Treatment of adenomas with folk remedies: the most effective recipes and useful recommendations

What diseases alone do not persecute a person throughout their lives. They may not be life-threatening, but very unpleasant and interfere with normal human activity.

One of these diseases is the adenoma
, the most common form of which is prostate adenoma, found only in men.

A long-term disease requires immediate treatment, which in most cases requires surgery, but traditional medicine can also be used.

It is unlikely that an adenoma will be cured by the methods of our grandmothers, but it is quite possible to maintain a stable state, not allowing the situation to worsen.

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What is it?

Adenoma - this term is understood as benign tumor .It affects the endocrine glands, starting from the thyroid and ending with the prostate gland.

The disease in most cases is not fatal, but sometimes the adenoma degenerates into cancer, and this can lead to an unfavorable outcome.

Another danger of adenoma is that it can not be detected for a long time, but a person turns to the doctor already when he feels discomfort from the fact that the tumor has grown and starts pressing on nearby organs and tissues.

It can spread to vessels, organs, tissues, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract and rapidly develop, harming its carrier. The most dangerous is the pituitary adenoma , when its development occurs in the brain and squeezes important areas for life. The most important thing is to notice violations in the body in time and start treatment.

Causes of

The cause of the appearance of adenoma is the mutation of cells. Until the end it has not been studied what exactly affects this, but there are assumptions revealed from clinical examinations of different patients suffering from adenoma, their results showed that the causes of adenoma can be very different:

  • Pituitary tumor can cause any earlier suffered trauma or concussion, infections, adverse circumstances in life.
  • Breast adenoma often turns into problems during pregnancy, hormonal disorders.
  • Thyroid adenoma is the cause alone, and it is associated with the hormonal background of a person.
  • The causes of prostate tumors have been little studied at this time. But there is a suggestion that it may appear from the excess of female hormones. Some experts identify as causes irregular sexual acts, inflammatory processes in the kidneys, frequent stresses. It is worth noting that it is found most often in men aged 45 years.

Basically, there is no way to find the connection between the adenoma and previous illnesses, but scientists are working in this area.

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Symptoms of

Symptoms of adenoma directly depend on the location of its location and are completely different from each other. For example:

  • Pituitary adenoma: frequent headaches, acne on the face, severe fatigue, disturbances in sexual life and attraction, malfunctions in the menstrual cycle, unpleasant sensations in the thyroid gland. In later stages, deformation of the skull bones is possible.
  • Adenoma of the lung: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing.
  • Cystic adenoma ( prostate, breast, uterus, etc.).It is almost impossible to notice them, since they do not appear in the early stages. Only when the cyst reaches a large size, it can be felt.
  • Thyroid adenoma primarily causes lethargy, instability to stress, irritability. There is a sharp weight loss, increased sweating.
  • Prostate adenoma .Frequent urge to urinate accompanied by discomfort and pain. Urine with such an illness becomes turbidity. Dry mouth may appear.

To diagnose an adenoma only on complaints of the patient and to signs it is impossible. In order to detect it, you need a comprehensive examination for which you will need to pass all the tests, and the most important indicator is ultrasound, which will show both the location and the size of the tumor in the human body.

General recommendations of

The most common treatment for adenoma is long and medicated. After the examination and the decision of the diagnosis, doctors conclude that an operation is necessary. Since this is not a malignant tumor, its removal means a complete cure of the patient.

If necessary, surgical intervention takes into account the localization, the degree of development and the condition of the patient as a whole. Recently, in the treatment began to use more and more laser, it is more convenient and less risky.

During the illness the patient can use drugs that slow growth, antibiotics and immunity-boosting drugs.

However, there remain people who do not want to be treated only with medicines, they prefer the old and proven means of traditional medicine.

Folk treatment of

There are many recipes, simple and complex, requiring a large number of components from adenoma. However, not every adenoma can be treated with folk medicine, for example, in the case of pituitary adenoma, there is no treatment as such, but there is supportive therapy. The best way to give the medicine is prostate adenoma.

Burdock infusion for prostatitis

We need a burdock root. It can be purchased in dried and shredded form in a pharmacy. A 0.5 liter decoction will be enough 2 tablespoons of root. Boil the broth in an aluminum saucepan for about 20 minutes. Then remove from heat and let it cool down and infuse for 4 to 5 hours. Drink it is necessary for half an hour before meals 3 times a day for 50 milligrams.

Potatoes from adenoma of the breast

It was proved that fresh potato juice positively affects the hormonal system in women, and therefore is applicable for this disease. Every morning before eating, you must drink 100 grams of potato juice. This recipe is also applicable for thyroid adenoma. But do not overdo it so as not to harm the stomach.

Honey from prostate adenoma

Honey is used in the treatment and prevention of a large number of diseases, adenomas are on their list. When a tumor of the prostate gland is necessary to mix 1 tablespoon of honey for 200 grams of fresh pumpkin juice. Drink 1 time a day in the morning for 25 minutes before meals.

Hawthorn for thyroid adenoma

It is necessary to take fruits or flowers of hawthorn and pour 70% with alcohol or moonshine. Take should be 30 drops before eating. However, this prescription is not applicable if antibiotics are treated and is not suitable for long-term treatment. Only during periods of exacerbation of symptoms.

General Restorative Decoction

It is worth remembering that any disease is difficult to develop in a strong body, and if it has already appeared, then it is weakened and requires help. A simple decoction of mint, honey and chamomile will increase its tone. Mint and chamomile should be brewed, and then add 1 teaspoon of honey to a glass of broth. You can drink in hot form instead of tea, or chilled. Take 2 times a day for 5-8 days.

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What is not recommended by specialists?

All doctors come to one opinion: one should not get involved in self-medication, first of all it is important to contact the hospital in time for help. After all, except for the diagnosis of "adenoma" you need to find out how dangerous it is. Treatment on its own takes time, and adenoma at this time often only grows and spreads.

Preventive measures

Prevention of this disease consists only in regular checks of endangered organs. We should ignore the medical examinations, since many diseases are hidden in the early term. It is also important to lead a healthy lifestyle, to monitor any changes in health.

The more carefully a person treats his health, the less likely to succumb to any disease. Adenoma is not a sentence, but one should not treat it negligently, like any other disease, it will bring more problems with time. Watch for well-being, go to the hospital on time, and then you will be healthy.