The use of chinese water from lice and nits

In earlier times, the problem of pediculosis was much more acute than today, due to the lack of effective chemical agents against parasites. The question is how to get them out quickly and harmlessly, and today is very relevant. In pharmacies, a large number of universal products are sold, which easily cope with adult insects and their eggs. Chemeritsa - a toxic plant, has long been used as an insecticide. This unique ability was used to prepare a medicine that kills parasites. Capricious water from lice is able to cope with the task at a time. Let's find out the composition, how to treat the head and what harm can cause a person.

  • What is included in the coterie water
  • How the remedy works
  • Mode of application
  • Precautionary measures
  • Contraindications
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What is included in the coterie water

The main component of the drug is the extract of the perennial Chemeritsa Lobel plant. Known as a poisonous herb, so the use is exclusively external. In the root of the plant contains a large number of alkaloids, which are responsible for the effectiveness of the preparations made from it. Alkaloids are toxic to bacteria, fungi, and insect pests are no exception.

The simian water contains an alcoholic tincture of the roots of Lubel's Chapurica and distilled water in a one-to-one ratio.

How the remedy works

The principle of action is based on the neurotoxic effect of the alkaloids of the hellebore:

  • active alkaloids penetrate into the body of insects;
  • affect the nervous system of the parasite;
  • As a result, the digestive and respiratory systems stop working;
  • lice perish.

Penetration occurs quickly, already at the first contact. The louse inhales the vapor of the concentrate, after a while it dies. Speed ​​of action is the main advantage of the drug.

Important! Potemkin water does not help get rid of eggs! It affects only adults, sexually mature individuals. Nits, which have a strong protective cover, do not perish, so it is recommended that a secondary procedure for treatment of pediculosis be carried out in a week.

In this section, it should be mentioned that chaerical water has other useful properties:

  1. Disinfecting action. It destroys bacteria, fungus, available on the skin.
  2. Reduces the level of fat produced by sebaceous glands of the head.
  3. Improves local blood circulation.
  4. To some extent he cures hair loss, as it stimulates growth and normalizes metabolism in hair bulbs.

In the pharmacy there is a drug, poured into glass bottles of dark glass. Dosage of the release: 50, 100 ml. To each package (paper box) is attached instructions for use, or applied to a label, pasted on a vial. The color of the liquid should be yellow or light brown, the smell expressed by alcohol with the admixtures of herbal notes.

How much does one bottle cost? The price of the drug ranges from 50 to 70 rubles. Released without a doctor's prescription.

Mode of application

It is important to remember that chewing lice is not recommended if there are wounds on the skin. But how without them, if at a pediculosis the head is unbearably itched? Doctors recommend to wash the head with tar shampoo for a week before using coterial water. It will reduce the population of insects, heal the skin.

Before use, carefully study the instruction, which describes in detail how to use:

  1. Wash your head with any shampoo to remove the fatty film from the hair, comb it. You do not need to dilute the drug, just shake the bottle with the drug.
  2. Apply the product from lice with a cotton swab, a piece of sponge or a syringe, while separating small strands of hair, distribute along the entire length. Particular attention should be given to the temporal, occipital part of the head. Do not regret the drug, but do not let it drain on your face, neck. On long hair, the treatment is easier to carry out by lowering your head down, sitting over the basin.
  3. When applying water, ensure that the patient does not itch. The ingestion of a poisonous substance on the skin causes side effects.
  4. When the hair is moistened, cover it with a packet or a special polyethylene cap. On top of the package you can put on a handkerchief so that the liquid does not drain behind the ears, around the neck.
  5. How much to keep? In this state it is necessary to be half an hour. If burning occurs, start rinsing before.
  6. After rinsing hair, removing the remnants of the remedy. Rinse with shampoo. To comb out the dead lice, nits with a special frequent crest.
  7. Repeat the treatment after a week. During a break, wash the head with a tar containing agent.

The procedure is simple, it is important to ensure that the drug does not come into contact with the skin and does not hit the mucous membranes of the patient. If during the deposition of cotyledonous water there was an ailment, it is necessary to abandon the procedure and wash the hair.

Important! After the procedure, you should use the scallop! A special comb can be bought at a pharmacy. They are of different modifications, but the smaller the distance between the teeth, the more likely the combed parasites are.

Precautionary measures

When etching lice by any means, be it medicines or folk treatments, appropriate recommendations should be followed to protect themselves and their household from side effects. Prophylaxis is as follows:

  1. Work should be carried out in rubber gloves.
  2. On the shoulders of the patient to throw a special hairdresser's cloak or sheet.
  3. Make sure that the solution does not get on the mucous membranes: in the mouth, eyes, nose. If this still happens, it is necessary to wash the mucous membranes with a large amount of water.
  4. Monitor the patient's condition. When there is nausea, dizziness, vomiting, stop working.
  5. Do not use an expired product.
  6. Treatment is carried out in the bathroom. If there is none, make sure that pets are not around.
  7. After the procedure, a cotton swab, a packet, and an empty vial should be disposed of with household waste.
  8. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  9. Before starting the procedure, young children should be told about the drug so that they do not touch it with their hands, do not take it into their mouths, since many can scratch their heads under the package, and then, without washing their hands, climb into the mouth, nose or eyes.

When implementing these rules, you can protect yourself and a patient with pediculosis from poisoning, which is dangerous to health.


Even though the drug contains only plant raw materials, ethyl alcohol and water, it is still unsafe. There are categories of persons who are forbidden to use chicken water:

  • children under 3 years;
  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers;
  • allergic people;
  • asthmatics;
  • who have allergic intolerance to the components of the drug.

If you neglect the conditions, you may experience side effects. They are expressed in the form of: burning, itching of the skin, general malaise. When such events occur, it is necessary to wash off the solution, take antihistamine medications, and if there is severe intoxication, seek medical help.

Having performed the most simple measures for removing lice from your head, you can get rid of them in one session. When working with chinese water, remember that the substance requires strict adherence to the instructions for use, and you can not overlook precaution.

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