Strongly sore throat in a child than to treat

How to treat a sick throat in a child?

lechenie gorla u rebenkaBefore you start to treat a sore throat in a child, you need to find out the cause of its inflammation - colds, SARS, infectious, bacterial disease, treatment will depend on the type of disease. It is important immediately that the child was at rest, went to bed. If the throat is very red and it hurts, you must immediately call the therapist. When the symptomatology is aggravated, high body temperature rises, it is necessary to call for emergency help.

Treatment of the throat in a child on the first day of illness

Often the child refuses, when ill from eating, do not force him, on the contrary provide him with sparing food that does not irritate the mucous throat, it is worth to give up acidic, spicy, salty, spicy food. Do not eat hot and cold food.

The child is allowed to eat grated soup, mashed potatoes or fruit. Also helps to remove the inflammation of the porridge, cooked on milk, water. It is recommended to drink as much as possible - yogurt, kefir, warm milk is allowed. So you can quickly overcome the intoxication of the child's body, which develops against the background of the virus, with the help of liquid the body will quickly be cleaned of harmful substances.

Often painful sensations in the throat of a child are accompanied by a high body temperature, it leads to rapid breathing. It is necessary to drink fruit drinks with black currant, cranberries, nastitis on herbs, compote, warm boiled water, raspberry tea, add a small amount of honey, lemon. Carbonated water, lemonade is forbidden. With the help of warm drink it is possible to improve blood circulation in the throat, which is inflamed, at first it is pershot, it is sour, then it feels dry, at the end there is a cough.

It is impossible to give a sour drink to a child with a sore throat, it can even irritate the throat even more, honey should be added to the fruit juice with berries, sugar should be added to the tea, the lemon lies in a small amount.

Painful sensation in the throat removes:

1. Tea with chamomile, sugar is added and drunk in a warm form

2. Tea from a linden, to it it is possible to add lipu. In addition to having an antiseptic anti-inflammatory effect on the body, it is one of the best antipyretic, sweatshops.

3. It is recommended to use a decoction with raspberry leaves, currants, they relieve inflammation, knock down the heat of the body. You can not use raspberry sprigs with bronchial asthma, it contains a large number of salicylates.

4. Broth of dogrose not only reduces pain in a child, saturates the body with vitamin C, normalizes the immune system.

5. If, in addition to pain in the throat, disturbs a strong cough, you need to use broths based on herbs - thyme, St. John's wort, mother-and-stepmother.

6. Mint calms the pain and relaxes the throat muscles.

Gargle for baby

This is one of the most effective methods of treatment. These procedures are recommended after 3 years, at an early age children can not do this. If the child is not allergic, you can use calendula, sage, eucalyptus, rotokan, chlorophyllipt.

Effectively helps the soda solution, it takes 200 ml of water, it dissolves soda, a little iodine, you need to gargle as much as you can bowl up to 6 times a day, after eating nothing, do not drink until one hour.

Recommend rinsing furatsillinom, for this dissolves the tablet in warm water. For a child, one tablet will suffice. In the form of rinses you can use salt, you need to dilute it in a glass of water, it's best to use sea salt.

Sprays for watering the throat of a child

You can use rinsing with antiseptics. Recommend to use painkillers, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory drugs. It is popular Tantum Verde, with the help of it you can stop the inflammatory process, save the child from pain, destroy the pathogenic microflora. Use it as a spray for children from 3 years old. Some pediatricians prescribe it with half a year, remember that this is dangerous, there may be spasm of the larynx. You can not jump in the throat, and on the cheeks, the child himself will smear his tongue on the throat.

Miramistin is popular, it is sold in vials, the liquid has no taste, smell, relieves inflammation, actively fights against viruses. With the help of it you can cure various diseases of the oral cavity. Is safe for children, inject it with a syringe without a needle.

Since 3 years you can use anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial sprays - Hexoral, Ingalipt, Bioparox. Watch the reaction of the child to avoid a serious allergic reaction.

Treatment of a child's throat with solutions

If the pain is caused by a sore throat, you can often prescribe the treatment of the throat with the help of a solution of Chlorophyllipt, Lugol. This method is not always effective, it only brings psychological discomfort to the child. Why treat the throat, if you can spray the spray, the effect will be the same. The child often with this procedure begins to scream, break away, you can injure yawns, tonsils, because of this, the infection will worsen even more.

Inhalation for a child from sore throat

Pain provoked by redness, excessive dryness. Do not put the baby over a boiling pan, this procedure can lead to serious burns. It is better to use ultrasonic, steam inhalers, nebulizer. Applied for inhalation of various essential oils, mineral water, medicines, it all depends on the model of the inhaler. With this method, you can moisten the mucous membrane, the baby will breathe easier, especially inhalation if it is disturbed by a dry cough.

Treatment of sore throat in a child with the help of pastilles

Do not use for children who are under 5 years old. To have the effect you need to keep them for a long time in your mouth. Little children often choke on them. Also remember the composition, often in such seemingly harmless candies, add antiseptic components, antibiotics, they can only be used for the doctor's prescription. This group includes Tharyngept, Strepsils, Septepriye, Lizobakt.

So, in order to heal the pain in the throat, you first need to find out what disease it provoked, only then you can move on to the full course of therapy.

Why does my child have a sore throat and how to treat it?

When does the child have a sore throat, and how to treat the baby? The main thing that needs to be done in the first place to effectively treat the disease is to provide the child with peace, bed rest and call a doctor. Forcing to take food, while the pain does not allow it to be normal, do not. Breathe should only through the nose, because the air passing through the mouth, does not have time to warm up on the way to the sore throat.

The problem of sore throat in a child

Methods of treatment


Children under 3 years old can not rinse the throat, so making them do not make sense. The method is universal. You need soda (a teaspoon of soda is taken for a glass of water), medicinal infusions (including undiluted ones) of eucalyptus, sage, rotokana, calendula, dog rose, sea salt, furatsilinovy ​​solution (the children will have 1 tablet for a glass of warm water). The procedure should be performed at least 4 times a day.


The use of dog rose in the treatment of the throat in a childAlong with the old way of breathing in the fumes of a freshly prepared dish based on potatoes, it is possible to buy compact steam and ultrasonic inhalers that are convenient to carry in your pocket. Unlike the old unsafe methods, they can not burn the mucous membranes and generally cause less inconvenience. In ultrasonic water solutions are used, and in steam - various essential oils and broths from grasses.

Lollipops and lozenges

Again, it is better to protect children under 5 from using candy to avoid accidents. Such drugs sometimes contain antiseptic agents and antibiotics for local use, so it is assumed that the application will be restricted within the instructions and in a short period.

Method of irrigation

Similarly, rinsing of the throat in children over 3 years of age is made with irrigation solutions of antiseptics (with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial properties). Miramistine solution is not dangerous even for babies, it can be dropped on the tongue or on the cheek. And be sure to consult with your doctor before use, as some sprays can cause allergies.

Decoction of chamomile for treating the throat of a childSolutions

Chlorophyllipt or Lugol's solution is injected directly into the pharynx. This is a fairly effective method and quickly removes discomfort, but you should be careful. If you touch sick tonsils, there is a chance to provoke the spread of the infection inside the body.

Means used orally, will help to remove or at least slightly soften the symptoms and ensure the flow of blood to the inflamed area. It:

  1. Chamomile tea.

Used instead of the usual welding, served in a warm (not hot) form. If the child wants tea to be sweet, you can add sugar.

  1. Broth from a dogrose.

Contains a huge amount of vitamin C (in dogrose, its concentration is 50 times greater than in lemon), so it definitely does not hurt, but only strengthens the immune system.

  1. Linden blossom. A diaphoretic, antipyretic with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions.
  2. Decoction of currant, raspberry (can cause allergy in some cases) leaves.
  3. Mother-and-stepmother, St. John's wort, thyme. Especially herbs are useful if the child is also having a cough.
  4. Honey, various kinds of jam, compotes.

Diseases that cause pain in the throat

Scheme of laryngitisIn most cases, the cause of sore throat in children is the defeat of viral infections (about 3/4 of the cases). The rest is caused by bacterial infections. And it is required to conduct therapeutic measures of a symptomatic nature, and bacteria can be defeated by exposure on them bactericidal preparations and antibiotics, that is, it is necessary to directly eliminate the cause of the disease.

Sore throat causes the following ailments:

  1. Laryngitis.

There is inflammation of the larynx mucosa, a feeling of dryness in the mouth, perspiration and scratching in the throat, a "barking" cough. By the way, with laryngitis, the whisper injures the vocal cords more than ordinary speech, so if it is difficult to speak, it is better to refrain from this at all.

How is throat treated with laryngitis? Ill children are given an abundant warm drink, preferably containing vitamins, milk. All this is necessary to stop the dry cough. Remove from the diet acute, hot and cold food, carbonated drinks. At the same time, it is required to prepare delicious dishes in order to increase appetite.

  1. Pharyngitis is viral.
Scheme of pharyngitisSymptoms are as follows: cervical lymph nodes are not enlarged in size, a slight reddening of mucous membranes.

What are the treatment recommendations?To treat the throat with pharyngitis will help rinse with salted water (teaspoon per glass) 3-4 times a day.However, this method is not suitable for young children, since they can be drowned. It will be better to give them warm infusions, which the pediatrician will advise. Lowering the temperature with ibuprofen or paracetamol makes sense when it rises above 38 ° C. You can remove the pain with sprays from the throat (if age is not less than 2 years), candy, instillation of vasoconstrictive drugs into the nose.

  1. Irritation of mucous membranes due to aggressiveness of the external environment (smoke, fine particles).
AnginaIf the perspiration is caused by the dryness of the inhaled air, then an increase in the humidity of the air will help here.
  1. Sore throat in a child can also be caused by an allergy to the effects of the relevant substances in the surrounding atmosphere, that is, allergens.

In this case, the temperature and general condition of the body can be normal. First, the source of allergy is eliminated, then the throat is rinsed with a solution of salt (220 ml of water is taken for 1 teaspoon of sea salt).

  1. Angina.

A frequent cause of its appearance in children may be decreased immunity. Influenza, streptococcal infection, various kinds of mold, pollen of plants activate the activity of microbes living in the nasopharynx. Infect the child at risk and from other people by airborne droplets. Hyperactive children like to sometimes overload the vocal cords, causing them to get injured.

Experts believe that angina is not treated without taking antibiotics.

But, if you properly organize the care of the child, you can remove the painful symptoms with a liquid diet, freshly squeezed orange juice. No yogurt, sour cream, hot teas and dishes: they only aggravate the situation and lead to inflammatory processes, the release of pus and, as a consequence, its ingress into the internal organs, that is, the infection of the body. Bactericidal medicines prescribed by a physician will remove symptoms for 3-4 days. Warm compresses applied to the neck will not be superfluous.

What if the baby is sick? To stop taking medicinal products is not necessary, it is just necessary to give them in small doses.

What else is the cause of the pain?

Consultation of a doctor in the treatment of a child's throatThere are several other factors:
  1. Scarlet fever.

It is also called purple fever. In general, the symptoms are the same as with angina: fever, increased palatine tonsils, weakness, pain when swallowing. But late in the evening on the neck a purple-colored rash starts appearing distinctly, spreading all over the body. Particularly susceptible to this armpits, the reverse side of the elbows folds.

The antibiotics prescribed by the doctor will help drive the disease out within 2 weeks. In addition, they may prescribe antihistamines. Local therapeutic procedures suggest rinsing with infusions of sage, marigold and chamomile. It is necessary to limit the consumption of food rich in proteins.

  1. Cold.

If there is no increase in temperature, you can first arrange a foot bath, diluting the bowl with hot water mustard. After washing, dry your feet and put on warm, woolen socks.

The nose is cleaned from the mucus enema with saline solution, decoction of herbs, followed by cleaning the nasal sinuses with a handkerchief. If rinsing occurs accidental ingestion of broth from herbs or salt, then you should not worry, there will be no harm from it.

What does it mean if a child has a sore throat and painful swallowing?

the child has a sore throat

The reason for the painful sensations in the throat is that the inflammatory process has become more active. This can occur due to the ingress of viruses and bacteria. They can concentrate in the throat and larynx, tonsils. Such symptoms indicate a variety of diseases and can be combined with a variety of symptoms. Treatment can be prescribed only after the doctor correctly ascertained the cause of the pain syndrome. If therapy is not carried out on time, you can earn serious complications, which will take more time and effort to eliminate.

From this article, you can find out the better the gargle with purulent sore throat.

Causes of pain without temperature

Most of the time the throat hurts and does not cause a rise in temperature as a result of contact with pathogenic microorganisms on the mucosa. They begin to grow and multiply, which contributes to the formation of ARI and ARVI. It is these ailments that lead to sore throats without fever. By this, the patient develops general weakness, malaise and pain in the head.

Causes with temperature

the child has a sore throat to swallow

If such a symptom is accompanied by a rise in temperature, this may indicate the following reasons:

  1. When the temperature rises, the child's throat becomes red, there is pain, perspiration, these are signs of pharyngitis.
  2. Diseases provoked by a viral infection, this is a clear sign of measles or indigestion.
  3. Diseases caused by bacteria begin to appear as a runny nose, a touch on the tonsils, the formation of green and yellow mucus in the throat.
  4. Angina is accompanied by reddening of the throat, increased temperature, the patient has palatine arches, on the tonsils is formed white plaque, and it is also possible to secrete pus.
  5. When the baby's throat becomes red and there is no fever, there is no intoxication, this indicates a chronic inflammatory process.
  6. In children up to the year, redness and sore throat occurs against the background of teething.They also experience a rise in temperature and diarrhea.
  7. Sore throat and hang temperature may indicate an allergic reaction. For such a phenomenon, nasal congestion or abundant discharge from the nose is characteristic.

How does the white plaque in the throat look like, you can learn from this article.

The video tells why the child has a sore throat and painful swallowing:

How to reduce pain syndrome


Many parents often look for answers to the question of how to quickly relieve a child's condition during severe sore throats, than to heal what to do and how to help. In this case, it is necessary to use a rinse of the throat with a solution of baking soda and furacilin.

You can prepare the latter yourself, if you dissolve a pill of the drug in a glass of water.For rinsing, you can use a decoction of such medicinal herbs as calendula and chamomile. Throat can be treated with a solution of glycerin and eucalyptus oil.

How to look in the throat on the tonsils white dots, is indicated in the article.

When the pain in the throat is a symptom of angina, the baby has this symptom strongly. Eliminate the problem with eucalyptus oil. But from such treatment a baby can have a vomiting reflex.

When a child has reddening of the back wall of the sky and throat, and tonsils are not affected, then these are obvious symptoms of pharyngitis. Such a disease is very easy to treat at home. For these purposes, it is necessary to use warm milk with the addition of honey. For rinses, you can use a decoction based on sage, soda. Effectively conduct inhalation.

Milk and honey-assistant with pharyngitis

Quickly help relieve the pain of the procedure, during which you need to inhale the steamed potatoes. It is necessary to sit the baby over the potato in which potatoes were boiled, from above to cover the head with a towel. It is necessary to carry out the procedure together with the child in order to control the temperature of the hot steam. Then your child will not get burned.

For what reason does the throat and rhinitis with breastfeeding hurt, you can find out from the article.

Therapeutic events

If the sore throat is not accompanied by fever, then use antibiotics does not make sense. For the treatment of acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory infections, it is necessary to use procedures such as inhalation, rinsing.

When there is an infection in the throat, this is a clear sign of pharyngitis, SARS and ARD. Under such conditions it is necessary to rinse. Infusion of camomile from chamomile. Such a solution may have an anti-inflammatory effect.To get it, you need to take 200 ml of boiling water and send there a dessert spoon of chamomile flowers.

What to do when the throat does not hurt, but something prevents, you can learn from this article.

Wait an hour, and then drain. When the broth becomes warm, then you can use a decoction for rinsing.

From this article it is indicated why slime flows from the nasopharynx into the throat.

Rinse can be done with salt water. To make it, you need to send ½ tablespoon of salt to a glass of water. Do medical manipulations every hour. Parents should ensure that the salty liquid does not enter the body with bacteria, so children should not swallow it.

gargling with salt water

Still it is possible to use such means: from a lemon to receive juice of a lemon, to place in a glass with water and to rinse a solution with a throat.

For what reason there is a runny nose and throat without fever, is indicated in the article.

To eliminate bacteria, it is necessary to prepare a rinse aid based on a weak solution of iodine and soda. Very often, doctors advise their patients to alternately rinse and inhalation. It takes about 30 minutes to exercise this throughout the day.

solution of iodine and salt

Pain in the throat without fever may be accompanied by a runny nose. As a result, the baby begins to breathe through the mouth, becomes irritable, poorly eats. For these purposes, it is necessary to involve thexylotome nasal drops. They help to eliminate stuffiness and to facilitate breathing.

What to do when the ear and throat hurts on the one hand is indicated in the article.

xylotome nasal drops

In the conditions of home treatment, the pain in the throat is helped by inhalation. If the inhaler is present at home, the procedure is much easier. When you can not buy the device, you can perform inhalation in another way. To do this, prepare an infusion of chamomile or burdock root, put a few drops of oil based on eucalyptus. The procedure is suitable for children and 1 year and 5 years.

How does the throat look like in angina, you can see in this article.

use of an inhaler

Tilt the child and cover with a towel. The baby should inhale the vapors through the mouth and, if possible, through the nose. Duration of manipulation is 5-10 minutes. Do this treatment several times throughout the day.

For what reason there is a red throat and runny nose with no temperature, is indicated here.

Sore throat is a very dangerous symptom that can flow with or without fever. If such a process is accompanied by a temperature, antibacterial drugs must be present in the treatment. When the pathology proceeds without raising the temperature, you can get by with folk remedies. It is quite possible to overcome the ailment at home, but the pediatrician must necessarily control the entire process.

The child has a sore throat - than to treat?

a child has a sore throat than healSore throat in young children occurs in different situations. It is this symptom that most often causes parents to treat their child to pediatricians or to use traditional and traditional medicines.

In this article, we will tell you what to do if a child has a sore throat and how to understand the cause of his ailment in a situation where the baby does not yet speak.

Signs of sore throat

At a certain point in life, every young mother gets easier from the fact that her child can independently voice, what exactly bothers him. Nevertheless, until this time to understand why the baby is not feeling well, can be quite difficult. As a rule, with intense pain in the throat, newborn babies begin to refuse food, shriek when they swallow and often wake up. All these signs for a young mother should serve as an occasion for consultation with a pediatrician who examines the crumbs and determines what color his throat is. If the mucosa has a pronounced red hue, it can be said with a high degree of probability that the crumb suffers an intense pain in the throat.

In addition, this condition is often accompanied by such signs as:

  • heat;
  • dry cough;
  • chills and fever;
  • change voice timbre, hoarse;
  • a runny nose or nasal congestion.

What should I do if my child has a sore throat?

There are many ways to help a kid cope with sore throat, however, before applying the majority of them it is recommended to consult a doctor. So, if a young mother has a question, than treating a one-year-old child, who has a sore throat, it is necessary immediately to contact the children's polyclinic in order to avoid negative consequences.

the child is very sore throat what to doAs a rule, children's doctors in such a situation write out medicines in the form of a spray, for example, Tantum Verde or Geksoral, which are permitted for use in newborn babies. Older children may be prescribed lysozymes for resorption of Lizobakt.

In addition, mothers can use one of the effective folk remedies, for example: irrigation of the throat with medicinal decoctions of chamomile, sage or calendula, rinse with soda-iodine solution or inhalation with essential oils. Toddlers can drink a glass of hot milk with honey added, which will not only reduce the intensity of pain, but also will calm the nervous system.

Has a sore throat much worse than cure?


Konstantin Andryukhin

1) Grammidine tablets. rassasyvat after eating one, immediately followed by another. 3 times a day. for a day as a rule strongly helps. There is an anesthetic - more pleasant to the taste.
2) Rinses. Iodinol, soda, salt, iodine, sage.
3) If it's VERY hard. antibiotic. ampicillin trihydrate. 1 table * 3 times a day.
4) Copious hot drink.
5) To smear a throat r-rum ljugolja with glycerin. very carefully so that there is no throat spasms.

Roman Chernousov



Honey-perfectly softens the throat!


make tea there add a spoonful of tea salt, a drop of iodine and rinse


some pastilles in the pharmacy can be bought


Strepsils spray-class thing, and in a cheaper way-iodinol (flattening)


In a glass of hot milk 2 h. l. honey, 0.5 h. l. butter, soda at the tip of the knife. Drink in small sips. Then eat a spoonful of honey, only slowly, like a candy. And into the bunk!

Ludmila Kondakova

Hot water in a glass, 5 drops of iodine, 1.5 teaspoon of salt, rinse throat during the day 5-6 times, solution of d. b. warm closer to hot. Phenoxymethylpenicillin-soft antibiotic 2 after 4 hours. Throat smash ointment Vietnamese starlet or iodine mesh to warm up your throat, shawl for a day, do not remove.

Elena Zemba

If not very disgusting, purified kerosene is the best remedy. Once anointed for the night and nothing will remain of the cold in the morning.

Alexander Malyshev

tea with raspberry jam is the best remedy

Crazy Apothecary

Tantum Verede knows
that the throat helps !!!!

Tatyana Leshchenko

inhalipt spray spray 2-3 times pshknesh and nebudet hurt me helped.


You know, they say, the stomach aches - because of cowardice, and the throat - from anger (well, so they say :-), there's more about the pain in different parts of the body there.. . ).
I, by the way, often take a throat.. . :-), at such times I try to drink everything only hot, do not talk too much in the cold, and for the night I wind up the scarf warm around my neck. In general, usually after a scarf it becomes much easier to become. Here. " :-)
And at the expense of popular wisdom - I can not say anything. From the outside it is more visible :-)

Irina .

hot beer


Tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils, mostly palatines. Distinguish between acute tonsillitis (angina) and chronic. Frequent exacerbations of tonsillitis can lead to violations of the function of the heart, the appearance of pain in the joints. Tonsillitis is more common in children. Chronic tonsillitis occurs as a result of repeated angina and acute childhood infections.
Symptoms: Unpleasant sensations, pain in the throat, giving in the ears, sometimes the smell from the mouth. Often a prolonged temperature in the evenings, weakness, headache, disability.
Traditional methods of treatment: Flushing of the tonsils with antiseptic solutions (antibiotics). With complications - the removal of tonsils.
Unconventional and folk methods of treatment:
1) Take 4-5 chopped cloves of garlic and 2 tablespoons of dry shredded herb sage, pour 1L. boiling water, insist in a sealed container for 15 minutes, and cool at room temperature, strain. Take 0.25 cup 3-4 times a day and rinse with this infusion of the throat.
2) Conduct garlic irrigation of the tonsils. Squeeze a little fresh juice of garlic, apply it to the fingertips and grease this juice with tonsils. After this, this procedure can be repeated with the infusion of propolis. This is a very effective tool. Consider that the juice should be diluted with water a little.
3) For sore throats, pour 0.5 teaspoons of baking soda and salt into a glass of warm boiled water and add a few drops of iodine. With this solution rinse throat. The pain can pass after 1 day of rinsing.
4) For the treatment of tonsillitis rub 1 glass of raw beets, pour 1 tablespoon of vinegar, insist, squeeze the juice with vinegar and rinse your mouth, throat and swallow a bit (1-2 tablespoons).
5) It is good to squeeze into the prepared dishes juice from 1 sheet of aloe. The age of the plant should be at least 2 years. Drink juice for 1 teaspoonful 1 time a day in the morning on an empty stomach. The course of treatment is 1 month.
6) In tonsillitis, lubricate palatine tonsils with aloe juice mixed with natural honey in a ratio of 1: 3 for 1 week.
7) Brew 1 cup of boiling 3-5 clove buds (spice), infuse 2 hours. Infusion to drink or all at once, or on , 5 glasses. The procedure can be carried out once a year as a treatment, as well as with preventive purposes.
8) Lubricate the tonsils with fleece impregnated with fir oil (sold at the pharmacy) 4-5 times a day. The course of treatment is 2-3 days. The effect is enhanced by simultaneously injecting 1 drop of this oil into each nostril at the same time. There may be unpleasant sensations, but they will pass in 10-15 minutes.
9) Collect the flowers of the potato, dry it in the shade. Boil 1 tablespoon of flowers in 1 glass of water. These solutions gargle 3 times a day for 10 days.
10) 4 teaspoons of the crushed dry leaves of a sage to make 2 glasses of boiled water, to insist 30 minutes and to filter. To apply for gargles of a throat 2-3 times a day.
11) 3-4 tablespoons of elderberry brew 1 cup of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes on low heat, cool and drain. Gargle as often as possible.
12) Mix 1 part of linden flowers and 2 parts of oak bark. Brew 1 cup of boiling water 1 tablespoon of the mixture, hold on low heat for 5 minutes and strain. Gargle by diluting the broth with honey.


It is better to consult a specialist for advice. Consultation specialist will go in your favor.
Pick up the best doctor and make an appointment can be at a very convenient service And most importantly without queues! Do not forget to choose your region in which you live!

Victor Efimov

Do not self-medicate, contact the specialists
All of health.

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