Sores in the mouth - stomatitis - in the child and adult: causes, treatment

Sore mouth ( aphthous stomatitis ) - a nuisance in a child or adult, outwardly representing small inflamed circles-craters on the inside of the mouth: on the cheek, lip, gum, tongue, rarely - the sky. It is believed that aphthous stomatitis is more likely to affect women, adolescents, and that the tendency to ulceration in the oral cavity can be a hereditary disease.

Today we will talk about the causes and treatment of sores on the mucosa in the mouth in a child and an adult, than how to treat stomatitis at home with medicines and folk remedies.


Causes of sores in the mouth: why they appear

The causes of the appearance of ulcers in the oral cavity are various. Treatment is appointed after establishing the exact cause of the occurrence of aphthous stomatitis, I give the possible reasons:

  1. allergic reaction to food;
  2. reduced the level of human immune defense;
  3. lack of vitamins, iron, folic acid;
  4. on the background of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  5. lack of vitamin C;
  6. disorders of the psycho-emotional sphere of a person;
  7. injury, damage to the mouth due to bite, burning hot tea, soup;
  8. tobacco smoking;
  9. wearing of dentures;
  10. on the background of lupus erythematosus may develop Crohn's disease or Behcet's disease;
  11. appearance of sores in the mouth in women with menstruation.

Symptoms of stomatitis: what ulcers occur in the mouth

As mentioned earlier, mouth ulcers appear on moving parts: tongue, near the gums, from the inside of the lips, cheeks. In the beginning, the sores are oval or round, they are tumors of red color, appear during the day singly or several times at once. Then they can burst, covered with a membrane and be framed with red circles around the edges.

Food intake is accompanied by discomfort and pain, appetite is reduced. Most often, the sores disappear within 2 weeks without leaving scars.

Sometimes, in parallel with the ulcer, the body temperature rises slightly.

Depending on the size, the sores in the mouth are divided into categories:

  1. small - diameter from 1 to 10 millimeters, manifest in 80% of cases, heal within a week;
  2. large - a diameter of 10 millimeters, are treated up to a month, often after the treatment there is a scar in the oral cavity on the site of the healed ulcer;
  3. herpetiform - a group of small ulcers with a diameter of up to 3 millimeters, healing in the mouth occurs up to 10 days.

Photo of the sores in the mouth

White sores in the mouth of the baby on the lower lip
White sores in the mouth in an adult in the language

Treatment of sores in the mouth with aphthous stomatitis at home

Before starting to treat sores in the oral cavity at home, at their occurrence it is necessary to undertake the following:

  1. do not consume rough food, to prevent it from getting stuck in the mouth, gums and worsening condition of ulcers;
  2. exclude from the diet acute, acidic, hot dishes, salinity, seeds and nuts - all irritating foods;
  3. brush your teeth gently, without damaging the bristles trying to heal the ulcer;
  4. use toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate and other irritating ingredients.

Usually, sores heal, and aphthous stomatitis passes on its own without special treatment, when performing the above measures. When you quickly want to get rid of discomfort and relieve pain, use medicines, preparations with local action in the form of mouth rinsing and applying ointments.

For adults people for analgesia ulcers apply ointment " benzocaine ", which causes numbness of the oral cavity at the time. It is applied to the ulcer, which allows you to reduce pain during meals, drinking, and brushing your teeth. You can apply gel " xikain ".

For children , the ointment and gel are not recommended for , due to their side effects. Adults should use these medicines as directed by a dentist and strictly follow the instructions for their use.

The pharmacy has anti-inflammatory ointments without a prescription, antibiotics, but you should always consult a specialist before self-medication.

Than to treat stomatitis and rinse the mouth with ulcers to the child and adult

  1. Rinse the mouth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide( 3%) with water( teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide per 100 ml of water) 2-3 times a day;
  2. Rinse your mouth with a mild pink solution of potassium permanganate or a solution of furacilin( 1 tablet per cup of boiled water).Rinse 2-3 times a day.

A doctor for the treatment of aphthous stomatitis can prescribe medicines for rinsing. For example, dipemedrol suspension is used to relieve pain when mouth ulcers appear in adults. In this situation, diphenhydramine is not recommended for use in tablets, only in liquid form it will be effective.

In severe cases of ulcers in the mouth, stronger steroid preparations are prescribed to reduce the inflammatory process and prevent relapse. Steroids are prescribed in severe form of aphthous stomatitis, they have many side effects. They are used under the strict supervision of a doctor.

Rinse based on preparation of tetracycline helps to alleviate the symptoms of the lungs in its forms, they eliminate unpleasant sensations, prevent the appearance of infectious foci in the wound. Ulcers heal completely within a week. But this drug should be used in pregnant women and children carefully because of side effects.

Remember that the recurrent course of aphthous stomatitis, when the ulcers do not heal in the mouth or appear after a while again - a good reason to consult a doctor-therapist for medical examination! After all, aphthous stomatitis can be a manifestation of allergies, lupus erythematosus, celiac disease, HIV infection( AIDS).

In other cases, if there are no serious illnesses:

  1. watch for hygiene of the teeth,
  2. do not allow injury to the oral cavity,
  3. review the regime and quality of food intake.

Folk remedies for oral ulcers for children and adults

On the cotton ball, drip a few drops of castor oil and apply to the sore for a few minutes. Procedure do 3-4 times a day.

Pain in the area of ​​the sores removes the sachet attached to it with with spiked tea.

If sores appear on the oral mucosa, can be prepared by rinsing ( half a teaspoon of baking soda with 100 ml of warm water).Rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day.

Rinse the mouth with chamomile and sage infusions that have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Video tips

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Than and how to treat stomatitis in adults and children: sores in the mouth

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Treatment of sores in the mouth and stomatitis in the home

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Than to treat sores in the mouth: treatment of stomatitis

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Review: I was sick with stomatitis. Recently there was a period when I could not get rid of it - just cure, again get out sores in the mouth: on the cheek, on the lip. Then she began to search the Internet and stumbled upon the site of a stomatitis-treatment. Here she found useful recipes for stomatitis. And most importantly - advice to improve immunity, so that there will be no recurrences.

Sores in the oral cavity: treating stomatitis with folk remedies

Stomatitis is a disease of the oral cavity. Also this disease is known as aphthous ulcers, which are very painful.

Source: Iligov GN Official and traditional medicine. The most detailed encyclopedia.- Moscow: Izd-vo Eksmo, 2012.

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