Symptoms, causes and treatment of adenoids in adults

Adenoids are the inflammation and proliferation of lymphoid tissue in the nasopharynx, you can also hear the term tonsils. The correct name for this disease is adenoid vegetation. Despite the fact that this condition is considered a child's disease, it is worth knowing about the symptoms and treatment of adenoids in adults.

  • Are adenoids in adults?
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  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Do adenoids remove adults?
  • How to remove adenoids?
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Are adenoids in adults?

It should start with the fact that adenoids - tonsils located in the area of ​​the nasopharynx, there are all. These organs are quite important for the body, they provide protection against infections that enter the respiratory system by airborne droplets. However, in some cases, adenoids can become inflamed and increase in size, leading to respiratory disorders. They themselves become sources of infection for the body and stop "filtering" the incoming polluted air.

The main cause of this disease is various systemic infections and inflammatory acute and chronic diseases of the nasopharynx. More likely the occurrence of adenoids in people with very weak immunity. For this reason, children aged 3-7 years are much more likely to get sick, when the immune system is just forming, the mucous membranes of a small child are much easier to injure.

In rare cases, there is proliferation and inflammation of adenoids in adults. In this case, it is unlikely that it will occur after a common cold, the disease of the tonsils usually becomes a consequence of a severe systemic infection.

It can also happen that a person for a long time, sometimes from childhood, lives with enlarged adenoids, which in this case did not reveal. Because of a decrease in immunity, infection, they become inflamed, the disease is detected.

Important!If there is a suspicion of enlarged adenoids, you should contact the otolaryngologist.


The main sign of this disease of the tissues is the constant stuffiness of the nose, because of which the patient begins to breathe through the mouth. After a while, because of the constantly open mouth, there is a feeling that the lower part of the face is hanging. This symptom is called adenoid face.

In addition to congestion, a persistent runny nose may persist, pain and a feeling of pressure in the ears, headaches and dizziness may occur. Cervical lymph nodes are constantly inflamed, colds do not pass for weeks.

Children and adults sometimes have a severe dry cough, usually at night. When you cough, you may experience the sensation of a foreign body, as if you can not get rid of something. When taking various antitussive drugs this symptom does not work.


The formation of enlarged adenoids can lead to various consequences. First of all, it should be borne in mind that this condition is solely a consequence of other diseases, indicates a reduced immunity, the correction of which should also be addressed.

In addition, increased inflamed adenoids can lead to the following troubles:

  1. Deterioration of breathing, smell. In the formations of the second and third degree, the nasal passage can be completely closed, as a result of which it becomes extremely difficult to breathe, the patient is constantly breathing through the mouth. Because of this, the smell becomes dull, it becomes difficult to recognize smells.
  2. Frequent colds. As the inflamed adenoids become a source of permanent infections, they stop cleaning the air entering the respiratory tract from the outside. Therefore, a person begins to suffer more often from colds, is more susceptible to viruses and bacterial infections transmitted by airborne droplets.
  3. Increased likelihood of ear diseases. The nasopharynx is connected to the auditory pathways, so when a constant source of infection appears in the nose, the likelihood of ear diseases increases. Adenoids have a high probability of developing otitis. In addition, with this disease can constantly pawn ears, there is pain.
  4. Constant rhinitis. In a number of cases with enlarged adenoids, especially in the inflammatory process, the mucous secretions constantly go from the nose. In addition, there is a persistent stagnation, there is a feeling of pressure in the nasopharynx, lymph nodes are inflamed, a headache arises.

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Therefore, if adenoids are detected in the nose, adults should start treatment as soon as possible, otherwise complications will develop. It is also important to treat a disease that provoked the development of adenoids vegetation.

Important!Do not try to treat adenoids as a common cold.


At the very beginning of the disease, with early degrees and no complications, try conservative treatment without surgery. Tonsils are an important organ for the human immune system, removing them completely without consequences is impossible. Therefore, to complete removal resorted to in exceptional cases.

The conservative methods of treatment include:

  1. Rinsing of the nose. Usually, saline or soda solutions are used for this purpose. Take one teaspoon of the substance on a glass of warm water, wash your nose at least three times a day.
  2. Anti-inflammatory analgesic drops in the nose. Ordinary drops from the common cold will not help with this disease, they can only worsen the condition. Therefore, drip glucocorticoid drugs, which can appoint only a doctor.
  3. Massage, breathing exercises. These techniques are auxiliary, they help to recover during and after the main treatment.

Also, do not forget about the therapy that improves immunity. With this goal, usually normalize nutrition, the regime of the day, begin to take vitamin-mineral complexes to make up for the deficiency of necessary elements.

Treatment with folk remedies

One of the most effective folk methods is aromatherapy. You should use the essential oil of cedar, eucalyptus, mint, cloves. One drop is dripped into a wide cup of hot water and breathes vapors for 10 to 15 minutes.

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To improve the body's condition, it is advised to take decoctions of useful medicinal plants inside. They advise brewing chamomile, sage, mint, melissa, calendula, linden. They can be added to teas or brewed separately, for one cup of hot water take one spoonful of dried grass.

Do adenoids remove adults?

Adenoids are removed at any age, however they do, if conservative treatment does not help or complications of the disease are present. Therefore, when revealing vegetation, do not immediately think about surgery, it is worth trying conservative treatment and consider all possible options.

How to remove adenoids?

Currently there are several ways to delete. The most common is a surgical operation. It lasts only a few minutes, is performed under local anesthesia. In rare cases, a general is required, usually local anesthesia is sufficient. This operation is quite simple, it rarely passes with complications.

There is also a more modern method of laser removal, which is suitable for any degree of disease. It may take several procedures, but this technique is less painful.

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