs to be cleaned 2 times a year from poisons and toxins. Then, to strengthen immunity, there is a unique product modeling immunity Molozevo, Shark liver fat, Bark of ant tree. Mega acidophilus is a friendly bacteria.
Our body is a self-regulating system, it is enough to correct the cellular nutrition and increase the rate of consumption of living water.


Sinusitis is an inflammation of the maxillary sinuses and, of course, as with all inflammations, they take antibiotics. My sister was prescribed injections of Cefotaxime diluted with lidocaine. For washing, dilute 2 tablets of furacillin into a glass of water and swirl one by one in one nostril, then into the other.

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Recipes are very much given, you can choose any. I liked the answer in number 3 more. I also know one brutal recipe - to take a glass of freshly prepared boiling water at the tip of the Golden Star knife and breathe the steam from the glass. Make a tube for the nose area. Get well!!!

Valeriya Yusupova

My husband had a protracted runny nose in sinusitis. They offered a puncture, but we refused. The treatment was lengthy. A good result was from the Cinnabsin tablets. They removed inflammation and puffiness. The mucus began to come out. We avoided the puncture.

Marina Kravchenko

And I was treated with Cinnabsin. Of all that I tried, these pills proved to be the most effective. In the autumn I accept for prophylaxis, so that there are no exacerbations.

Treatment of sinusitis in the home

With the onset of the cold period of the year often have to face cold and viral diseases. Incorrect or untimely treatment can lead to complications, one of which is sinusitis. Drug support for this disease is important, but it is also possible to treat sinusitis at home. Proper use of recommendations and systematic procedures will quickly remove unpleasant painful symptoms. If you had to face this disease for the first time, there is a chance to prevent the transition of genyantritis to a chronic stage.

What is genyantritis

Disease of maxillary sinusitis is common, but not everyone understands why it arises and how to distinguish a common catarrhal rhinitis from an inflammation of the maxillary sinus. The information offered will help you learn how to cure a runny nose at home, deal with symptoms, understand why and under what conditions the disease begins, like the maxillary sinusitis.


The girl's runny nose and chills - the first symptoms of genyantritis

The first signs of the appearance of sinusitis are very similar to cold symptoms. In children and adults, they often are the same - it's fever, chills, runny nose, headache, general malaise and weakness. When the maxillary sinus is inflamed, it can feel like teeth, forehead ache. During the complication, redness, swelling of the eyelids, eyes are aching. When treatment of the acute form of sinusitis was not completed completely, the disease can go to a chronic stage. Then the nasal voice, discharge from the nose can become permanent companions.

Inflammation of the sinus mucosa is diagnosed with catarrhal sinusitis, which is common in school-age children. If you do not engage in timely treatment, the disease can develop into a stage of right-sided, left-sided or bilateral sinusitis. Noticing a tumor near the eye, nose or cheeks, and still feeling a severe headache, you should immediately turn to physicians for help, because so can manifest cystic sinusitis, whose treatment is not postponed recommended.


Faced with at least one occasion with unpleasant symptoms of the nasal sinus disease, many understand the risk of genyantritis, if not start treatment in a timely manner. Complications are dangerous not only for health, but sometimes for life. Nasal passages are a filter for infection from the outside. A purulent focus in sinusitis will provoke at least a disease with pneumonia, angina.

The most terrible complication with incorrect treatment of maxillary sinusitis can be meningitis. The brain is located close to the focus of the infection, which easily provokes the disease, if not treated properly. After sinusitis you should try to avoid colds, improve immunity, create a condition for complete recovery. With repeated signs immediately to be treated, without waiting for the transition to acute stage.

Medications for sinusitis

Modern pharmaceutics offers a wide range of medicines, among which medicines for getting rid of sinusitis are not the last place. To take advantage of any of these, you need to know the exact treatment regimen, and it can be prescribed only by a doctor who will take into account all the circumstances and conditions of the disease, the age, the frequency of the onset of the disease, allergic reactions and much more. Combined treatment will speed up the healing process and help you to return to the normal rhythm of life more quickly.

Nasal drops

Drops with sinusitis: Pinosol

Drops and sprays for the nose are best used after cleansing the nasal passages, bleeding and rinsing with saline or herbal solution both nostrils. The main task of medicines used as drops in the nose during the treatment of sinusitis is to remove swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasal sinuses, to counteract bacteria, to allow free respiration.

When using drugs such as "Nazol "Pinosol "Oksimetazolin "Lekonil the flow of blood inside the capillary vessels located in the nasal sinuses and passageways decreases. Using drugs three times a day for 2-3 pshikas or drops, after a few days you will feel an easier passage of air through the nose, the stagnation will decrease, swelling will decrease.


Antibiotics for the treatment of genyantritis: Amoxil

The appointment of the antibiotic group of an amoxicillin group should not frighten the patient suffering from sinusitis. The purpose of these drugs is to destroy the bacteria that caused the disease. More effective for the treatment of sinusitis are drugs: "Amoxil "Ospamox "Flemoxin solute they all belong to the same group of antibiotics. Dosage and duration of treatment is determined only by the attending physician, who knows all the nuances of percolation disease for each specific case, since chronic sinusitis requires a longer reception medicines.

Ointment Simanovsky

The doctor prepares Ointment Simanovsky from a genyantritis

With a chronic cold, sinusitis sometimes apply Simanovsky ointment, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Pharmacies do not sell the ready-made form of ointment, it is manufactured according to the prescription of the doctor who prescribed the treatment. A slight smell is easily tolerated. Having removed pus in a nose by washing with a solution of a camomile or furatsilina, drip a nose vasoconstrictive drops. Small twisted cotton swabs moisten with Simanovsky ointment, for a few minutes place in the nostrils of the nose. It is recommended to breathe through the mouth.

Treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies

Folk remedies, even the most effective, for treatment are good at the initial stage of any disease. How to cure nasal congestion in the home? There are several effective ways to treat sinusitis at home, which are used in combination with medications. The doctor who controls the course of the disease will tell you what to do, how to get rid of the signs of sinusitis in a short time, applying home treatment.

Rinsing of the nose

That at a genyantritis to do without a puncture (very unpleasant and morbid procedure), purpose or appointment "Cuckoo" is outpatient, it is necessary to begin to rinse your nose at the first signs of the disease and throat. If to approach this question wisely, the procedure will cease to be unpleasant. How do I wash my nose at home so as not to harm my health? The purpose of washing is to remove excess mucus and plaque, which create conditions and are the main source for the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria.

  1. Often, a solution of salt,%, is used to wash the nose, which, in terms of its osmotic pressure, is equal to that of a person's blood. At a higher concentration, there is a slight burning sensation inside the nose, which does not need to be tolerated, it is better to dilute the solution. The average proportion for washing is half a teaspoon of salt (food or sea) on a glass of warm water.
  2. The solution of furacilin has a similar antibacterial effect. With hot water, dissolve one tablet of the drug preparation, mix thoroughly until it dissolves until a light yellow liquid of uniform consistency is formed.
  3. Decoctions of chamomile, string, St. John's wort remove the swelling of the nose, tenderness and have a slight antiseptic effect. One tablespoon of dried herb pour a liter of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour. Strain and use for rinsing and rinsing.
Nasal wash with genyantritis

Proper washing of the sinuses should look like this:

  • Take a large syringe without a needle or syringe, dial a rinse solution.
  • Gently insert into one nostril, slightly tilting the head in the opposite direction.
  • The jet of liquid must flow under the pressure into the inside of the nasal sinus and pour out through the second nostril.
  • Partially, the liquid enters the nasopharynx, spit it out.
  • When the inflammation of the frontal sinus is diagnosed in the genyantritis, when injecting the fluid you need to lightly throw back the head and hold it in this position for a few seconds, then tilt it down, blow your nose.


The medicinal plant cyclamen appears in shaded forests in early spring. Traditional medicine uses flower tubers, the juice of which has an antimicrobial, soothing, inflammatory effect in many diseases. Having dug up the tubers, they need to be thoroughly rinsed, peeled and grated, or passed through a meat grinder and wrung out. The resulting juice diluted in the ratio: boiled water. Daily one time to dig in a nose on two drops in each nostril.

Ointment with laundry soap

Household soap and honey for preparation of ointment from genyantritis

Preparation of an ointment with the addition of laundry soap will be a good budget option for solving the problem of treating sinusitis at home. For a simple method of preparation of a remedy, butter or vegetable oil, household soap, honey bee, milk and medical alcohol will be needed. For the effectiveness of treatment of sinusitis, a few drops of onion juice are added. All the components are mixed and heated in a water bath, stirring constantly, until the mass becomes homogeneous. Cool, apply ointment on tampons and insert into each nostril of the nose for half an hour.

Bay leaf

Treatment of sinusitis in the home in adults can be done with a conventional bay leaf. To do this, several (4-6) medium leaves to grind and pour hot water with a volume of 100 grams, cover with a lid. After ten minutes for half an hour put in a water bath. Fill the evaporated part with boiled water. The resulting broth is used for inhalations during the treatment of sinusitis or other diseases associated with the nose or throat.


Horse chestnut, the ideal time to collect which is the end of July, contains a large number of vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, has a harmful effect on the pathogenic flora of the nasal mucosa sinuses. How to pierce the nose from the cold with a chestnut? The most simple and effective method of treatment is the use of thin chopped lobules, which are inserted for several minutes in each nostril of the nose in turn. Artificially induced sneezing will help to clear the nasal passages from mucus.

Chestnut oil, which is sold in pharmacies, is widely used for inhalations during sinusitis. Several drops are added to the hot solution, which with the help of steam delivers useful elements inside the nasal passage, while eliminating all stagnant phenomena of the nose. When cold inhalation is recommended to inhale the evaporation of oil of each nostril separately, while covering the second.


Nasal drops for the treatment of sinusitis in the home

In folk medicine, honey occupies an honorable place in vain. It is the source of a large number of useful trace elements, has healing antimicrobial properties during the treatment of many diseases. Simultaneously strengthening immunity, the effect of recovery during the treatment of sinusitis at home with honey comes much faster. Honey, combined with other useful natural components, enhances the positive effect on the body, provided during treatment.

  • Cut aloe leaf, rinse, grind and squeeze the juice. Add some honey. The resultant fluid with sinusitis is bury the nose twice a day.
  • The medium-sized bulb is peeled off, chopped, poured with a glass of warm water. In the liquid to make two tablespoons of honey, stir. The resulting tincture can be used both for rinsing and rinsing, and for instilling a nose in the treatment of colds and sinusitis.
  • The bee product propolis is effective in treating even purulent sinusitis. A well-tolerated aqueous broth is digested in the nose 2-3 times a day. For its preparation, a piece of propolis is ground and poured with boiling water in the ratio insist.


The juice of the Kalanchoe plant, used to treat sinusitis at home, can not only stop the onset of the disease, but also prevent a possible complication. Crushed leaves are placed in cheesecloth and carefully injected into each nostril of the nose with small tampons alternately for 5-10 minutes. Squeezed Kalanchoe juice has well established itself as a nasal drop, which is used 2-3 times a day. Increasing the outflow of mucus helps to remove pus from the nose. The vasoconstrictive effect helps to remove puffiness, and the labored breathing that appeared during the disease is normalized.


Tea tree oil for the treatment of sinusitis

More effective is the use of oils in the treatment of sinusitis at home, if it is used in the form of drops in the nose. Sea-buckthorn, black cumin, tea tree oil - they all have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect. Oily solutions sold in pharmacies are suitable for treatment with inhalation, impregnation of cotton turund, moistened in oil. A prerequisite for the use of oils is the cleansing of the nose from mucus. How to clean the nasal sinuses, it was said above.

Prevention of disease

How much is the coryza treated? And sinusitis? The main axiom for the prevention of diseases of sinusitis is strengthening of immunity. Especially this issue should become the most important in pregnant women, when the susceptibility to diseases is high. A healthy, correct way of life, a balanced diet, a morning complex of physical exercises will provide good support to the body. Mandatory introduction of such antibacterial products as onions and garlic in the menu will help to fight viruses even during periods of acute respiratory infections.

Compliance with the prescribed treatment at home, especially after a puncture with genyantritis, will ease the condition of the patient and exclude the resumption of the disease. People who often suffer from sinusitis do not need to visit swimming pools with chlorinated water, which will irritate the nasal mucosa, create conditions for the recurrence of the disease. Abnormal anatomy of the structure (congenital, after trauma) of the internal septum of the nose can provoke the appearance of sinusitis. Timely prompt correction of the structure and treatment will help to avoid the disease.

Regular visits to the dentist and dental treatment will eliminate foci of reproduction of harmful bacteria that can easily move along the mucous membrane inside the mouth and nose. At the first sign of maxillary sinusitis, you must immediately apply to a medical institution for the appointment of treatment, so as not to miss the moment when the genyantritis can go to the stage of a chronic disease or entail complications. If we add to this the minimal contact with allergens and people suffering from viral infections - the risk of renewal of such a disease as maxillary sinitis is minimal.

Video: how to treat sinusitis

Find the answer to the question that has arisen, how quickly to cure a runny nose at home, help viewing the proposed videos. Treatment of genyantritis at home can go quickly and at low cost, if you do not lose sight of the first symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose. The proposed technique of acupressure of the nose will help not only relax, but also get rid of the disease if you activate certain points. Independently prepared drops of the components that will be found in every house will relieve the cold in a few days and will not allow the disease to develop.

Drops of beet and honey from the common cold and sinusitis


Feedback on treatment at home

Taisia, 34 years old: On the recommendation of a medical girlfriend, she decided to treat the genyantritis at home as soon as she felt the first signs of the disease. I did not miss the time, from the first days of the onset of a cold started treatment with a saline solution, I began to warm up with a warm egg. Not very pleasant procedure prevented the complication of sinusitis. A few days later I forgot about the disease, home treatment was good.

Vladimir, 29 years old: When I was still a child, I had an operation connected with a puncture in genyantritis. Feelings I remember till now. Forever get rid of the disease did not work, but now I think that better prevention is better than treating bilateral sinusitis. In the off-season, with an exacerbation of the disease, antibiotics help. Treatment of genyantritis at home is not for me, I trust only the doctor.

Alevtina Petrovna, 56 years old: In my youth, when I caught a severe cold and got sick, the diagnosis was not yet on the proper level, and as a result of improper treatment I got odontogenic sinusitis. How to determine by the signs of this disease know no worse than doctors. That there were no exacerbations of a genyantritis and deterioration of state of health, I try to do washing independently at home nose with herbal decoctions, dig in my nose with squeezed aloe and calanchoe juice, which I specially grow on window sill.

Anna, 22 years old: Two years ago I became a mother. Councils of the local pediatrician help my son avoid unpleasant moments associated with a runny nose. In cool weather, I try to warm his nose, dig in water with honey. Washing very well helps, but it's still small, it can not stand it. I have one-sided sinusitis, so I know what it is. It is necessary to protect your children from birth and not to allow colds that can become a sinusitis.

How to get rid of a headache with genyantritis with the help of drugs and surgically?


Hello, my name is Leonid, 36 years old. Has tortured a headache at a genyantritis. In the evening I live on pill painkillers. What to do, help with advice.


Hello, Leonid. Headache with genyantritis is the result of buildup of pressure inside the sinuses of the skull. Sinuses (sinuses) are cavities or pockets inside the bones of the skull. In addition to increasing the strength and stability of the skull, sinuses help moisturize and serve as an air filter. They are lined with a mucosa that secrete fluid, and are connected to the nasal cavity by small channels.

There are a number of self-help measures that will help reduce mucus congestion in the sinuses and improve drainage from the sinuses, thus providing relief from a headache with sinusitis.

Here's how to get rid of pain with sinusitis in the most simple ways: drink plenty of fluids, breathe moistened air (a home fountain or moisturizer will help) and use a saline solution to wash the nose (saline nasal sprays).

If you are looking for a way to get rid of a headache with sinusitis with the help of over-the-counter medicines, then acetaminophen and ibuprofen may help you, which allows you to control pain.

Decongestant medications, such as pseudoephedrine, may be helpful in improving the drainage of mucus from the sinuses. However, people with high blood pressure or suffering from cardiovascular problems should consult their doctor before using these medications. Decongestant nasal sprays should not be used for more than three days, due to the possibility of increasing edema and worsening of the patient's condition when discontinuing use.

In most cases, the headache that occurs with inflammation of the maxillary sinuses does not require surgical intervention, but if other options than to relieve a headache with genyantritis, did not help, the otolaryngologist can advise the operation to expand the hole sinuses. Such a method can be considered in severe, recurrent, long-term infections of the maxillary sinus and ceaseless headache. Read also "The doctor otorhinolaryngologist, who is this?"

Many people believe that they suffer from a headache due to sinusitis, when in fact it is much more likely that they have a migraine or headache.

It is important to visit your otolaryngologist if you have a severe headache for a week or more, or you can not control it with conventional pain medication. And it is best to consult a specialist with the first symptoms of maxillary sinusitis in adults, and continue to monitor him throughout the treatment period.

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