How to quickly cure a child of colds

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How to quickly cure a cold child

How to quickly cure a cold child

Catarrhal diseases affect children of all ages. And in the cold season, the symptoms of colds make themselves felt more than once. But in order not to "heal" the child with tablets, various syrups and other pharmacy means, it is better to resort to natural methods of recovery.

You will need

  1. - vitamin drinks;
  2. - Sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, a large salt for inhalation;
  3. - a set for compress or mustard plasters;
  4. - water, lemon juice (vinegar) for wiping at a temperature.


  1. To baby quickly healed, concentrate the main efforts on improving immunity and caring for a sick child. And of course, conduct symptomatic treatment - reduce if necessary the temperature, eliminate cough, runny nose and sore throat.
  2. If a child's cold is accompanied by high fever (above 38 ° C), use either antipyretics or natural remedies. For example, you can wipe the entire body of a baby acidified with warm water and cover with a sheet, and a few minutes with a blanket. Repeat this procedure every half hour. Instead of lemon juice, you can use vinegar in a ratio of 1 tsp. to a glass of water.
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  3. Often and graduallyto kiddrink. The body needs more fluid to get rid of toxins. In addition, warm drink is useful for sore throats. Cook only delicious drinks, so that the baby drinks them with pleasure. For example, freshly prepared carrot-apple juice, cranberry fruit juice with honey, tea with raspberries, lemon and honey. With a dry cough, give warm milk with mineral water, with a wet cough - milk with honey.
  4. If the nose is blocked, if the temperature is not increased, make warming procedures. On the sides of the wings of the nose, attach sacks of warm salt. Heat increases energy and helps prevent a purulent runny nose. When flowing from the nose, bury the carrot juice. Next to the pillow, put chopped onions, and change it after each ventilation of the room.
  5. When coughing, again, if the temperature is not increased, make a warming compress on the chest or put a mustard. But that this unpleasant procedure does not cause the child indignation, do not moisten them with water, and attach to the skin in dry form. Then they will warm up longer.
  6. Make inhalationsto kid. Spread a large salt in the frying pan, add eucalyptus, sage or rosemary. And after the plant begins to produce a fragrance - put the frying pan on the side below the bed level. The smell will start to rise up and penetrate the baby's respiratory tract. Repeat 3 times a day. This remedy perfectly helps with coughing.
  7. A few times a day, ventilate the child's room. Fresh air cleans it from pathogens and, in addition, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. In the cold season, during the airing, take the baby to another room. In a warm time - keep the window open constantly.
  8. The outcome of any disease largely depends on care. Therefore, give the child not only symptomatic treatment, but also psychologically encourage him during wakefulness - tell tales, read books, sing songs, talk more. Nothing so increases immunity, as positive emotions. Of course, this takes a lot of time and effort, but your physical and emotional expenses will be made up by the baby's health.

How to cure a cold a day: proven methods

With chills and mild ailments, from which in most cases the cold begins, emergency measures should be taken - if your plans do not include getting sick and spending a couple of days with the temperature, and then another week to go, without parting with a handkerchief.

Toto cure a cold in one day, it is best to hold it at home and not go anywhere. But this day we should use the maximum benefit for our health and dedicate it to the fight against a beginning cold, as well as ARI and ARVI. In this we will be helped not only by pharmacy products, but also by tried home remedies: lime blossom, raspberry tea, hot milk with honey, onions, garlic and mustard. We'll start with it ...

How to cure a cold a day

Cold treatment for one day: warm up and sweat

If you are frozen, then first thing you need to keep warm. Frozen feet will perfectly warm hot tub with mustard - something that we simply call "get your feet". In a basin with hot water (not lower than +40-42 ° C), dissolve a spoonful and a half of mustard powder and keep the feet for 15 minutes, when necessary pouring hot water. After that, you need to wipe your feet thoroughly, put on woolen socks and lie under a warm blanket. You can just pour a mustard powder into your socks instead of a hot hot tub and go to bed. And if you did not have dry mustard on hand, rub your feet with vodka and put on warm socks.

Cold hands warmed under a stream of hot water: five minutes, raising the temperature from pleasantly warm to hot (+ 42-43 ° C). Then dry up our hands and put on something warm with long sleeves. To enhance the effect, you can put warm mittens on your hands and spend the next 60 minutes wrapped in a woolen blanket.

To sweat, and, therefore, get rid of toxins and try to cure a cold for the day, the body needs more fluid than usual. Therefore, we will drink - exclusively in hot form: tea with raspberry jam, tea with lemon and honey, decoction of lime blossom, thyme, chamomile or elderberry flowers with mint. Prepare the broths of medicinal plants is simple: a glass of boiling water take 2 tbsp. spoons of dried flowers or herbs, brewed with boiling water, covered with a lid and allowed to stand for 15-20 minutes. Herbal teas for colds drink 0.5 liters per day. And the total daily volume of fluid with symptoms of cold or ODS should be at least two liters.

"Just in case" you measured the temperature and saw that the thermometer's column went up - do not panic. If the body temperature does not exceed + 38 ° C, then doctors do not advise her to shoot down, because a rise in temperature is evidence that human immunity began to fight the disease. And we can and should help him cure a cold in one day, for example, after drinking hot tea with the root of ginger, which strengthens the body's immune system and prevents infection from developing. To make ginger tea, a piece of 2 cm long root is peeled, finely chopped, put together with tea brew into a cup, pour 200-250 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 15 minutes. In this healing drink you can add a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of natural honey.

By the way, after you have drunk, be sure to wipe the skin with a well-pressed hot towel - to remove the toxins that have emerged, and change to dry.

How quickly to cure a cold with a cold?

If the cold has made itself known about the stuffiness of the nose, you need to take the initiative on yourself and apply the methods proven by generations to combat the first symptoms of the common cold.

Among the multitude of folk remedies for treating colds with colds is a sufficient amount of very effective - especially at the initial stage of the disease.

It is recommended to lubricate the nose with the Kalanchoe juice 2-3 times a day (or bury 2 drops of juice in each nostril). Often used table salt, which is mixed with butter. This home-made ointment (a third of a teaspoon of oil mixed with the same amount of salt and slightly warmed up) lubricates the nose from the outside. And to wash the nose, which moistens the mucous and facilitates nasal breathing, a teaspoon of salt is dissolved in 0.5 glasses of warm water. Rinsing is carried out as follows: one nostril is covered with a finger, and the second is sucked into the nose by a solution of salt (the same is done by the second nostril).

An ancient folk remedy for a common cold with a cold is a common onion.

It is enough to cut the bulb in half and breathe phytoncides that stand out from the cut. Phytoncids onions have a bactericidal property and are able to neutralize even the diphtheria bacillus and the causative agent of tuberculosis Koch's wand. So with a cold they can cope easily: you need several times a day for 10 minutes to keep in the nostrils of cotton swabs, moistened with onion juice.

Effective remedy for colds for colds - bury your nose with any warm oil (for example, olive, sea-buckthorn, menthol) or oil solution of retinol acetate (vitamin A). Should also help the balm "Star", if they have to cover the nose and the wings of the nose before going to bed.

Of the pharmacies nasal drugs with a blocked nose, the drops "Galazolin", "Naphtizin", "Nazol", "Nazivin" and sprays "Sanorin", Otryvin "," Vibrocil "," Delufen ", etc.,

How for a day to cure a cough for a cold?

When a cough is the first sign that you are trapped in a cold, you need to start with rubbing your back and chest ointments, which contain essential oils, and which have a disinfecting, distracting and irritating effect.

You can rub over the chest for the night with a mixture of castor oil (2 tbsp. spoons) with turpentine (1 tbsp. spoon) or finished medicinal turpentine ointment. This tool is rubbed into the skin of the chest (except the heart area) and the soles of the feet, warmly wrapped. With the help of two or three rubbing, you can cure a cough for almost a day for a cold. But it should be borne in mind that such procedures can not be carried out at elevated temperature.

An irreplaceable cough remedy (and not only) has proven badger fat. Due to its composition, badger fat has a restorative, anti-inflammatory and even immunostimulating effect on the human body. With this fat, you need to rub your back and chest for the night. And in folk medicine is very popular such a recipe: for 100 g of badger fat, honey and cocoa powder mixed with 50 g of butter and 50 g of crushed leaves of aloe (centennial). Add 5 g of mummy and propolis, as well as 50 g of medical alcohol. Mix all ingredients until smooth.

For the treatment of cough for a cold 1 hour. A spoonful of this mixture is bred in a glass of water and rubbed for the night back, chest and calf muscles of the legs. And for internal use - as a powerful fortifying agent - 1 tbsp. Spoon the mixture dissolve in a glass of hot milk and drink in small sips (before eating).

Instead of tea to cough for colds, you must drink broths from medicinal herbs: oregano, mother-and-stepmother, elecampane, sweet clover, thyme, peppermint. A glass of boiling water is taken by a handful of herbs and brewed like tea, which after 15 minutes of insisting is ready for use - a glass three times a day. Special chest coughs are sold in pharmacies. For example, in "Breast Collection No. 1" contains the root of the althea, the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother and the ore of the oregano; and in "Breast Collection No. 2" - the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother, the leaves of the plantain and the root of licorice. These phytopreparations are produced in filter bags and are easily brewed.

A good remedy for a strong cough is the fresh juice of black radish, which has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. Radish needs to be washed, peeled and finely chopped. Then mix with granulated sugar in a ratio of 1: 1 and put in a jar, tightly closing the lid. After 4-5 hours radish will give healing juice, which should be taken - 1 tablespoon at least three times during the day.

One of the effective methods of cough treatment is steam inhalations. For example, with oil of eucalyptus, mint, juniper or pine. Drip a few drops of oil in a bowl of boiling water, sit down, tilt your head above the container, cover with a towel and breathe steam. These simple home procedures have an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and bronchodilator effect.

Aerosol inhalations are also useful, which are carried out with the help of pocket inhalers. Most often, essential oils (menthol, anise, eucalyptus, peach), as well as natural honey and propolis (alcohol solution) are included in the mixtures. Here is the recipe for honey inhalation with propolis: 1-2 teaspoons of honey dissolved in 0.5 cups of boiled water and drop 6-8 drops of propolis. Water can be replaced with a 0.2% solution of furacilin. Duration of the procedure is 5 minutes.

If we talk about pharmaceuticals for cough, then drugs such as Glauvent, Libexin or Tusuprex inhibit the cough reflex, but do not depress respiration. And "Tusuprex" has not only an antitussive effect, but also a weak expectorant. These drugs doctors recommend taking three times a day for one tablet.

To the group of drugs that have enveloping, expectorating and mucolytic (diluting sputum) effects are "Acetylcysteine", "Bromgexin", "Ambroxol" (a synonym for "Lazolvan"), etc. Remember that many medications have a side effect and often not one. It is for this reason that medications for treating a cough for colds are recommended after consultation with a doctor.

How for a day to cure a throat for a cold?

Rinsing is the first emergency method with perspiration and pain in the throat for colds. The most effective for gargles for a long time are considered decoctions of sage, chamomile, St. John's wort and three-color violets. Prepare them is not difficult: 1 tbsp. Spoon the herbs with 1 cup of boiling water, put on fire, bring to a boil and immediately remove from the plate. The broth should be insisted in a sealed container for 15-20 minutes. Gargle should be often and warm decoction, it will remove inflammation of the mucosa and help for a day to cure a cold.

Sore throat is very useful to rinse with this composition: in 200 ml of warm boiled water, dissolve a teaspoon of table salt and soda, add 8-10 drops of iodine. And even such a solution: for a glass of warm water take 2 tbsp. spoons of apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice.

For a day to cure a cold is not easy, but honey and lemon always come to our rescue. At the first hints of sore throat cut a circle of lemon, put on top a teaspoon of honey - and in the mouth! And chew! And then swallow. Every hour the procedure can be repeated.

Do you trust drugstores more? On health! In the pharmacy, a large selection of all sorts of lollipops from the pain in the throat, for example, "Strepsils" and "Koldakt Lorkpils", based on a chemical such as antiseptic amylmetacresol. And in candies "Strepsils plus" there is an anesthetic - lidocaine. Tablets under the tongue of "Septefril" contain the strongest antiseptic substance decamethoxin, which is used in the treatment of purulent and fungal skin lesions, as well as for the treatment of the hands and the surgical site in surgery.

And in "Tharyngepte", which removes perspiration in the throat and discomfort when swallowing, the main active substance is the drug ambazone with a strong bacteriostatic effect. Doctors prescribe ambazone in the treatment of acute infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx (tonsillitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis, etc.).

Cold treatment for one day with medications

At the first symptoms of a cold, people often take advertised medicines. For example, "Arbidol", which is considered an antiviral agent that increases immunity. It contains the active ingredient umifenovir, as well as inorganic pigment titanium dioxide (E 171) and yellow food coloring "sunset sunset" - E 110. The latter has a negative effect on the human body, therefore it is banned in the US and some countries of Europe. It should also be noted that the drug "Arbidol" (Russian production), the World Health Organization (WHO) does not consider as a promising antiviral drug, and the American The Food and Drug Administration refused to register it in the United States as a medicinal product.

One can not but rejoice at the quick action of preparations such as "Coldrex Hotem" or "Teraflu", used to treat a cold in one day. Their effectiveness has been tried by many, but not everyone knows that the therapeutic effect of powders from colds is due to the presence in their composition the maximum single dose of paracetamol, a popular antipyretic and anesthetic drug worldwide. With prolonged use and in high doses, paracetamol can cause allergic reactions, as well as toxic effects on the liver and kidneys.

In addition to paracetamol, cold powder from different brands contain phenylephrine hydrochloride, which narrows the vessels of the nasal mucosa. So do not be surprised if after 3-4 days of taking an anti-cold powder you will feel a burning sensation, dryness or tingling in the nose. This is the action of phenylephrine. And in the list of its side effects are listed: thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, skin rash, angioedema, increased blood pressure and palpitations.

How can you quickly cure a small child (1.7 months) from a cold.


Yana Bogatyreva

A plentiful warm drink! In the nose drops Nazol Baby and put the candles Viferon. It saved us from 1month.

svetlana n

If there is no temperature, rub homeopathic ointment, for example (Brionia), give drink and drip propolis into the nose. And in the nose oil-garlic drops. If the cough is strong-licorice in milk (muck incredible, but need only a little, after each cough-half-1h. l. pour into the mouth).


The common cold, as a rule, has nothing to do with ARVI. And in the nose, and in the throat, and in the bronchi there is a sufficient number of microbes (not viruses and bacteria) that cause diseases (all the same pharyngitis and tonsillitis) with a weakening the protective forces of the body, which contributes to hypothermia, excessive sweating, walking barefoot, excessive physical activity, drafts, cold water. And getting sick with ARVI means getting infected from an already sick person.

Home Your task - the body does not interfere!
Almost all manifestations of the disease - fever, runny nose, cough, refusal to eat - are ways of fighting the organism with the causative agent of the infection.

Albina Volkova

So all the same cold or SARS? It's unlikely that your child was sitting in the snow or swimming in the ice-hole. On this most likely he still has ARVI.
That the child quickly copes with a virus infection - to water, not to feed, to air, if there is no temperature, to walk. Rinse nose with saline solution or saline solution, do not let the mucus dry out. Vasoconstrictor in the nose and expectorant in the mouth do not get carried away. And then the body will cope with the virus in due time, 5-7 days.

Irina L.

What are you, Mummy?! Children under three months must be treated under the supervision of a pediatrician. As a rule, at this age, they are taken to the hospital with a cold. This is not your cold - went to the pharmacy and bought medicine. Or on the Internet asked. Such infants still have a very fragile body and not quite ripe breathing system, wrong treatment can have fatal consequences. And the more you still want quickly.

Elena Udintseva

does not help homiopathy when the process is already on, we are saving ourselves with antigrippin, not the one that is sold in tablets (we used to have them in pharmacies ourselves-we have such a pharmacy)

How to quickly cure a 2-year-old child from a cold.



1. 3st. l. raspberries or crimson leaves pour in a thermos in a glass of steep boiling water, soak for 2-3 hours and drink 1/2 cup 4p per day. Before use, the infusion should be slightly heated. This infusion is also good to gargle.
2. When a strong cough is recommended to eat mature fruit persimmon. They should eat 2 pieces of 3p per day, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.
3. Pour in a thermos 2-3st. l. hips, pour them 1 liter of boiling water and hold for 3-4 hours. Ready to drink infusion like tea, while adding 1h. l. honey for 1 glass of tea. This tool helps quickly get rid of colds.
4. As a sweatshop, it is recommended to drink tea with the addition of raspberry jam, elderberry or lime-colored. After taking a sudorific tea, you must immediately go to bed and try to sleep.
My children from coughs are well assisted by "Altea syrup" or "Licorice syrup" and "Barsuchok" ointment.

Pasha Danilov

Buy them a medicine, TRAVISIL it works well!

How to quickly cure a cough and runny nose in a child

How to quickly cure a cough and runny nose in a child

Weak immunity and close communication in the children's team are the main causes of frequent colds in the child. Often, the disease-causing process drags on for weeks, and the long-awaited recovery is replaced by another runny nose and cough. But in order not to let the disease drag on, it's better to start intensive treatment right away.

You will need

  1. - mustard plasters, set for compress (cotton wool, oilcloth, bandage);
  2. - Pharmaceutical drops for the nose, carrot juice;
  3. - a large salt for heating.


  1. To quickly cure a runny nose and cough in a child, assess the condition of the baby: can I use thermal procedures, and they are contraindicated when high fever and purulent inflammation, are there any other dubious symptoms that threaten the child's life and require medical supervision. If not, treat yourself and use for this purpose mustard, warming compresses on the chest, warming the sinuses of the nose. These procedures improve blood circulation, due to which the inflammatory process in the bronchi and nasopharynx is removed.
  2. For compress use ordinary warm water. Dampen the cloth in it, squeeze it lightly and put it on the upper third of the chest. Cover the cloth with oilcloth, cotton and bandage or wrap diaper crosswise. When compressing, make sure that each layer is 1-1.5 cm larger than the previous one. Do it for 3-5 days at night until the morning. To warm the breast with mustard plasters, use only those that are isolated in the paper. And since children are impatient to the pain, apply them to the skin dry, then they will warm up much longer without causing irritation.
  3. Be sure to give the child hot drinks. To soften the cough and thinning sputum, give warmed milk with mineral water or with honey and a small pinch soda, and for excretion of sputum from the bronchi - expectorant teas, for example, from licorice root, currant leaf or raspberry.
  4. To treat a cold at the child several times a day, warm up the sinuses of the nose. Spread a large salt in a pan, pour it into 2 bags and tie it. So that they do not burn the skin, put on the sides of the nose first terry napkins, and on them bags. Instead of salt, you can use a hot egg. This procedure is not carried out with a purulent runny nose. In this case, use the following method.
  5. To cure a purulent runny nose in a child, use drug drops, and only after the discharge become transparent - folk remedies, for example, carrot or carrot-beet juice, for 3-5 drops. However, pre-clean the nose with a solution of salt. Dilute 1 tsp. in 0.5 liters of boiled warm water, put it in a syringe with a rubber tip and enter alternately into each nostril. To prevent water from getting into the airways or the middle ear, put the baby close to the bath and, holding it with one hand on the chin, tilt the baby's head forward slightly. This procedure is unlikely to please him, so if the resistance is strong, just pump out the mucus with a rubber can.
  6. If a child's cold is not accompanied by a malaise or fever, do not forbid him to walk. Fresh air has a healthy effect, and mobility during walks improves blood circulation, which additionally contributes to the treatment of a cold and cough in a child.

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