Pleuralopathy periarthritis: symptoms and treatment at home

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The shoulder joint consists of a variety of musculoskeletal structures. Damage or inflammation of any part of the shoulder can cause a humeropathy periarthritis.

Diagnosis of the disease is carried out in a medical institution. It is rather difficult to detect inflammation independently. After the diagnosis is established, the specialist prescribes a certain course of treatment.

Complementary procedures and medication can be folk remedies. Some recipes can accelerate the healing process and alleviate the general condition, saving you from painful pain.

Article Contents:
  • Possible Causes of
  • Symptoms of
  • General Recommendations of
  • How to treat folk remedies?
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prevention measures

Possible causes

In a broad sense, the causes of brachyopathy periarthritis are mechanical and joint diseases. In most cases, the disease is the result of injuries. At risk are mostly middle-aged and elderly people regardless of gender.

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The shoulder joint is a rather fragile junction of the clavicle, scapula and humerus. To damage or stretch the muscles of the rotator cuff is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

The most common causes of humeropathy periarthritis are:

  • injuries, bumps and other mechanical effects on the shoulder of ( tearing of tendon fibers leads to impaired blood circulation in the extremities and swelling of periarticular tissues);
  • excessive physical exertion and overload of the shoulder joints ( exercise, exercise, implying strong loads on the shoulder joints);
  • diseases of internal organs or bone departments of ( spine trauma, heart attacks, liver disease, inflammation of the cervical spine);
  • natural aging of the body ( under the influence of age, connective tissue structures wear out, become less strong and elastic, with physical stress, their rupture may occur);
  • regular micro-traumas ( sudden movements, constant physical exertion can cause microtraumas and inflammation of the tissues, which leads to a gradual development of the humeropathy periarthritis);
  • congenital connective tissue dysplasia or arthropathy;
  • diabetes mellitus, pulmonary tuberculosis, Parkinson's disease, angina pectoris.

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Symptoms of

Symptoms of a humeropathy periarthritis may resemble other diseases or the effects of bruises. The disease never develops asymptomatically. The main cause for concern is the occurrence of pain when working with hands or in a calm state.

Discomfort can occur directly during exercise or during sleep. With exacerbations of the periarthritis of the humerus, joint stiffness occurs, in which it is difficult to raise a hand, take an object or perform household activities.

The main symptoms of humeropathy periarthritis:

  • pain in the shoulder region( the symptom increases with the arm sideways, but with its vertical position the pain decreases);
  • weak but persistent pain in shoulder area;
  • stiffness of the shoulder and arms( especially after waking);
  • stiffness of some movements( putting your hand behind your back, raising your hands to the sides);
  • in rare cases, there is an increase in body temperature.

General recommendations

If pain occurs in the area of ​​the shoulder joints, specialists should be contacted immediately. In rare cases, visual inspection, X-ray or ultrasound is not sufficient for diagnosis. To confirm the diagnosis, an MRI procedure can be prescribed.

The clinical picture of the humeroscapular periarthritis resembles the hernia of various parts of the spine. Studies are conducted to exclude the fact of the presence of such diseases.

If the treatment is not started on time, there may be a persistent limitation of mobility of the arms, shoulders and the shoulder section as a whole.

In most cases, to reduce the pain, it is enough to make painkill injections and take anti-inflammatory medications.

Complementary treatment with physiotherapy, manual therapy and physiotherapy. If conservative methods do not have the desired effect, then surgical intervention is performed. Traditional medicine is not an alternative method of treatment, but some recipes are recommended by the doctors themselves.

How to treat folk remedies?

Folk remedies for the treatment of humeroparous periarthritis should be selected taking into account some factors.

First, the result of the procedure should be to reduce the pain symptom. Secondly, the effect of the prescription should be an increase in blood microcirculation.

Thirdly, the components used in the technique should not adversely affect the body( it is necessary to carry out a sensitivity test and exclude ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction).

Examples of traditional medicine in the treatment of humeroparous periarthritis:

  • grinding with herbal decoction of ( in equal amounts one must mix birch buds, coriander, mint leaves and dandelion root, pour boiling water, use for rubbing the shoulders at least three times a day, the drug has analgesic effect, and in the process of grinding the circulation of blood is normalized);
  • decoctions of nettle or goiter St. John's wort ( one tablespoon of one of the selected products is poured a glass of boiled water, it is insisted 20 minutes and taken one tablespoon three times a day, the drug favorably affects the nervous system, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect);
  • horseradish root compress ( the ingredient is grinded with a float, wrapped in gauze and applied to the focus of pain, the procedure must be repeated three times a day, the pain decreases, and the blood circulation normalizes);
  • compress from the burdock leaves ( the leaves of the plant can be applied whole or preliminarily chopped, the compress is recommended for overnight, the burdock has a number of useful properties, including the ability to eliminate pain);
  • compresses from salt or honey ( when using honey on the skin surface it is applied in a thick layer, and then fixed with a food film, the salt should be diluted per 100 g of ingredient - 1 liter of warm water, in brine moistened with gauze, which is then applied to the hearthpain);
  • broth from fresh currant ( berries should be crushed and poured with boiling water, take half a cup at least three times a day, currant has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, enriches the body with numerous vitamins and beneficial microelements, normalizes the circulation process);
  • rubbing with herbal tincture( in the same amount it is necessary to mix chamomile, leaves of washing, burdock and coriander, pour boiling water, insist 20 minutes, rub with a tincture of the shoulders at least three times a day).

What is not recommended?

Treatment of brachyopathy periarthritis should be carried out within the timeframe indicated by the specialist. If it is premature to stop the procedures or taking medications, relapse of the disease can occur with a higher degree of intensity. Inflammation of muscles, joints or bones leads to the development of serious illnesses, in which hand movements will be limited.

When humeroscapular periarthritis is not recommended:

  • doing physical exercises, trying to overcome pain;
  • to make sharp movements( such actions can strengthen the pain symptom);
  • independently choose a course of treatment( the humeropathy periarthritis can have different stages of development, in some cases special means of treatment, including surgical ones) are selected;
  • use traditional medicine if there is a risk of an allergic reaction to individual components in prescriptions;
  • independently choose a complex of therapeutic physical training( incorrect movements can harm the body with the disease of the shoulder joints);
  • is treated only by alternative medicine methods( folk remedies are a supplement, but not the main course of treatment);
  • uncontrolled use of painkillers( such actions can not only harm the body, but also achieve a lack of the effect of medication).

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Prevention measures

A careful treatment of your body and its signals is considered the best prevention of a variety of diseases, including periarthritis and periarthritis.

If shoulder pain occurs regularly( for example, after a morning awakening or at night), then immediately consult a specialist. When getting injuries, a doctor should be examined without fail.

The prevention of humeroparous periarthritis is as follows:

  • : if the humeropathy has been revealed, then after the end of treatment it is recommended to consult a specialist to check the results of the procedures performed;
  • prevention of micro- and macro-injuries of the shoulder( attention to external factors, compliance with safety rules);
  • exercise should be systematic( it is recommended to exercise or do the simplest exercise in the morning);
  • eliminates monotonous hand movements in everyday life( such a factor can lead to rupture of connective fibers);
  • timely treatment of diseases of the cervical spine and the spine as a whole( such diseases are related to common causes of humeropathy periarthritis);
  • exclusion of excessive physical exertion on the humerus;
  • prevention of body hypothermia.

In most cases, it is possible to cure a humeropathy periarthritis with conservative methods( injections, preparations, traditional medicine).An important role is played by the moment of contacting a specialist.

If the disease is detected at an early stage, the treatment is short-lived. The later the patient turns to the doctor, the more difficult it will be to return to normal activity and get rid of the pain symptom.