Signs of female alcoholism

Alcoholism has ceased to be the definition of an ordinary habit. In the 21st century, this phenomenon has become a real disaster. It's no accident that physicians began treating malicious dependence as a full-fledged disease that needs to be diagnosed and treated. What signs of alcoholism in women are, let's consider further.

  • Signs on the background of psychoemotional condition
  • Behavior
  • Stages and characteristic signs
  • initial stage
  • The unfolded stage
  • The final stage
  • Effects
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It's sad, but the use of alcoholic beverages has become popular not only in men, but also in women of different ages. To the general regret, the fair sex has a weaker resistance to alcohol than men. From this, their body is subject to severe damage. This is due to a small number of specific enzymes in the blood that are responsible for fighting alcohol.

The causes of female alcoholism can be completely different:

  • negative close environment;
  • difficulties in social life (difficulties in finding a job, lack of finance);
  • family problems;
  • death of loved ones;
  • mental illness;
  • lack of the opposite sex.

Alcohol addicts, as a rule, can not recognize the fact that they have problems with addiction to alcohol. They do not notice how their life is gradually plunged into an eerie nightmare. At such times, relatives and close people are the first to discover the disease, to provide help and moral support.

About how to detect this negative disease and will be discussed in the article.

Signs on the background of psychoemotional condition

Girls are more emotional than guys. To mental trauma and nervous breakdowns they are much more vulnerable. Therefore, representatives of the weaker sex during alcoholism undergo various changes of mental and emotional nature.

Changes in the psychoemotional state and signs of alcohol dependence:

  • indifference to the family: to her husband, children, parents;
  • impairment of brain activity: poor memory, unjustified aggression, dementia;
  • the appearance of psychosis: a disorder of thinking (delirium), white fever;
  • uncontrolled drinking, each time the amount of alcohol consumed increases;
  • the irrepressibility of sexual attraction, as a consequence of the frequent change of partners.

The victim of the disease begins to behave worse and feel in society. In view of the rapid deterioration of the brain, a deterioration in character (anger, anger) is born; Drinking loses not only professional skills, but the workplace. Do not hang out with friends and acquaintances. Many, noticing alcoholic degradation, stop contacting a drunkard. There are chains of destructive personality factors driving it into a blind alley and despair.


A girl or woman suffering from alcoholism, even after a few drunk glasses, does not get drunk much. This is not something that all familiar people get into account, but this can talk about the initial stage of the disease.

It's okay if the next day after the gathering people swear that this was the last time. If, after a terrible overdose, there was no vomiting, and the girl falls dead in a sleep, and in the morning, feeling disgustingly does not stutter about the outset - the illness swept her.

Further, unpleasant processes occur. Drinking becomes irritable, rude, indifferent and embittered. Particularly aggressive, she takes criticism in her address, does not take any advice and help. The woman ceases to be aware of many actions. Visible changes in behavior and interests also change the environment. Often these are the same "lovers skip a glass."

The patient becomes scattered, ceases to solve the surrounding problems. The only desire she wants is to spend a "pleasant" feast as soon as possible.

Stages and characteristic signs

Alcohol dependence of both men and women has almost identical stages. They are determined by the sequential increase in drunken drinking, the inability to adequately assess everything around and control their actions.

initial stage

Regular use of alcohol leads to an initial stage. There is an increasing dosage.

The first signs at the initial stage:

  • memory impairment;
  • loss of concentration of attention.

Symptoms of the initial stage are difficult to notice. At this stage, women are afraid of a disapproving reaction to themselves. They try not to show themselves to the nearest environment, children, husband, eyes. Therefore, relatives do not know about the ardent predilection of their family man or friend.

The unfolded stage

The desire to drink becomes even stronger. The same happens with the amount drunk. The girl begins to be positive about alcohol, closing her eyes to the disadvantages that he gives birth.

The hangover is accompanied by unbearable thirst, weakness, pain in the head. A person can shiver or, conversely, a feeling of heat. The mood deteriorates or, on the contrary, the mood changes. Changes in the character of the individual are traced. They start isolation, bursts of emotion, selfishness. Weakened interest in things that people used to like before.

Important!There is a special kind of addiction - beer alcoholism. In women, it is very common. He is not in the International Classification of Diseases. However, beer with its low alcohol content and pleasant aroma is more popular among women. In fact, beer as a time bomb destroys brain cells, worsens the work of the heart, leads to hormonal failure.

In the process of growth of the negative impact of the disease on the body, the individual ceases to conceal dependence. Irresponsible attitude to the whole world is formed. Both at work and in the family, they stop taking their duties seriously. This is a very unpleasant moment, as it draws the loss of the most precious: family, friends, work.

The personality manifests external signs:

  • the skin and nails deteriorate;
  • on the face terrible swelling is formed;
  • prematurely graying hair;
  • tremor of hands.

The final stage

A bad picture emerges: uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, alcoholism is no longer tolerated, amnesia is possible.

Among the symptoms: a marked decrease in mental abilities, nervousness, memory impairment. The only force moved by an individual is the craving for a new "dose" of alcohol. Now intoxication comes in a short time from small portions of alcohol. An unfavorable condition of the internal organs is observed. Especially the liver, kidneys, brain. The development of diseases of these and other organs is developing.


Curiously, what troubles leads to attraction to alcoholic beverages.

A woman is an indispensable link in a full-fledged family. She is the chief educator of children, the one who provides support to her husband. If there is a place in her life for the so-called "fiery water", all this will collapse. Alcoholism, whoever it is, destroys the family structure, leads to mental trauma in children. Children whose mothers periodically drink, often can not find their place in life. They are also at risk of becoming addicted. Therefore, it is very important to start treatment of alcoholism in time for a woman.

"Green snake" destroys not only the nervous system, but also internal organs. This may well lead to death.

Interesting!With prolonged consumption of strong drinks can develop chronic alcoholism. The name appeared in 1849 and was used by the public figure M. Gossom. As a result of lesions from the disease may occur: deterioration of immunity, predisposition to stroke, gastritis, pancreatitis.

Also one of the most unfortunate consequences - white fever, in the common people "squirrel". This is a very disgusting picture, which is absolutely not worth seeing for young children. At the moment of action of the white fever, the patient sees hallucinations and does not fully realize the actions performed.

A drunk potion destroys the liver. At the last stages, its cirrhosis may manifest. Often along with this, kidney failure occurs. The stomach is affected. In general, there are terrible irreversible processes.

It's great if a woman has reliable friends and close relatives. They are able to protect an expensive person from danger in a timely manner, to support them in difficult times.

They need to consider in their wife, child or mother the first signs of this shoddy dependence, to persuade her to pass the test for alcohol dependence, to resort to the help of medical specialists.

Women can not completely get rid of bad habits, but this is not a completely truthful opinion. If immediately after finding the first "bells" to go to a special clinic, the woman will have a great chance to win over this destructive dependence.