How does the inpatient output from a binge

What is a binge? Daily abuse of alcohol more than 24 hours, that is, 24 hours - is considered a drinking ground. The whole drunken period of the psyche and the body of a drinking person are under constant alcohol poisoning. Alcoholics, along with exacerbation of existing diseases, acquires new disorders and disorders under the toxic effect of ethanol on the body. And the mental component of the person who drinks is very much affected.

In order to get the patient out of this drunken state, the conclusion from drinking-bout at home or in the hospital is used. The last option of getting out of binge - in the hospital - is the most optimal and effective method of getting rid of alcohol dependence.


When do they get out of a drunken state?

Of course, alcohol abuse also ends naturally, but the emerging hangover symptoms, or withdrawal symptoms, are also forced to seek treatment, which is why a significant hangover of the state of well-being and psycho-emotional state in the person of a drinking person is occurring on the hangover.

A man comes out of a drinking-bout when:

  • Vodka is over. .., sausage and herring.
  • It goes to the sobering-up station.
  • Covers 15 day arrest.
  • Because he can not drink anymore.
  • Treat close ones.
  • They are treated in a hospital, a narcological clinic.

Consider also such interesting things:

  1. types of binges;
  2. arguments in favor of efficacy of induction of a drinking-bout in a hospital;
  3. complications of drinking bouts.

Varieties of binges

Remember, if a person is addicted to alcohol for several years - his booze is true. False binges are observed in cases of domestic drunkenness. The reason for the true binge is the formed pathological passion for alcohol. A false binge - a two-day holiday, weekends and stuff.

True binges appear with some periodicity. A dependent person can not help but think about alcohol, he drinks, he can not say to himself: "Stop drinking!".He drinks to the butt. Then, for whatever reason, the binge stops. A man is very sick with a hangover, he just shakes. After a while the cycle of binge is renewed. For example, my loved one had cyclical binges - four days. With a repetition of 2 weeks. That is, this is the interval.

  • For spoilers, periodicity is not typical.

Getting out of binge in the hospital

A drinking season is always a dangerous time for the human person. In addition to the stupidities that a drinking person will necessarily do, there is also a serious threat to his health and life! On the release of binge often the phenomenon of depression, illusions and hallucinations, phenomena of a suicidal nature. There is a danger of harm on the part of the drinking person himself and the people around him.

There is a danger of cerebral edema in the drunken and after drinking time. Edema of the brain leads to death due to paralysis of the respiratory and cardiac centers in the brain. There are also epileptic seizures, which can be complicated by trauma and death. In the human body, everything is broken: the work of the organs - the liver, heart, brain, pancreas, kidneys;all mental processes.

In such a dangerous state, folk remedies can not help. Self-medication can be very harmful to the patient. Therefore, it is necessary to treat drinking water in the clinic under the guidance of a narcologist. This will help to avoid serious consequences. The conclusion of a drinking-bout at the clinic is the best choice.

Compulsory hospital treatment is necessary when:

  1. Drink lasts more than 5 days.
  2. The drinker has heart, liver, lung, nervous system problems.
  3. The breeze has a cyclicity, that is, it was not first detected.
  4. Already had epileptic seizures, disorders of the type of squirrel( white fever).

When is home treatment permitted?

Home conditions allow you to treat false drinking bouts when you are drunk. Since there is no pronounced withdrawal symptoms.

With alcoholism, true binges can be treated at home only when:

  1. The patient did not have seizures, seizures, white fever.
  2. Binge last less than 5 days.

On the other hand, home treatment of alcoholism does not mean that it is not necessary to visit a narcologist. The doctor should be aware of the problems. Because if you have to call a doctor on the house, then he will be ready to immediately provide the patient with adequate assistance.

The conclusion from the binge at home has the only advantage - it's total secrecy. But the secrecy of the treatment of binge at home can be too expensive.

If there are such problems in the family, think. Think not about yourself, but about where it is best to treat a sick person. Weigh all the pros and cons. Still, the conclusion of a drinking-bout in the clinic is preferable.

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