Metabolism: What is simple language, how to improve metabolism at home

Metabolism, in plain language, can be defined asspeed of processing and transformation in an organism of the consumed food in energy. The received energy is spent on providing internal physiological processes, on the splitting of food and physical activity. And about 80% of energy goes to basic and digestive exchanges, the rest - 20% - to movements.

And if even more simple words, the metabolism is a metabolism!

Is it possible to improve metabolism at home? Metabolism implies anabolism and catabolism. These processes occur simultaneously, but they differ according to the principle of action. With anabolism, food breaks up into macro-nutrients, then into simpler components. In the process, energy is released, which is measured in calories, and new molecules for cells and tissues are constructed on its basis. The rate of metabolism affects: blood pressure; withdrawal of decomposition products; body weight.

Let's try to explain in simple words and language what metabolism is and how to improve it independently at home.


Metabolism, metabolism, how not to spoil

If the balance of costs and energy are met, a person is not threatened with excess weight and health problems. Inefficient eating habits, hypodynamia lead to the appearance of fatty surpluses, high levels of sugar and cholesterol.

In the opposite case, when each calorie is counted, the body does not receive in the necessary volume of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, which disrupts biochemical processes.

The high level of leptin, the hormone responsible for energy metabolism and appetite, depends on the amount of fat tissue and the consumption of carbohydrates. With a certain scheme of nutrition, the body adapts to the volume, and when switching to another mode begins to resent. Therefore, it is difficult to endure the hunger pangs of obese people. A sharp transition to a limited diet is fraught with a decrease in metabolic processes by 45%.

People who are exhausted by hunger and attending fitness halls are less sensitive to leptin. Even if its level is corrected, the body does not try to accumulate reserves. With a deficiency of fat, hormones that affect the activity of organs and cells are not produced. The lack of boron, necessary for the production of estrogen, leads to the accumulation of fat on the stomach.

What affects metabolism

After eating, some have energy consumed excess, others have deposits at the waist. Why do some calories burn like in a stove, others get fat from the air? The main factor is genetics.

Today, there are methods that help determine the genes responsible for the production of specific enzymes. People with the "Atkins genome" (AMY1) can eat anything without damaging the figure. Those who are unlucky to have at least a couple of copies, it is better to forget about the starchy and sweet foods. In addition, women have a gene MMP2, responsible for fat volumes.

Factors that can not be adjusted are called static: gender; body type; heredity.

However, dynamic parameters - diet, hormone level, activity, if desired, are regulated. The interaction of the first and second aspects determines the coherence of internal processes.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account a number of aspects that lead to completeness.

Every 10 years, metabolism slows down conditionally by 10%.

Causes: fluctuations in the hormonal level; decreased activity; stress.

Pregnancy leads to abnormalities in basal metabolism. In the early stages of the body is stored nutrients. Closer to the birth of glucose, cholesterol. After pregnancy, the body recovers for a long time. Hormonal changes often disrupt the endocrine system - the production of thyroid hormones produced by the thyroid gland. This requires medical treatment.

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Metabolism: how to improve at home

In order not to change anything in the way of life, many people take drugs with steroid hormones, which can not be done categorically. If it is reasonable to approach the problem and change habits, metabolism can be accelerated without harm to health.

Training. The more energy is expended in a day, the more calories go away at night. Sports fans from 1 kg of muscle tissue burn 100 kcal per day, fat is only 30. A week is recommended for 80 to 150 minutes of cardio surgery or 8,000 steps a day (4 km).

The most effective is circular training with alternating intensive and medium loads.

Another quick way to tone up the body and metabolism is the power load. After lifting dumbbells and barbells calories are lost within a day.

The worst advice is to eat a little and exercise daily. Exhaustive loads and a defective diet with a minimum of calories slow down all processes.

Food. It is important to observe the frequency of meals. To maintain energy balance is recommended fractional meals up to 6 times a day. To carbohydrates have time to burn, it is better to eat by the metabolic clock. Until noon you can pamper yourself with pastries and sweets. Calories will be wasted before the evening. If these foods are eaten at night, the energy is transformed into fat.

For breakfast, 70% of the daily diet is needed. Refusing to eat in the morning leads to a weight gain of 7 kg per year. To stimulate metabolic processes, nutrition is useful to diversify.

At the first meal, you do not need to eat cereal. Protein and dairy products contain linoleic acid, which promotes the development of muscle tissue. Eggs, a sandwich with whole grain bread and cheese, soy cottage cheese, nuts for a long time will ensure satiety. Proteins are digested for a long time, due to which the basal metabolism increases by 35%.

After lunch you can have a snack with fruit. Citrus fruits and apples, besides useful fiber and organic acids, perfectly stimulate metabolism. Up to 16 hours, sugar in the blood is lowered, and dessert will not hurt the figure.

For dinner, protein and vegetables - lean breast, meat, fish.

Do not forget about the seasonings: red pepper, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin.

Spices contribute to the digestion of food and utilize fats.

Do not give up natural coffee. The cup of the drink accelerates the metabolic processes by 14% due to an increase in heart rate and stimulation of the central nervous system. Green tea is useful. It's all about ECGC - a stimulating substance. If you drink up to 5 cups, 5% of weight is lost in 3 months.

Sauna. In the sauna and sauna, hot steam activates the fat metabolism. Blood begins to circulate through the veins at cosmic speed. After the appearance of drops of sweat, the body switches to cooling mode. Thermoregulation consumes a lot of energy.

For the effect, 2 sets of 10 minutes are enough. As the load accustoms to increase - 4 calls for 15 minutes. The body loses a lot of water, so it is important to drink water or herbal teas without sugar.

Sleep. During rest, the work of organs and systems is inspected, cells are updated. To recruit energy, a person needs at least 7 hours. It is necessary not to sleep at night, as glucose jumps, the sensitivity of cells to insulin is depressed, hormonal failure occurs. Because of the decrease in leptin, it becomes difficult to manage the appetite.

Deficiency of sleep the body perceives as stress and throws into the blood cortisol, which affects the formation of "strategic" stocks. Conclusion: the more organized life is, the more coherent the internal processes.

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The human body has an ENERGY BALANCE that will never be violated, in fact, it is the first law of thermodynamics. Remember?

Energy does not go away, it just goes from one state to another, it looks something like this:

ENERGY RECEIPT = Energy expenditure (life activity) + Energy reserves


If the intake increases, and the flow remains constant, in order for the equation to be respected, it is required to increase the energy reserves, there are several of them, but mainly the amount of fat, i.e., increases. in order to lose weight, we can either reduce the flow, or increase the flow.


Energy can come only from nutrients - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, alcohol. ALL. No more from where, not from solar energy, not from smells, not because of diseases of organs and abnormalities of the psyche.

Therefore, for "promotion of metabolism", it is required to increase the energy expenditure, to reduce the income, as I understand, you do not agree. Although, there are quite amusing methods, for example, worms get or ask a surgeon to cut off the active part of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Maintain your metabolism at the proper level and be healthy!

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