The sour smell of excretions in women causes

Allocations should normally be present in every woman, they talk about the health of the body. If their color or odor changes, itching and other symptoms occur, this may indicate a possible infection or other disease. It is worth knowing what the sour smell of secretions in women can say, in what cases it can be considered normal.

  • How to eliminate the sour smell?
  • Very acidic discharge: causes
  • Than to treat?
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The secret secreted by various glands of the organs of the reproductive system in women acquires an acidic odor due to the activity of bacteria that normally are present in the vagina. Completely to get rid of excretions or their smell it is impossible, their full absence also does not speak about health of the woman.

Acid secretions are in fact the absolute norm for women. This smell depends on the activity of bacteria, it is normally present, but it is not unpleasant or harsh. After menstruation, it can be practically absent, by the middle of the menstrual cycle, the amount of secretions and the intensity of the odor increases. Before menstruation, it can become as pronounced as possible.

In general, in order to understand that excretions are normal, there is no cause for concern, one should pay attention to the following signs of health:

  • the selection by nature is transparent or whitish, resembles slime, white discharge with an acidic odor is an indicator of the norm, while they are present in small amounts;
  • an acidic smell is present, however it is not very pronounced, it is not unpleasant;
  • The vaginal secretion does not cause irritation, itching and burning are absent;
  • Sex does not bring discomfort, there are no signs of malaise.

It is also worth noting that for whites the whitish secretions may acquire a yellowish hue over time, this is common. In this case, the allocations are absolutely normal, you should not fight them. A weak sour smell indicates health, so do not worry.

Important!The nature of the secretions can also vary due to the intake of hormonal contraceptives or other drugs.

During pregnancy, the secret usually does not disappear anywhere, from the first months of its number may begin to increase, it becomes more than before the start of bearing a child. The discharge remains acidic, but if their character changes dramatically, the odor becomes unpleasant, you need to see a doctor immediately. Especially if there is blood in them.

How to eliminate the sour smell?

If the sour smell without itching and other signs of the disease, it should not be eliminated. He shows that the bacterial environment in the vagina is normal, it is impossible to completely get rid of the smell. Moreover, trying to get rid of it, you can only harm and provoke violations of microflora.

If there are a lot of excreta and they spoil the laundry, use of daily pads is acceptable. However, it is worth remembering that various fragrances and poor-quality materials can provoke microflora disorders that will lead to increased odor and the development of various diseases, for example, thrush.

Therefore, in order to reduce the smell and not to give out silt to the extracts, it is possible to use quality suitable daily pads without perfumes. It should also be washed twice a day with plain water, soap should not be used, you can only use special non-flavored means for intimate hygiene.

Also advised to wear underwear made of natural materials, they help to keep the vaginal microflora healthy. If such recommendations do not help, maybe there is a disease, it is worth to see a doctor.

Important!With various disorders, microflora is advised to completely abandon any means that can irritate the mucosa.

Very acidic discharge: causes

In some cases, the smell of sour milk becomes extremely intense and unpleasant, this indicates the development of the disease. The appearance of yellow discharge with an acidic odor can indicate the development of infection, especially if the secret becomes more fluid, heterogeneous, foams. The most common causes of such disorders include the following diseases:

  1. Candidiasis is a thrush. This disease is very common, it is often found in many women, in most cases, constantly recurs. With this disease, the secretions begin to resemble cottage cheese and have a sharp acidic odor, accompanied by the occurrence of itching and burning. Thrush can develop for many reasons, often it leads to various hormonal disorders, taking certain medications, reducing immunity.
  2. Vaginosis, dysbacteriosis of the vagina. In this case, the secretions can turn yellow, the smell becomes extremely harsh and unpleasant. This disease can arise for many reasons, the appearance of infection can affect its appearance.
  3. Trichomoniasis and other infections that are transmitted through sexual contact. In this case, the appearance of green secretions with an acidic odor is likely, they are accompanied by the appearance of burning and itching, pain and discomfort arise in the course of sexual intimacy.

These are the main diseases that can lead to changes in the nature of the secret. All diseases require urgent medical attention, self-medication in this case can be dangerous.

In the case of infectious disease and other diseases, the increased use of various hygiene products will not help. Moreover, it can lead to an increase in the symptoms of the disease, especially if the pads or gels are not properly matched.

Than to treat?

If there is a suspicion that the secret has changed under the influence of infection or because of any disease, you need to first turn to a doctor - a gynecologist. Before the treatment begins, a full diagnosis is required to help determine the exact cause of the changes. Usually a smear is taken, the microflora is examined. A single analysis of symptoms is usually not enough, you may also need ultrasound of the organs of the reproductive system.

Once the infection and other diseases are identified, a full treatment is provided. It can include various means. Various creams and suppositories can be used to help restore normal microflora, oral tablets. It may also require restoration of immunity, intake of vitamins and other fortifying agents. From an intimate affinity during treatment, one usually needs to abstain.

If changes in the nature of secretions were caused by hormonal medications and other medications, you should consult a doctor. Perhaps the remedy can be changed to eliminate such side effects.

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