We treat in the shortest time bunion of the big toe

Bursitis of the big toe arises from the valgus deformation - the deviation of the thumb from the midline due to the curvature of the joint. The first thing that happens during bursitis is the displacement of the limb, in the case of the progression of the disease cartilage suffers, which leads to arthrosis plusfungal joints. The bones of the leg expand, the transverse spreading of the foot occurs. The ailment leads to difficulties and pain when moving, uncertainty during walking, anemia in the affected area.

  • Types of disease
  • Siguliform bunion of the big toe
  • Purulent bursitis of the big toe
  • Home treatment for bursitis
  • Without surgery
  • Compresses at an early stage
  • Aloe juice
  • Infusions
  • Vinegar with honey
  • Butter
  • Gymnastics
  • Treatment at a late stage
  • Silicone corrector of bursitis of the big toe
  • Independent opinion of the doctor on popular methods
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Often a person whose work is connected with a lot of walking simply ignores the difficulty, and draws attention to it too late. If you notice that the old shoes have become small, frequent calluses on the cone and a feeling of wavy pain, this probably indicates the last stage of the problem.

Attention!Diagnosis of the disease at an early stage, will completely eliminate it, so with any noticeable distortion of the foot and the inconvenience of movement, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Types of disease

Siguliform bunion of the big toe

The bursitis not revealed in time passes into a chronic stage. This degree of bursitis can not be cured without surgical removal of the synovial bag. The operation is performed in a planned manner, and if the bursa does not have an infection, it heals within 10 days.

Often the chronic bursitis on the big toe is complicated by the appearance on it of a fistula (a narrow opening on the skin leading to the synovial bag), from which pus is secreted. This manifestation of the disease may temporarily stop, but then resume again. The correct approach to the removal of the fistula is its complete surgical removal. After this, as a rule, this pathology is not repeated.

Purulent bursitis of the big toe

Bursitis passes through several stages of development. At the last stage, purulent inflammatory processes occur. This pain occurs not only when walking, but also at rest. This degree of disease, as a rule, does not cure conservative methods and requires surgical intervention.

  1. The doctor dissects the skin over the inflamed area and removes the bone growth. In severe cases, fixation of displaced bones by metal construction is carried out.
  2. Over the next 6-8 weeks, you need to carefully handle the wound, keep your feet clean so that it does not supercool.

Sometimes after surgery, calcium preparations are prescribed.

Determine the presence of bursitis can be using an X-ray machine, which will accurately show the stage of the problem. Despite the apparent seriousness of the problem, bursitis is quite possible to heal at home, if you did not run the case too much.

Home treatment for bursitis

Without surgery

With bursitis, not complicated by the appearance of pus or fistula, surgical intervention is not applied. Recently appeared bursitis can be treated with conservative methods.

He is treated with the use of orthopedic correctors, fixing the finger in the right position, taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and also with the help of massages. With timely treatment, the disease can go away, even if the treatment is carried out at home.

It is possible to get rid of bursitis folk remedies - applying compresses with an anti-inflammatory compound, with the help of medicinal trays.

You can use warm or cold compresses, applying them to the painful joint, in combination with them to conduct regular massage and increase foot movements. Compresses are recommended to be made from plants that have an anti-inflammatory effect and the ability to remove swelling, it is plantain, linden, burdock, calendula. This method does a lot of mild to moderate ailment, and at a deeper level, combine them with prescribed medications and therapeutic exercises.

There are quite a lot of proven recipes that are quite capable of helping you cure bursitis without surgical intervention.

Compresses at an early stage

In the absence of acute pain, apply a warm compress of decoction of decongestant herbs, for example, chamomile, millennia. For its preparation, take 20 g of vegetable raw materials and pour boiling water, the volume of which is equal to a faceted glass. To insist it is necessary on a water bath, no longer than 20 minutes, then drain and let cool to room temperature.

If you have a chronic form of bursitis, try this recipe:

  • mix honey with shavings of ordinary household soap in proportions 1: 1;
  • add the crushed bulb;
  • melt the mixture and lay it on a cotton cloth that you need to attach to a sore spot.

Top with a hot shawl to create a greenhouse effect.

Interesting!In the same way, you can use a young potato, pre-brewing it and kneading it to a consistency of mashed potatoes.

To warm up the inflamed place, you can take salt or river sand, heat in a frying pan, then pour into a cloth bag. Apply to the affected joint through a folded several times a towel and keep until completely cooled.

Aloe juice

The plant has a fairly strong effect. To prepare this compress you need:

  • take 25 g of honey, squeeze into it the juice from the leaf of aloe;
  • pour vodka in the volume of about half a glass;
  • let it brew for a few days.

Attention!Only natural honey is suitable for making this recipe.

Apply to the inflamed joint for five minutes every morning, afternoon and evening. For lack of a large number of herbs, you can use even the leaves of lilac - apply them for 15-20 minutes, while being in a state of complete rest.


Help to strengthen the body and much faster to cope with the developed inflammation. Do not underestimate their importance, since the cause of bursitis may well be the infection that has settled in the human body. The remaining infusion for a compress of chamomile, you can take inwards, which helps the body better work in the fight against inflammation.

Vinegar with honey

This infusion is intended for ingestion, has an anesthetic effect and strengthens immunity.

  1. In a glass of heated boiled water, add a teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Take 250-500 ml daily, throughout the treatment period.


If you have this product at home, proceed as follows:

  1. Mix 100 g of butter with 15 grams of propolis.
  2. Take one teaspoon a day before meals, at least 3 times.

If you do not feel strong pain and discomfort while moving and continue to go to work / school, choose free shoes on the straight soles. Try to limit the wearing of heels to the full cure of the joint. Do not engage in sports and daily create on the couch a hill for the sick leg, in order to speed up the removal of edema.

Attention!Do not forget that even if you notice the effect after using home treatment, regularly consult a doctor to track the progress of recovery.


The early stages of the disease are treated with gymnastic exercises. Also, after a surgical procedure, the physician prescribes physical procedures. But, in no case, you should not restart the joint.

Exercises should be aimed at developing a damaged joint:

  1. Sit on a chair and hold the pencil between your toes. Try to imitate the writing of the alphabet from A to Z.
  2. Sitting on a chair, put your feet on the floor and try using your fingers to make crawling foot movements back and forth.
  3. Lay down on the floor, raise your legs and, doing the exercise "bike", try to maximally pull the sock.
  4. Walk alternately on the inner and outer edges of the foot.

Try to walk more often without shoes. Have enough patience and the disease will recede.

Treatment at a late stage

In the absence of the effect of the above compresses, most likely, you have a late stage of the disease. In this case, self-medication is unacceptable, and you should immediately go to the doctor for an examination. Do not be afraid that you will immediately be sent to the surgical table - with bursitis, as a rule, the operation is considered only in the presence of acute pain. In most cases, you will be prescribed additional compresses and, possibly, the administration of antibiotics intravenously.

If acute pain is present, consult a doctor about prescribing pain medications for you. In this case, warm and cold compresses are best used alternately. The motor activity should be cut to the full minimum.

For the purpose of treatment, first of all, it is determined what caused bursitis. If the root cause was uncomfortable shoes, measures are necessarily taken to replace it. In case of traumatic onset of the disease, similar activities are carried out with other injuries. If its appearance was caused by an infection, measures are taken to eliminate it.

First of all, peace of foot is ensured, medication with antibiotics is prescribed, and anti-inflammatory drugs are administered in the form of taking tablets and treating the inflamed leg.

Important!Chronic bursitis should be treated necessarily, since it can cause disability.

Silicone corrector of bursitis of the big toe

The deformation of the bone on the big toe, at which it protrudes, is a frequently occurring phenomenon. This is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also painful. To correct this defect, when starting bursitis, you can use a silicone corrector. To hope that this remedy will cure old bursitis is not worth it, in this case the corrector can only alleviate the condition.

The soft structure of the corrector silicone fixes the finger in the desired position, eliminating the possibility of aggravation of the curvature. It can be used both during sleep and when wearing shoes. With a slight curvature, it allows a complete cure of the problem.

It is also recommended to purchase special insoles for shoes and use them even after the course of treatment. On the patient's finger, apply an orthopedic longure, which will prevent further bending of the thumb. It is necessary to remember that in case of illness the first thing that you need to provide for your relatives and friends is bed rest and complete rest, so how much is it possible to limit yourself in motor loads, and invite someone to stay home for a while, to care while treating.

For the prevention of bursitis, always buy the most free shoes that do not have a sharp sock in combination with heels, especially if your work is associated with a constant stay on your feet.

Independent opinion of the doctor on popular methods

In order to select an adequate and effective treatment of bursitis of the big toe, it is necessary to understand that this is primarily an inflammation, and therefore all the methods used should be directed at its elimination.

There are three stages in its development:

  • primary tissue damage;
  • formation and accumulation of exudate in tissues;
  • proliferation of tissues.

Bunion of the thumb has several stages:

  • slight reddening and densification, in which pain is absent;
  • the formation of the so-called "lump", which is accompanied by soreness and discomfort;
  • increased pain, especially after prolonged exertion;
  • persistent severe pain and joint deformity.

Important!The choice of the same treatment methods and their success directly depend on the stage of bursitis. And in this case, the use of recipes of traditional medicine will be applicable only in the case of the initial stage of the disease, when the lump is not yet formed, and the process of inflammation itself is not accompanied by severe pain, deformity and possible complications.

It is also necessary to take into account that any home treatment must necessarily precede:

  • a sharp decrease in the load on the damaged joint;
  • the procedure for selecting the right shoes.

If bursitis has not had time to develop into a chronic stage, then compliance with these two requirements, backed by special compresses, trays and the use of anti-inflammatory ointments or gels, is enough to stop its further development.

Anyway -choice of methods of treatment should always remain with the specialistand not be based on the subjective feelings of the patient himself! The same applies to the given recipes of traditional medicine, which always act only as an auxiliary therapy, which serves as an addition to the main medicamental treatment.

It is important to remember the following:

  • the temperature of all compresses and trays with bursitis should be equal to body temperature and not exceed it;
  • Cool compresses, of short exposure period, will also be useful;
  • Bursitis can not be heated, as this can provoke an exacerbation of the disease and lead to an expansion of the focus of inflammation.

As for the use of a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey, it is better to use it by compresses on the affected joint, and inwards. For these purposes, only vinegar obtained by natural fermentation is suitable, which in combination with honey will regulate the metabolism in the body and improve the overall trophism of tissues and blood vessels.

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