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Omnitus - all about the drugThe drug is available in the form of tablets, coated with a film in the form of a film of 50 mg and 20 mg. Each blister contains 10 tab., Bilsters are placed in cardboard packages.

Omnitus is available as a syrup, mg / ml, in each bottle of dark-colored glass contains - 200 ml of the substance. The vials are hermetically sealed with a lid and equipped with a first opening control. The top part of the bottle contains a scheme for opening the lid. Attached a special measuring spoon, the volume of which is 5 milliliters. The drug refers to antitussive drugs. Its actions include the reduction of the inflammatory process in the bronchi, it is used as an expectorant and bronchodilating substance. The bisamirate citrate contained in the preparation has no similar properties with opium alkaloids. Its effect on the cough center is noted as a positive effect on the body's state, as evidenced by the oxygenation of the blood and spirometry.

Omnitus instruction

Omnitus has a high level of adsorption. The dose of syrup, which contains 150 mg of butramate citrate, is maximal in plasma after an hour and a half (6.4 μg / ml). The syrup is half removed from the body within six hours, for the tablet form is characteristic withdrawal of the drug within 13 hours. There is no cumulative effect, butramrate citrate is rapidly hydrolyzed in blood plasma, turning into diethylaminoethoxyethanol and acid (2-phenylbutyric acid). These metabolites are known for their antitussive property, they quite easily come into contact with proteins. Subsequently, oxidation of phenylbutyric acid to the acid state of 14C-p-hydroxy-2-phenylbutyric acid occurs. Metabolites are freely excreted by the kidneys.

The instructions attached to the Omnitus preparation provide information that allows you to find out the features of the drug and how it is used. Indication for the use of the drug is the presence of dry cough, regardless of the nature of its origin. You can prescribe the drug with whooping cough, flu, condition, colds. Before carrying out such an operation as a bronchoscopy, the appointment of Omnitus is required, as in the postoperative period.

Omnitus syrup

The protivokashlevy drug Omnitus blahdera central action. Citrate butramate has neither pharmacological, nor chemical common properties with opium alkaloids. It provides a direct effect on the cough center, thereby reducing puffiness, inflammation of the bronchi, improving the oxygenation of the blood and spirometry.

The syrup is a colorless, transparent liquid of a viscous consistency, which has the smell of vanillin. In one milliliter of the drug contains, mg butyrate citrate (active substance), as well as auxiliary substances: noncrystallizing 70% sorbitol, benzoic acid, 96% sodium hydroxide ethanol, glycerol, sodium saccharin, anise oil, water purified, vanillin. In the package, which contains a bottle of syrup, there is a one-dimensional spoon (volume - 5 ml). Children aged 3 to 5 years and weighing 15 to 22 kilograms take Omnitus syrup three times a day for two tablespoons, 10 milliliters. Children 6 - 9 years weighing up to 40 kilograms take syrup four times a day for 3 tablespoons. For adults, it is recommended to take 6 spoons or 30 milliliters of the drug three times a day. The syrup is stored in a place protected from moisture and sunlight at a temperature of at least 15 degrees and not above 25 degrees Celsius. The shelf life of the syrup is 5 years, the date of issue and the expiration date is indicated on the package.

Omnitus in tablets

One Omnitus tablet contains 50 mg or 20 mg of butramate citrate, the active substance, as well as auxiliary: colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, talc, povidone, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, titanium dioxide. Tablets of 50 mg contain a crimson dye, 20 mg each - a yellow sunset. The tablets have a biconvex, round shape, shells color from orange to yellow shade, should be taken before eating swallowing with water, it is not recommended to chew the tablets.

Children under 6 years and pregnant, as well as persons suffering from hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, is not recommended to take this medicine. Children 6-11 years old take 1 tablet twice a day, after 12 years, children take pills three times a day (1 tablet). Adults are supposed to take the medicine three times a day for 2 tablets. Tablets, produced by 50 mg, are taken by adults and children under 18 years, adults are supposed to take every 8 or 12 hours for 1 tablet. Side effects may include: allergies, dizziness, stools, nausea, rashes on the skin.

In case of an overdose, the following reactions of the organism are possible: diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, gag reflex, hypotension. The treatment is symptomatic, a salt laxative, activated charcoal is prescribed. Keep the drug in tablet form is necessary at a temperature not lower than 15 degrees Celsius and not above 25 degrees in a place protected from moisture and sunlight penetration. The drug should be stored for no more than two years, the release date and shelf life should be indicated on the package.

Omnitus price

The drug is available in tablet form and as a syrup. In the pharmacy, the medicine is released without the need for a prescription written by the doctor. For the drug Omnitus, the price is assigned depending on the pharmacy network, the region, so it can vary slightly in some degree.

Omnitus reviews

- I take an omnite on the recommendation of a doctor, it helps me to cope with problems.

- My child is helped very much by Omnitus to cope with a strong cough.

- Our choice was influenced by omnitus reviews of other people. We take the medicine with the whole family, it helps both children and adults.

Omnitus with dry cough of various etiologies

Omnitus when coughingMedication Omnitus is indicated for the control of dry cough with such diseases as influenza, pertussis, various colds. It is used before surgical operations and bronchoscopy. The drug is characterized by coughing, bronchodilating properties, in addition, it perfectly removes inflammation.

Features of the drug Omnitus with a dry cough

Omnitus has a number of features that distinguish it from other drugs recommended in the fight against dry cough. It is used to directly cough, as a symptom, without affecting the disease that caused it. Unlike other drugs and potions that dilute and excrete sputum, Omnitus exerts an exclusively central suppressive action, blocking the cough center of the brain. Therefore, take this medicine is necessary for the doctor's appointment, in the case when an accurate diagnosis is established, which resulted in a dry cough.

Contraindications to admission

Medication administration Omnitus is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Lactation period in women.
  • Age to three years.
  • Individual intolerance to certain components of the drug.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Diseases of the liver.
  • Diabetes.
  • Diseases of the brain.

Forms of Omnitus from cough

The drug has several dosage forms:

  • Syrup. It removes inflammation, provokes expectoration, softens cough, eliminates irritation of mucous membranes. Syrup has sedative properties, so it is not recommended to use it together with psychotropic drugs. Children should be given syrup in the following doses: 3-6 years (1 tsp 3 times a day, 6-9 years - st.l. syrup 3 times a day, kids 9-16 years old, 2 tbsp.Omnitus for coughingl. funds 3 times a day). Adults need to drink the drug in the following doses - 2 tablespoons. 4 times a day.
  • Tablets are available in two dosages: 20 and 50 mg. They have emollient properties, contribute to expectoration, affecting the cough center. Take cough for children up to 12 years old, 1 tablet 2 times a day, and adults (20 mg) - 2 pills 3 times a day. As for the dosage of 50 mg, so these pills are contraindicated for children. For adults, the following dosage is provided: 1 tablet every 8 hours.

Why is Omnitus a popular cough drug?

Tablets and syrups Omnitus are in great demand compared to other medicines. The popularity of this drug is explained by a number of reasons:

  • Within two hours can remove an attack of acute cough.
  • High quality and quick action.
  • Can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy and without a prescription
  • Affordable price. A bottle of syrup (200 ml.) Costs 150 rubles. The cost of tablets of 20 mg. - 160 rubles. Plate of tablets in a dosage of 50 mg. It will cost about 200. rubles.
  • Suitable for both mature people and babies, so it can be considered a family drug.
  • Side effects are rare.
  • The drug is famous for its excellent reviews.

Due to its availability and effectiveness, Omnitus has established itself in the pharmaceutical market as a reliable cough medicine. But, during treatment it is necessary to take into account all contraindications and observe the rules for taking the drug.

Tablets and syrup "Omnitus customer reviews about cough medicine

With flu or cold, many overpower cough, especially unpleasant if it is dry. To cure this symptom and help your bronchi get rid of phlegm, you can use syrup or tablets from the cough "Omnitus". Below we give all the characteristics of the forms of this drug (tablets or syrup), tell about their advantages and disadvantages, as well as see what consumers themselves say about the drug "Omnitus."

Cough syrup "Omnitus pharmacological properties, form of release, price

omnitus reviewsThis drug is intended for the treatment of dry cough of any etiology and pertussis. The main active substance in the medicine is butamyrate. It reduces the excitability of the cough center, reduces irritation of the mucous membranes, exerts an expectorant and mild anti-inflammatory effect. After taking this medication, the maximum concentration of the drug in the blood is observed after an hour and a half; half-life (with urine) - 6 hours. The medicine for coughing "Omnitus" in the form of a syrup can be bought in a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. The packaging is a 200 ml glass bottle, the kit includes instructions for use and a measuring spoon. The average price is 120-150 rubles, depending on the region.

How to correctly apply syrup from cough "Omnitus drug overdose

Unless otherwise prescribed by a physician, this medication is taken orally as follows:

  • children of 3-6 years are shown 1 teaspoon, and 6-9 years - a tablespoon of syrup 3 times a day;
  • if the child is older than 9 years, then the dosage is increased to 4 table spoons 3 times during the day;
  • adults should take a syrup of 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.
cough syrup omnisus reviewsThe drug "Omnitus syrup, the testimonies of which testify that it acts quickly enough (after a couple of days the patient feels considerable relief), you need to take no more than 5 days, or less - until complete removal symptoms. If the cough does not go away after a specified time, you should consult a doctor who prescribes a more potent drug. When an overdose of the medicine "Omnitus" can begin nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, and from the side of the central nervous system - drowsiness, dizziness or a sharp drop in blood pressure. Therapy in this case is symptomatic - prescribe a gastric lavage, laxative or the taking of activated carbon tablets.

Contraindications to the use of syrup, its side effects

This cough medicine should not be taken if you have the following diseases or conditions:

  • hypersensitivity to the active or auxiliary components present in the composition of the drug;
  • the first trimester of pregnancy (in the second and third medicines can be used only for the purpose of the therapist and after assessing the possible risk to the fetus);
  • period of lactation - lactation;
  • children until the age of 3 years (syrup);
  • with caution this drug should be used to treat patients with renal insufficiency and those who in parallel take pills of any sleeping pills or tranquilizers.

Cough remedy "Omnitus" (syrup) reviews are positive both from doctors and patients, and almost never causes side effects. However, in rare cases, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, as well as a decrease in pressure and drowsiness may occur.

Tablets from the cough "Omnitus form of release and pharmacological properties

pills for cough omnitusThese tablets are also intended for the treatment of dry cough, the active ingredient in preparation - butamirate citrate, auxiliary - hypromellose, cellulose, talc, titanium dioxide and food dye. Tablets from the dry cough "Omnitus" directly affect the cough center, have an expectorant effect and a slight anti-inflammatory effect. This form of the drug is sold in cardboard packages, each containing 10 tablets of yellow color, weighing 20 or 50 mg. The remedy is released without a doctor's prescription, and costs from 160 rubles per packing. Keep the tablet "Omnitus" can be 2 years in a dry and dark place at room temperature.

Method of application of "Omnitus" in the form of tablets: dosage and drug overdose

tablets from a dry cough omnitusThe preparation of the drug in the form of tablets differs somewhat from the use of a syrup with the same name, besides there are two forms of the release of pills - 20 mg or 50 mg each. So, tablets weighing 20 mg are prescribed for adults 2 times 2-3 times a day, for children over 12 years the dose is reduced by half; Children aged 6-12 years are shown receiving 1 pc. 2 times a day.

If you purchased Omnitus in tablets weighing 50 mg, they should be used as follows: adults - 1 tablet every 8-12 hours, for the treatment of children in this case, the remedy is not is used. Tablets from the cough "Omnitus" reviews are quite good - they usually help on the 1-2 day after the beginning of the application, but keep in mind that the course of taking the drug should not exceed 5-7 days. If further improvements do not occur, you need to see a doctor, since a long, non-persistent dry cough can be a symptom of a serious illness. When an overdose of the drug requires symptomatic treatment, as well as washing the stomach, taking tablets of activated charcoal or laxative.

Omnitus tablets: contraindications to use, possible side effects

Like syrup, these pills are not assigned to the following groups of people:

  • women in the first three months of pregnancy;
  • with lactation (if absolutely necessary to take the drug, the question of stopping the baby breast feeding);
  • for those who have an increased sensitivity to the components present in the formulation, including ancillary;
  • the age of the child under 6 years (in case of use for the treatment of tablets in 20 mg);
  • children, as well as adolescence to 18 years (for tablets weighing 50 mg).

Side effects from taking the drug are rare, but with the use of pills for coughing, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, and allergic reactions or drowsiness may occur. In this case, treatment with this cough remedy should be stopped.

Cough syrup "Omnitus reviews from patients - positive and negative

omnitus syrup reviewsThat's what consumers say about this tool for treating dry cough:
  • syrup really helps to get rid of a cough quickly, about 3-4 days;
  • he instantly relieves a strong attack of cough;
  • some use it in a dosage less than recommended by the manufacturer - in this case, the bottle of the drug lasts for a long time;
  • sold in every pharmacy.
  • Of course, buyers noted the negative side of the syrup "Omnitus the reviews in this case were as follows:

  • when using the syrup in recommended doses for adult bottles is sufficient for a maximum of 2 days;
  • also some did not like its price, and since for a full course of treatment you need several packages of the drug, it increases at least 2 times;
  • also the buyers do not like it sufficiently sharp smell and sugary, too sweet taste;
  • it contains artificial dyes;
  • Syrup can not be used to treat children under 3 years old.

I must say that, despite the fact that the remedy has negative aspects, many people say that the syrup really helps, and it helps quickly. Buyers give him an estimate of 4 points out of 5 possible.

Omnitus tablets: reviews positive and negative

pills for cough omnisus reviewsAs noted above, the cough remedy "Omnitus" is available in the form of tablets of 20 mg and 50 mg. Here are the characteristics with the plus sign given to them by buyers:
  • they are convenient to use, many prefer to drink exactly tablets, rather than syrup;
  • as well as a means in the form of a syrup, they quickly help to remove a fit of cough and in most cases completely cure it in 3-4 days.

In the rest, buyers give the agent in the form of tablets almost the same characteristics as syrup. Of course, the drug "Omnitus" reviews have negative. Note the following:

  • Tablets should not be taken to children under 6 years of age, and in a dosage of 50 mg - up to 18 years;
  • this form of the drug is not sold in every pharmacy;
  • they can not be used to treat pregnant women;
  • they do not cure a chronic dry cough (however, they are not meant for this either. If the patient does not cough for a week or more, you need to urgently go to the hospital to find out the cause of this symptom and choose the appropriate treatment).

Anyway, the tablet "Omnitus" reviews are quite good, moreover, adults prefer to use the drug for cough treatment in this form (tablets), rather than taking syrup.

To buy or not the remedy for dry cough "Omnitus conclusions and conclusion

cough medicine omnitusOf course, now the pharmaceutical market offers many tools for cough treatment - both natural and chemical in composition. The drug "Omnitus" has established itself as a reliable medicine that can quickly rid the patient of dry cough. However, you need to know that Omnitus syrup should be taken with caution - it contains alcohol, just a little - 0.03 mg per single dose. Therefore, it is not used for the treatment of children, as well as patients with liver diseases (in the acute stage), the brain, as well as those suffering from epilepsy. In the rest both tablets and "Omnitus" syrup reviews from doctors and patients get positive, and if you are looking for an effective remedy for treating dry cough, you can try and take it.

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