Where grows levzia safflower - useful properties and contraindications for tinctures and preparations

Levsea, known in the people as a maral grass, is considered Siberian healers a miracle plant capable of giving a person youth, strength and healing from fourteen diseases.

It is based on the preparation of the drug "Asteroid", which for a long time was a domestic secret additive in sports nutrition.

content of the article:
  • Useful properties
  • Harvesting and storage
  • Methods of Use
    • Tincture
    • Broth
    • Infusion
    • extract
    • Oil
    • powder
    • Honey
  • Contraindications and side effects

Useful properties

refers it to the family Asteraceae, is:

  • dense rhizome,
  • smooth stem with smooth leaves,
  • purple inflorescences resembling a round basket, the
  • reaches two meters in height. The most common occurrence in South Siberia and the Altai Mountains.

    Leuzea has a very valuable composition. It is rich in

    • essential oil,
    • resinous and tannic substances,
    • alkaloids,
    • ascorbic acid,
    • flavonoids,
    • inulin,
    • retinol,
    • mineral salts.

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    Thanks to this "well", this plant is able to have a positive effect on the human body:

    • fortifying;
    • toning;
    • stimulating( about the use of carrots for men is written here);
    • is immunostimulatory.
    • vasodilator;
    • reducing blood sugar;
    • improving blood circulation.

    Maral grass is used in medicine, aromatherapy, cosmetology and bodybuilding.

    Medicine widely uses levsea extract when treating the following conditions:

    • increased irritability;
    • fatigue;
    • for insomnia;
    • headache;
    • decreased appetite;
    • apathy;
    • decrease in sexual function( potency increases lovage, photo of plant);
    • of vegetovascular disorders;
    • general weakness;
    • narrowing of peripheral blood vessels;
    • decrease in blood flow velocity;
    • reduced performance;
    • wound healing;
    • gynecological abnormalities.

    Aromatherapy recommends adding essential oil of leuzea to aroma lamps, aromamedalons.

    Leuzea oil safflower oil is applied for acupressure for:

    • concentration of attention,
    • de-excitation,
    • in overwork,
    • decrease in activity( mental and physical),
    • for sleep disturbance,
    • for disclosing the creative abilities of and memory simulation.

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    Cosmetologists, with the help of essential oil leuzea, successfully combat the manifestations of neurotic dermatitis, by adding to a tonic cream.

    Procurement and storage of

    The leuzea root is used for medicinal purposes. The most valuable is the rhizome of a large size, which already has four years.

    The workpiece is produced in autumn ( September-October), digging out of the ground and cleaning by washing in running water.

    Then it is dried in a suspended form( about one meter above the ground) to seven days outdoors or indoors, where it is dry and warm.

    If the root is too big, it can be cut into pieces and dried in the oven at 60 ° C, spreading on the baking sheet, no more than eight centimeters.

    Keep the plant in tightly knotted cellophane or paper bags. Correct harvested maral grass saves useful properties for about two years.

    Ways of using

    Leuzea is used in a variety of ways: as tincture, decoction, infusion, extract, oil, powder or honey.


    To make it, you need a tablespoon of dry root, infused and filtered on two hundred milliliters of 70 percent alcohol, in a dark room for three weeks.

    Take the tincture three times daily before meals, by diluting from fifteen to thirty drops in a spoonful of water.

    The course of application is about twenty days, after which the immunity rises, fatigue is removed.


    It is taken to increase the sexual function in men, similar to the means from the root of horseradish( useful properties and contraindications).

    To make it, you need a tablespoon of roots, filled with a half cup of boiling water, and kept on a small fire for about fifteen minutes.

    After this, the broth is insisted for another twenty minutes, filtered and taken along a dessert spoon, three times daily before meals.


    It is used with a decrease in appetite, overwork, hangover.

    Prepared very simply:

    • liters of boiling water poured three tablespoons of Leuzea,
    • infused for sixty minutes and filtered.

    Drink the infusion three times a day before meals, one tablespoon.


    This is a pharmacy version of maral grass.

    It is used to stimulate and tonify the body when it is exhausted.

    In cases of nervous overexertion or loss of strength.

    It is taken in the same way as the tincture.


    Used in aromatherapy and helps with:

    • depression,
    • sleep disorders,
    • hangover syndrome,
    • headaches,
    • overwork,
    • overexcitation,
    • inattention,
    • memory abnormalities.

    In addition to aromamedalons and lamps, five drops of oil can be mixed with sea salt and added to water while taking a bath.

    Or mix with any massage oil.

    It is important to remember that essential oil of Leuzea safflower has a pronounced odor, which can adversely affect the child's psyche.

    Therefore, it is better to postpone the aromatherapy sessions when the children are in the house.


    Is a "lifeline" when you need to quickly restore the body after heavy loads, injuries, severe fatigue and stress.

    The powder can be dissolved under the tongue or added to the tea.


    This is truly a delicacy for gourmets, with a mild taste and aroma, which can stimulate and tone up the nervous system.

    1. Eliminates physical fatigue,
    2. increases appetite,
    3. eliminates a sense of weakness,
    4. normalizes cardiac activity,
    5. stabilizes blood pressure.

    In addition, at home, you can easily prepare cosmetic tonic for the face.

    Brew a tablespoon of Leuzea roots with a glass of boiling water.

    Let it brew for half an hour.


    Wiping this face in the morning and evening, you can see how the skin is toned, rejuvenated, the rashes and pigmentation disappear. Smoothes wrinkles.

    Contraindications and side effects of

    In order to avoid unpleasant consequences from the use of leuzea in any form, you should consult a doctor, in order to identify possible contraindications. Which are:

    • epilepsy;
    • kidney disease;
    • arrhythmia;
    • hypertension;
    • acute infectious diseases;
    • pregnancy;
    • breastfeeding;
    • age is up to twelve years;
    • heart palpitations;
    • intolerance of a plant of an individual character.

    More often, the use of maral grass passes without side effects, if treatment or prevention is prescribed by a physician taking into account the characteristics of the body.

    But, sometimes, during long-term use, there may be some undesirable manifestations in the form:

    • increase in blood pressure,
    • slow heart rate( indications of eleutherococcus tincture);
    • headaches;
    • allergies;
    • irritability;
    • digestive disorders;
    • of insomnia.

    Remember! The article was published solely for the purpose of preliminary acquaintance, and is not a guide to action.

    Self-medication - dangerously serious consequences. To avoid them, be sure to consult a doctor before using any folk remedy.

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