Effective treatment of mastopathy with folk remedies at home

Mastopathy is a disease associated with neoplasms located in the structure of the breast.

Most often, neoplasms are benign and can be removed by chemotherapy or surgery.
The disease is manifested most often as a result of hormonal failures.

The disease is not considered dangerous, but in the absence of medical intervention, it can cause other more serious health problems: fibroadenomas, papillomatosis, cancer and others.

The disease is manifested most often as a result of hormonal failures.

At present, about 20-60% of all women are affected.

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  • Symptoms
  • General recommendations
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  • What is not recommended?
  • Preventative measures

Possible causes of

The main causes of mastopathy are:

  • hormonal changes;
  • stress;
  • chest injury;
  • transitional age;
  • inhibition of the reproductive system.
At risk, there are adult women who suffer from excessive excess weight in combination with elevated blood sugar levels or chronic hypertension.

Also mastopathy affects:

  • of nulliparous women after thirty;
  • women who have made several abortions;
  • of women after menopause.

Rarely, but cause of mastopathy can become diseases of the genitourinary system : problems with the adrenal, liver, ovaries and thyroid disease.

The genetic susceptibility of may become the cause of the disease occurrence.

Characteristic symptoms of

The main symptom of mastopathy at both the initial and later stages are the nodes in the connective tissue of the breast .Depending on the size of the formations, diffuse and nodal mastopathy is distinguished.

Diffuse mastopathy occurs when the connective tissue of the breast is overgrown. At palpation small seals are felt.

Appears chest pain around the end of the menstruation .To the pain, weight, discomfort, breast enlargement, skin coarsening and others are added. changes in the hormonal background of , manifested in the form of quick temper, irritability, depression, anxiety - these are the signs by which you can establish the disease in the early stages.

With a longer development of the , other more serious symptoms also appear. Nodal mastopathy develops. Seals in the chest can reach three centimeters, observed:

  • graininess of tissues;
  • permanent chest pain;
  • increased pain when touching;
  • release of colostrum;
  • significant increase in the volume of one breast with a constant size of the second;
  • spread of pain to the axillary region.

In case of any symptoms, it is necessary to have a doctor's examination.

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General recommendations

Treatment of mastopathy usually does not require surgical intervention. Most often the patient is prescribed special medications.

But treatment is better spent in a complex with folk remedies.

Treatment provides restoration of immunity, reduction of stress level, reduction of tumor size, prevention of fibrocystic disease, removal of pain.

Treatment is recommended to combine with a diet, a healthy and healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to comply with the sleep regime - at least 7-8 hours, to minimize the amount of alcohol consumed and caffeinated products. Consume more pure water and green tea.

Contraindicated visits to solariums, baths, saunas, as well as prolonged exposure to the sun.

Traditional medicine recipes

You can use folk remedies to treat mastopathy.

  • Dining room , beetroot , ground on a grater, is applied to the chest for 30 minutes. Such procedures are performed 3-4 times a day until the tumors completely disappear. To improve the effect in the beetroot, you can add 5 parts of the flower honey liquid and apply the mixture to the breast in a cabbage leaf.
  • Yarrow roots , collected in the summer, dried and cooked with a decoction. Add 500 ml of water to three tablespoons of roots. The mixture is boiled for a minute, filtered and taken twice a day before meals.
  • Burdock juice is used to prepare alcoholic infusions. For 350 ml of burdock juice, 150 ml of vodka is taken. The mixture is infused and taken several times a day, approximately in the incomplete tablespoon. Treatment is recommended until the complete disappearance of tumors.
  • The berries of black elderberry are washed, layer by layer in a jar layer by layer with sugar( the thickness of the layer is centimeter).The can is covered with gauze and left for a day. The elder must not wander. After 24 hours, the resulting liquid is drained and taken three times a day for half an hour before meals.
  • hypertonic saline solution is used to reduce pains for the preparation of compresses. In two napkins to the size of the breast are cut openings for the nipples. Napkins are soaked in a hot solution and applied to the chest, on top of them the breast is wrapped in a food film, cotton wool and pulled with a fixing bandage. The napkin is changed twice at a time. Compress can only be used after consultation with the attending physician.

What is not recommended?

When mastopathy is not recommended to perform breast massage, except when appointed by a doctor. Also, with cystic disease, it should not be accompanied by a rough back massage.

Do not use diuretics. They will only intensify the pain in the chest.

Do warming chest compresses without consulting a doctor.

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Preventive measures

For the prevention of mastitis, it is recommended:

  • wear comfortable and non-tightening underwear;
  • to eliminate possible abortions;
  • to have a regular sex life;
  • avoid prolonged stay of open chest under the sun;
  • to avoid stress;
  • take place every six months for medical examinations.

At the moment mastopathy is successfully treated and many women, faced with this problem, successfully overcome it .The main thing is to find out the tumor in time and find the right treatment.

To prevent the onset of the disease - lead a healthy lifestyle and take good care of your health.

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