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Status gastric acidity - an important indicator that determines the treatment of patients with disorders of the digestive organs. A clinical sign of a high concentration of hydrochloric acid is heartburn. But the physiological feature of the human body indicates fluctuations in the value during the day( at times acidity may be decreased), in response to food, nervous strain.

Therefore, doctors use the pH-metry of the stomach in the study. This precise laboratory test can be carried out with the introduction of an irritating factor and monitor the reaction, the daily dynamics of acidity. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the function of parietal cells, which are mostly located in the antrum and body of the stomach. Their

hyperirrigation leads to increased exposure to acid and pepsin epithelium eliminate natural protective barrier, the formation of inflammation, erosions, ulcers. The mechanism is considered the main in the occurrence of gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux and ulcer disease. One of the ways to normalize the mucous membrane is a diet with increased acidity of the stomach.

Tasks of therapeutic nutrition for the stomach

To restore the integrity and function of the stomach, it is necessary to normalize the acidity. This will reduce the corrosive effect of the pepsin enzyme. To this end, the menu of sick people should be formed from products and dishes:

  • maximally gently affecting the gastric mucosa;
  • having the ability to bind acid;
  • activating alkalinizing and protective factors( mucus formation, synthesis of bicarbonates, glycoproteins, immunoglobulins);
  • improving the blood supply in the gastroduodenal zone.

Dietary table

Among the various therapeutic diets in the classification of Pevzner is table number 1, which is used as a food with increased acidity of the stomach. It is prescribed for the treatment of hyperacid conditions, the removal of pain syndrome, the elimination of heartburn, has options shown for varying degrees of damage to the stomach. Some principles of the diet need clarification.

exception secretion stimulants - is a categorical prohibition on the use of food, which increases acid production in the stomach:

  • rich broth of fish, meat, mushrooms, cabbage;
  • all kinds of alcohol( including medicinal tinctures);
  • of salted, smoked, pickled food;
  • vegetables with coarse fiber;
  • of spicy seasonings, ketchups, mayonnaise;
  • rye bread;
  • carbonated and acidic drinks.

Gastric refresh mode assumes:

Menu for gastritis with increased acidity
  • power supply is at least six times a day;
  • reduced portions;
  • prevention of overeating;
  • enough crushed and rubbed food;
  • the exclusion of hot and cold dishes, compliance with the feeding temperature of about 38 degrees;
  • from cooking methods only boiling, steaming, roasting without crusts is allowed.

Also entering the food must consist of easily digestible components avoid a long delay in the stomach for digestion, so it is impossible at high acidity is fried fatty meat.

The diagram shows the acid-base reaction of foods when giperatsidnom state should be chosen only alkalizing properties

Options table №1 and indications for use

patients with diseases of the stomach hyperacidity may be different degrees of severity of inflammation, pain, dyspepsia( nausea, vomiting, diarrhea).This requires different options for shading. Table №1a - is shown in the first days of an exacerbation. It provides maximum protection of the stomach from all factors affecting the mucosa.

The menu consists of liquid dishes with the wiped and boiled components. Only mucous soups, mashed porridges on water, puree from twice twisted minced meat, jelly, compotes of dried fruits are allowed. Fresh vegetables, fruits, salads are prohibited.

Table number 1b - is recommended for improvement of the condition, reducing pain. Dishes remain wiped, but their more dense consistence is supposed. From some vegetables you can cook puree, from fish and meat - soufflé.Both options have limitations on the content of fats and carbohydrates, so they differ in reduced caloric content.

General table №1 - the basis of nutrition of patients with a hyperacid gastritis. It provides, on a background of mandatory restrictions, a complete composition of proteins, limited only to animal fats and simple carbohydrates. The degree of shading decreases. Caloric content reaches the norm and is suitable for prolonged feeding of patients, starting from the recovery period.

To a soup-puree a white additive is a good additive

In the dish, vegetable oil is added, a small amount of creamy directly into the plate. The table is shown in the phase of remission with peptic ulcer. Against the background of its use, there is no significant weight loss. The duration of compliance with dietary options depends on the recovery capabilities of a particular organism. More detailed information on the permitted and forbidden items for food is shown in the table of products.

Allowed products( stomach acid lowering) Harmful products( acidifying)
Dishes from lean meat of beef, veal, chicken, turkeys( broths, soups), steamed meatballs, meatballs, meatballs To the given stimulants of hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach, we add:fat meat with tendons( pork, lamb, duck)
Milk and milk soups, jelly, cream for filling soups Margarine, lard, cooking oil
Pasta is a small vermicelli that boils well K(for potatoes, beets, pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, green peas) Sausages
Spices are recommended for dill Fatsour cream
Buckwheat porridge, rice, manga, oat flakes Strong coffee, tea, kvass
Raw cottage cheese, calcined, casseroles and puddings( outside the sharpening are allowed steam cheese cakes, lazy vareniki) Spices - pepper, onion, ginger, garlic,schwavehorseradish, vinegar, mustard
Limited lean cheese Vegetables - tomatoes, radish, turnips, radish, cabbage, rutabaga, cucumbers, spinach
Eggs in the form of steam omelets or cooked soft-boiled Canned food, mushrooms in any form
Sweet fruits andberries - bananas, pears, apricots, apples, peaches, cherry, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries in jelly, jelly, compotes Large pasta and noodles from coarse flour, rye bread and bran products
Wheat dried bread, biscuits, dry biscuit,cracker, cookies "Maria" Kefir, thsour,
Tea and soft coffee with milk, broth of wild rose, juices from sweet fruits( first in breeding) Sweets( sweets, chocolate)
Sweets - marshmallow, pastille Sour fruit - certain varieties of apples, citrus fruits, berries -cranberries, currants, gooseberries

What should I consider in the menu?

Before you create a diet yourself, you should read the table below. Expansion is allowed by the doctor after examination and examination of the patient. Sometimes people want to quickly remove heartburn and pain during hypersecretion, for this purpose they are looking for information about what products reduce acidity. It is impossible to achieve a fabulous cure, but the mucous porridge( oatmeal), the oats jelly, the intake of small sips of warm milk will help improve the condition.

These agents have an enveloping action and, due to the alkaline reaction, temporarily neutralize the acid. After the reception of melons( watermelon, melon), as well as banana, mango, avocado, the acidity also decreases, but this does not mean that the treatment should be limited only to them. In fact, the result is eliminated, but not the mechanism that caused the violation.

Misleading people who take a soda solution. In the stomach there is the same violent reaction as in the glass.

The release of gas can break the inflamed mucosa, cause perforation of the ulcer

Because of the increase in gas formation in the intestine can not be eaten with increased acidity of the stomach:

  • yeast dough products( fresh pastries, patties, bread);
  • beans( beans, lentils, peas, soybeans);
  • sweets( jam, candy).

Contraindicated in connection with a high content of extractive substances: cabbage soup, okroshka, borsch. These dishes will inhibit the digestion process, irritate the inflamed stomach. With prolonged remission, you can eat something from sour-milk products-fresh yogurt, yoghurt.

Natural antacid products

To neutralize excess acid in the stomach, natural products with an alkaline reaction are suitable. These include:

  • goat milk, buttermilk;
  • juice from potatoes and celery, diluted with water;
  • raisins, figs( in the form of dried fruit or broth);
  • aloe juice;
  • basil, ginger, mint.

These remedies are recommended folk medicine for heartburn and pain. From them you can choose to taste and add to the dishes, tea, compote. Caution is required for patients with a tendency to develop allergic reactions.

A thick milk product enriched with useful bacteria can be used to refill soups

One-day menu of table number 1 with hyperacid gastritis

In the morning at 8.00:

  • oatmeal from Hercules flakes in diluted milk;
  • 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • drink "Chicory" with milk.

Snack at 11.00:

  • braised pumpkin.

Lunch at 14.00:

  • vegetable soup with mashed carrots, potatoes, zucchini, decorated with dill;
  • steamed chicken cutlets, garnish of boiled buckwheat;
  • jelly from apricots.

Snack at 17.00:

  • compote of dried fruits;
  • cookies "Maria".

Dinner at 19.00:

  • fish meatballs, mashed potatoes;
  • sweet rice porridge with pumpkin;
  • broth of wild rose.

Before going to bed:

  • a glass of warm milk.

If a person who knows about his problem passes to a strict diet immediately after the onset of pain, then there is a chance to cure gastritis without medication. The positive effect of the diet in 80% of patients with stomach diseases is proved. Therapeutic diet will not yield results with continued stress, smoking, alcohol intake, eating dry.

In peptic ulcer of the gastroduodenal zone, it is necessary to take medicines that reduce gastric acidity by blocking the production of juice at the cell level, directly "extinguishing" the effect on the contents of the stomach. Nutrition with a hyperacid state greatly facilitates the prognosis of treatment, accelerates the healing process. Failure to comply with the diet leads the patient to new more severe exacerbations, the danger of complications.