Red rice: benefits and harm, cooking recipes

Red rice is not a substitute for the Iranian traditional plowahmar plov. The ancient Chinese told legends and glorified useful grain, which then was available only to the elite of society or was awarded as a reward especially distinguished.

The content of the article:
  • How useful is the product?
  • Nutritional value and caloric value of
  • Is there any harm and contraindications?
  • Methods of application in folk medicine and in dietology

How useful is the product?

Red rice in Russia began to grow not so long ago, but managed to evaluate the special properties of the product in a soft shell, which is easily assimilated by the human body. It is this very shell that gives the boiled rice the aroma of freshly baked rye bread.

The amazing properties of red rice are due to its special chemical composition:

  • almost all B group vitamins,
  • potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, iron,
  • are eight essential amino acids, due to which rice partially replaces meat.

The greatest quantity of vitamins, minerals and amino acids is concentrated just in the shell of useful cereal. Therefore, to preserve the properties of cereals, red rice porridge must be cooked entirely, without removing the shell from grains. Therefore, each grain is polished in part, and not completely, as a refined croup. Dishes made from red rice are ideally combined with mushrooms, vegetables and meat.

The cereal culture contains the largest amount of useful plant fiber, which helps and is necessary for the full functioning of the digestive system, promotes intestinal peristalsis and regulates its microflora.

Useful for rice and for diabetics .In combination with medicinal preparations with the help of rice detoxification of is carried out with poisonings of .Regularly taking the cereal, it is possible to clean the vessels from the harmful cholesterol .

Antioxidants in the composition of red rice contribute to increased energy and reduce to zero the harm of free radicals. Dishes from rice serve as an excellent way of for the prevention of oncological diseases .

The color of red rice is given to procyanidins - biologically active substances that are found in cowberry, chokeberry, cinnamon, cocoa, apples and red wine.

Large amounts of magnesium and calcium in unpolished rice can reduce the symptoms of asthma, fight migraine attacks and high blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The combination of these minerals strengthens the nervous system and keeps muscles toned, forms strong teeth and bone system, prevents the development of arthritis and osteoporosis.

With red rice, iron is additionally supplied to the body, a deficiency experienced by many.

Red rice due to the large number of B vitamins has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair, skin and nails. In the cereal is absolutely gluten - vegetable protein, which is capable of provoking allergic reactions. This means that red rice is an ideal product for allergy sufferers and children.

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Nutritional value and calorific value

Red rice is a nutritious and very satisfying product, and its energy value depends on the method of its preparation. It can be from 350 to 400 or more kilocalories per 100 grams of dish.

People who lose weight can quickly saturate even small portions of rice porridge. And the calorie content of a dietary product is almost not taken into account.

Are there any harm and contraindications?

One can not compare the undoubted benefit and the meager harm of red rice. A huge amount of nutrients and minimal salt content make this product indispensable in the menu of people with kidney, heart and vessel diseases. Although moderation is needed in everything, even in the use of harmless red rice.

Harm from the use of small doses of red rice there is no, but when overeating, especially during a diet, it can cause harm. Although nutritious dishes from red rice quickly saturate the body. Therefore, there is no reason to talk about the dangers of red rice for humans.

About the harmfulness of red rice is difficult to say something. Only its calorie content, though not too high, does not allow to use rice dishes without restrictions to those who intend to lose weight.

Caution in the use of rice will not hurt and people with diabetes. With excessive consumption of red rice can cause a jump in sugar levels and will not be of any use.

There is an opinion that rice is contraindicated in colic and can reduce potency. Prone to constipation people also need to use it with caution.

Methods of application in folk medicine and for weight loss

The secret of the popularity of unpolished rice among athletes and those who are interested in a quality healthy life is the high amount of fiber in the rice groats. It is the fiber( or vegetable fiber) that helps to cleanse the intestines and does not allow fat to be stored in reserve.

To prepare a glass of red rice, you need two glasses of boiling water. Groats may contain impurities, so before preparing the cereals, it must be cleaned or rinsed several times and placed in a suitable cookware with a thick bottom.

Rice should be poured with boiling water so that the level was two fingers above the level of cereals, salt and put on fire. After boiling, you must lower the heat and remove the foam from the water.

Cook under the lid for at least half an hour, depending on the type of cereals, until the liquid evaporates, and the grain does not become soft. Ready rice should stand for at least five minutes and pour with vegetable oil.

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Popular medicinal recipes:

  • Rice treatment has a positive effect on the large intestine, since rice cooked with milk cleanses the digestive tract .Broth of red rice is used for ulcers of the intestines and stomach.
  • Heat-treated rice is used in the East of to remove pathogenic formations of from the body, such as cholesterol, excessive bile, parasitic microbes, etc. A handful of raw rice or rice flour for breakfast, you can defeat all intestinal diseases and see large amounts of mucus emerging from the body. The most effective means, cleansing the body of toxins, is raw rice grains. Each serving is chewed at least fifty times.
  • Soft rice is also a popular remedy. To make it, you need a glass of rice in ten glasses of water to leave to boil on very small fire with use of a divider of a flame for eight hours. Medicinal rice water is used in diseases, as a strengthening and restoring remedy.
  • Rice cream for seriously ill is prepared by the method of cooking red rice for about an hour and a half. From the resulting gruel it is necessary to squeeze out a creamy mass, which is especially useful for difficult swallowing and diseases of the esophagus and stomach.
  • With pneumonia and sore throat , rice infusions are used as an antipyretic and diaphoretic remedy for toxins.
  • Rice treatment will restore the biochemical and physiological balance of the body.
  • Rice broth perfectly quenches thirst and has a beneficial effect on the skin, removing pigment spots.
  • Osteochondrosis, rheumatism and arthritis are also successfully cured with rice. In a liter of water, add four tablespoons of cereals, five raisins and three tablespoons of sugar. All insist for four days and filtered. Before going to bed, drink half a cup of the present course up to three months.
  • For , takes the quantity of rice spoons equal to lived years, poured into a jar and poured with boiled water. In the morning, water is drained, and one spoon of rice is eaten for breakfast and two hours do not drink or eat. The remaining rice is again filled with water and stored in a refrigerator. The treatment continues until the rice runs out of the bank.

Now we know about the properties of red rice almost everything. Its main benefit is in the natural shell. Purified rice loses almost all useful and necessary substances to humans, while carbohydrates do not disappear anywhere, and the risk of obesity increases. So, to extract all the benefits from the wonderful cereal, you need to apply it correctly.

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