The child was electrocuted: what to do and first aid

Today we will talk about electric shock and electric burns in children, what to do if the child is electrocuted, how to properly administer the first emergency first aid at home before the call of the ambulance team, in accordance with the recommendations of pediatricians.


Reasons for

Many babies suffer at home from electric shock. The reasons are always the same: I stuck a nail( hairpin, screwdriver) into a power socket, my teeth were bitten by a live wire, I reached into the working TV or radio.

In adolescents, the most common cause of electric trauma is mischief, bordering on hooliganism: to get into a transformer box, to cut wires leading to a construction car, to break the power line in order to extract non-ferrous metals and fix a difficult financial situation.

The consequences of these actions can be different: from a slight tingling in the place of impact to death.

Household electric shock

Sometimes electric shock can overtake the baby when the skin is dried by .If a boy has an intertrigo in the inguinal folds and the wiping of the skin in these places after bathing and washing gives the crumb additional inconvenience, a hair dryer can come to the aid, with which the skin will dry instantly and painlessly. But the danger can lie in wait for the youngstatt and in the performance of this procedure, harmless at first glance. The fact is that with a sudden urination, the trickle can get on the electric motor, which will lead to a short circuit and electrical injury to the genitals. Therefore, the boy should be put on his stomach in order to avoid a dangerous "fountain".

First urgent medical aid

Electric shock requires immediate and decisive action, but when saving the victim, do not forget about your own safety:

Do not touch the child until you pull the cord from the socket.

If you need to discard the power source from the child, do not do it with your bare hand, use a dry stick, folded newspaper, or any dry object that does not conduct electricity.

If the electric cord is not thrown off, try moving the child away, but not with bare hands, but with rubber gloves or improvised insulating materials.

If the child does not breathe, begin carrying out resuscitation measures: mouth-to-mouth breathing and indirect heart massage. With the technique and algorithm of performing artificial respiration with indirect heart massage you can see on this page.

Call an ambulance even if the baby is feeling well. He needs medical supervision, since there is a risk of cardiac arrest or bleeding from the internal organs several hours after the injury.

In the place of skin contact with a current source, an electric burn is often formed, which looks like whitish or dark brown, sometimes black, spots with a dense surface, under which tissue necrosis is possible. First aid does not differ from that in case of thermal burns( see page with first aid for burns in children).

One of the options for electric trauma is lightning damage. After all, lightning is a giant electric discharge in the atmosphere, reaching a voltage of a million volts, lasting a fraction of a second. The victims in most cases lose consciousness, and the violation of cardiac activity is less common, which can be explained by the short-term effects. Those who survive a stroke with lightning often remain disabled with motor impairments, hearing loss, speech, sight.


Teach children the rules of conduct during a thunderstorm. Explain why you can not hide from lightning under a lonely tree. Many teenagers, whom a summer storm found on the shore of a body of water, escape from it in the water, claiming that "it's warmer there."Yes, the water is really warmer, but also many times more dangerous, since the head on an even surface is an attractive object for lightning, increasing the probability of damage and drowning.

People still believe that after an electric shock and a lightning strike, one must bury the victim in the ground in order to "get a current out of him."With this method of providing assistance, a person will sooner live than a current. Forget about it as soon as possible, then, perhaps, the next generation will no longer bury still living people in the ground.


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