Bites of poisonous snakes: first aid

Bites of poisonous snakes are very dangerous for the health and life of an adult, and especially a child. And, as a rule, a snake can bite a hand, a leg at the most inopportune time, far from home, somewhere in the woods, wilderness, mountains.

It can be very far from the hospital or medical station, and there is not always a special antidote for snake bites in the storerooms. On the outskirts of our Volgograd region there were cases of people biting viper. And the snakes are masters of camouflage, you will not see them in the grass and foliage of the trees, they are noticeable only when they bask on stumps, stones or crawl through a dirt road.


First aid for the bites of venomous snakes

Consider the procedures and means of official medicine for snake bites.

First-aid first aid consists in an immediate, intense suction of venom from the wounds( previously the latter can be "opened" by squeezing the folds of the skin in the area of ​​the bite).

Immediately initiated suction allows to remove 30-50% of the venom introduced by the snake and thereby greatly facilitate intoxication.

Suction can be carried out by the injured person himself or by others. The procedure is safe, because the snake venom, got into the mouth and stomach, does not cause poisoning. Continue suctioning for 10-15 minutes, spitting the contents of the wound.

It is extremely important that the affected limb remains stationary while movements strengthen the lymph drainage and significantly accelerate the entry of poison into the general circulation of body fluids. Therefore, the victim should not try to catch or kill a bitten snake, move a bitten limb, shake it, try to escape or independently get to a medical facility.

From the very beginning, the rest and lying position( both at the bite site and during transportation to the medical institution) and the immobility of the affected limb should be ensured, for which it should be fixed with a lancing or a fixative bandage.


Contraindicated cauterization of the bite site, chipping it with any drugs, cuts and other local effects.

The application of a tourniquet to the affected limb, as a rule, is contraindicated, since they aggravate the severity of intoxication, intensify destructive and hemorrhagic phenomena in the affected limb, and contribute to the attachment to severe "turnstile" shock intoxication.

And only with the bites of cobra, the poison of which does not cause local disturbances of tissue trophism and quickly spreads through the blood vessels, it is permissible to apply a tourniquet above the bite site for 30-40 minutes to slow the development of general intoxication.

In the pre-hospital period, a plentiful drink is shown. Alcohol in all forms is strictly contraindicated.

Medical care in the hospital

With a small pulse and a decrease in blood pressure, infusion therapy should be initiated: intravenous administration of an isotonic solution of sodium chloride, 5% glucose solution, 5 or 10% solution of albumin. Together with the solutions administered, Prednisolone( 60-80 mg) or hydrocortisone( 120 mg) can be administered, which softens the shock phenomena and prevents anaphylactic reaction to the subsequent administration of a specific antiserum serum( SPS).

The use of ATP is indicated for poisoning by poisons of the most dangerous snakes( cobra, gurzy, efa) and in severe forms of other intoxications. The most effective are monovalent serums containing antibodies against a particular poison( for example, "anticobrae", "antigurza", "antiefa").At the same time, sera act less efficiently, within the same genus of snakes, in connection with which the antigurza serum can be used for poisoning with poisons of other vipers of the fauna of the Russian Federation, but not with intoxications with cobra, ephthalmic and thyroid sores.

ATP is introduced when providing medical care intramuscularly through Beside for 30-80 ml( depending on the severity of intoxication).With cobra bites due to the rapid progression of poisoning( increasing paralysis, respiratory depression), serum can be administered intravenously following the administration of Prednisolone or Hydrocortisone.

With bites of less dangerous temperate-zone snakes( viper and steppe viper, shield-mittens), in most cases, serum therapy is not indicated, as intoxication responds well to pathogenetic therapy.

Keep in mind that ATP in 1-2% of patients may cause anaphylactic shock, which is more dangerous than poisoning by the poisons of temperate snakes. Therefore, ATP in such situations is used only when assisting bitten children under the age of 3-4 years and in rare cases of severe poisoning.

Help with cobra stings and lesions by other neurotoxic poisons includes, in addition to the use of ATP, intravenous injection of 0.5 ml of 0.1% solution of Atropine and subsequent intravenous injection of 3-6 ml of 0.05% solution of Prozerin, thanthe curarelike effect of poison, including the paresis of respiratory muscles, is weakened. If necessary, you can repeat the introduction of Proserin.

If is severe respiratory depression, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation should be performed. After delivering the victim to the hospital, artificial respiration is used, which allows prolonging the life of the patient until the ATP neutralizes the poison or the latter is removed from the body( paralysis and CNS depression with cobra bites are reversible).

The main pathogenetic method for treating poisoning with poisons of hemorrhagic action is sufficient transfusion therapy - albumin, plasma, erythrocyte mass or erythrocyte suspension. The bite site is treated according to the general rules for treating wounds. With snake bites, antitetanus serum is necessary.

Folk remedies at home

Immediately I warn that the subsequent information of this article is given for informational purposes, folk remedies at home can be used with the permission of the doctor and after treatment in a medical institution with snake bites.

Treatment of bites of poisonous snakes in adults and children at home by folk remedies is unacceptable! !!

Traditional medicine advises in order to provide first aid the following.

should be removed as soon as possible from the wound venom snakes with cans, and if the cans do not, then heat over the fire an empty vial and attach it to the wound.

Viper bite. When biting a viper, in addition to pulling out the poison, you must call the patient to sweat profusely( by any means).

With the bite of rattlesnake helps the ingestion of a large amount of alcohol, as well as lotions from it( is doubtful - note of the author of the site ).

To reduce the pain from snake bites, as well as all sorts of insects, hold the bitten place over the steam( oh, I doubt that it's right - note the author of the site, in no case do so! ) and do not neglect rubber boots when walkingthrough the forest.

Herbs that help with snake bites

I repeat: all information is given purely for informational purposes, not for practical use.

The sequence is tripartite. Fresh grass rubbed, put on the place of bite. It softens the pain and to some extent neutralizes the poison.

Cannabis Seeds: they are pounded and tied to the wound. The plant itself can also be tied, but it acts weaker.

Grass veronica ( snake head, snake grass) in a dry or fresh form should be steamed and tied to the wound. You can also drink a decoction of this herb.

To treat snake bites for three days, fresh brewer's yeast, , is applied to the sore spot, changing them every hour. It is even better to alternate them with grated garlic.

How to treat bitten persons with snakes Avicenna

"Bitten with purified peaches of cypress with myrtle berries, and also give squeezed juice of shandra and apply bandages with lime and olive oil, mountain mint, bark of oak root and the like substances separately or in a mixture. Mix them, by the way, with barley flour. ""The general principles of treatment are observed, and then the harshest application of gratings against vipers is the most powerful, and if you delay this, then the shit can be very helpful, and maybe it will not help.""If the patient can consume plenty of garlic and wine, it sometimes saves all treatment;so do leeks and onions with wine, if not find garlic. They say that the roasted penis of a deer, if immediately eaten, benefits. Garmala is one of the medicines that relieves danger in the same way as citron seeds. "

"Often from poisoning one old ghee is saved."

"The patient is put in a bath of milk, makes him stay awake and walk, wash him from time to time in a sweatshop and after that they are sung with rats.""Some people say:" If a man takes a sea bow in his mouth, he kneads it and swallows the leaked juice, and from the scrap he makes a bandage on the bitten place, he certainly will not perish. ""People tried a decoction of frogs, and it turned out that if he ate, he benefits and saves;as well as caressing meat with vinegar and salt, sea crayfish, the blood of a sea turtle. "

"It is said that wild parsley is a great help from this, as well as the root of the aura, the leaves and root of the aristolochia, the root of shandra, the root of the transgression or the agaric;any of them give with sweet wine in the amount of one gift.

The same applies to squeezed cabbage juice, seeds or lover root, seeds of drymage with squeezed leek juice or squeezed artichoke juice.

Also help the hare's hare and, especially, the vetch lenticular meal, or ginger in human milk. "

"They also take three bowls of gentian, and another excellent remedy is sheep, which is crushed into wine and given to drink.

All sharp, detachable substances, especially garlic, onion, leek, radish and its juice, are also helpful, especially the insides of the weasel, as well as fried scorpion and bile of bens and all other birds.

To the number of very useful squeezed juices belongs the squeezed rue juice, squeezed apple juice, squeezed marjoram juice and human urine.

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