What to do to stop snoring in sleep

The problem of nocturnal snoring was, perhaps, all. According to research in a dream, about 30% of people are constantly making sounds, while the rest are forced to wake up from foreign rudad. Many people think that this is a predominantly male pathology, which is not true. From her suffer equally, as representatives of the stronger sex, and women. The question of how to stop snoring in a dream is relevant for everyone. Pay attention to this problem is also necessary because it has not only an aesthetic side. If there is no proper treatment, this can lead to very negative consequences.

  • The causes of snoring and the more dangerous
  • Negative consequences
  • How to get rid of snoring
  • Surgical methods
  • Gymnastics
  • Innovative methods
  • Medication
  • Folk remedies
  • Recommendations
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The causes of snoring and the more dangerous

First of all, it is necessary to remember that snoring is a violation of breathing during sleep, which is accompanied by sound and vibrations (Ronhapathia). This pathology develops in most cases after thirty years.

Snoring men are more common than women. This is due to the fact that they have weaker muscles of the palate, which when the air enters the mouth begins to vibrate, which leads to a characteristic sound accompaniment.

In women, the cause may be a low level of estrogen in the blood during menopause, which leads to a narrowing of the airways. In turn, the sound during sleep in a young girl can be a symptom of dangerous diseases, such as diabetes or polycystic ovaries.

Children and adolescents often snore because of infections and inflammations in the nasopharynx, which cause swelling. In very young children, a problem with night breathing can cause an increase in adenoids.

Regardless of sex and age, people can snore at night for many reasons. The most common precondition is a sedentary lifestyle. The fact is that without proper workloads, the cardiovascular system is more likely to overtake blood, so that the tissues of the palate lose their elasticity.

The cause may be: excess weight and various pathologies of the endocrine system, as a result of which metabolism is disrupted. And:

  • trauma to the nose;
  • features of the structure of the oral cavity;
  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
  • neoplasm in the nasopharynx;
  • hormonal changes (especially typical for women and adolescents);
  • allergy;
  • constant lack of sleep;
  • smoking.

Sometimes people snore while taking certain medications. Such side effects usually give sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, which relax the muscles of the tongue and throat.

Whichever reason is not caused by snoring, it is desirable to get rid of it. This will help to avoid serious health problems.

Negative consequences

The most dangerous thing that snoring can testify is a syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep). With a similar disease, the lungs do not receive enough oxygen, which leads to oxygen starvation (hypoxia) of organs, including the brain.

Overnight a person can stop breathing from 2 to 500 times, depending on the stage of the disease. This threatens, above all, complications in the form of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Attention! At the first sign of stopping breathing in a dream, immediately consult a doctor! Apnea can be fatal.

In addition, a person loses the possibility of a full recovery of the body during sleep, which, in turn, leads to the following negative consequences:

  • headache;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • irritability;
  • disorder of sexual function;
  • memory impairment;
  • diseases of the lungs and bronchi;
  • enuresis at night (in children);
  • depression.

Do not despair in any case. There are many methods of treatment, and the physician-somnologist will help to choose the necessary.

How to get rid of snoring

Modern medicine offers a fairly wide choice of techniques wishing to get rid of snoring. Everything depends on the reasons that cause it. It is almost impossible to understand independently on this issue and only the specialist should prescribe the required treatment.

Surgical methods

To surgical intervention resorted in those cases when snoring cause features of the structure of the upper respiratory tract, or apnea in mild form. For example, when breathing in a dream is disturbed by nose defects, rhinoplasty and polyp removal are good if they are the cause.

Snoring and sagging of the tissues of the sky, an increase in the length of the tongue, characteristic of elderly people, often lead to snoring. Very effective in this case is uvulopalatoplastika - surgery on the tongue and arch of the palate. Excess tissues, tonsils and adenoids are removed, the airways become wider, and night breathing is facilitated.

Uvulopalatoplasty is done both by a classical method, and by means of a laser or radio waves. The operation in most cases helps to get rid of snoring forever, but it has a number of contraindications:

  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • acute form of any disease;
  • oncology.

After what time a person will stop snoring after uvulopalatoplasty, depends on the disease and the passage of the postoperative period. Full recovery takes up to 10 days. Additional procedures can last up to 4 months.

Attention! To a pregnant woman, uvulopalatoplasty is contraindicated, as in the period of breastfeeding!

In children, problems with night breathing can in some cases cause surgery. When after the removal of adenoids the child stops snoring, depends on various reasons.

  1. First, the reason can be that very often, along with adenoids, tonsils also increase - secondary snoring develops. Then an additional operation is required.
  2. If the baby snores because of stuffy nose, it will be enough just to wash your nose before going to bed.

Also, a child can simply become accustomed to breathing during the time of illness, then it is recommended to perform a set of special exercises to restore breathing through the nose.


Exercises will suit not only children, but also adults, as a way of preventing problems with breathing in a dream. They strengthen the muscles of the jaw and respiratory system, prevent the narrowing of airways. They can be performed in various combinations, but always on a regular basis and before bedtime.

Here are some of the exercises:

  • pull the tongue as far forward as possible, lower it down and hold it for a few seconds;
  • say aloud "and", "y" 20 times, straining the muscles of the neck;
  • clench your teeth with a plaque 4 minutes;
  • perform the lower jaw along ten circular rotations to the right and to the left;
  • press the tongue on the upper palate for a minute in three sets.

You should also pay attention to respiratory gymnastics.

Attention! With the syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea, exercises can also bring some relief, but only as an addition to the doctor prescribed treatment!

Innovative methods

Help to overcome snoring and modern medicine inventions, which can be purchased in specialized stores. This can be: a cap, clip, or a special plaster. They will help to cope with the uncomplicated form of the disease, will enable to sleep peacefully.

To stop snoring at night, you can use an intraoral mechanism that looks like a baby pacifier. He fixes the tongue in his mouth and does not allow him to block the airways.

In especially severe cases, you can use a mask-compressor, which maintains pressure in the airways all night. CIPAP therapy helps even with apnea.

All of the above methods of disposal are applied depending on which disease is caused by snoring. And to eliminate its immediate cause, pharmaceuticals are often prescribed.


There are no special pills, but many people help stop snoring with medications that make breathing easier:

  1. Drops in the nose (Naftizin, Nafazolin, Galazolin, Rinostop, etc.) help in case a person snores because of a cold, an allergic rhinitis. Relevant in this case are also sprays, tablets for resorption, for example, "Anti-Angin." As a vasoconstrictor use nasal patches.
  2. To soften the nasopharyngeal mucosa, preparations based on essential oils (sprays, raindrops, etc.) are used, which remove the "gluing" of the shells and reduce vibration. The most effective are: "Clicks", "Doktop Xrap", "Cailec".
  3. Pregnant women are advised to take medication only on the basis of natural substances. Narrowing vessels in exceptional cases are also used, but in dosage for children and not more than 1 week. During the gestation period, the doctors usually appoint "Pharyngosept", "Lizobakt", "Tantum Verde", "Stopangin", "Ingalipt", "Geksoral" or some other drugs. They are selected strictly individually, so do not take self-medication.

Note that all these tools can be used by those who have an uncomplicated form of snoring, with apnea they are not effective. A completely different treatment is required. Those who snore, you can not use tranquilizers, because these drugs relax the muscles of the nasopharynx.

Attention! Any medicines differ in their composition and belong to different groups. Take them only if prescribed by a doctor!

Folk remedies

If the snoring is not complicated, not caused by serious diseases and does not cause too much trouble, you can try to cope with it at home, using folk remedies:

  • gruel (or juice) from cabbage leaves to mix with honey and to take before a dream;
  • add baked carrots to food, it helps to strengthen the larynx;
  • bury in the nostrils before going to bed a few drops of sea buckthorn oil;
  • You can rinse your throat with olive oil to eliminate drying. This method is especially recommended for smokers.

Attention! Only the means of traditional medicine can not be based! Strong snoring is an occasion for compulsory consultation with the attending physician. This will help avoid complications.


General recommendations are quite simple in execution. Become not only the prevention of respiratory problems during sleep, but also help to strengthen the overall health. Here are some of them:

  1. In the position on the back, even perfectly healthy people can snort, so you need to force yourself to sleep on your side. Some for this sew on to the pajamas (on the back) of the pocket and put there ball for playing tennis - it prevents to roll over in a dream on the back.
  2. An orthopedic pillow will help to get rid of night trills. The fact is that a person who is too small sleeps with his head thrown back, and on the big pillow - the neck unnaturally arches. All this leads to the appearance of sounds.
  3. It is necessary to make the head of the bed higher (10 cm is enough). This will prevent the tongue from falling.
  4. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Get rid of excess weight. Do exercises, including exercises for the muscles of the nasopharynx.
  5. Try to stop smoking.

All this does not take much time, but it will help to maintain the health of the respiratory system for many years.

Summing up, I want to emphasize once again that snoring, like any other signal of the body, can not be ignored. Interrupting breathing in sleep is very dangerous and can lead to serious complications. Consult a specialist as early as possible. The timeliness and literacy of the treatment depends on how quickly and painlessly it will be possible to solve the problem.