Symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia and tactics of treating the disease with folk remedies

The heart is the motor of our whole organism and the general condition depends on its work.

At the moment there is a rather unfavorable ecological situation in the world, we live in a frantic pace, we have unbalanced food, we are overwhelmed by stresses and bursts of emotion, and as a result - the disruption of the normal operation of this vital organ.

Heart disease very often leads to a deterioration in the standard of living and to dependence on medication. Cases of disability and even death are frequent.

Many types of heart disease are known to specialists. Each individual case has its own characteristics and symptoms. All these ailments are usually classified according to general criteria.

Many people knowingly do not pay attention to the symptoms of heart disease. Besides, pain syndrome of this or that disease is not always observed.

Disregard for your health leads to a deterioration in medical indicators. It's not a secret for anyone that 45% of all deaths are from heart attacks.

In this article, we will dwell in detail on one of the abnormalities in the work of the heart, called arrhythmia.

Our heart should ideally work like a clock. His rhythm should have the same regularity and frequency. Thus, uninterrupted delivery to all organs and tissues of useful substances and oxygen is ensured. When there is a malfunction in the work of the main "driver" of the body, we have to talk about arrhythmia.

Medicine knows many kinds of this disease and it is necessary to start treatment only after the establishment of manifestations of the disease.

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Possible causes

When the heart is working normally, we even sometimes forget that this organ is present in our body. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

The causes of these diseases are quite a lot.

  1. The first place is the genetic predisposition of
  2. The next factor is the wrong diet.
  3. This list should be supplemented by the lack of physical activity, as well as the abuse of strong spirits and nicotine.
  4. Very common cause - nervous disorders.
  5. One of the main causes is a pathology that indicates ischemic disease, myocarditis, heart disease or cardiomyopathy.
  6. Sometimes it may precede or be a consequence of a heart attack.
  7. Metabolic disorders in the body can also cause arrhythmias.
  8. Climax.
  9. Pathologies of the brain.
  10. Infectious and fungal diseases.
  11. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  12. Arrhythmia may occur as a result of drug overdose or in case of severe poisoning.
  13. The cause of arrhythmia may be the presence in the body of scar tissue, which makes it difficult to pass the impulses.
  14. Overeating. A full stomach presses against the diaphragm. Because of this, breathing becomes frequent and intermittent. In order to provide tissues and organs with the necessary amount of oxygen, the heart muscle starts to work much more intensively. Do not forget that the digestive process is very energy-intensive for the body.
Symptoms of arrhythmia - fading or irregular heartbeat. If it beats very hard, a person may feel chest pain, and if there are significant interruptions between cardiac contractions, a syncope is possible.

Characteristic symptoms of

In a healthy person, the number of heartbeats should be between 60 and 80 beats / minute. It is important that these cuts should occur with the same frequency.

With tachycardia, the number of strokes becomes larger, with bradycardia - significantly less, and with extrasystole heart beat becomes not measured. These disorders are symptoms of arrhythmia.

Atrial fibrillation .Symptoms: rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, stitching pain in the chest, increased sweating, muscle weakness, frequent urination. Unreasonable fear, panic, dizziness, fainting.
  • Paroxysmal tachycardia .It can last from a few minutes to several days. The attack is accompanied by pains in the chest, noise in the ears, dizziness. Appears nausea, body temperature rises, in the intestine accumulate gases, general weakness, fainting. Sinus bradycardia .Pain in the area of ​​the heart, increased sweating, changes in blood pressure, memory impairment, diffuse consciousness, cramps are possible.
  • Extrasystole .What are the signs: fear, unreasonable anxiety, chest pain, lack of air, increased sweating.
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    General recommendations of

    To begin with, it is necessary to diagnose the disease and only then proceed to its treatment.

    Very often heart rhythm is disturbed due to other diseases. Therefore, the following recommendations should be observed:

    • To take into account all circumstances that may be the underlying cause of an attack( for example, magnetic storms or stress).
    • Do not forget about the medicines that the doctor appointed and take them on time.
    • Regularly visit a doctor and conduct the necessary examinations.
    • Take funds that do not give rise to blood clots. Add your diet foods that dilute blood( garlic, flax seeds).
    • Take medications that strengthen the heart muscle.
    • Protect yourself from emotional stress and stress.
    • Give up coffee, cigarettes and strong alcoholic beverages.
    • Properly eat.

    These recommendations for the treatment of arrhythmia are considered the most common and should be adhered to by everyone, especially those who are prone to cardiovascular disease.

    Remember that the right way of life is guaranteed, reduces the burden on all organs, and the heart in this case is no exception.

    How to treat at home?

    There are a lot of folk recipes based on herbs that can relieve body tension, eliminate arrhythmia attacks and reduce the frequency of their manifestations.

    1. Flowers and fruits of hawthorn a. To make a healing drink, take 1 tablespoon of dried flowers or 50 grams of fruit and pour a glass of boiling water over them. It is better to do this in a thermos. After insisting, the broth is taken 10 minutes before meals 3 times a day for half a cup.
    2. A mixture of .It is necessary to take 500 grams of lemon and grate it, add to it 500 grams of honey and 20 crushed apricot seeds. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the mixture is taken before meals 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.
    3. Herbal decoction of .To prepare the broth we take 1 tablespoon of cumin fruit, valerian root, fennel, chamomile and peppermint. The mixture is poured with boiling water and put on a water bath. We insist for 15 minutes, remove for complete cooling. Finished means take 1 tablespoon before bedtime.
    4. A bow means .With a mild form of arrhythmia, the folk remedy helps. To make it you need to take one small onion and chop it very finely. Separately, grate an apple of medium size. The ingredients are mixed, the mixture is taken in between meals, but no more than twice a day. To achieve the effect, the course of treatment is not less than one month.
    5. Dried fruits .This recipe is one of the best known in folk medicine for the treatment and prevention of arrhythmia. Prepare a healing mixture: take 200 grams of dried apricots, raisins and walnuts, add 5 tablespoons of honey and squeeze the juice of one lemon. The lemon zest can also be added to the composition. Mix thoroughly, put in a jar and store in a refrigerator. The mixture should be taken 1 tablespoon in the morning after eating. The course of treatment is one month, then you need to take a break for 10 days, then continue the treatment.

    What is not recommended?

    With arrhythmia, you must try to remove from your diet acute and salty foods. It is necessary to forget about fried and fatty dishes. It is not recommended sweet soda water, smoked meat, eggs, coffee, sour cream. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of chocolate, sweets, various sweet flour products, alcohol and completely forget about tobacco.

    Do not overload the body with excessive physical exertion, but do not forget that you need to lead an active lifestyle.

    And most importantly - do not self-medicate. Only an experienced cardiologist after a lot of research can decide on the appointment of certain medications.

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    Preventative measures

    Arrhythmia is considered a dangerous disease, and its prevention includes a whole range of activities. It is very important to prevent the development of this ailment, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

    1. Treatment of diseases of , which are closely related to heart disease. This is an arterial hypertension, various pathologies of the thyroid gland, viral infections.
    2. Proper power supply .Your diet should include products rich in potassium and magnesium( nuts, sunflower seeds, legumes, cereals, bran).You need to eat more vegetables and fruits. And most importantly - do not overeat, especially at night.
    3. It is necessary to completely to abandon the bad habits of and honor a healthy lifestyle.
    4. The physical activity of .It is necessary to walk more on foot in the fresh air, to do not complex physical exercises. If the doctor allows you, you can go jogging, walking or swimming.
    5. You need to keep your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar under control.
    6. Do not give in to emotions, avoid the stresses of .Do not forget about a healthy, full sleep and no fatigue.

    Remember that fighting with arrhythmia will only succeed if you take responsibility for your health and listen to the doctor's recommendations.

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